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David Ferrer - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray6767-
SpainD Ferrer7646-

Live Comments

  1. - - Those matches will go down Friday, with the women's semis tomorrow. What did you think of today's action? Who will go all the way? Let me know on Twitter and we'll keep the discussion raging on! Thanks for joining me today!

  2. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 7-6(5) - MATCH! - Murray does it! He holds the first two points but Ferrer takes the next three. The Scot takes control from there with some inspired tennis and finishes the tie-break with an ace to book a semi-final against Tsonga.

  3. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 6-6 - Ace 15 for Murray completes love-service and it's tie-break time, the third in four sets...

  4. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 5-6 - Ferrer encounters little resistance as he comes back out and holds to 15. Murray needs to avoid a break or else we go straight into a deciding set.

  5. - - And we are back underway!

  6. - - The covers are off and the players are back out! Can Murray finish this off in the fourth or will the downtime benefit Ferrer?

  7. - - And what a time for the covers to come out! We're advised this is just a passing shower, but apparently the roof was too logical a decision...

  8. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 5-5 - A third quick service game in the set and Murray is looking in full command with ball in hand. But with a stubborn Ferrer still pushing hard from serve, it'll take a big effort for Murray to push for the match with a break here.

  9. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 4-5 - What a game. Murray had Ferrer rocking but the Spaniard fought back to prevent two break points. A pair of terrific Murray lobs saved two hold points from advantage before Ferrer finally smashed home to pretty much stay alive for now.

  10. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 4-4 - Big escape for Andy: Ferrer gets a double break point but again falters as play progresses, falling to two sharp Murray volleys on the second serve for deuce before the Scot claims advantage one to hold. Close!

  11. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 3-4 - The Spaniard to his credit is still putting a lot into the rallies, and Murray makes more mistakes than he does in game seven. Another hold.

  12. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 3-3 - Another speedy and efficient love-service. Murray has a second wind here and Ferrer is hanging on in service. Andy needs that break.

  13. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 2-3 - Ferrer begins with only his fourth ace of the match, and holds to 15. Murray's hopes of a fourth-set conquest will have to wait.

  14. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 2-2 - Blink and you'll miss it: Murray holds to love in short order to get back to level terms. He's trailed in every set and would surely love to take a mid-set lead soon.

  15. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 1-2 - Though Murray starts with a superlative backhand winner along the sideline, Ferrer recovers with four straight points to hold.

  16. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 1-1 - Murray back with a hold to 30. There are smatters of rain but with the one men's QF still going and a roof looming over it, we should be fine.

  17. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 0-1 - Ferrer still looks to be flagging, but nonetheless holds well to open the fourth set.

  18. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 6-4 - SET! - Glorious love-service game and Murray is one set away from the semi-finals! Ace number 12 wraps up the third set for the Scot.

  19. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 5-4 - BREAK! - Big roars in Centre Court as Murray plucks out some of the best returns of the match so far to break serve from deuce. He will now serve for 2-1 in sets after being on the verge of going 2-0 down!

  20. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 4-4 - Murray recovers from tweaking his knee slightly early in the eighth game to hold serve. It doesn't seem to be bothering him going forward, though Ferrer ironically has slowed down a bit as if it were he hwo hurt his leg!

  21. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 3-4 - Two additional service holds, and what odds would we get on a third straight TB? Both players looking to be conserving energy in anticipation of a last-man-standing scenario.

  22. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 2-3 - Ferrer holds again. The odds on a fifth set will surely be tight now. Who will fade first? Let me know what you think on Twitter:

  23. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 2-2 - The Scot dodges another possible break to hold. He has lived on the wild side a few times but Ferrer just isn't seeing the job through.

  24. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 1-2 - Poor returns from Murray and Ferrer holds again on Centre Court. Definite feeling of attrition across the area.

  25. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 1-1 - And after a failed challenge, the Spaniard succumbs to Murray's own first service game of the set.

  26. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6 0-1 - Ferrer begins with a hold of serve to begin set three.

  27. - - MURRAY 6-7 7-6(8-6) - SET! - Murray levels up after an exhausting tie-break to cap an exhausting set in an exhausting match. Two hours and 12 minutes in, we are 1-1 in sets.

  28. - - MURRAY 6-7 6-6 - Ferrer fights to force another tie-break. This match is threatening to go broadway.

  29. - - MURRAY 6-7 6-5 - Cracking two-hand winner seals a hold to 15 for Murray, who has driven the atmosphere right back up with this narrow escape. Another break will level in sets now.

