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Novak Djokovic - Roger Federer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer6366-
N Djokovic3643-

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  1. 6-3 - GAME, SET AND MATCH FEDERER Djokovic's drop shot hits the top of the net and drop over to level at 15-15 all. Brilliant shot up the line by Federer. Djokovic can only lob it into the air for Federer to convert the smash for a 30-15 lead. No first serves in this game as the scores reaches 30-30 with Federer knocking a forehand wide. Nervy time, but a couple of challenges later sees Federer serve for the match. He sees it out with a big first serve. He wins 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3...bravo Federer.

  2. 5-3 - FEDERER 5-3 - Another brutal rally at 30-30 on the Djokovic serve. The Serbian player ups the pace at the right time to carry himself 40-30 clear, but Federer is not letting go easily as he forces the game to deuce. Djokovic going for the lines. Senses he is in a hole. Is given an ace courtesy of a challenge. Over to Federer, who serves for a place in the final.

  3. 5-2 - FEDERER 5-2 - While Djokovic struggles to hold, Federer just continues to mark off the games. He is one game away from the final now after holding to love. With new balls, Federer is looking the fresher man. Djokovic bleeding errors. 20 unforced errors from him compared to nine off the Federer racket. Djokovic serving to stay in the match.

  4. 4-2 - FEDERER 4-2 - Big hold for Djokovic, who is making too many unforced errors before Federer brings up three more break points with a dynamic winner across court on the forehand side. Djokovic comes to the net to convert a winning volley before booming a winner down the line to save the second break point. A big first serve is too good for Federer and three break points have been saved. Another big serve enables Djokovic to come to the net to convert a backhanded winner at the net. He sees it out.

  5. 4-1 - FEDERER 4-1 - The elegance, the class, the concentration...all the components we have come to expect from Federer are coming to the fore. Has hardly shown any emotion but as the match reaches the two-hour mark, Federer produces a love game to move 4-1 to the good. Two more games will do it for Federer. The question is: what can Djokovic can come up with? First he needs to hold here.

  6. 3-1 - FEDERER 3-1 - Chance for Federer at 30-30 on the Djokovic serve, but he can only dribble one into the net when he seemed poised to plunge another ball beyond his opponent. Federer gets the better of an appeal to level at deuce. Djokovic staring into the abyss of falling two breaks down, but he steels himself to hold serve. A 3-1 lead for Federer with the break.

  7. 3-0 - FEDERER 3-0 - Federer with just under 70 per cent of his first serves in this match. Has given him the platform for this lead, but he comes up with a superb second serve at 30-30 that Djokovic knocks long. Federer one point from a 3-0 lead. It becomes 3-0 when Djoker misses wide on another second serve return. Djokovic seems to be losing the plot out there. Federer has this match at his mercy.

  8. 2-0 - BREAK FEDERER 2-0 - Djokovic starting to wobble at the key moment here. He swipes a backhand wide to fall three break points down, but Djokovic digs himself out with a blistering forehand winner. Djokovic tries to exert himself again trailing 40-15, but ends up knocking the forehand wide of the mark. This is astonishing stuff. Federer leads 2-0 with a break in the fourth set. Four games away from the final.

  9. 1-0 - FEDERER 1-0 - Federer forced to face another key point at 30-30, but he slams a big first serve out wide that Djokovic can only bundle into the net. A game point for the Swiss player that becomes a game when Djokovic dumps the backhand into the net in failing to return a Federer second serve. A hold now for Federer is like money in the bank.

  10. 6-4 - SET FEDERER 6-4 - Federer suddenly sensing the tide is turning. The big forehand works a treat in carrying Federer 30-0 clear. Danger signs for Djokovic, who comes up with a big first serve to get himself out of a hole. Djokovic with the court at his mercy seconds later, but knocks the attempted overhead long to hand Federer two set points. Saves one with a serve out wide and the forehand winner. Another magical rally, but Fed converts the overhead to see out the set. He leads 2-1. Incredible.

  11. 5-4 - FEDERER 5-4 - Federer making a couple of errors to present Djokovic with a break point, but the world number one knocks the return long as the score heads for deuce. Federer unearths two more brutal serves before shrieking "come on". Big, big moments. Federer responds to lead 5-4. Djokovic's feet are moving as quickly as his thoughts, but the break doesn't come.

  12. 4-4 - Ah well. Couldn't keep it up. After the drama of Djokovic's last service game, the Serbian player is coolness personified in snuffing out Federer hopes to level at 4-4. Drops only one point in that game. Pressure building as Federer comes out to serve for a 5-4 lead. Big moments now.

