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Roger Federer - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer4766-
United KingdomA Murray6534-

Live Comments

  1. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH FEDERER! A real Davis Cup atmosphere as Federer knocks a volley wide at the net. Murray just fails with a lob. The crowd trying to support Murray, but Federer comes up with a brilliant first serve that Murray knocks long on the backhand side. An ace brings up two championship points for Federer. Federer knocks the backhand into the net after a first serve hit the mark. Murray is long with the passing shot. Federer completes the victory in four sets. A superb match.

  2. - - FEDERER 5-4 - Federer coming up with some pulsating blows to recover from trailing 40-15. Really pushing hard to get the job finished, but he knocks a Murray second serve long on the forehand side. Murray hits the top of the net with a forehand from the baseline. Really tough moments for Murray. Crowd try to rouse the Scot. An ace brings up advantage, but Federer is wide with the backhand. Federer will serve for the title.

  3. - - FEDERER 5-3 - Federer comes up with his 11th ace of the match to move 30-15 clear but he mishits a forehand seconds later. Score reaches 30-30 again. Murray knocks the return wide on Federer's second serve. Another chance drifts by as Federer dumps a volley over the net to move 5-3 ahead. He needs one more game for the title. Murray has had his chances in this fourth set to break back.

  4. - - FEDERER 4-3 - Murray running into trouble again on his service game. Giving away far too many free points. Staring into the abyss at 30-30, but Murray converts a tough overhead to move 40-30 clear. One point for the match and the ball flies off the line and through Federer. A 4-3 lead for Federer with the break.

  5. - - FEDERER 4-2 Federer leaves the door open slightly for Murray with a double fault at 15-15. Glorious chance for Murray leading 30-15, but he has knocked the forehand long. Golden chance gone. A huge miss at this stage of the match. Instead the score quickly rushes to 40-30 in favour of Federer. He sees out the game with a serve and volley for a 4-2 lead. So close now to a Federer victory.

  6. - - BREAK FEDERER! Federer 3-2 - Federer breaks Murray and that could be the killer blow. A backhand from Federer simply flies beyond Murray. Not much he could do about that. Federer is simply playing his best tennis indoors. So, so tough for Murray. He needs to break back otherwise this final is over.

  7. - - 2-2 - Federer coming up with the goods at the right time. While Murray scraps to hold serve, Federer seems to be in control of his business. He levels at 2-2 with a love game. Before you even have time to blink, the pressure is again back on that Murray service game. Pressure really mounting on Murray. You can smell it.

  8. - - MURRAY 2-1 - A double fault from Murray at the start of this third game, but he wrong foots Federer with a second serve ace down the middle to level at 15-15. Murray then knocks a forehand into the net. Warning signs now for Murray at 15-30. Retrieves the situation with an ace. Another big serve is knocked away by Federer as Murray moves 40-30 clear. Federer tugs a forehand wide. Tough stuff, but Murray scrambles to hold serve. The British player on the ropes. No doubt about that.

  9. - - 1-1 - Murray has fought valiantly in this contest. Forces the issue to 15-30, but Federer levels at 30-30 with a winner that just touches the line. Murray then crunches a forehand winner that Federer can't return to bring up a break point, but he is inches wide on the run with the forehand. So unfortunate. Almost the break. Murray long with a return to hand Federer advantage. Federer sees out the game with a crushing forehand winner.

  10. - - MURRAY 1-0 - Murray gets himself 30-0 clear only to lift a forehand long from the middle of the court. Costly, costly misses at this stage of the contest. But Murray steels himself to throw an ace wide to Federer's backhand. Federer again chipping and charging behind the Murray second serve to convert a winner with the volley. Murray comes to the net to put away the overhead volley. Better from Murray. He leads 1-0 in the fourth set.

  11. - - SET FEDERER 6-3 - A huge point coming up at 30-30 after Federer sees a shot from deep slide long off his racket. Ball bulleting between both men, but Murray misses with the big forehand to hand Federer a set point on his serve. Federer closes the door with an ace. A 2-1 lead in the match for Federer. Big work to be done now for Murray in this final. The indoor conditions are benefiting Federer.

  12. - - FEDERER 5-3 - Murray races out to move 40-0 clear. Federer punches his way back to 40-30 behind before Murray comes up with an ace to get the job done. Throws the business over to Federer, who will serve for a 2-1 lead in this match.

  13. - - FEDERER 5-2 - The pressure being applied by Federer at key moments in this match. Murray being dragged all over the place. Fighting bravely, but he is toiling against a figure who is coming up with some genius in the key moment. His timing on the forehand side has been clinical since this final moved indoors. Murray won a couple of points on that Federer service game. Must now serve to keep this set alive.

