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Serena Williams - Zheng Jie Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams669--
ChinaJ Zheng727--

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  1. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 9-7 - WILLIAMS WINS THROUGH! Serena finally closes out a titanic battle with Zheng as the Chinese player wilts and the American and four-time champion is through to the fourth round in dramatic fashion! It's been a brilliant match, but Zheng falls just short. Serena will next take on Yaroslava Shvedova. Drawsheet

  2. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 8-7 - BREAK! Williams finally breaks through as Zheng falls behind at last, and it's a brilliant effort from both players in an epic game that goes to an extended deuce. Williams can now serve out for the match!

  3. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 7-7 - Williams levels once more with real composure as she finds three big serves at just the right time. Zheng fires a forehand down the line for a winner, but she cannot force the issue.

  4. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 6-7 - Zheng is very fired up as she clenches her fist in delight and relief after closing out another steely hold. Williams is frustrated as she fails to make an impact on Zheng's serve.

  5. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 6-6 - Williams again levels in nerveless fashion, and the American is really thriving as she keeps pace with Zheng. This match is very finely poised with neither player giving an inch.

  6. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 5-6 - Zheng moves in front once more under tremendous pressure from Williams, but she holds on. The Chinese player can attack Serena's serve once more.

  7. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 5-5 - Williams is undeterred by Zheng producing a brilliant passing shot down the line on the forehand side, and she responds with two booming serves as she goes on to hold.

  8. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 4-5 - Zheng is piling on the pressure, and she holds once more with a flurry of groundstrokes to thwart Williams and move in front at the business end of this set.

  9. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 4-4 - Williams flicks a forehand past Zheng's despairing dive, and the American is very fired up indeed as she holds serve to level up.

  10. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 3-4 - Zheng keeps her nose in front in this final set as the Chinese player seems utterly nerveless. Williams is battling very hard but cannot muster a breakthrough.

  11. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 3-3 - Williams drives a forehand down the line and finds three monstrous first serves, and the four-time champion is beginning to make her mark.

  12. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 2-3 - Zheng hammers a backhand down the line in emphatic fashion, and she does brilliantly to find three precise serves outwide. The pressure is now back on Serena.

  13. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 2-2 - What a recover from Williams! Zheng forces two break points at 15-40, but Serena shows incredible resolve and determination to pull through and hold to level at 2-2 in this final set.

  14. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 1-2 - Zheng holds under enormous pressure from Williams, and she does very well indeed to find three big first serves to bail herself out and secure the game.

  15. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 1-1 - Williams levels at 1-1 with a flurry of breathtakingly powerful strikes, and Zheng is left helpless behind the baseline as she attempts to compete.

  16. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 0-1 - Zheng takes the opening game of the third set in style as she hammers a forehand down the line, and the Chinese player is really having to battle here.

  17. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 6-2 - SET! Williams levels up this match as she serves out for the second set, and the American is back on track with Zheng having to respond once more.

  18. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 5-2 - BREAK! Williams breaks for a second successive game, and the American is really finding her groove now! The four-time champion is coasting towards the second set.

  19. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 4-2 - Williams hammers a forehand down the line and consolidates her break of serve very comfortably, and the American is really thriving now.

  20. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 3-2 - BREAK! Williams breaks serve very clinically as she continues to pile on the pressure, and Zheng finally buckles and implodes.

  21. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 2-2 - Williams holds with consummate ease to level at 2-2, and suddenly the American is beginning to really find her rhythm on serve.

  22. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 1-2 - Zheng is incredibly composed as she bludgeons a forehand cross court and moves in court to clip a crisp half-volley down the line. She's playing superbly!

  23. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 1-1 - Serena holds to level at 1-1 at the start of the second set, and she lets out a roar of delight as she fires a forehand down the line to ensure that Zheng cannot respond.

  24. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 0-1 - Zheng holds at the start of the second set with real confidence, and the tie-breaker has only tightened her resolve as she moves ahead once more.

  25. - - WILLIAMS 6-7 - SET! Zheng takes the opening set with a brilliant performance in the breaker, and Williams is left stunned as the Chinese player wins it 7-5. This match is very finely poised and Serena must now respond.