  13. 3-4 - FEDERER 4-3 - Some superb stuff from Federer, who gets over the disappointment of failing to break Djokovic with a fine hold. Both men starting to see the ball like basketballs. Crunching the ball over the net. These next few games could go a long way in deciding where this match falls. Delicately poised and then some.

  14. 3-3 - 3-3 - Djokovic dodges a bullet to level at 3-3. A second break point of the match. A quite incredible rally of 23 strokes. Federer seemed the likelier winner, but finally falters by knocking a forehand wide. Incredible defence by Djokovic, who gets a spot of good fortune as a ball clips the top of the net to fool Federer but we return to deuce as Djoker hits the net. Federer then wins another astonishing rally of 26 strokes for another break points, but cannot apply the dagger. 3-3. On serve.

  15. 2-3 - FEDERER 3-2 - It is obvious that Federer is keen to get on with the business here. The Swiss player keen to keep up the tempo and win points fast. No messing around as he comes on strong in the second half of that service game to lead by the odd game in five. A dropped serve now is likely to be fatal to either man's hopes in this set.

  16. 2-2 - Going for one hour and 12 minutes and we already well into the heart of the third set. Djokovic drops only one point in seeing out his latest service game. Djokovic moving well, and is well and truly plugged into this match. Games remain on serve.

  17. 1-2 - FEDERER 2-1 - The agility of Djokovic is something to behold, but he is powerless to do anything about the Federer forehand. Pulverising the ball to move 40-0 clear. Poor drop shot by Djokovic is met by a poor Federer shot as he swipes the ball out of play. Normal service is resumed seconds later as Federer drifts the ball across court with his forehand to see out the game. A 2-1 lead for Federer.

  18. 1-1 - 1-1 - Federer misses a second serve return of Djokovic leading 30-15. Real chance missed, but Djokovic then dumps the ball long from the baseline. Crowd sensing the moment. A break point for Federer. Djokovic challenges the first serve, but the ball is out. Federer misfires on the forehand side from the back of the court. Went for the line, but misses by some margin. A couple of deuces, but no more break points for Federer as Djokovic sees it out to level at 1-1. Good escape for the Serbian.

  19. 0-1 - FEDERER 1-0 An almighty round of applause rings around Centre Court every time Federer wins a point which shows where the crowd's support lies. Federer drops the first point, but fights back to lead 40-15. Federer can't really afford to be going toe to toe with the world number one in long rallies. Comes to the net to convert an overhead to hold in the opening game of the third set.

  20. 6-3 - SET DJOKOVIC 6-3 - Federer so unfortunate to see the first point of the game replayed after the ball is called out. Replays show it hits the line. Federer's challenge is successful, but Djokovic composes himself to see out the set with a love game that includes an ace to finish off. 23 minutes for the first set, 30 minutes for the second set. This match is now down to the best of three. One set all on Centre Court. Under the roof. And on we go.

  21. 5-3 - DJOKOVIC 5-3 - Federer produces an impeccable service game to stay alive in this set as he holds to love. He will rue failing to maintain consistency in this second set on serve. Looks like this set has gone, but where there is life there is hope. Djokovic comes out to serve for the second set.

  22. 5-2 - DJOKOVIC 5-2 - Djokovic moves within one step of levelling this match up at 1-1 with three brilliant forehand winner. A ball clips the line, but is given out. Djokovic challenges and gets the nod. Djokovic looking every inch the man who dismanted Rafael Nadal in four sets in the final a year ago. Federer serves to stay in the set.

  23. 4-2 - DJOKOVIC 4-2 - Djokovic looking decidely uncomfortable as he misses a volley at the net. Comes up with a passing shot seconds later, but it is a brief interlude in the game as Federer holds to close to 4-2 behind. He continues to fight the good fight out there, but needs a break otherwise we are heading level at 1-1 in sets.

  24. 4-1 - DJOKOVIC 4-1 - Federer dominant in the first set, Djokovic holding the upper hand in this set. Only 41 minutes gone here. Federer has dropped down a few levels on his service game. Federer with six aces to four from the Serbian. Both men with 10 winners, and both with five unforced errors.

  25. 3-1 - DJOKOVIC 3-1 - Djokovic getting some depth on these returns as he forces two errors from the Federer racket to level at deuce. Another fine service from Federer carries the Swiss player to advantage before Djokovic swipes a backhand return out to ensure Federer of his first game of the second set.