  14. - - BREAK FEDERER! 4-2 A break on the sixth break point. Murray saves a break point with a lovely forehand from leading 40-0 and again with another first serve to the Federer backhand. Murray dumps a backhand into the net. Murray pays for too many second serves. Dodges a bullet on the second break point. Gets the ball over the line before coming to the line to convert a winner on the backhand to bring up advantage. But Federer keeps pressing and pressing. The pressure tells. Brilliant. Epic game.

  15. - - FEDERER 3-2 - Federer comes up with a love game as Murray spikes a forehand wide to bow out of that game without bringing any sort of heat to the Federer service game. They say indoor play suits Federer more than Murray. Well, let us find out. We will see how it works out. This third set could well be pivotal. Murray to serve. Games on serve.

  16. - - 2-2 - The rain bouncing down off the roof as Murray quickly moves 30-0 clear. A bit of a rally before Federer produces a gorgeous drop shot to close to 30-15 behind. Federer drills a backhand into the net before Federer can't return a Murray first serve. We are level at 2-2 in this third set.

  17. - - FEDERER 2-1 - They come back out, and Federer akes a couple of minutes to get the job done and dusted as Murray empties the ball into the net. A love game for Federer and a 2-1 lead in the third set.

  18. - - 1-1 - Almost ready to go then here. Federer to serve.

  19. - - Players back out on the court with the roof over. Warming up again. We resume with Federer preparing to serve leading 40-0 with the scores level at 1-1 sets. All to play for.

  20. - - Probably 20 or 25 minutes until they come back out to play once the roof has been closed.

  21. - - We are hearing that the roof is going to be closed for the rest of the match.

  22. - - We are hearing that there are no plans yet to bring the roof over.

  23. - - Here comes the messing about as the court is coverer. The rain is tumbling down. A bit of a shower and the umbrellas are up. Off go the players. Up the stairs. Federer serving holding a 40-0 lead with the match locked at 1-1 in sets.

  24. - - 1-1 - Murray produces a couple of crushing forehands to recover to 30-30. Key moment in the set. A brilliant point by Murray to win on the second serve as Federer knocks a forehand long on the run. He comes up with a big first serve that Federer can only block into the net. Brilliant from Murray. That was huge courage to settle himself. Federer trying to turn the screw here by running round the ball to his forehand side.

  25. - - FEDERER 1-0 - The atmosphere on Centre Court has been lanced by that last set. Looked for all the world like we were heading to a tie-break, but Murray comes up agonisingly short. Federer with the momentum all of a sudden as he holds to 15 in the first game of the third set to move ahead with games on serve.

  26. - - SET FEDERER 7-5! All level at 1-1. Murray with 127 mph ace before he comes up with a winner on the backhand side at the net. Just flicked the top of the racket so a spot of fortune for the Great British hope. Federer battles his way back to 30-30 before a Murray lob lands inches out to hand Federer a set point from nowhere. Federer comes up with a backhand winning volley at the net that brings the match level. Stunning stuff from Federer. A tough one to take for Murray.

  27. - - FEDERER 6-5 - A double fault from Federer at 30-15. Scores at 30-30, but Federer throws down a huge ace to bail himself out of a tight space. A return from Murray trickles over the net to carry the score back to deuce before Murray raises his hands to apologise. Federer doesn't let it affect him as couple of solid serves aided by a big forehand cancel out Murray's prospects of the break he craves. Murray forced to serve to force the breaker.

  28. - - 5-5 - A love game from Murray, who seems to have his mind well in control. Comes to the net to finish off the game with a lovely little volley that he took the pace off. Huge moments in this match. Murray getting 64 per cent of his first serves in which is helping his cause no end.

  29. - - FEDERER 5-4 - Huge hold for Federer. Break point for Murray as Federer starts to bleed errors from his racket. A backhand lands in the double tramlines. Federer on second serve. Brilliant return by Murray. Pulled the trigger on the backhand, but just long. Murray brings up another break point seconds later as he comes to the net to convert a winner on the backhand side. Federer puts away the overhead to escape. A forehand carries Fed to advantage. Does enough to scramble over the line.

  30. - - 4-4 - Federer failing to find an answer in that game as Murray holds to 15, dropping only one point in the game. That first serve is working a lot better for Murray which has to be good news for his future health in this match. Federer again being pushed back on the backhand side. If you go to the forehand side of Federer, you have to go with pace which Murray is trying to do.

  31. - - FEDERER 4-3 - Anything you can do, I can do better. Federer now been to the net over 30 times in this match. Changing his tactics in this final and it pays off in some style as he holds to love for a 4-3 lead in this second set. Approaching a key moment in the final. Well, they are all key moments.

  32. - - 3-3 - A love game from Murray. Just what the doctor ordered after the trials and tribulations on his own serve so far. Federer trying to come to net as much as possible, but he won't be doing anything if Murray comes up with a few first serves. Murray up to five aces in this match.