  26. - - WILLIAMS 6-6 (4-4) - There is nothing to choose between the two players as Zheng and Williams trade winners from the back of the court, and the standard of play is superb!

  27. - - WILLIAMS 6-6 - Zheng holds once more with a forehand winner and a flourish to match! The Chinese star is thriving on Centre Court, and we are into a first set tie-break!

  28. - - WILLIAMS 6-5 - Williams is unfazed as Zheng hammers a forehand winner down the line, and the American is undeterred as she proceeds to hold under pressure.

  29. - - WILLIAMS 5-5 - Zheng levels once more with a nerveless hold, and her serve is looking very reliable and steady as Williams attempts in vain to attack it.

  30. - - WILLIAMS 5-4 - Williams is utterly clinical as she slams a vicious forehand down the line to beat Zheng's defences, and she finds a big serve to finish the game as she piles the pressure on her opponent.

  31. - - WILLIAMS 4-4 - Zheng is a bundle of energy as she bounces around on the baseline after holding serve once more, and her first delivery is working very effectively as she closes out another solid game.

  32. - - WILLIAMS 4-3 - This is a very tight match so far with Zheng hitting the ball very hard on return and keeping Serena guessing with some bright play. Serena still manages to hold to 30.

  33. - - WILLIAMS 3-3 - Zheng levels up once more as the Chinese player drills a forehand down the line, and Williams is unable to make any real impression on her opponent's serve.

  34. - - WILLIAMS 3-2 - It's a much better hold this time around from Serena as she finds the line with two forehands, and manages to keep Zheng pegged firmly back behind the baseline.

  35. - - WILLIAMS 2-2 - Zheng is very composed as she fires three first serves outwide to keep Serena stretching, and she closes out a comfortable hold to level.

  36. - - WILLIAMS 2-1 - Zheng really tests Williams with a series of crushing forehands which take the American back. But she pulls through to hold serve after an extended deuce.

  37. - - WILLIAMS 1-1 - Zheng gets off to an equally assured start as she pounds a forehand cross court and drives a backhand winner down the line on successive points. The Chinese star holds with ease.

  38. - - WILLIAMS 1-0 - Serena bludgeons a forehand down the line with real aplomb, and she wraps up a very comfortable opening service game with a big serve down the T. It's a typically confident start from the American.

  39. - - Williams has a 5-0 head-to-head record against Zheng with wins at Wimbledon in 2004 and 2008. Can the Chinese player record her first win against her today?

  40. - - The first match up on Centre Court will be sixth seed and four-time champion Serena Williams's third-round encounter with Jie Zheng, the 25th seed from China.

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Jie Zheng

Nationality CHN
Date of Birth 05/07/1983
Height 1.64 m
Weight 57 kg

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  1. 36. Carol# But for your unfaultering support, I'm­ sure the William sisters are laughing all the way to­ their trophy cabinets and bank balance! Maybe it's­ their longevity that you find tedious, never mind that­ will stand in the history books (longer than your­ comment)! Without them where would you (and others­ like you) focus your angst?

    From Rodian, on Sat 30 Jun 22:18
  2. I have to say the level of sheer nonsense offered by­ Sam P and small his following of like-minded band of­ misguided unfortunates is just too depressing! ­ Here's a thought, he obviously gets off on the­ Williams Sisters (some would say 'you hate what you­ love') given the absolute dedication to watching­ and monitoring their every move; but if no attention is­ paid to his tantrums, or flatly ignored he'd have­ no voice!

    From Rodian, on Sat 30 Jun 18:58
  3. Good job GIRLFRIEND !!! Go SERENA !!!

    From R, on Sat 30 Jun 17:31
  4. Delores:::: u r dreaming again! Who won the feenxh? Who­ is the number one? And ur hero Serena lost first round­ French! Gets ur facts straight! Serena won the useless­ Madrid which no one will reemmber but people will­ remember Maria won the French!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 30 Jun 17:27
  5. No or On,It purple shorts not pink sore looser!­ Uneducated swine! Carol, take a dive and end your sad­ miserable life, pig! Any of you pigs that don like to­ watch my Queen Serena, pluck your useless eyes off! I­ dont have to tell you idiots what to do, if you hating­ on someone for no reason! The noodles, up stairs is­ ment for reasoning, and if you guys wont make use of it­ pluck your eyes off its sockets. Miserable idiots.