  26. 3-0 - DJOKOVIC 3-0 - The Djokovic camp suddenly warming to their man's performance as he produces an excellent service game to hold to love. Ten minutes gone in the second set, and Djoker is already 3-0 clear of Fed as he looks to level up at 1-1 set all. This set is fairly racing by. Could be two sets done and dusted before the hour is out here.

  27. 2-0 - BREAK DJOKOVIC 2-0 - Djokovic suddenly with more spring in his step to move 30-0 clear on the Federer serve. That becomes 40-0 when Federer fails to retrieve the ball at the baseline on the forehand. Djokovic attacks the second serve, but is just long. The movement of Djokovic's feet is suddenly a lot better, and the timing adds up as Federer again empties an effort in the net to drop serve.

  28. 1-0 - DJOKOVIC 1-0 Djokovic looking strangely subdued out there. Federer just fails to flash an attempted passing shot over the net beyond his opponent, whose 30-15 lead quickly becomes 40-15 with a service that almost snaps the Federer strings. Federer battles his way to 30-40 behind with a lovely backhand volley at the net, but a sliced backhand hits the net seconds later. Djokovic holds in the first game.

  29. 3-6 - SET FEDERER 6-3 - Vintage Federer to see out the first set. A love game for the Swiss player. Djoker has yet to get involved in this match, and he is one set down in 23 minutes. Federer really pumped up. Throwing down the serves with some gusto. Will be interesting to see where both men go from here. Djokovic will surely come to life.

  30. 3-5 - FEDERER 5-3 - Djokovic just showing initial signs of coming to life as he wins a point under pressure with a throbbing forehand. He moves 40-0 to the good when Federer hits the net with a forehand. Djoker finishes off the match by nipping the ball down the line. Federer will serve for the first set here.

  31. 2-5 - FEDERER 5-2 - The old adage in tennis suggests it is never a break until the player holds in his next service game. Federer has held in his next service game. Now within one game of the opening set here. Federer has won 15 of his 20 points on serve. Finished that game off with another ace.

  32. 2-4 - BREAK FEDERER 4-2 - Djokovic knocks a forehand on the run out of play after Federer comes up with a lovely sliced shot. Federer blasts a backhand at Djokovic, who slips at the net to trail 30-40. First break point of the match. A few people making some noise. Djokovic comes up short in the rally after dumping a backhand into the net. Federer 4-2 clear with the break.

  33. 2-3 - FEDERER 3-2 - Federer now with a couple of aces of his own. Another game flashes by with only one point going against the serve. Who will blink first here? Neither man yet to get a real read on the other's service game. This is like old school grass court tennis indoors. Dominated by serve.

  34. 2-2 - 2-2 - Djokovic plucks his first ace out of the fire in that game on his way to holding without too much fuss. Only one point dropped. Both men still feeling each other out here in what is essentially an indoor match. Goran Ivanisevic, the 2001 champion, would no doubt endorse this level of serving from his position among the patrons.

  35. 1-2 - FEDERER 2-1 - No aces as yet from either man, but Federer is certainly looking healthy here early on. No sign of a back injury as he flashes a backhand across court that Djokovic dumps out of court. Only one point dropped in that game.

  36. 1-1 - 1-1 - Federer comes to the net behind a forehand trailing 15-0 but he is too short with the approach as Djokovic swings a big backhand bounding at him that Federer can't return to lead 30-0. That quickly becomes 40-0 before Federer empties a backhand return into the net. All level at 1-1. On serve.

  37. 0-1 - FEDERER 1-0 - As a statement of intent, that was pretty impressive from Federer. Drops only one point on serve. Game done and dusted in two minutes. The Swiss player holds in the opening game. He leads 1-0.

  38. 0-0 - Federer to get us going then. Their 27th meeting with Djokovic defending the title and Federer chasing his seven gong on the grass. Something has got to give here.

  39. 13.10 - The rain is on over London. And so therefore is the roof. This match should be a classic encounter. We are almost ready to go. Federer will serve in the opening game of the match.

  40. 13.05 - Federer leads the head-to-head records between these two men by 14 wins to 12. They last came across each other in the last four of the French Open last month. Djokovic won in three straight sets. But that was on clay. They have never come across each other on grass.

  41. 13.00 - Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of the men's semi-finals from Wimbledon. First up is Novak Djokovic against Roger Federer with Andy Murray taking on Jo-Wilfried Tsonga after this match.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 78 kg

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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