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Venus Williams - Elena Vesnina Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationE Vesnina66---
United StatesV Williams13---

Live Comments

  1. - WILLIAMS 1-6 3-6 - VENUS IS OUT! What a huge shock on Court Two - 'The Graveyard of Champions' - as Venus Williams crashes out of Wimbledon in the first round with Elena Vesnina victorious! What a huge upset, and Venus showed nothing. Next up for Vesnina will be a clash with third seed Agnieszka Radwanska! Drawsheet

  2. - - WILLIAMS 1-6 - SET! Venus is really struggling on Court Two as Vesnina looks incredibly confident and composed in taking the opening set, and the American is perhaps fortunate to avoid the ignominy of suffering a bagel!

  3. - - Over on Court Two, Venus Williams takes on Elena Vesnina, and the legendary American player will no doubt prove a very tricky customer for that section of the draw.

Venus Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 17/06/1980
Height 1.85 m
Weight 72 kg

Elena Vesnina

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 01/08/1986
Height 1.76 m
Weight 65 kg

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  1. For some posters who did not know, her illness comes­ and goes...And she has this illness about 3 or 4 years­ now. For posters who did not watch the­ interview...Venus did not give any excuses...she did­ not even want to talk about her illness. Having said­ that, it is tough to watch a champion who has won many­ many majors to play so badly..Do you think she likes to­ play badly like that of course not...Should she­ default, maybe . It will give another player a chance­ to play...But it must be a hard decision for her to­ make...

    From Y M, on Mon 25 Jun 16:49
  2. Comment 56# Seriously, you are coaching someone of her­ pedigree and on THIS surface how to play the game! ­ I'm guessing she has scaled the heights of success­ (possibly never to be repeated/replicated any time­ soon) and did so without your brand of insights. ­ I'm sure she is dealing with her illness in her way­ and it's not for any of us by-standers to make­ judgements! When she feels it time to call time on her­ career, I'm sure she will - so to all those­ sooth-sayers of doom and pity.....LAY OFF! If Venus­ feels humiliated by today's events, it's­ her's to bear! Go pedal your nonsense elsewhere!

    From Rodian, on Mon 25 Jun 16:30
  3. Serena will win this tournament if she plays up to her­ capabilities. She owns Maria, so Masha better hope­ someone knocks off Serena before the final.

    From Great Eddie, on Mon 25 Jun 16:29
  4. Venus u will run out of excuses....if u were ill u­ really should take care of yourself first...but losing­ like this and then coming up with excuses is really not­ classy....we expect that from your classless violent­ sister serena....but u have more respect and u r also­ respected more than ur go take care of­ yourself.....and get ready for only if­ u r fit...people are going to get tired of your­ excuses...

    From Sam parikh, on Mon 25 Jun 15:54
  5. Venus had no energy. The reason for this is that vegan­ type diet she has embarked on. We are gentically­ evolved to eat meat along with various nuts, seeds and­ vegetables like string beans, brocolli, cabbage, etc.. ­ See those canine teeth you have? You(we) also have­ stomach acid as strong as a dogs. If we were vegetarian­ animals like horses,sheep, etc.. we would have all flat­ teeth (no canines) and weak stomach acid.

    From Merle, on Mon 25 Jun 15:44
  6. And how many of you pathetic, negative cowards that sit­ behind a computer screen can say you have accomplished­ what Venus has?? 7 grand slam singles titles, many in­ doubles/mixed...numerous olympic medals...ranked #1 in­ the world...etc etc. Yes she probably can and maybe­ should retire but WHO are any of you to judge or tell­ her what to do?? If she wants to play let her play!!­ Look at Date, Tanusugarn, etc. They are like 40+ and­ they keep playing and they do NOT win anything. If­ Venus Williams enjoys the game & wants to keep­ playing then get off this poor womans back. She has­ shown nothing but class and is a true champion..and has­ done NOTHING to any of you. Win or lose Venus, you do­ have TRUE friends. By the way, most of you on here and­ as bad as the little brats that belittled that poor old­ woman on the school bus. Sad lives you all must­ live!!!!

    From Gary, on Mon 25 Jun 15:40
  7. oh well .. it's been said before, so many times, it­ won't hurt if I say it again .. IT IS TIME TO­ RETIRE ..!! Be a sponsor and coach the young ones ..­ with all this many young and talented kids, one of­ them could turn up to be your protege ..

    From Frank Mora, on Mon 25 Jun 15:35
  8. Retire...its time.

