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Janko Tipsarevic - David Ferrer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainD Ferrer66267
J Tipsarevic37636

Live Comments

  1. 7-6 - GAME, SET AND MATCH FERRER 7-4 Points go to serve until 3-3 with Ferrer scampering to level before Tipso knocks a backhand into the net from deep. Another chance for Tipsarevic, but he crushes a backhand into the net off a Ferrer forehand as the Spaniard eases 4-3 clear before Ferrer wins the next point with Tipso slowing up at the back of the court. A 5-3 lead with the mini-break becomes 6-4 in favour of Ferrer. He scrambles over the line as Tipso whacks a ball into the net. A superb match.

  2. 6-6 - 6-6 - A standing ovation from the crowd on Arthur Ashe as Ferrer enjoys a comfortable hold to force the final breaker. Dropped one point with a double fault. Here we go then. All on the line. This match well and truly in the melting pot.

  3. 6-5 - TIPSAREVIC 6-5 - Real gladitorial stuff. These men will have to be scraped off the court. Just when you think one has the upper hand, the other man comes roaring back. Going for four hours and 17 minutes. Ferrer had the chance leading 30-15 on the Tipso serve, but was snuffed out after missing the forehand. Back over to Ferrer.

  4. 5-5 - 5-5 - Ferrer digging incredibly deep to rescue what looked like a match-losing situation after a ball skipped off the net and sped beyond him. Ferrer showing real heart to survive that game and come through with his serve intact. Both men displaying giant will to win out there which is commendable. Ferrer has won 160 points to 150 from Tipso. That is how close they are.

  5. 5-4 - TIPSAREVIC 5-4 - Tipsarevic seems to be cramping at the wrong moments. Or else he has suffered a groin injury. Has to get a bandage applied trailing 15-40, but somehow drags himself back to deuce. His body looks on the edge of collapse here. Ferrer still bouncing around. A big first serve from Tipso carries him to advantage. He then comes up with an ace on the line to dig himself out of a tight hole. No groin injury then. Just cramp. Amazing. A 5-4 lead now.

  6. 4-4 - 4-4 - At 0-30 a second serve was on the line in Ferrer's previous service game. That might have just saved his bacon in this match. Ferrer comes up with the goods to restory parity in the set from 4-1 down and in the match. This match could fall anyway now. All or nothing for both of these warriors now.

  7. 4-3 - BREAK FERRER! A huge change in the momentum of this match as Ferrer dashes back to his chair to sit down after breaking back. Brilliant stuff. A superb lob brought up two break points before Tipsarevic clubs a backhand wide from the back of the court. This match swinging one way and then the next. How exciting is this match.

  8. 4-2 - TIPSAREVIC 4-2 - A real scare for the Serbian player as he takes a bad tumble at the end of that game. Was a chance of the double break, but Ferrer is not for slipping quietly into the night. Thankfully, Tipso is back on his feet quite quickly. Huge game coming up.

  9. 4-1 - TIPSAREVIC 4-1 - Tipsarevic wins one point that he has no right to win with a brilliant lob over the head of Ferrer from outside of the tramlines. That gives him the platform for another hold and suddenly the Serbian player is within two games of a famous win. Coming on strong here at just the right time.

  10. 3-1 - TIPSAREVIC 3-1 - Ferrer comes up with a love game just when he needed it most. Ferrer will need to start swinging at the ball here. Needs to take a few chances to place some doubt in the mind of Tipsarevic otherwise this set is going to run away from him.

  11. 3-0 - TIPSAREVIC 3-0 - Halfway to heaven here for Tipso. Closing in on a semi-final date against either Novak Djokovic or Juan Martin Del Potro, a match that you can follow with us from 12am tonight/tomorrow morning. Another aggressive game from Tipsarevic. Ferrer staring down the barrel here.

  12. 2-0 - BREAK TIPSAREVIC 2-0 - Dangerous moments for Ferrer at 30-30, but the little Spaniard digs himself out of a hole with a booming first serve that Tipsarevic can't return. Ferrer short with a second serve and can't get the ball back on the backhand side. Tipso comes to the net to convert an overhead before dominating the next point with a series of crunching backhands. Inspired play by Tipsarevic. He will serve with the break.