  33. - - FEDERER 3-2 - Murray comes up with a passing winner as the ball bounds beyond Federer, who falls 30-15 down on his own serve. Stunning stuff from Murray. Dominating the rally and comes to the net to bring up two break points with an overhead. Chance for Murray to make a forehand pass, but Federer snuffs it out before Murray knocks a return wide. Deuce now. Federer sees it out to move to advantage. Federer converts a backhand volley to calm the crowd. A 3-2 lead for Federer.

  34. - - 2-2 - Murray with a (slightly) easier service game than he has been subjected to as he holds to 15. Federer's backhand is not exactly troubling the Scotsman. Or certainly not troubling the Scot in the manner it should as a couple of poorish returns don't pay off. We are level at 2-2 in the second set. Murray must try to get his teeth into this Federer service game.

  35. - - FEDERER 2-1 - Federer attempting to shorten the points as he converts a winning volley leading 30-15 before Murray fails to arrow a forehand on the run back into play. A double fault from Federer helps Murray to 30, but a couple of attempted lobs fail to come off and Federer holds for a 2-1 lead. Federer has made 18 unforced errors in comparison to six from Murray.

  36. - - 1-1 - Murray annoyed with himself at missing a backhand, but comes bouncing back as he hits a forehand on the rise away from Federer to level matters at 30-30 on his serve. Forced to confront a second serve that is back beyond him before he can even blink. Misses the rushed forehand. Another break point for Fed. Plays a fierce backhand across court that Federer can only dab wide. Federer just long with a forehand before Murray hits the net. A big serve and forehand see Murray through. Phew!

  37. - - FEDERER 1-0 - Federer is unlikely to slip quietly into the night in this final and comes roaring back with his easiest hold so far in the final to move one clear in the second set. Holds to love with Murray still buzzing from that previous set. Vitally important for Murray to hold his concentration in this final. He wobbled against Tsonga in the semis.

  38. - - SET MURRAY 6-4 - Magical start to this final for Murray. A big serve from Murray at 15-15 helps him move 30-15 clear after Federer successfully wins a challenge from 0-15 behind. An ace from Murray hands the Scotsman two set points. He seals the deal with a brilliant first serve that Federer can't handle on his backhand side. His first set in a Grand Slam final. British PM David Cameron applauding that set. Brilliant from the Brit. Two more sets needed.

  39. - - BREAK MURRAY 5-4 - Murray races to the net to drive the ball at Federer before Federer swings a forehand long to move 40-15 clear. Chance for Murray. Federer then empties the backhand into the net on a longish rally. And Murray breaks for the second time in this net. Would you believe this? Murray will serve for the first set. The crowd on their feet. Can Murray get over the line? Fabulous chance.

  40. - - 4-4 - A big serve from Murray sees him claw back to 30-15 behind and a forehand drive down the line drags Murray level at 30-30. A second serve from Murray deceives Federer, whose backhand lands miles out of the net off the frame. Once again, Murray forced to deuce on his serve. Comes up with a forehand winner to move to advantage, but Federer snuffs it out. Murray on the rack here as Federer moves him around, but he staves off two break points before a couple of Fed errors bail Murray out.

  41. - - FEDERER 4-3 - Federer's forehand working a treat as he ambles 40-0 clear with Murray not finding enough direction with the return. A few moments later, it is 4-3 Federer as Murray clubs a return wide from Federer's serve out wide to his right side. Federer's easiest service game of the final so far. Important that Murray settles himself down.

  42. - - 3-3 - Federer too experienced to press the panic button, but Murray seems content enough with his lot as he produces a few fine first serves to move effortlessly to 40-15 ahead. Big first serve just out on the next point before Federer closes to 30-40 with a backhand winner across the court. Murray again sticks a forehand into the tape from deep. Worrying moments at deuce, but Federer clips the net with his return. Advantage Murray. A big first serve sees him through. We are level at 3-3.

  43. - - FEDERER 3-2 - Federer falls 0-30 behind on his own serve after somehow missing an overhead. Muzza challenges a call with the ball given out at the back of the court, but replays show the ball was out. Federer picks up the next point despite Murray trickling the ball over via the top of the net before Murray collapses a forehand into the net. Federer's turn to misfire as a backhand wheels long and wide. Chance for Murray, but Federer finally closes the door on a break to lead 3-2 with the serve.

  44. - - BREAK FEDERER 2-2 - A big ace from Murray carries him to 15-15 after a drop shot failed to dent Federer. Murray then slams a drive volley at Federer that is too hot to handle for the Swiss ace. Another fine serve sets up the winning volley for a 40-15 lead. The Scots fades a backhand wide from deep in the court as the score reaches 40-30 before a backhand drive spins long off his racket. Deuce in the game before Federer finally unlocks the door with a pinpoint backhand winner and a forehand.

