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Laura Robson - Kim Clijsters Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomL Robson77---
BelgiumK Clijsters66---

Live Comments

  1. - Kim Clijsters: “Every time I came here I was inspired by the energy on this court and it really feels like the perfect place to retire. I just wish it wasn’t today. Laura played extremely well today and I gave it my all but I just wasn’t good enough.”

  2. - Laura Robson: “Thanks to Kim for being such a big role model to me for so many years and it’s been an absolute pleasure to play against you.”

  3. - It’s all over for the three-time champion but we have a new star in Laura Robson.

  4. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 6-7 – GAME SET MATCH ROBSON! Clijsters blasts a forehand winner from the tramlines to take the early break but concedes it straight back. Robson misses an easy put away as the nerves begin to tell but the Belgian misses a simple forehand of her own. The crowd is somewhat stunned as Robson unleashes to go another mini break up at 4-3 but Clijsters finds the line to level. An incredible forehand winner onto the line brings Robson a third match point and Clijsters hits long. Women's draw

  5. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 6-6 – TIE BREAK! Brilliant play from Robson sets up an easy pass to get her to 15-30 and a cute crosscourt drop shot brings up two match points for the Briton. The former champion saves the first with a forehand winner to the corner and she follows it with an ace. Robson twice nets and Clijsters forces the tie break. Yet more drama!

  6. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 5-6 – A big return puts the pressure on Robson who hits long on the opening point but Clijsters nets to hand back the initiative and the Briton finds a forehand winner to the deuce corner. Robson then nets to bring the game to 30-30. Robson inexplicably misses an easy smash, allowing Clijsters to hoist a lob and she nets to go break point down. But Clijsters hits wide and Robson wins the game with an ace.

  7. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 5-5 – Clijsters opens with a good angled first serve but nets nervously for 15-15. Robson pushes a forehand long but Clijsters fails with a challenge to go two points from defeat. The Belgian breathes a sigh of relief as Robson pushes a forehand wide but then does the same herself as the game goes to deuce. A clean forehand winner brings up game point but the net cord takes what would have been a winner out of court. The Belgian regroups and digs deep to hold.

  8. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 4-5 – Clijsters nets on the opening two points to give Robson a foothold but the Belgian smashes successive winner to get into the game and put the pressure back on Robson. Clijsters twice hits long and she will now have to serve to stay in the match.

  9. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 4-4 – Clijsters and Robson exchange two clean winners apiece but Robson hits long and the Belgian hits another crosscourt winner to take the game. Tense stuff now.

  10. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 3-4 – A delightful drop shot wins Robson the opening point and a huge serve up the tee edges her further ahead. Another exquisite forehand winner gets Robson to 40-0 and although Clijsters gets a point back, Robson closes out the game.

  11. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 3-3 – Clijsters opens with a double fault but puts away an easy volley to get on level terms. The Belgian hooks successive forehands long to pile the pressure on herself but finds successive crosscourt winners of her own to get back to deuce. Robson fires a return wide but hammers on up the line to force a second deuce before Clijsters holds.

  12. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 2-3 – Yet another big serve gets Robson on level terms at 15-15 but Robson decides not to challenge a ball that looked clearly long and loses the next rally. The pressure tells and she hooks a backhand wide to concede two break points. Clijsters nets to squander the first and another big serve restores parity before Clijsters steers a drop shot just wide. Robson holds at the third time of asking as Clijsters nets.

  13. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 2-2 – BREAK! Robson hooks a forehand wide to concede the opening point and then hits long as her intensity drops a fraction. A good service return gets her into the game and another unforced Clijsters error and huge forehand pulls her back to deuce. Another big return earns Robson a break point and a double fault gifts back the break.

  14. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 1-2 – BREAK! Clijsters retrieves well to force Robson into one more shot on the opening point and the Briton nets. Robson responds with a stunning backhand winner but Clijsters fires one of her own after two brutal exchanges. Robson draws Clijsters to the net and passes after a deft drop shot but successive double faults tamely surrenders the break.

