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Victoria Azarenka - Serena Williams Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams627--
BelarusV Azarenka265--

Live Comments

  1. - - Wow, what a match! Credit to Azarenka for coming back into it and making this the first women's final at the US Open to go three sets. But in the end she got tight, both when serving for it and also when serving to stay in it. And Serena did what she always does, kept her level consistently high and in the end she just had too much

  2. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 7-5 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Azarenka takes her first serve very fast indeed and hits into the net. Her second serve is better, but she is going for so much to keep Serena pinned back that she once again sends a forehand just long as Serena wins her 15th Grand Slam title


  4. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 6-5 Ad-40 - Never mind that these ladies are just inches away from a Grand Slam title, they are still peppering the lines with alarming frequency, as Serena pushes Azarenka to deuce before Azarenka squanders a game point and then hits a forehand just long to hand Serena A FIRST CHAMPIONSHIP POINT ...

  5. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 6-5 - A vicious forehand winner down the line followed by a backhand winner down the line from Serena open the game before Azarenka gets on the board with an inch-perfect backhand passing shot on the angle. But a forehand into the net from Azarenka, followed by a huge unreturnable serve from Serena sees her go on to hold. So, less than five minutes after serving for the match, Azarenka will serve to stay in it (after the sit-down)

  6. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 5-5 - BREAK! Azarenka saves the first with a stunning cross court forehand right on to the sideline. BUT SERENA DOES BREAK BACK when Azarenka sends a forehand into the net. We are back on serve in this final set.

  7. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 4-5 40-0 - An absolutely brutal cross court forehand return of serve from Serena sees her take the first point of the game. And then she also takes the second when Azarenka hits a tight backhand into the net. Serena threatening to break back here. A forehand long from Azarenka hands Serena three break back points ...

  8. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 4-5 - An off balance forehand into the net from Azarenka hands Serena a game point and sure enough she does go on to hold with a backhand winner down the line. Azarenka will serve to for the championship after the change of ends though. Can she hold her nerve?

  9. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 3-5 30-30 - A blistering backhand from Azarenka sees her level at 15-15 before a Serena backhand wide across court sees the Belarusian level at 30-30. She is potentially just two points away now ...

  10. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 3-5 - Another tough service game for Azarenka as she snatches at a forehand down the line into the open court and instead hits into the net. It hands Serena a break back point but the Belarusian saves it with a stunning backhand right on to the baseline. And she goes on to hold with a forehand winner down the line! Serena will have to serve to stay in this match next ...

  11. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 3-4 - BREAK! All through the second set and now also this third, just when it has looked like Serena is starting to build some momentum, her serve deserts her. As this occasion is no different as another series of errors hand Azarenka another three break points. And only one is needed as Serena sends a forehand long to put the Belarusian firmly in the driving seat

  12. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 3-3 - A couple of errors from Serena help Azarenka ease through a service hold to level up once again. That was an important hold for the Belarusian to get things back on track in this final set

  13. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 3-2 - A much, much better service game from Serena as she holds to 15 to get back in front once again. The ball has barely landed before Serena lets out a scream of "come on" and she needs to be careful with that - she was penalised for that in last year's final against Sam Stosur!

  14. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 2-2 - BREAK! Serena denies Azarenka on two first game points. That levels the game at deuce. A fantastic point from Azarenka, ending in a fine smash, brings up another game point but she hits into the net. Another defensive lob denies Azarenka yet another game point and she then sets up a break point with a vicious cross court forehand. And a forehand down the line seals the break for Serena, we're back level again

  15. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 1-2 - BREAK! Another sloppy game from Serena as she hits consecutive unforced errors, including a backhand slapped long, to hand Azarenka two break points. Serena saves the first with an ace but she drags a cross court backhand wide on the second and Azarenka is properly ahead for the first time in the match

  16. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 1-1 - Hello, hello! Serena is back as she races up to a signposted drop shot from Azarenka to go 15-30 against the Belarusian's serve. Azarenka levels at 30-30 with a stunning running forehand down the line but slaps a forehand long to gift Serena a break point. Azarenka saves it and also a second before going on to hold with a beautiful point which she eventually wins by coming into the net and putting away a forehand volley