  30. - - MURRAY 6-7 5-5 - BREAK! - BIG break back. You could almost feel Murray's run in the tournament on the line every time he laces the ball out of Ferrer's immediate reach, and the Spanish player nets time and time again. Back to level terms.

  31. - - MURRAY 6-7 4-5 - BREAK! - It's looking deperate for Murray now. Complacency is met by excellent movement from Ferrer to take his second break point after Murray had forced deuce. The Spaniard to now serve for a two-set lead.

  32. - - MURRAY 6-7 4-4 - The Spaniard bounces back from a wasted chance with a hold to 30.

  33. - - MURRAY 6-7 4-3 - Bullet dodged for Murray as his unforced net shanks go unpunished courtesy of good approaches and a late surge to hold from deuce despite three break points.

  34. - - MURRAY 6-7 3-3 - A sixth hold as the match length reaches the entire length of Federer's earlier win over Youzhny. Report

  35. - - MURRAY 6-7 3-2 - Hold to 15 for Murray. The atmosphere is quelling a little, as the fans at Centre Court begin to anticipate a long battle between these two.

  36. - - MURRAY 6-7 2-2 - Another decent dropper from Murray aside, Ferrer is comfortable in holding again.

  37. - - MURRAY 6-7 2-1 - The Scot puts the first of a double hold point into the net, but makes no mistake after that. Strong service game.

  38. - - MURRAY 6-7 1-1 - Another lengthy game, but Ferrer ultimately has too much for the Scot and outlasts him with some choice placement to hold from deuce.

  39. - - MURRAY 6-7 1-0 - Murray, like Kohlschreiber, holds after losing the first set to a tie-break.

  40. - - Murray had three aces to Ferrer's two, but also pulled off the only double fault of the set. The duo won 44 points each and Murray had 12-11 on winners, but also 13-11 on unforced errors. A very close opener which the Brit will be gutted to have dropped.

  41. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) - SET! - Though Murray takes the first two points, he drops the next four before halting the momentum by coming out on top of a sterling battle of drop volleys. He turns 3-4 into 5-5 but nets for a Ferrer set point which the Spaniard converts.

  42. - - MURRAY 6-6 - A third ace and a deft drop set Murray on his way to a hold to love, which puts him ahead in the points-won stats thus far and forces the tie-break.

  43. - - MURRAY 5-6 - Hopes of a fourth successive game and a double-break rise when Murray returns the first two points, but he shanks two into the net soon after and Ferrer goes on to hold, stopping the rot.

  44. - - MURRAY 5-5 - Murray holds to 30 for his third straight game and parity is restored. Great fight and momentum is well and truly on the home hope's side now.

  45. - - MURRAY 4-5 - BREAK! - Superb resilience from Murray to survive a set point and break Ferrer from deuce! The set is back on now...

  46. - - MURRAY 3-5 - Murray continues to profit from the net approaches, catching Ferrer out with the quick volleys, and eventually seals the hold to 30 as the Spaniard lobs wildly out.

  47. - - MURRAY 2-5 - Great return from the Scot to save the first of a double hold point before Ferrer stretches him enough to seal it with a neat drop. He'll serve for the opening set if he doesn't break Murray first.

  48. - - MURRAY 2-4 - Marvellous stuff from Ferrer to rally again in the opening point, but Murray powers up from there and holds from the next four straight.

  49. - - MURRAY 1-4 - Excellent reflex volley from Murray saves one hold point, but Ferrer takes the fifth game from deuce and now leads by three.

  50. - - MURRAY 1-3 - BREAK! - The groans heard as an early replay showing Murray to have played out are nothing compared to when Ferrer breaks his service in a marathon game by non-deuce standards.

  51. - - MURRAY 1-2 - Though Murray whips up a storm for a quick double break-point, it is then Ferrer's turn to save two breaks and another new rally record - 23 strokes - sees the Spaniard again outlast the Brit en route to holding from deuce.

  52. - - MURRAY 1-1 - Another 20-plus rally is won by Ferrer for a break point, but Murray fights it off and holds from deuce with a rally of his own.

  53. - - MURRAY 0-1 - Ferrer bests the Scot at the end of a long rally to cap a hold to love to begin the quarter-final.

  54. - - And we're underway - Ferrer with first service.

  55. - - Predictions please Eurosporters: Murray or Ferrer? How many sets? Anything else you expect of this battle? Hit me up on Twitter:

  56. - - Head to head, they are 5-5, with no meetings thus far on grass. Their most recent battle came just weeks ago at Roland Garros, where the Spaniard reigned supreme in four sets.

  57. - - We are straight into another big last-eight battle, as Andy Murray and David Ferrer are warming up on Centre Court, almost ready to get underway!

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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