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David Nalbandian - Tommy Haas Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
GERT Haas676--
ArgentinaD Nalbandian763--

Live Comments

  1. - - HAAS 6-7 7-6 6-3 - GAME SET AND MATCH! An ace kicks this final service game off nicely for Haas, and while Nalbandian levels he is nowhere near the following pass and booming first serve, that combination bringing up two match points for the German. Taken with an ace down the middle. That was ace 21 this match. Next up for Haas is Juan Martin Del Potro, given a bye here. Cincinnati drawsheet

  2. - - HAAS 6-7 7-6 5-3 - BREAK! Haas brings up 30-40 with some fine defensive play, before getting to deuce by starting off cagey and deep before rushing to net and giving the Argentine the runaround. And a similar point brings up break point, with Nalbandian running out of steam as the German uses the full width of the court. First serve is wide... the second is superb, fast and furious to the backhand. Deuce again! And off some sloppy serving, Haas breaks him, to serve for the match.

  3. - - HAAS 6-7 7-6 4-3 - Nalbandian is on the whinge, trying to challenge ages after he attempted a return when the serve was clearly in. A few minutes of complaining and the umpire is proved correct. 40-0 now but the gamesmanship appears to have unsettled Haas, who messes his serving up royally. Now 40-30 but an ace is greeted with cheers.

  4. - - HAAS 6-7 7-6 3-3 - After one of the better games in this match Nalbandian is able to hold serve, meaning this final set is evenly poised.

  5. - - HAAS 6-7 7-6 3-2 - A wonderful clipped lob from Nalbandian, on the run after a fine drop shot from Haas. That was a super point in a tight game. On deuce now as Nalbandian overhits a backhand, but he dictates the next point from serve and smashes it away at the second time of asking with Haas on the run. but deuce again as Nalbandian nets while trying a running winner down the line. Key game this.

  6. - - HAAS 6-7 7-6 2-2 - The final set shootout of this match starts with serve. Neither man taking risks at this stage. This match has been going on for almost three hours now.

  7. - - HAAS 6-7 7-6(4) - SET! Haas shows his true colours after that horrible collapse towards the end of the first set as he gets a pair of mini-breaks in with his big return game. He drops one with a double fault though. His eighth overall and sixth in this set. But with an ace he takes the TB 7-4, a 16th ace. He has come back from match point down.

  8. - - HAAS 6-7 6-6 - A close opening to this tiebreak as neither man is able to gain the upper hand before the change ends at 3-3. A bit of fortune for Haas though as his last winner clipped the net.

  9. - - HAAS 6-7 6-6 - The match point isn't taken as another smart first serve from Haas sees Nalbandian only able to overhit the return. Deuce. Some great defence from both men now until Nalbandian drops one wide. 18 shots in that rally. And an ace from Haas to force a tie-break.

  10. - - HAAS 6-7 5-6 - Nalbandian moves 30-0 ahead with a backhand down the line and a more agressive winner at net. This is crucial now for Haas, and he responds with an unreturnable serve out wide. And another great delivery to the backhand sees the Argentine flop his return short. A cracking return follows, and Haas pokes it just wide! Match point Nalbandian!

  11. - - HAAS 6-7 5-6 - Haas again comes close to breaking but Nalbandian holds on with some stern defence and once more the German serves to stay in the match.

  12. - - HAAS 6-7 5-5 - Big serving from the German as he holds with speed and ease when it matters. Nalbandian barely touched the last two.

  13. - - HAAS 6-7 4-5 - Both men are worked hard on their serve but cling on. Haas now serving to stay in the tournament.

  14. - - HAAS 6-7 3-4 - A gruelling service game for Nalbandian sees Haas edge into break point off deuce, but the Argentine shows excellent defence on a similarly testing rally, Haas eventually spinning one long. And a cute drop shot gives Nalbandian advantage, but a ferocious return from Haas makes it deuce once more. Haas wastes a challenge (although it was tight) and Nalbandian holds.

  15. - - HAAS 6-7 3-3 - Haas, who is struggling to hold serve, questions the umpire without formally appealing. That's weird and tantamount to bullying, given the argression with which he poses the question. Either appeal or don't. Haas is making a habit of letting things get to him, although he does manage to channel his anger this time, holding with some fine net play.

  16. - - HAAS 6-7 2-3 - Haas followed that break with a comfortable hold and he really has control now with two break points after a Nalbandian error. The first is saved with a sweeping cross-court backhand, and the second too after a smart move to the net and short volley from the Argentine. And Nalbandian clings on to serve with a fine disguised drive that sends Haas the wrong way.

  17. - - HAAS 6-7 1-2 - BREAK! Haas, after taking away Nalbandian's advantage four times in that game, has a break point of his own - which is taken as his opponent double-faults! Haas back in the match now.

  18. - - HAAS 6-7 0-2 - Better from Haas as he forces Nalbandian off deuce a couple of times with some great returns, and then a superb chip that the Argentine responds to but puts long. But then a mistake from the German after dictating the next point gives advantage to Nalbandian - saved with a brilliant return. This game's a keeper...

  19. - - HAAS 6-7 0-2 BREAK! Haas is all over the shop now. He managed to get back to deuce on his serve at the start of the second, but blundered it away for another break. Nalbandian was 5-2 down in the first set at one point - incredible how Haas has collapsed.

  20. - - HAAS 6-7 0-1 Nalbandian with the easiest hold in the world before surging ahead against serve. Haas has only won one of the last 17 points.

  21. - - HAAS 6-7(0) - SET! Nalbandian continues his form late in the first set by charging into a 4-0 lead in the tie-break. Haas appears to have conceded the set, very disappointing from him, losing nine points in a row. Total collapse from Haas who fails to win a point in the TB.

  22. - - HAAS 6-6 - This goes to a tiebreak as both men hold, Nalbandian to love as his late-set resurgence bodes well for this decider.

  23. - - HAAS 5-5 Nalbandian's fourth ace gives him game point, but an incredible return from has off second serve sees Haas bring up deuce. This is Haas's chance and a booming forehand pass off the line gives him break point and set point. A pointless challenge from Nalbandian as it was right on the line. Serve and volley to follow though, and it's deuce again. Another fine volley for game point, and Nalbandian holds as Haas goes wide - just.

  24. - - HAAS 5-4 - BREAK! Serving for the set, Haas loses his fifth set point with a poor error, long after a soft rally. He is letting the frustration get to him - a fine serve had been incorrectly called out, leading to Hawkeye when it should not have been needed. Still, from that point onwards, he had his chances but a combination of poor serving and overhit groundstrokes lead him into Nalbandian's lap, who breaks back to restore serve.

  25. - - HAAS 5-2 - Nalbandian stops the rot in that he holds his next two service games, but he is unable to make an impact on the Haas serve, meaning the Argentine is serving to stay in the first set.

  26. - - HAAS 3-0 - BREAK! Haas indeed does get the better of Nalbandian, breaking him off deuce with some powerful returns that the ageing Argentine can't match. Haas follows by holding with ease. Could be a quick first set on Centre Court.

  27. - - HAAS 1-0 - The German, who has been in good form this season, almost starts with a love hold but Nalbandian fights back to 40-30. Haas does hold in the end. A tougher start for he Argentine on serve as he loses game point before being pushed around on deuce.

David Nalbandian

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 01/01/1982
Height 1.8 m
Weight 79 kg

Tommy Haas

Nationality GER
Date of Birth 03/04/1978
Height 1.88 m
Weight 84 kg

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