  45. - - MURRAY 2-1 - Federer in another pickle on his serve at 30-15 ahead as he clips a backhand out of play, but a big booming forehand is too good for Murray down the line. Federer with five unforced errors and he pays for not getting the first serve in as Murray's forehand forces Federer to rush a forehand into the net. A Murray backhand hits the net to hand Federer advantage. Federer finally holds with a forehand at the net. Big hold. Murray starting superbly in this final.

  46. - - MURRAY 2-0 - Murray empties a shot into the net and out as he shows signs of being a little bit tight, but a big forehand winner spins off the turf beyond Federer to level at 30-30. Federer then knocks a shot from the baseline long as Murray's perseverance pays off. A 40-30 lead for Murray and he cements the break when Federer knocks the forehand wide on the right. Murray making an impressive start to this final.

  47. - - BREAK MURRAY! Murray 1-0 - Good depth from Murray on the opening point. Federer misfiring in the opening game as he knocks a ball long to hand Murray a break point. A very poor game by Federer. Murray knocks the ball back in play from Federer's serve. Federer comes to the net but knocks the drive volley long. Dream start for Murray. Three unforced errors in that game from Federer.

  48. 0-0 - Roger Federer to serve in the opening game of the final.

  49. 14.00 - 15,000 people on Centre Court. Over 20 million expected to be watching this around the country. The umpire calls time. And we are almost ready to go. Can Murray do it? A huge sporting occasion.

  50. 13.55 - Players come out for the toin coss. All in white of course. Federer looks as calm as a Caribbean sunset. He has been here many times before. He is bidding for a 17th Grand Slam title here today. Murray has to confront Federer and history. Federer has not won a Grand Slam since the 2010 Australian Open when he beat Murray 6-3 6-4 7-6 (13-11) in Melboure.

  51. 13.50 - Well the roof is off. That is the good news for Murray and Federer. Almost ready to go. Federer is 2/1 with Murray coming in at 7/4 if you fancy a tickle this afternoon. Not sure what the draw is. Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond, Sir Alex Ferguson. David Beckham, Steve Redgrave..just a few of the faces...they all seem to be in here today. Kate Middleton is in here today too with her sister Pippa. For what it is worth.

  52. 13.45 - Britain are already celebrating a victory at Wimbledon this year after Jonathan Marray won the men's doubles last night. He was the first British man to win the tournament since 1936. Could that be an omen tonight? Wildcard Marray becomes Wimbledon doubles champ

  53. 13.40 - Roger Federer: "All I hoped for was a good match from me, to be quite honest, to give myself a chance to be in the finals and have a shot at the trophy again really. I missed being in the finals here the last couple years obviously."

  54. 13.35 - Andy Murray: "It's a great challenge, one where I'm probably not expected to win the match, but one that if I play well, I'm capable of winning. He's obviously one of the greatest players ever to have played. I'd be surprised if he wasn't the best in terms of his win/loss ratio here. He's been doing it consistently over a number of years. The matches he has lost the last couple of years was five sets against Tsonga, five sets against Berdych, five sets against Rafa."

  55. 13.30 - The roof has been off for a while, but is going back on again with the rain tumbling down, Not the best. But the sun is back out again minutes later. Typical British weather. Showers all the time. Perhaps the roof will be open.

  56. 13.25 - Eurosport's Desmond Kane has been looking at the comparision between the careers of Murray and British golf icon Colin Montgomerie, both men Scottish and both men two of the greatest players yet to land a Major in their respective sports. Time for Murray to prove he is no Monty

  57. 13.20 - Eurosport tennis commentator Simon Reed believes Andy Murray has earned the right to face Federer in the final, but is of a mind the Swiss player will increase his levels from his win over Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals. Murray deserves final crack at Federer

  58. 13.15 - A number of tennis legends have offered their opinion on how this final is going to unravel. Here is what they have been saying ahead of this enormous day for tennis. Legends give Murray 'real shot' at glory

  59. 13.10 - The roof is over Centre Court at the moment. The decision has yet to be taken on whether it will be closed for the start of play at 2pm. The rain is falling over London. An indoor match would suit Federer's game more as he can control his serves without worrying about wind or rain or the outside elements. Obviously, if the rain is on the roof will be closed. Will keep you posted on that.

  60. 13.05 - Murray has an 8-7 winning record against Federer, but has lost two Grand Slam finals to the Swiss player in the 2008 US Open final and the Australian Open of 2010. Murray has yet to win a set in the final of a Grand Slam in three attempts having also lost to Novak Djokovic in the final of the 2011 Australian Open final in straight sets. Federer goes into this match as a warm favourite.

  61. 13.00 - Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of Andy Murray against Roger Federer. Murray tries to become the first British man to win the men's singles at Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936. Standing between him and a momentous day in British sporting history is Federer, a figure bidding for his seventh Wimbledon title and a return to the world number one postion. Something has got to give.

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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