    From A3, on Mon 25 Jun 15:28
  9. I don't think any of you have any idea how to play­ tennis. Venus hits through the ball too much and not­ up the back enough. Ball after ball was long. She­ doesn't have enough topspin. It's obvious why­ she is losing to anyone that coaches tennis for a­ living. The problem is, she refuses to make changes to­ her technique as she has grown older. For all of us­ who have been long term fans, it's just sad!

    From Robert, on Mon 25 Jun 15:26
  10. Venus i hope u learned from this match....ur time in­ the tennis world is up.....ur sister yes the arrogant­ and violent one serena will join you soon....both of­ you really need to ask this question to­ many times do you want to lose like­ this? really a shame! and are u willing to put in the­ work it takes? we all know serena already has admitted­ on national tv that she does not like to exercise and­ practice so she has accepted that she is lazy and was­ winning of weaker steffi no martina­ and no chris evert! kim got injured and retired early­ and maria had not matured! so really there was no one­ to compete with! now the talent is here and both the­ sisters are losing! so will be the case with serena!­ retire before u lose total respect!

    From Sam parikh, on Mon 25 Jun 15:21
  11. Odd how she comes into this illness the same year as­ the olympics are. She has to be totally drug free­ along with her sis. So everyone is able to say oh she­ isn't able to train,blah blah. But just a few hours­ ago they had her playing the second round before she­ even stepped on the court. Those have this illness and­ they aren't walking around in a daze like she is,­ why is that? It's not totally the illness she is­ getting older and what we are seeing a drug withdrawal­ symptoms. And they are this way with people her age. ­ Very sad.

    From misty, on Mon 25 Jun 15:19
  12. That energy-depleting illness that Venus contracted­ reared its ugly head. She should not play if she is not­ able to.

    From David Rodriguez, on Mon 25 Jun 15:14
  13. It sad to see how the desease shortened Venus career. I­ know she worked hard to qulify for the Olympic...But do­ you think its fair that she goes to the Olympic knowing­ fully well, she wont win while another player may have­ a better chance...I know Venus wants to have a farewell­ Olympic, but Olympic is not for a sentimental forum but­ a sport competition...

    From Y M, on Mon 25 Jun 15:13
  14. The end of the williams

    From Earth Trek GeoSpatialist, on Mon 25 Jun 15:11
  15. The end of the williams

    From Earth Trek GeoSpatialist, on Mon 25 Jun 15:11
  16. Venus, I think it is time for you to call it a career.­ 5 Wimbledon is nothing to hang one's head over. You­ have done alot in your career that you can be proud­ off. After the Olympics, I think it's the best time­ to say goodbye.

    From Jose, on Mon 25 Jun 15:08
  17. Dude! You lived up to your name "A Fat Faced­ Fool" Fools riding is free, ride on! Bad Gal, with­ morons like him you don have to waste time educating­ him, he has no Grey Matter, none whatsoever! Bruce you­ are a total idiot, I don feel sorry for you, just for­ the "woman" all the pain and anguish, a­ complete waste, Gosh!! 9 months a waste!! Fat Faced­ Fool, Bruce! No you are to blame don take it out on­ anyone!! Dumb fool!

    From WillsnWays, on Mon 25 Jun 15:06
  18. Venus WIlliams should retired from the tennis­ competition. She can not move at all. She is too old to­ compete. She just embarrassing herself by losing more­ and more matches. She should know the fact that she­ could not compete anymore. With the injuries and­ fatigue symptoms, why still wasting her time and making­ herself becoming a clown to be laughed by the crowd!­ You have earned enough Slams and fames, it is time for­ you to go now! Don't destroy all the glories you­ ever have before. Leave with the proud and­ respect....just like Elena Dementieva, she knew her­ limit and she retired before everything turns ugly.

    From Christopher, on Mon 25 Jun 15:05
  19. Venus Williams will have a legacy that very few people­ can claim in their lives. Having excel in a sport that­ only a handful of African Americans have played in, she­ handled it with grace, confidence and respect.­ Wimbleton was her stage for many years, one that I am­ sure she wanted to experience once more. She will step­ down on her terms, head held high and knowing that­ there are many of us who will be sad to see her go.­ Tennis will definitely not be the me.

    From delephant, on Mon 25 Jun 15:04
  20. Terrible effort...did she even want to be there? When­ you take the court, at least pretend you want to be­ there...very sad. Play like you give a sh^*...And espn­ commentators, please stop with excuses. Venus has not­ been relevant for sometime now...

    From Michael, on Mon 25 Jun 14:59
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