  13. 1-0 - TIPSAREVIC 1-0 - Ferrer just fails to convert the first of two break points at the net after reading Tipsarevic's attempt at a drop shot. Ferrer then bludgeons a return of serve into the net from the second serve of the Serbian. Glorious chance squandered. And Tipso makes him pay with a brilliant forehand winner down the line. Not afraid to swing at the ball and his courage pays off. On the board first in this final set.

  14. 3-6 - SET FERRER 6-3 - Could probably have scripted this some three hours and nine minutes ago, but we are heading for the deciding set with neither man appearing ready to wilt. It is all on the line and would be difficult to predict with any great certainty how this is going to unravel. Ferrer has gone favourite at 4/11 with Tipsarevic priced at 2/1.

  15. 3-5 - BREAK FERRER 5-3! Going for three hours. Brilliant defence by Tipsarevic to level at 30-30 after Ferrer had walloped a couple of fierce forehands at him from deep. Tipsarevic pulls a backhand wide seconds. Chance for the break for Ferrer. An ace for Tipso and he draws level at deuce. Another ace carries Tipso to advantage, but he misses a routine-ish forehand from deep seconds later. Ferrer gets the better of a 22-shot rally to bring up the break which he achieves. Ferrer can level the match now

  16. 3-4 - FERRER 4-3 Ferrer really finding some venom on those forehands. Slaps one effort wide of the target leading 40-15, but has no similar problems seconds later as he comes up with a tough overhead winner to move ahead by the odd game in seven.

  17. 3-3 - 3-3 - Tipsarevic continues to torment Ferrer with that double-handed backhand. As flat as you like it, and Ferrer is not liking it as another game ambles by with the Serbian holding to love. This is highly impressive stuff from both men. Difficult to detect yet where this match is going to land.

  18. 2-3 - FERRER 3-2 - Ferrer's service game has generally stood up well today in spite of the baseline bullets Tipsarevic threw at him in the third set. Another vital hold with the ace count up to 14 for Ferrer now. Nine more than his opponent.

  19. 2-2 - 2-2 - Tipsarevic comes up with four first serves to snuff out the immediate threat of Ferrer in that game. Nothing Ferrer could do there. A fine hold from Tipsarevic, who continues to keep his momentum and focus at the right time.

  20. 1-2 - FERRER 2-1 - Ferrer comes up with a big first serve before a couple of pumelling drives save two break points. Tipsarevic causing Ferrer no end of consternation with some clubbing blows hitting all the right spots. Ferrer does brilliantly to resist with an ace seeing out the game. Chance for Tipsarevic slips by. 2-1 to Ferrer in this fourth set.

  21. 1-1 - 1-1 - Tipsarevic restores parity at 1-1 in this set. Brilliant hold by the Serbian, who keeps his focus well to see out another game with some style. Tipsarevic has really turned it on since winning that breaker. Would dearly love to get a break in this third game.

  22. 0-1 - FERRER 1-0 - Does this match have the air of a fifth set about it? Ferrer is certainly energised out there. Punching the air to try to get himself motivated at the outset of this set. Must be hoping that Tipso goes down a couple of gear after that spell-binding third set. Important hold by the Serbian.

  23. 6-2 - SET TIPSAREVIC! Utterly sublime stuff as the sturdy Serbian closes out the set with a love game and an ace before heading off court to change his shorts and t-shirt. Ferrer trying to bounce around, but he must feel a bit wounded by what has come back at him in the previous set. A 2-1 lead for Tipsarevic in the match.

  24. 5-2 - BREAK TIPSAREVIC 5-2! A second break in the third set is the insurance policy that the Serbian player was looking for. Ferrer being rendered largely impotent here. Knocked out of his stride and is staring a 2-1 deficit square in the face against an inspired opponent.

  25. 4-2 - TIPSAREVIC 4-2 - No respite from Tipso here. Not only is he winning points, he is hitting winners from all sorts of angles. Ferrer being put through the mill here. And that is one of the toughest assignments in tennis. He has produced 16 out of 23 points with clear winners. And no aces. Astonishing returns. Surely has to go down a level or two here.