    From WillsnWays, on Sat 30 Jun 17:04
  6. Congrats to Serea, and well done to J Zheng for a great­ match, you almost won it! As we Irish say, good on ya­ both :) :)

    From Roni, on Sat 30 Jun 16:54
  7. Great game Serena. well fought!!!

    From Dee G, on Sat 30 Jun 16:31
  8. Way to go Serena and good luck in the round of 16 and­ by the way you look so good!

    From KennethIcantstop, on Sat 30 Jun 16:25
  9. it is not,only a lost of time but a very sad thing,read­ those comments.we don't have one,just one­ word,about the game.if you want talk about what they­ dress,try annother page.and some of the girls,now,where­ clothes mutch shorter than serena.the problem looks ­ she isn't a barbie girl.well,until she stay playing­ a good ténis,i don't give a dam about his color­ skeen or what she were.i love ténis(,that page should­ be to talk about that)so i still wich the best for­ her.and about serena education,pay atention to that­ page and will be ease now who real has lack of her

    From Ivone, on Sat 30 Jun 16:16
  10. Sam, you make the dumbest comments all the time. ­ Saying that Serena will eventually lose is not being­ clairvoyant. There are 256 players in the men's and­ women's draw on day one. Only 2 will not lose a­ match, 254 players will end with a loss at wimbledon,­ so saying that any one player will not win he­ tournament is not being Nostradamus. Anyone can say­ that. I can pick any player and say what you have said­ and the "Odds" are I will be right. ­ Don't tell us who will lose eventually, tell us Who­ Will Win it All? When the tournament started, I­ challenged you to pick any player and I would take the­ aging Serena and we would see whose pick would advance­ the farthest, but you failed to take the­ "challenge". That pretty much told me all I­ needed to know about you. You are just a Computer Bully­ who feels invincible behind the isolated computer­ monitor where no one will ever see you. Great job at­ doing what you are doing!

    From Great Eddie, on Sat 30 Jun 16:15
  11. Dee, I say what I feel and I dont care if it sounds­ like a moan, Wait til the to--er Murray is on later,­ you haven't heard anything yet lol !!!!!!!!

    From CAROL, on Sat 30 Jun 16:15
  12. Now that Serena has won this match, i predict that she­ will win the whole tournament! Watch out sam! lol

    From Benita, on Sat 30 Jun 16:09
  13. Carol I am wondering why on earth you bother watching­ tennis!!, all you do is MOAN!!!

    From Dee G, on Sat 30 Jun 16:07
  14. great eddie:::: we both know each other well and we­ know our fav's now lets talk some sense......ur­ hero serena will be booted off the court in the­ quarters and if not there then in the semi' but the­ shameless one will not win wimbeldon escape­ great eddie....kvitowa vica and then the number one­ player sharapova....and maria beat serena when serena­ was at her peak and maria was just a child! hahahaha­ wait the pain will be she moves towards the­ semi and loses the pain is that much bigger!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 30 Jun 16:00
  15. On or No, name says it all, Fool, in bold letters! What­ a swine!

    From WillsnWays, on Sat 30 Jun 15:59
  16. Damn, williams through, had enough of the sisters for­ years!!!!!

    From CAROL, on Sat 30 Jun 15:58
  17. Fantastic game.... WOW WOW WOW to both players...­ Congratulation to Serena... Hope she gain her energy­ fast for next match both at Single & Double !!

    From Nelson, on Sat 30 Jun 15:57
  18. Serena wearing pink shorts n hairband in an attempt to­ be feminine? She`s not only the ugliest female tenns­ star of all time but for the amount she has won, is­ alsoone of the least skillfull.

    From Anti septic, on Sat 30 Jun 15:56
  19. Happy to have Survived.

    From awodele, on Sat 30 Jun 15:56
  20. Zheng is playing great and Serena seems to be a bit­ winded. If Serena isn't careful she could lose.

    From Great Eddie, on Sat 30 Jun 15:44
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