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Laura Robson - Francesca Schiavone Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ItalyF Schiavone266--
United KingdomL Robson644--

Live Comments

  1. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 4-6 - SCHIAVONE WINS THROUGH! The Italian defies Robson despite two brilliant forehand passing shots to hold serve and finally close out this match at the second opportunity. Robson has produced a valiant display, but she is out at the first hurdle. Next up for Schiavone will be a clash with either Polona Hercog or Kristyna Pliskova. Drawsheet

  2. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 4-5 - Robson is playing superbly now as she holds serve to 30 with a flurry of very fine serves, and she is performing brilliantly to test Schiavone at the death.

  3. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 3-5 - BREAK! Schiavone fails to serve out for the match at the first opportunity as Robson keeps her cool and breaks superbly! She could well force her way back into this match now.

  4. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 2-5 - Schiavone is forced to serve out for the match now as Robson holds under considerable pressure once more to remain in the contest.

  5. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 1-5 - Schiavone has little problem holding serve to move to within a game of victory, and the Italian is brimming with confidence now on an increasingly subdued court three.

  6. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 1-4 - BREAK! It's all falling apart for Robson now in this third set as Schiavone hammers a forehand cross court and piles on the pressure to good effect once more! Robson is now two breaks behind.

  7. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 1-3 - Schiavone restores her two-game cushion in this final set as Robson pounds a brilliant forehand winner down the line on the run, but it's not enough as the Italian holds firm.

  8. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 1-2 - Robson gets on the board belatedly in the third set as the Brit holds serve with a precise serve outwide to the backhand of Schiavone.

  9. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 0-2 - Schiavone holds serve to consolidate her break at the start of the third set, and Robson cannot respond as her opponent takes control of the match.

  10. - - ROBSON 6-1 4-6 0-1 - BREAK! Schiavone breaks serve at the start of the third set as the Italian begins to really exert her authority on the match, and Robson is really under the cosh now!

  11. - - ROBSON 6-2 4-6 - SET! The hugely resilient Schiavone battles through her service hold to ensure that she takes the second set to level up this match. Her back seems fine now as she looks very confident and assured.

  12. - - ROBSON 6-2 4-5 - Undeterred at being a break down, Robson finds a superb service game to respond as she powers three fine first serves to ensure a fairly comfortable hold.

  13. - - ROBSON 6-2 3-5 - What a game from Schiavone! Robson takes the game to deuce with some doughty play from the back of the court, but somehow Schiavone comes through with a huge smash closing out a very tough hold.

  14. - - ROBSON 6-2 3-4 - BREAK! Schiavone stamps her authority on proceedings as she finds two belligerent forehands down the line to break Robson's previously unfaltering serve. The Brit will have to respond now.

  15. - - ROBSON 6-2 3-3 - Schiavone is utterly defiant as she holds serve under a great deal of pressure from the relentless Robson, but the Brit goes wide with a forehand and she holds.

  16. - - ROBSON 6-2 3-2 - Schiavone tests her opponent with a scorching forehand winner, but Robson responds with a great deal of composure to fire a backhand down the line and close out another hold.

  17. - - ROBSON 6-2 2-2 - Despite her ongoing struggles with her back, Schiavone is beginning to find a better rhythm on her first serve, and she holds to 15 with relative ease.

  18. - - ROBSON 6-2 2-1 - Robson drills a forehand down the line, and she has no problem holding serve and keeping her nose in front at the start of this second set. Schiavone has the trainer out again at the end of the game.

  19. - - ROBSON 6-2 1-1 - Schiavone is put under tremendous pressure at the start of the second set, but she comes through to hold serve to 30 as Robson goes wide with a crucial forehand.

  20. - - ROBSON 6-2 1-0 - Robson holds at the start of the second set as she finds three big serves, and the Brit is brimming with confidence with her first delivery in perfect rhythm.

  21. - - Schiavone is back on court and will continue as Robson prepares to serve at the start of the second set. What will her mobility be like?

  22. - - ROBSON 6-2 - Schiavone receives treatment from the trainer as she struggles with a back injury and the Italian leaves the court eventually.

  23. - - ROBSON 6-2 - SET! Robson breezes through the opening set, and she is very composed as she strides over to her chair. Schiavone is looking very flaky on serve, and Robson takes full advantage once more.

  24. - - ROBSON 5-2 - Robson moves to within a game of the opening set as she holds with a gutsy string of groundstrokes, and the Brit is really showing her confidence on this surface now!

  25. - - ROBSON 4-2 - Schiavone holds serve with three first serves outwide to leave Robson stretching, and the Italian is looking very determined as she clenches her fist.

  26. - - ROBSON 4-1 - Robson consolidates her break of serve to establish a commanding lead in this opening set, and the Brit is thriving with Schiavone yet to settle.

  27. - - ROBSON 3-1 - BREAK! Robson is dominating as she finds two crisp forehand winners and leaves Schiavone with no chance from the back of the court. The Brit secures a crucial early break!

  28. - - ROBSON 2-1 - Robson holds again with real confidence, and the crowd on Court three are really into this match. Schiavone has yet to really find her groove.

  29. - - ROBSON 1-1 - Schiavone holds to level at 1-1, and the Italian is very assured on serve as she finds three big first deliveries.

  30. - - ROBSON 1-0 - Robson opens up with a confident hold, and the Brit is playing superbly early on with a flurry of fine forehands and a serve in good working order.

  31. - - Britain's Laura Robson is in action against the 24th seed Francesca Schiavone of Italy over on Court Three.

Laura Robson

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 21/01/1994
Height 1.8 m
Weight 67 kg

Francesca Schiavone

Nationality ITA
Date of Birth 23/06/1980
Height 1.66 m
Weight 64 kg

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