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Roger Federer - Juan Martín Del Potro Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer3719--
ArgentinaJ Del Potro6617--

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Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Juan Martín Del Potro

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 23/09/1988
Height 1.98 m
Weight 97 kg

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  1. oooooh federer won? really? too bad murray made him­ lick the floor-sorry i mean the grass, something he­ always fails to do when he meets nadal on grass

    From Ali Yahya, on Tue 14 Aug 22:12
  2. Very nice Match!

    From Cold, on Fri 3 Aug 21:54
  3. Very nice Match!

    From Cold, on Fri 3 Aug 21:54
  4. Congrats to Roger but I cannot help but feel that Delpo­ was taking all the risks in this match ....

    From Sani, on Fri 3 Aug 17:52
  5. Sweet boy ..... Del Potro.....

    From frank, on Fri 3 Aug 17:39
  6. Unbelievable match really.when i saw Federer losing his­ serve to seal the match i thought he would lose this­ match was so afraid,and then in the 2nd break he sealed­ it but since im a Roger fan i never seen him so nervous­ to finish a match never in my life it was so­ tight,credit to Del Potro,he made a fantastic match and­ for me he is a winner,and hopefully he´ll win the­ bronze medal match, glad Roger made it through,now for­ the gold medal,let´s go King i love you

    From Silvayn, on Fri 3 Aug 17:21
  7. Tremendous effort by Del Potro- and now with a very­ tough match ahead to pick himself up for. Credit to­ Federer; great to see him in an Olympic final. If he­ wins that or Murray beats Djokovic he will extend his­ lead at the top of the rankings, is now already an­ extra 450 points above Nadal, who will have his work­ cut out to regain #1 this year, with the clay court­ season behind him, in fact has Murray closing on him­ for 3rd. Murray v Djokovic is hard to call, not much­ between them and Murray having home advantage.

    From sansho, on Fri 3 Aug 17:11
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    And now Andy just has to win the match with Djoko, and­ we will have the Wimbledon final all over again! That­ would be interesting to see. ;)

    From Natalia, on Fri 3 Aug 17:11
  9. Well done Roger. But I have predicted this since Del­ Potro kind of always have stamina problem if he has to­ play long match. The US Open 2009 final however, is a­ bit exception

    From Dony, on Fri 3 Aug 17:01
  10. What a game, played a LONGEST tennis match in History 4­ Hours and 26 Minutes.

    From Ban, on Fri 3 Aug 17:01
  11. Fed is 7 years older than del potro, with del potro­ playing the game of his life, and not enough to beat­ the number 1 legend of tennis, what a champion fed is

    From Mark, on Fri 3 Aug 17:00
  12. fed loves to play marathon matches in wimby lol..such a­ shame Juan-Martin lost..they are both winners in my­ eyes..

    From Lex, on Fri 3 Aug 16:59
  13. Ali yahya, your just a bitter rafatard, who can't­ except that fed is the GOAT and nadal isn't, such a­ shame fed disappoints you again lol, and what's all­ this about nadal he's the third best player in the­ world the rankings don't lie, fed and djoko are­ better at present simples :)

    From Mark, on Fri 3 Aug 16:58
  14. Imagine at 30 years of age he can still play this long­ match! GREATEST EVER! GO ROGER!

    From Arnie, on Fri 3 Aug 16:57
  15. loved the reaaction from roger by kissing the suisse­ logo on his shirt after making the MP it shows how­ much he cares about his nation. true sportsman. best­ ever. simply genius. Big thank you to del potro­ also. showed tears but he should reset and get the­ bronze medal after this performance he derves it big­ time one of the best bo3 matches, let alone matches­ played at all, ever

    From Ronnie75DOB_3WC, on Fri 3 Aug 16:56
  16. 5 days short of his 31st birthday and Fed still­ outlasts the young guns! Amazing! I want to see Nadal­ or Djokovic doing the same and being no.1 5-6 years­ from now.

    From Ivan, on Fri 3 Aug 16:56
  17. Do not cry for me Argentina!! Where are the­ Peronistas? Where are the Gachupines? Who is your­ Daddy Federer's haters? Nadal did not come because­ he could not pass the Drug test. Let go for the Gold

    From Kikin, on Fri 3 Aug 16:56
  18. Yessss!!! Great job, Roger!!! I don't care what you­ say, but that was a gold-worthy win.

    From Natalia, on Fri 3 Aug 16:54
  19. YEY! Now I can sleep with a smile....

    From Christie, on Fri 3 Aug 16:53
  20. Haha Ali and all you fed haters, the king moves on, the­ fed express steams on, fed shows yet again why he's­ the GOAT :) del potro game of his life not enough to­ stop the king, 1 more fed for the gold :)

    From Mark, on Fri 3 Aug 16:52
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