  26. 3-2 - BREAK TIPSAREVIC 3-2 - Tipsarevic comes up with a couple of wonderful winners on the backhand side to bring up a break point. He breaks Ferrer with another crisp backhand down the line. Stunning stuff from the Serbian man just when he needed it. A 3-2 lead in the set with the break. Wow. Getting very interesting now.

  27. 2-2 - 2-2 Tipsarevic well and truly in the moment out there. As we reach two hours, Tipso looking as strong from deep as the baseline specialist. One break in this set might well settle it.

  28. 1-2 - FERRER 2-1 - Tipsarevic complaining about something or other in that game. Seemed to be unhappy with the umpire's call on a point, but it matters little as - you've guessed it - Ferrer negotiates another service game with some ease to move 2-1 clear in this third set. Ferrer with one more winner than is opponent - 23 to 22.

  29. 1-1 - 1-1 - Tipsarevic stepping into a backhand winner down the line that speeds beyond Ferrer before a big first serve helps him scramble over the line to level at 1-1. And on this goes with no sign of that elusive break coming. Who is going to blink first here

  30. 0-1 - FERRER 1-0- Ferrer opens up the third set with a comfortable enough hold. A change of shirt for both players. This is turning into a real war of attrition. Difficult to say with any great certainty how this is going to unfold. Both men being very aggressive.

  31. 7-6 - SET TIPSAREVIC! 7-5 Ferrer battles back from 4-1 down to close to 4-3. Tipsarevic launches into a couple of blistering forehands that give him the platform to move 5-3 clear before a thumping backhand winner down the line is good enough for Tipsarevic to ease himself 6-3 to the good. Ferrer saves the first one with a crackling forehand. And the second is rescued when Tispo hits the tape with a backhand. A thumping foehand is good enough for the Serbian to level at one set all. Game on now.

  32. 6-6 - 6-6 - We head for the breaker after another impeccable Ferrer service game. He holds to love as Tipsarevic knocks a return long. 55 minutes for the set and it is breaker time in New York. Huge moments, particularly for Tipsarevic.

  33. 6-5 - TIPSAREVIC 6-5 - Tipsarevic maintains his composure to fend off two break points. Brilliant forehand that speeds beyond Ferrer excites the Serbian player. But Ferrer is like a dog with a bone. Won't let go and prompts another error from the Tipsarevic racket. Ferrer knocks a backhand return long as the score returns to deuce only for Tipso to knock a backhand long at the net. Another big serve saves the Serb before he clambers over the line. Big hold.

  34. 5-5 - 5-5 - As cool as you like, Ferrer comes up with another love service game to restore parity in this second set. That Ferrer serve is really working well. Not sure Tipsarevic has a great read on it. The serve out wid is especially effective for the Spaniard.

  35. 5-4 - TIPSAREVIC 5-4 - Match has been running for 1 hour and 16 minutes. And Tipsarevic has gone up a few gears in this second set realising the gravity of his situation. Ferrer slightly the more aggressive player. Has hit 16 winners to nine by his opponent, but little to split them.

  36. 4-4 - 4-4 - Tipsarevic tries to take a backhand down the line, but hits the net from deep to fall 40-15 down. Tisparevic dumps another backhand into the net seconds later and we are level again at 4-4. The business end of this second set is upon us. So crucial to his future health in this contest that Tipsarevic doesn't lose this set.

  37. 4-3 - TIPSAREVIC 4-3 - The Serbian player is energised here. Trying to force Ferrer into errors which is easier said than done. A fine, fine service game to move ahead by the odd game in seven. Not a full house in for this quarter-final which is disappointing it must be said. Nothing to split these men in this set.

  38. 3-3 - 3-3 - Ferrer produces an ace down the centre of the court to level at 30-30 before a sixth ace of the match out wide carries him 40-30 clear. Ferrer misses a glorious chance to see out the game with a forehand that hits the net from mid-court, but he comes up with another probing first serve to move to advantage seconds later. Tipsarevic prods a forehand wide and that will be that. All square in the set.

  39. 3-2 - TIPSAREVIC 3-2 - We remain on serve after Tipsarevic comes up with an assured service game. Getting some real meat into his forehands, and the power is too good for his opponent. Neither man making a move in the second set yet.

