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Max Mirnyi / Victoria Azarenka - Andy Murray / Laura Robson Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Max Mirnyi / Victoria Azarenka2610--
Andy Murray / Laura Robson638--

Live Comments

  1. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-6 (8-10) - GAME, SET AND MATCH! The world number one Victoria Azarenka and Max Mirnyi, the top seeds, clinch victory and the gold medal in the final of the mixed doubles at Wimbledon, and Andy Murray and Laura Robson have to settle for the silver medals! They get a tremendous reception as they depart, but victory was just beyond them. A wonderful effort from the British pair.

  2. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-6 (8-9) - A very courageous first serve from Robson further reduces the deficit after Murray drives a forehand winner down the line, and now there is just one more match point...

  3. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-6 (6-9) - Murray hurls his racket to the floor after planting a tame return into the net, then Robson goes wide with a backhand down the line! Azarenka and Mirnyi are on the brink of victory now with three match points...

  4. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-6 (6-6) - This could not be any closer! Murray is serving superbly, and Mirnyi and Azarenka appear to be getting pretty nervy under the pressure after taking the early lead in the champions tie-break.

  5. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-6 (5-5) - Azarenka goes wide with a forehand on the stretch, before Murray drills a brilliant forehand winner down the line to level up this Champions tie-break at 5-5 - the stakes are really high in this breaker as it decides the medals!

  6. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-6 (3-5) - It's 3-5 in the Champions tie-break as Azarenka and Mirnyi find big returns to leave Robson and Murray trailing! Can the British duo find a surge of points now on the Murray serve?

  7. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-6 - SET! Azarenka and Mirnyi close out the second set 6-3 in very composed fashion, and Mirnyi produces two big serves outwide to leave Robson unable to find a decent return. Murray hammers a brilliant forehand at Mirnyi's feet, but the Belarus pair close it out to level up this match. We're into a 'Champions tie-break' - first to 10...

  8. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 3-5 - Robson does superbly to hold her nerve and find four first serves as her and Murray reduce the deficit in this second set. Murray continues to chat to Robson between each and every point, and he is really showing his experience in this situation. Can Mirnyi serve out for the set now?

  9. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 2-5 - Azarenka is very resilient as she holds serve under real pressure from Robson and Murray, and two precise serves outwide again ensure that the returns cannot cause any damage, while Mirnyi dominates rom the net in commanding fashion.

  10. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 2-4 - Murray gets GB back on track with a very commanding service hold, and neither Mirnyi or Azarenka are able to find a decent return with the British number one halting their momentum. Can Azarenka consolidate their advantage now?

  11. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 1-4 - Mirnyi has a very powerful first serve, and he slams a huge delivery down the T to take control of the game before volleying at the net down the line. Robson and Murray are not able to respond straight away and now find themselves under pressure.

  12. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 1-3 - BREAK! Robson sees her serve broken as Mirnyi and Azarenka sense an opportunity to redress the balance of the match, and they manage to seize control of this second set in ruthless fashion! Robson is dismayed, and GB are now down a break.

  13. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 1-2 - It's a very impressive hold from Azarenka, who throws the balls away after finding three very precise serves outwide with Mirnyi dominating from the net to back up his partner's serve. Now, Robson must hold under real pressure next...

  14. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 1-1 - Murray hammers a brilliant forehand down the line, and Azarenka cannot get it back as he and Robson close out another comfortable hold. GB have looked superb on serve thus far, and they will now look to pressure Azarenka's serve once more.

  15. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 0-1 - Mirnyi holds serve at the start of the second set, and Robson produces a superb forehand winner down the line to no avail as the Belarus pair close out the opening game. Murray will serve next for Britain.

  16. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 6-2 - SET! Murray and Robson close out the opening set with consummate ease, with Robson very composed indeed as she serves out for it! The 18-year-old is very much holding her own out there, and Murray high fives his partner as the crowd roar them on!

  17. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 5-2 - Azarenka reduces the deficit once more with a solid hold, and two booming forehands from Mirnyi ensure that his partner holds her serve pretty comfortably. The Belarus pair are pushing very hard to get back into this match.

  18. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 5-1 - It's an outstanding hold from Murray, who ensures that Mirnyi and Azarenka do not have a hope of responding or even getting a foothold in the game. Murray aces Mirnyi outwide, and he continues to dominate.

  19. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 4-1 - Belarus belatedly get on the board in this opening set as Max Mirnyi produces a very powerful service game with two blistering first serves. After losing his serve in the opening game, that was a key response from him.

  20. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 4-0 - Robson is playing out of her skin as she holds serve to extend GB's lead in this opening set and to consolidate their latest break in very confident fashion. Robson high fives Murray, and they are loving every second of this!

  21. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 3-0 - BREAK! This is quite remarkable as Robson and Murray break for a second successive game, and they have a double break in this opening set already! The crowd are going crazy, and enjoying this unstoppable British surge!

  22. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 2-0 - Murray races to 40-0 on his serve with two brilliant first deliveries, and Mirnyi and Azarenka have no answer in response. Robson plants a forehand volley into the net, but Murray holds next point with another big serve.

  23. - - MURRAY/ROBSON 1-0 - BREAK! Max Mirnyi serves first, and Robson sets the tone with a brilliant forehand winner off the return as her and Murray stamp their authority on the match from the outset! Murray will serve now, and look to give them a 2-0 lead.

  24. - - Do you think Murray can clinch his second gold medal in this mixed doubles final with Robson to gain her first at the age of just 18? You can get in touch with me at any point via Twitter @Dan_Eurosport

  25. - - Mirnyi and Azarenka are the top seeds, so this will be an incredibly tough assignment for Murray and the 18-year-old Robson. Indeed, Robson would become the youngest winner of an Olympic gold medal in tennis since Jennifer Capriati won in Barcelona back in 1992.

  26. - - Murray won Olympic gold in the men's singles with an emphatic straight-sets win over Roger Federer, and the crowd on Centre Court are still catching their breath after that! Report

  27. - - Centre Court has been finally cleared of the big purple podium and the Olympic ceremonial accessories after Murray's sensational men's singles victory, and the players will be out at 17:15.

  28. - - What an atmosphere on Centre Court as Andy Murray - the new men's singles champion! - and Laura Robson of Great Britain prepare to take on Max Mirnyi and Victoria Azarenka of Belarus in the final of the Olympic mixed doubles at Wimbledon.


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