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Andy Murray - Alex Bogomolov Jr. Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray666--
Russian FederationA Bogomolov Jr.241--

Live Comments

  1. - - Next up for the Scot will be either Ivan Dodig or Hiroki Moriya, the Croat Dodig currently leading by two sets and love and a break out on Court 14 Men's drawsheet

  2. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 6-1 - GAME, SET & MATCH - Three stunning points in a row from Murray as he finds consecutive forehand winners to wrap up the match in two hours and 13 minutes. Nowhere near his best there Murray, but in many ways an impressive win against a player who can be dangerous on his day

  3. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 5-1 - BREAK - A-Bog seems to have completely run out of ideas now as Murray races through another comfortable break to leave himself potentially just one game away from the second round

  4. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 4-1 - Murray pulls up sharply at the net but, despite the commentators assertion that he is in a lot of trouble, its just a spot of cramp and he fires down a couple of huge serves to hold and consolidate the break this time

  5. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 3-1 - BREAK - Surely that is it now as Murray breaks for a second time in this third set. When Murray turns it on he is firmly in control of this match but he has had too many lapses in concenration for it to be as comfortable as the scoreline currently suggestions

  6. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 2-1 - BREAK - Murray slaps what should be a fairly straightforward forehand into the net to allow A-Bog to level up at deuce before the Russian goes on to earn himself a breka point with a forehand return-of-serve winner. Murray saves it with an ace before handing A-Bog yet another chance and this time giving away his serve to allow the Russian back into it. I did say Murray's apparent control was "in theory" rather than definite!

  7. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 2-0 - BREAK - Murray ends a nine-and-a-half minute game in crushing fashion with a double-handed backhand return of serve winner right into the corner, just moments after A-Bog had recorded his first backhand winner of the match, a neat little sho down the line. Murray, in theory, in control now in this third (and final?) set

  8. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 1-0 - Murray races through an opening hold of serve to love to get the third set going. A-Bog looked tired in that game, slapping a forehand out on the final point

  9. - - MURRAY 6-2 6-4 - SET - A-Bog just knocks the ball back to Murray on the baseline like a training drill and gets duly punished when the Scot finds a forehand winner to bring up a set point. He squanders it with a slack forehand into the net but quickly gets a second chance. And this time he takes full advantage, working A-Bog around the baseline before finding a forehand winner across court

  10. - - MURRAY 6-2 5-4 - Murray races through his best service game of the set so far to leave A-Bog preparing to serve to stay in this second set after the change of ends

  11. - - MURRAY 6-2 4-4 - BREAK - Typical! Just as I've said, A-Bog has looked solid on serve he throws it away to hand Murray the break back. A-Bog saves a first break point with an easy smash off a high lob. But that only got him level at deuce and Murray quickly goes on to break when A-Bog fails to find the court.

  12. - - MURRAY 6-2 3-4 - Better from Murray as he posts a more solid service hold once again. The Brit still trails by a break in this second set though and A-Bog, as yet, has not shown any signs nerves since that end-of-first-set meltdown

  13. - - MURRAY 6-2 2-4 - Another service hold goes the way of A-Bog as he gets Murray on the back foot on the baseline, eventually beating the Brit for pace as Murray puts up a reactionary defensive lob only to send the ball wide

  14. - - MURRAY 6-2 2-3 - Murray saves a break point with a solid rally from the baseline that eventually ends when A-Bog slaps a forehand long. And the Scot goes on to hold when Bogomolov again hits an error. The Russian is not happy about that at all

  15. - - MURRAY 6-2 1-3 - Bogomolov is allowed to replay a point after volleying into the net when a peice of paper blows on to the court (fair enough, it was literally right in front of him) and he goes on to hold from 30-30 to maintain his break advantage. This is lacklustre from Murray at the moment

  16. - - MURRAY 6-2 1-2 - Much more business from Murray as he this time races through his service game to hold and get his side of the scoreboard ticking over once again