  17. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 1-0 - Another tough service hold for Serena as she is pushed to 15-30 before finding an ace, an unreturnable and another ace to hold without the loss of another point. And the scream of "come on" from the American leaves the crowd in no doubt of how important that game was to the American

  18. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-6 - SET! Consecutive double faults from Azarenka really show the nerves as she attempts to seal this second set. It allows Serena to level at 30-30 although she makes no such mistake on the next with a huge serve out wide bringing up a set point. And that is all it takes as another big serve is returned into the net by Serena. We are going to a final, deciding set

  19. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-5 - Serena finally gets her serve back on track, racing through a service hold that she seals with an ace. But Azarenka will still serve for the set after the change of ends.

  20. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 1-5 - Almost everything Azarenka attempts at the moment is coming off as she dinks over a great drop shot before standing her ground and putting her backhand volley into the open court and she goes on to hold, leaving Serena preparing to serve to stay in this second set

  21. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 1-4 - BREAK! Azarenka is really getting under Serena's skin now, getting her racquet on the vast majority of the American's serve and a double fault hands the Belarusian two more break points. The first goes begging when Azarenka sends her forehand return long while the second also goes in the same manner. Azarenka gets a third chance which Serena saves with an ace but the Belarusian does break at the fourth attempt when Serena sends a backhand sailing well long

  22. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 1-3 - A forehand long from Azarenka sees her drop the first point of the game but she does well to get up to a netcord from Serena and find a forehand winner down the line. She has to recover again, first from 15-30 down (doing so when Serena hits a forehand long) and also from a break point (doing so when Serena hits into the net) before going on to hold when Serena fails to return a cross court backhand. Serena challenges but unsuccessfully

  23. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 1-2 - A first serve foot fault seems to unsettle Serena as she promptly hits an off-forehand wide and a backhand long to make a previously very comfortable service game more than a little tense. But the former champion recovers with an ace down the centre of the court to hold to 30 and get herself off the mark in this second set

  24. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 0-2 - Interesting! a hold to love from Azarenka as she finds an ace and a couple of very aggressive serves that Serena cannot return. Serena slapped a forehand long to hand the Belarusian the other point needed for the hold

  25. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 0-1 - BREAK! An ace from Serena starts to get her out of a spot of bother at 0-30 down. But a slow second serve helps Azarenka bring up two break points, the Belarusian firmly in control of the point from the start. And ouch! A double fault from Serena gifts the break to Azarenka. That's the first time since the second round that Serena has dropped her serve. Does it signal a comeback from the Belarusian?

  26. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 - SET! Serena batters a backhand return of serve straight down the line, the ball flashing past Azarenka before she's even finished her service motion. It brings up three set points but only one is needed as Serena finds a cross court backhand winner to formalise her lead

  27. - - WILLIAMS 5-2 - Serena drops the first point of the game with a off-balance forehand. But she races through the remaining points, a half-volley backhand winner straight down the line the highlight of the game to bring up a two points to hold, before Azarenka sends an off backhand return wide. Azarenka will have to serve to stay in the set, after the change of ends

  28. - - WILLIAMS 4-2 - A few boos whistling round Arthur Ashe as Azarenka questions a umpiring call by Louise Engzell. The call was "replay the point" and after questioning it, Azarenka has a wry smile to herself as she walks away, clearly thinking it was the wrong call. She also goes on to lose the point with a forehand long but the Belarusian holds when Serena sends a bachand well long off a drop shot from Azarenka

  29. - - WILLIAMS 4-1 - Azarenka is annoyed at herself when she goes for broke on a backhand return, off a second serve from Serena, and misses. But a backhand into the net from the American followed by a wild forehand wide and long allows Azarenka to level at deuce. Williams recovers, however, with a deep forehand that forces Azarenka into the error followed by a forehand winner across court

  30. - - WILLIAMS 3-1 - Azarenka gets on the board with a much better service game and a hold to 15, which she seals when Williams fires an overly aggressive forehand long of the baseline

