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David Ferrer - Andy Roddick Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainD Ferrer2766-
United StatesA Roddick6643-

Live Comments

  1. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 6-3 - FERRER WINS THROUGH! The Spaniard secures his place in the fourth round with a hard-fought victory over Roddick, and he salutes the crowd and punches the air in delight! Ferrer is overjoyed, and he will next face Juan Martin Del Potro. Drawsheet

  2. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 5-3 - Ferrer consolidates his break of serve, and he is looking very good now as the seventh seed surges towards a place in the fourth round. Can Roddick at least hold?

  3. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 4-3 - BREAK! Ferrer suddenly seizes the initiative as he breaks serve in clinical fashion, and the Spaniard is really turning it on now! Roddick cannot respond on serve for once.

  4. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 3-3 - Ferrer produces a rasping half volley which flies down the line and beats Roddick's defences as he holds to level at 3-3 with his opponent struggling.

  5. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 2-3 - Roddick moves in front once more in this fourth set as the American continues to grimace and fight through pain in his side, but he holds firm.

  6. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 2-2 - Ferrer is tested on this occasion as he comes through to hold from an extended deuce, and this match is proving to be a very gruelling affair for both players.

  7. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 1-2 - Ferrer puts Roddick under an enormous amount of pressure from deuce, but Roddick holds on to close out the game in tough circumstances. He holds his side on several occasions as he looks to have a problem there!

  8. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 1-1 - Ferrer holds to love in hugely impressive fashion, and he is coasting on serve at the moment with Roddick unable to shake him out of his rhythm.

  9. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 0-1 - Roddick gets on the board immediately in the fourth set, and he really needs to start quickly to regain some momentum and confidence.

  10. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 6-4 - SET! Ferrer moves in front in the match as he closes out the third set in very convincing fashion, and now the Spaniard is thriving as Roddick urgently needs to respond.

  11. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 5-4 - Roddick reduces the deficit once more as he gets back on the board after a mid-set slump, and the American still has it all to do after holding serve.

  12. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 5-3 - Ferrer consolidates his break of serve with a very fine hold, and the Spaniard is forcing his way through the final set now. Can Roddick respond?

  13. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 4-3 - BREAK! Ferrer breaks serve in what could prove to be a crucial moment in this match! The Spaniard forced three break points of which Roddick saves two, but he cannot save the third as he goes long with a forehand!

  14. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 3-3 - Roddick bludgeons a forehand cross court for a winner, but Ferrer comes through to hold once more and level at 3-3. This set is perfectly poised.

  15. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 2-3 - Roddick holds once more with ease, and this time it is much more comfortable for the American as he blasts a big serve down the T to stamp his authority on the game.

  16. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 2-2 - Ferrer holds with the utmost efficiency as he hammers a forehand winner down the line and finds three precise first serves.

  17. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 2-1 - Ferrer provides a testing game for Roddick with some long rallies troubling the American, but two big serves again bail him out as he holds.

  18. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 1-1 - Roddick hammers a backhand down the line which Ferrer cannot retrieve, but the Spaniard holds his composure to close out a fairly comfortable game.

  19. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 0-1 - Roddick holds in very determined fashion as he throws away the balls after closing out the game. The American is still clearly frustrated at losing the second set on the breaker.

  20. - - FERRER 2-6 7-6 - SET! Ferrer is jubilant as he closes out a very tight tie-break, winning it 10-8 and he charges off in delight while Roddick is left to rue a set point which he could not take earlier in the breaker. It's one-set all.

  21. - - FERRER 2-6 6-6 (7-7) - There is nothing between the two men as Roddick and Ferrer each produce sublime forehand winners and continue to serve with precision and potency. It's extremely tight!

  22. - - FERRER 2-6 6-6 - Roddick is incredibly aggressive as he charges in court to follow up two big serves, and he is very convincing as he takes the set into a tie-break - this is very finely poised!

  23. - - FERRER 2-6 6-5 - Ferrer is nerveless as he holds with three big first serves and some very intelligent play from the back of the court and he keeps his nose in front.

  24. - - FERRER 2-6 5-5 - Roddick levels up once more as he carts a forehand beyond Ferrer's defences, and the American is having to really fight in this second set.

  25. - - FERRER 2-6 5-4 - Roddick is very fired up as he hits a winner down the line, but Ferrer is undeterred as he holds serve under pressure to keep his nose in front at the business end of the set.

  26. - - FERRER 2-6 4-4 - Roddick looks extremely focused and determined as he whips a forehand onto the line and hammers a big serve down the T to level up once more. This second set is on a knife-edge.

  27. - - FERRER 2-6 4-3 - Ferrer has to save a break point as Roddick eyes his fourth game in succession, but the Spaniard manages to hold firm and resist with two big serves to hold.

  28. - - FERRER 2-6 3-3 - Roddick levels at 3-3 with consummate ease as he drives a forehand down the line and comes in to volley cross court with real certainty.

  29. - - FERRER 2-6 3-2 - BREAK! Roddick breaks back to get on terms once more, and Ferrer is pretty sluggish as he plants a poor forehand into the net. Roddick is very fired up indeed!

  30. - - FERRER 2-6 3-1 - Roddick finally gets on the board in this second set, and he powers three big serves outwide to peg Ferrer back behind the baseline. He holds comfortably.

  31. - - FERRER 2-6 3-0 - Ferrer consolidates his break of serve to assume a 3-0 lead in this second set, and suddenly all the pressure is on Roddick to respond in this match. The momentum is with Ferrer now.

  32. - - FERRER 2-6 2-0 - BREAK! It's incredible how quickly the momentum can shift, as Ferrer breaks Roddick after a tense deuce at the start of the second set! The Spaniard takes control.

  33. - - FERRER 2-6 1-0 - Ferrer settles at the start of the second set much better, and he clenches his fist in delight and relief as he closes out the game and gets on the board immediately.

  34. - - FERRER 2-6 - SET! Roddick closes out the opening set with consummate ease as he finds three big first serves, and he is really limiting Ferrer's opportunities of establishing himself in the match.

  35. - - FERRER 2-5 - Ferrer reduces the deficit once more with a solid hold, but the Spaniard is really struggling to get a foothold and to compete with the ebullient Roddick.

  36. - - FERRER 1-5 - Roddick moves to within a game of the opening set as he drives a forehand winner down the line and a brutal forehand cross court follows next point. He's playing superbly!

  37. - - FERRER 1-4 - Ferrer belatedly gets on the board with a solid hold, but again he is less than convincing as Roddick fires a forehand winner down the line to test his opponent's resolve.

  38. - - FERRER 0-4 - Roddick again holds to stretch his lead in this opening set, and there is no stopping the former Wimbledon finalist as he continues to take control of this match.

  39. - - FERRER 0-3 - BREAK! Again, Ferrer struggles to settle and his serve is ineffectual as Roddick closes out another break! The American is managing to keep his opponent under the cosh.

  40. - - FERRER 0-2 - Roddick consolidates his break of serve with a brilliant hold, and the 30th seed is thriving early on. Can he keep this level up?

  41. - - FERRER 0-1 - BREAK! Roddick breaks from the outset as Ferrer is unable to make any real impression on serve, and the American closes out a very comfortable game on his opponent's serve!

  42. - - David Ferrer, the seventh seed from Spain, will next take on 30th seed Andy Roddick of the USA on Centre Court.

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Andy Roddick

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 30/08/1982
Height 1.88 m
Weight 89 kg

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