  17. - - MURRAY 6-2 0-2 - A wayward backhand from Murray, wide across court, allows A-Bog to hold serve for the first time in the match and capitalise on the early break in this second set. Murray has completely thrown away all the momentum he had and is allowing the Russian to re-discover some of the confidence he appeared to have lost late in that first set

  18. - - MURRAY 6-2 0-1 - BREAK - A-Bog gets a little unlucky when he constructs almost the perfect point only to send his forehand lob just long of the baseline to allow Murray to level at deuce. But Murray fails to take advantage of both the momentum that he built at the end of the first set, or the left-off he received with that point, as he concedes his serve with a forehand error

  19. - - MURRAY 6-2 - SET - A-Bog doesn't really help his cause as he sends an easy forehand drop shot into the net followed by a forehand well wide down the line. And Muray goes on to break with ease to wrap up the first set. The Russian was looking increasingly shaky towards the end of that set

  20. - - MURRAY 5-2 - More comfortable for Murray this time around on serve as he manages to hold without being pushed to deuce or being broken for the first time. And he is now potentially just one game away from taking this first set. A-Bog will have to serve to stay in it after the change of ends

  21. - - MURRAY 4-2 - BREAK - A delightful point from Murray as he races up to the net to track down a drop shot and calmly slices his backhand return across the court on an acute angle for the perfect drop shot winner. And that hands the Scot the break lead for the first time as he starts to take control of this opening set. He needs to hold on to his serve more comfortably though

  22. - - MURRAY 3-2 - Nearly 30 minutes are on the clock as Murray finally holds when A-Bog puts a forehand into the net after a handful of deuces. For a change, A-Bog did not enjoy any break points in that game, however, and Murray leads for the first time

  23. - - MURRAY 2-2 - BREAK - Brilliant reactions from Murray as he gets his racquet in just the right place to ping a backhand volley back over the net for passing shot winner to break back for a second time and level up again

  24. - - MURRAY 1-2 - BREAK - Stunning sequence of points from A-Bog as he whips a forehand winner across court to comfortably beat Murray for pace and break for a second straight Murray service game

  25. - - MURRAY 1-1 - BREAK - Much, much better from Murray as he breaks straight back, firing a couple of vicious forehands over the net. He has found his range much better in that game and hopefully for fans of the Brit he was just making a bit of a slow start

  26. - - MURRAY 0-1 - BREAK - Wow! Not a great start from Murray as he slaps consecutive errors, including a routine backhand into the net, to concede his serve in the very first game of the match

  27. - - Murray is serving first and things are just about ready to get underway ...

  28. - - THE PLAYERS ARE OUT ON COURT!!!! Exciting times in NYC! Murray and A-Bog are out on court and starting their warm-up. Play should get underway in just over 10 minutes timee

  29. - - It is staying dry for the moment and so the players should be out in just less than five minutes. The latest forecast is saying that the next thunderstorm is due to hit NYC in about 90 minutes. Let's hope that's not the case but either way, we should get a decent chunk of the Murray match in before the rain hits once again

  30. - - The rain has stopped and the squeegee men are out on court. Murray will now be on court "not before 7.30" UK time. So in about 20 minutes. However, do not get too excited as the weather forecast is far from positive!

  31. - - We take that back Murray will now be a lot later than expected as that rain is HEAVY! It is not going to clear quickly

  32. - - Such was the speed of the Sam Stosur match, Murray will not be on court before 1pm New York time , or more relevantly to UK viewers, 6pm UK time

  33. - - These two men have faced each other three times before with Murray winning two of those encounters. All three matches came last year, all three on the hard courts - Bogomolov Jr won their first clash in straight sets at the Miami Masters before Murray bounced back and won in straight sets at both the Cincinnati Masters and then also in Tokyo, the latter very convincingly 6-1 6-2.

  34. - - Next up on Arthur Ashe is fourth seed and last year's semi-finalist Andy Murray. The Brit, high in confidence after a Wimbledon finals appearance as well as a gold (singles) and silver (mixed doubles) at the Olympics, taking on Russian Alex Bogomolov Jr

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Alex Bogomolov Jr.

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 23/04/1983
Height 1.78 m
Weight 77 kg

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