  40. 2-2 - 2-2 - Ferrer charging ominously through that service game. Simply too good for Tipsarevic with the direction of his serves exceptional. A love game. A muggy day in New York, but Ferrer is clearly warming to his task out there.

  41. 2-1 - TIPSAREVIC 2-1 - A couple of cheap points for Tipsarevic as Ferrer dumps a couple of balls into the net with Tipsarevic moving 40-30 ahead on his serve. The eighth seed does enough to scramble over the line seconds later in moving ahead by the odd game in three. We remain on serve in this set.

  42. 1-1 - 1-1 - Ferrer showing no signs of easing up here. Tipsarevic not able to find the angles to trouble Ferrer, who seems highly comfortable in his running shoes at the moment. Vital that Tipsarevic changes his ploy here otherwise this match could run away from him.

  43. 1-0 - TIPSAREVIC 1-0 - Tipsarevic finding that you don't get easy points against Ferrer. Almost makes a backhand on the run at deuce that just drops long. Tipsarevic lets out a huge 'cmon' when Ferrer nudges a backhand into the net seconds later, and wins a wonderful rally to see out the game on serve. Ferrer making life so, so difficult for his opponent.

  44. 3-6 - SET FERRER 6-3 - The Spanish player is not renowned for his heavy serve, but he comes up with a powerful one that pushes Tipsarevic back in carrying off the first set of this match. A real change in the mood of this match with Ferrer seemingly in command after dropping the first two games. Up to speed now.

  45. 3-5 - FERRER 5-3 - Tipsarevic stops the bleeding after Ferrer reeled off five straight games. Trying to vary his game by coming to the net to keep the rallies shorter, but he will need to find a break here otherwise Ferrer will move one set ahead in this match.

  46. 2-5 - FERRER 5-2 - Another timely hold for Ferrer as he moves within one game of the opening set. It is becoming apparent that Tipsarevic is not going to win this match from deep in the court. Ferrer seems to have too much class for him in these baseline rallies.

  47. 2-4 - BREAK FERRER! The Spanish player is well into his groove out there as he clips a few balls beyond Tipsarevic to break for a second time for a 4-2 lead in this opening set. The Serbian struggled to cope with the vibrancy of his opponet. 28 minutes gone and Ferrer has the initiative.

  48. 2-3 - Tipsarevic just being dragged out of his comfort zone with Ferrer's relentless pressure and movement causing no end of issues for his opponent. Ferrer a bundle of energy and suddenly up to speed as he holds comfortably for a 3-2 lead - his third straight game.

  49. 2-2 - BREAK FERRER! A second ace from Tipsarevic of the evening buries Ferrer's hope of a break back at 30-40, but the little Spaniard crushes an overhead winner to bring up his second break point. Two seconds later, Ferrer applies more heat that Tipsarevic can't respond to. We are back on serve here.

  50. 2-1 - Ferrer crashes a ball beyond Tipsarevic from deep on the baseline to claim his first game of the match. Was not the easiest game. Forced to deuce, but Ferrer comes through it. The winner of this will meet Novak Djokovic in the last four. Ferrer has already made seven unforced errors to two by Tipsarevic.

  51. 2-0 - Tipsarevic cements the break with a confident service game that is too much for Ferrer to deal with. Early move then by the Serbian with the shades on. Moving well and hitting the ball with real gusto. At the moment, he looks like the bloke who had the day off yesterday.

  52. 1-0 - BREAK TIPSAREVIC 1-0! Both men have taken 10 hours each to reach this stage. A couple of break points early on but Tipsarevic can only lift a forehand out of the court from deep on the first. Ferrer misses the forehand going for the line on the second. And Ferrer is broken early in this match. A 1-0 lead for Tipsarevic.

  53. 0-0 - Ferrer to serve in the opening game of the match.

  54. 19:14 - David Ferrer holds a 2-1 lead in their head-to-head meetings, but their last meeting was during the Beijing Olympics four years ago with Tipsarevic winning 7-6 6-2 on a hard court. Ferrer won their other two meetings in Monaco and Indian Wells.

  55. 19:10 - Good evening. Players out warming up then ahead of the opening game of this quarter-final match in New York.

Janko Tipsarevic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/06/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 83 kg

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

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