  31. - - WILLIAMS 3-0 - It's all Serena so far as she eases through another service hold, despite missing an absolute shocker of a shoulder-height forehand up at the net, instead slapping the ball about a foot beyond the baseline. She is 3-0 up in just 12 minutes and Azarenka has an incredibly important game coming up after the change of ends

  32. - - WILLIAMS 2-0 - BREAK! Azarenka quickly finds herself 0-40 down against serve. But the Belarusian quickly bounces back, Serena hitting a forehand out and a forehand into the net before Azarenka smacks a forehand down the line. She even saves a break point with some solid play (Serena hitting into the net) although Serena earns a second with a stunning backhand lob and this time the American does break when Azarenka slaps long. Ouch.

  33. - - WILLIAMS 1-0 - An impressive opening game from Williams as she races out to 40-0 before a minor blip when she slaps a forehand into the net. But she quickly recovers and finds her first ace of the day to hold and get her side of the scoreboard ticking over

  34. - - It will be Serena Williams to kick things off by serving first ...

  35. - - After an interminable build-up, we are FINALLY ready to get going on Arthur Ashe, a full 27 minutes after the scheduled start of the final ...

  36. - - Azarenka sounds very nervous in the pre-match interview, little bit of a shaky voice, so she will need to get those butterflies out in the warm-up to really stand up to Serena in this match

  37. - - So, what do you reckon? Will Serena be just too good for Azarenka or will this really be the changing of the guard with the 23-year-old Azarenka coming out on top of 30-year-old Serena? Get in touch on twitter

  38. - - Azarenka has had a tougher time of it, albeit not until the latter stages. She started with straight sets victories over Alexandra Panova, Kirsten Flipkens, Jie Zheng and Anna Tatishvili before being pushed to three by defending champion Sam Stosur and also French Open champion Maria Sharapova

  39. - - Serena has lost just 19 games en route to the final, beating Coco Vandeweghe, María José Martínez Sanchez, Ekaterina Makarova, Andrea Hlavácková and Sara Errani all in straight sets

  40. - - The first set is going to be important today. In 2012, Azarenka is 48-0 when winning the first set, while Williams is 48-1 (the only loss coming against Razzano at the French Open, 4-6 7-6(5) 6-3).

  41. - - Williams has won 42 of her last 44 matches - her only losses since the start of April came to Razzano at the French Open and to Kerber in Cincinnati.

  42. - - We know Azarenka is playing in just her second Grand Slam final but what about Serena? She is playing her 19th GS final and has a 14-4 win-loss record.

  43. - - Azarenka has the second-most match wins on the WTA this season with 54 and can come within one of the leader, Angelique Kerber, if she wins today

  44. - - Having already won the Australian Open for her maiden Grand Slam title earlier this year, Azarenka is now looking to add the US Open to that tally. And the Belarusian has experience of that. Back in 2005, she won the Australian Open junior title for her maiden junior Grand Slam before following it up for her second with the US Open junior title. Seven years later, can she mirror it?

  45. - - Azarenka has two US Open titles to her name - the junior title in 2005 (beating Glatch in the final) and the mixed doubles title in 2007 (with Mirnyi).

  46. - - However, Azarenka has the best hard court record of any player this year with a win-loss stat of 31-2 or 93.93 per cent

  47. - - The head-to-head stats are not good for Azarenka. These two players have faced each other a grand total of 10 times and the Belarusian has managed to secure just the one win. That came back in just their third meeting, in the Miami final in 2009. And since then, Serena has dominated, winning the last six encounters on the bounce - including this year's clashes on the clay in Madrid and on the SW19 grass at both Wimbledon and the Olympics

  48. - - After yesterday's tornado, it is perfect tennis weather in New York today. Currently the temperature is hovering around about the 24 degree mark, with a few passing clouds. And, more importantly, there's no rain forecast so we should get through the the match without any interruptions

  49. - - So it's Azarenka v Serena. World number one v world number four. 23-year-old v 30-year-old. Australian Open champion v Wimbledon champion

  50. - - Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the US Open final between world number one Victoria Azarenka and home favourite Serena Williams.

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

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