  15. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 1-1 – Clijsters stops the rot of five lost games on the trot to hold to love.

  16. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 0-1 – Robson continues to fire away at will with her groundstrokes and establishes a 30-15 lead. Clijsters twice nets half way up and Robson takes the game.

  17. - CLIJSTERS 6-7 – SET! A topsy turvy tie break sees Robson force the early mini break before Clijsters then Robson again exchange further mini breaks. Robson gains the crucial break at 5-4 and serves out to take the opening set 7-4. Drama here on Arthur Ashe.

  18. - CLIJSTERS 6-6 – TIE BREAK! Another big Robson serve wins the opening point but she follows it up with a double fault and netted forehand to put herself under pressure. A low forehand crosscourt forces another error and brings two set points to Clijsters. Robson saves them with big serves but squanders four game points of her own before staving off a third set point with an ace. She forces the tie break at the fifth time of asking.

  19. - CLIJSTERS 6-5 – Robson can’t keep her opening forehand return in court but does better on the next return, forcing Clijsters to hit long. An angled backhand winner gets the Belgian to 30-15 but again Robson responds with a huge forehand winner. Clijsters rips a winner of her own to bring up game point and she goes ahead with a cry of ‘come on!’

  20. - CLIJSTERS 5-5 – Clijsters goes behind Robson with a winning forehand but Robson hammers a forehand into the corner to restore parity. The Briton tamely nets a backhand but follows up a big serve with an easy put away. A third ace follows and she levels at 5-5 with another big forehand.

  21. - CLIJSTERS 5-4 – BREAK! Robson forces the error with a great return on the opening point but then nets a return. A ripped crosscourt backhand winner gets Robson to 15-30 and a forehand winner nets her two break points. The squanders the first with a weak forehand into the base of the net but gets the break with an angled crosscourt forehand. Great stuff.

  22. - CLIJSTERS 5-3 – Robson opens with her second ace but struggles to match the Belgian in open rallies as the game goes to deuce. Two more big first serves give Robson a gutsy hold but Clijsters will serve for the opening set.

  23. - CLIJSTERS 5-2 – Robson hits long on the opening point but Clijsters repays the compliment before double faulting to give Robson hope. But the Briton nets and Clijsters hooks in a drive volley winner and whipped forehand crosscourt to take the game.

  24. - CLIJSTERS 4-2 – Clijsters chips a forehand wide and Robson fires an ace to move 30-0 up. The Belgian then overcooks a forehand and Robson wraps up a confidence building game to love.

  25. - CLIJSTERS 4-1 – Clijsters races to 40-0 and wraps up the set with another winner.

  26. - CLIJSTERS 3-1 – BREAK! Robson finds a big first serve to get back into the game from 0-30 but then nets to concede two more break points and a ripped forehand up the line seals the break for the Belgian.

  27. - CLIJSTERS 2-1 – Robson blazes a forehand winner to get to 15-15 but loops a backhand long. Another big backhand to the corner gets Robson level in the game but Clijsters hits a forehand winner and big serve to take the game.

  28. - CLIJSTERS 1-1 – Robson wins the opening point as Clijsters hooks a forehand out. An unforced error and blazing Clijsters winner pile on the pressure but Robson responds with a big serve up the tee to get to 30-30. Clijsters earns a break point courtesy of a net cord that sits up for her to blaze a winner but the Belgian then hits long and nets to give Robson game point and she levels as Clijsters again nets.

  29. - CLIJSTERS 1-0 – two big serves, including an ace, get Clijsters to 30-0. Robson shapes a forehand wide but gets her first point as Clijsters nets before netting herself.

  30. - Off we go, Clijsters to serve after winning the toss.

  31. - Next up on Arthur Ashe is number 23 seed and three time US Open winner Kim Clijsters, playing in her last US Open, against Britain’s Laura Robson.

Laura Robson

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 21/01/1994
Height 1.8 m
Weight 67 kg

Kim Clijsters

Nationality BEL
Date of Birth 08/06/1983
Height 1.74 m
Weight 68 kg

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