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Jamie Baker - Andy Roddick Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesA Roddick767--
United KingdomJ Baker645--

Live Comments

  1. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 5-7 GAME SET AND MATCH! Roddick successfully serves for the match with a love hold, finishing with an ace, old-school power serving from the Rod, and he will face Borjn Phau next. Baker was no pushover, but Roddick has eked out a hard-fought straight-sets win with the Brit competitive throughout. It took over three hours though, and Roddick speaks at length to Baker, encouraging words for him after an encouraging performance. Men's draw.

  2. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 5-6 BREAK! A-Rod rolls back the years with a cool forehand return down the line, beautifully controlled, and a cheeky dipper into the corner affords him a smash after Baker can only spin it high. 30-30 on the Baker serve. And now, off second serve again, Roddick controls the point and it's break point at a vital moment! A rally follows, Baker really going for it but he fluffs what should have been a winning drop shot into the net! As good as match point that.

  3. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 5-5 Baker is having a real go now! Is Roddick tiring? Either way Baker brings him to deuce with a lovely disguised drop shot. But he can only net his backhand after Roddick makes him work hard off first serve, advantage Roddick, and he holds in the end.

  4. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 4-5 Roddick sniffs something in this set as a fine volley at the net puts him 30-0 up against the Baker serve. Three break points now, but some adventurous shots from Baker save all three! Great aggression, bringing it to deuce with a serve and drive combination. And a lovely clipped shot from deep gives Baker advantage! And he holds with an epic point! Both men flying around at the baseline a la Tsonga-Djokovic, applause all round!

  5. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 4-4 Baker challenges what looked a Roddick ace, poor call from him as it was clearly in. Maybe he psyched him out though, as the next Roddick shot is a shank wide. BOOM! Ace, Roddick holds.

  6. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 3-4 A love hold from Baker, who is playing exceptionally well but a lack of experience in the key points - he's lost five break points, remember - has cost him.

  7. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 3-3 Baker holds serve well again, and he has Roddick on deuce after some superb groundstrokes from deep - and he stretches the immobile Roddick again, leading the American to spoon one up in the air! It's his fifth break point of the match, still to convert one and the wait continues as Roddick gets to the net to meet that return with a powerful drive. He holds in the end as the unlucky Baker smashes a winner just past the baseline.

  8. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 2-2 Baker is giving as good as he gets and, if he does go out, he will have done himself proud in the sense that he has been competitive on most points. The third set has stayed with serve.

  9. - - RODDICK 7-6 6-4 SET! Roddick holds on to that break from yesterday and he takes the second set, although Baker is giving his all and showing great determination against the former top-five stalwart and one-time world number one.

  10. - - RODDICK 7-6 4-3 Finally we have some additional play as Roddick and Baker take to court. Whoop! Roddick wins the first point as Baker nets following a long rally. Roddick races 30-0 up against serve but a lovel backhand volley keeps him honest. And deuce after another rally sees Baker come up trumps. He has advantage now, which the Brit takes with a solid second serve.

  11. - - RODDICK 7-6 4-2 This match is set to resume on Court One as soon as the rain is over. Britain's Baker pushed Roddick all the way in the opener but is a break down in the second.

Jamie Baker

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 05/08/1986

Andy Roddick

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 30/08/1982
Height 1.88 m
Weight 89 kg

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  1. go andy....smashed them all the way to finals and beat­ have his number anyway..

    From jhun, on Thu 28 Jun 7:31
  2. Way to go Andy!

    From Ashley, on Wed 27 Jun 19:31
  3. Let's go Andy! I know you can do it. I would love­ to see him make the finals again.

    From Ashley, on Wed 27 Jun 19:17
  4. @13, lightoftruth3: You obviously don't know what­ you are talking about! Try commenting on crown bowls,­ if you can find the site.

    From John, on Wed 27 Jun 19:05
  5. Andy take it or leave it. Gooooodddddddddddddd luck!!!!

    From alween, on Wed 27 Jun 18:48
  6. Come on Federer !!

    From Daniel, on Wed 27 Jun 18:46
  7. I was there yesterday and can tell you this guy Baker­ is giving Andy a good run for his money.The standard of­ tennis from both chaps is very high.

    From Charlotte, on Wed 27 Jun 17:06
  8. Andy Roddick is having to fight the crowd but not the­ opponent. Jamie Baker brings nothing to the table. All­ Roddick has to do to win is to concentrate. That­ said, Roddick is enough of a basket case now that a­ meltdown is still possible...but this match is­ Roddick's to lose, not the #186 in the world's­ to win.

    From lightoftruth3, on Wed 27 Jun 16:36
  9. Pretty hilarious if you look at it. Fed has already­ advanced to 3rd round while Roddick still cannot finish­ his 1st round matchup:)

    From Marek, on Wed 27 Jun 16:20
  10. Stats: Roddick at 29, is still on form, coming out of­ the Aegon International at Eastbourne as a winner.­ Baker's definitely got potential but has crashed­ out of major tournaments in the first round.­ This'll be an interesting underdog versus the­ experienced match. Roddick taking the first set along­ with an early break game against Jamie will really mean­ Baker will have to come up with some good tennis. Baker­ began well at the start of the match, lets hope the­ suspension due to rain stop play in the second set­ could mean he's recharged and ready to break­ Roddick back.

    From ben, on Wed 27 Jun 11:44
  11. Was there on court 1 the atmosphere behind the British­ number 2 was amazing. Roddick was psychologically­ intimidated. At one point I recall Roddick being­ arrogant to the ball girl shouting for his towel- not­ very sportsmanship like conduct there.

    From ben, on Wed 27 Jun 11:35
  12. Andy is a second rate tennis player,no heart

    From ROBERTR, on Wed 27 Jun 2:53
  13. I am watching on Tennis Channel. Are they playing­ nights at the Big 'W". Go Luck Andy.

    From Frank P, on Wed 27 Jun 2:32
  14. Keep going Andy!

    From EDDIE, on Tue 26 Jun 22:38
  15. Andy isn´t finished yet- he´s just won a title and I­ hope he doesn´t retire in the next couple of years! I­ know Jamie´s British but I hope Andy goes far at­ Wimbledon!

    From sarah37729, on Tue 26 Jun 19:42
  16. Best of luck Andy! A great guy and player :)

    From Tim, on Tue 26 Jun 19:29
  17. are you 2 kidding, roddick is finished, and i like him­ as a player, he can look back and say he won a major,­ incredibly unlucky on grass

    From john, on Tue 26 Jun 19:06
  18. ...take it one at a time Andy...i know Roger is­ can win this time....Best of luck my IDOL!

    From jhun, on Tue 26 Jun 13:08
  19. Go Andy

    From Jun, on Tue 26 Jun 12:10
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