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Tomáš Berdych - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray5667-
Czech RepublicT Berdych7216-

Live Comments

  1. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH MURRAY! Berdych speeds into a 3-0 lead with some delicious hitting. Murray claws back to 3-1 after the Czech dumps a return into the net. Murray then cracks the forehand off a net and out to fall 4-1 behind. Astonishing change in this match. Berdych goes long seconds later to lead 4-2 before throwing down an ace on a second set to move 5-2. Murray hits back with a backhand to close to 5-3. Murray facing set point against him at 6-5 , but comes through 9-7.

  2. - - 6-6 - Murray coming up with an exceptional forehand and winning volley to claw back to 30-40 behind after another bout of big serving by Berdych. But he can't fend off the ace by Berdych in the next point as we head for the breaker. All on the line now.

  3. - - MURRAY 6-5 - A brilliant hold to love by Murray, who has had to dig deep to find his best tennis in such demanding conditions. The standard of tennis in such wayward conditions is exceptional. Can Berdych force the set to the lottery of a breaker? He serves for a second time to remain in the match.

  4. - - 5-5 - Berdych battles back to draw level from 15-30 down. Another massive serve from the big Czech of 130mph out wide seals the deal. From nowhere, the Czech player is all over Murray like a rash. A real fight to the line here. Murray battling to avoid this going to a fifth set.

  5. - - MURRAY 5-4 - Big hold for Murray there with Berdych suddenly finding his timing on the forehands. Murray not finding the variety that was helping him establish this advantage, but he has forced Berdych to serve to remain in this match.

  6. - - 4-4 - Another clear winner from Berdych as he holds to 30 to really ask questions of Murray, who seemed to be cruising to the final to this final, but is suddenly back in the heart of a dogfight here. Tense times again. Huge service game coming up here for Murray.

  7. - - MURRAY 4-3 - A cry of 'c'mon' from Murray as he goes back in front with this match running for three hours and 20 minutes. A convincing hold to 15 just when he needed it. Murray trying to stir himself for one last push here. Doesn't want to be hanging around out there needlessly. A fifth set would plunge this result back into doubt.

  8. - - 3-3 - A love game from Berdych to level matters in this fourth set. Not sure what is going on out there. Murray was chipping the ball, and spinning it. Berdych was well out of the match, but suddenly he has started hitting it. And Berdych loves power. Murray has managed to get himself back into a tight spot. After he had his foot on Berdych's neck leading 3-1, there is work to be done by Muzza to get this done in four.

  9. - - BREAK BERDYCH! MURRAY 3-2 - Murray paying the price for failing to grab the insurance policy of the double break in the previous game as he begins to swing freely to bring up three break back points. Misses a golden chance in the first point as he nudges a forehand wide. Murray under pressure on serve for the first time in some time. Pushed back as Berdych converts the break on the third attempt. Set back on serve. Didn't see that coming.

  10. - - MURRAY 3-1 - Berdych throws down a massive second serve before drilling the ball around the court. Wins the point. Haven't seen much of that from Berdych in a long time. Another fine return by Murray brings up another break point, but can only clobber the second serve into the net. An ace carries Berdych to advantage. Only his third of the match. Berdych finally scrambles over the line, but he is staring down the barrel here.

  11. - - MURRAY 3-0 - Another game ticked off by Murray in his march to this final. Doesn't get much better for the Scotsman than this. Has got this match in the palm of his hands. Has Berdych got anything left in the tank? Looks unlikely. Berdych utterly impotent.

  12. - - BREAK MURRAY 2-0 - Another game goes to a fifth break point which Murray takes to break him in this fourth set. Looks like good night and good luck. Unless there is a complete collapse or the rains come to rescue Berdych, this match is over folks. Murray just providing so much good rubbish in the wind that his opponent can't handle. The power game has been dismantled and Berdych has no alternative.

  13. - - MURRAY 1-0 - Another hold for Murray at the outset of this set. Taken to deuce, but Muzza is not for buckling here. A tornado just missed Flushing Meadows earlier on, but Berdych is having to battle his own mental storms. The error count now up to 46 from the Czech in this wind. Cutting a forlorn figure.

  14. - - MURRAY 6-1 - Berdych forced to fend off another break and set point with a well directed serve and winning volley from the middle of the court. Murray's return has also been impressive today. A lame forehand from deep sees the ball come back off the wrong side of the tape. The set point keep coming and Murray gets the job done on his fifth set point as Berdych drills another forehand long. Murray simply toying with his opponent here.

  15. - - MURRAY 5-1 - Berdych not hitting through the ball in the wind as he comes up with another pitiful response in dropping another game to love. The Czech player almost like a struggling golfer in the wind. Ball flying off his racket at all angles and goodness knows where it is going to land. The power game collapsing in these conditions.

  16. - - MURRAY 4-1 - News to bring you of another success for Britain in New York today as Liam Broady reaches the boys's singles final with a 6-1 6-1 win over the Japanese eighth seed Kaichi Uchida. He will face Canadian second seed Filip Peliwo in the final after his 6-4 6-0 win over Yoshihito Nishioka. Meanwhile, Berdych avoids a bagel in New York by holding serve there.

  17. - - MURRAY 4-0 - Murray going through this third set and Berdych like a dose of salts. It doesn't look like it is going to happen for the Czech player today unless he can somehow get out of this mindset. Missing all sorts of shots now. Murray holds again to love. Two games away from a 2-1 lead in the match.

  18. - - BREAK MURRAY 3-0 - The double break for the Scot, who is relishing this match now. Murray pushing Berdych all the way here as he converts a winner down the line on the backhand side from the volley by his opponent. More frustration for Berdych as he overhits an approach shot. Break point for Murray as that sliced backhand leaves Berdych all over the place. He is broken for a second time in the third set and has lost the plot. Murray's backhand guided by radar in the wind. Class starting to tell.

  19. - - MURRAY 2-0 - Berdych doesn't seem to be wanting to be there. His game is a pale shadow of the one that accounted for Roger Federer. One gets the feeling Murray is not far from making the decisive push in this match. If he can continue to excel on the backhand side, there is only going to be one winner of this match. And it isn't Berdych. Another love game.

  20. - - BREAK MURRAY 1-0 - Berdych throwing in another error-strewn game. Clearly unhappy with the windy conditions as the Czech player is broken to love. Berdych has lost his concentration as he continues to bleed errors. Berdych has made 34 unforced errors with Murray making less than half that at 15.

  21. - - SET MURRAY 6-2 - We are all level in this match. Rackets, and chairs being blown onto the court in that game, but Murray does not let that incident dissuade him as he brings the curtain down on the set with another fine hold. This match being watched by Sean Connery. Another famous son of Scotland. The other one out on the court is suddenly on course for an appearance in his second US Open final.

  22. - - MURRAY 5-2 - Berdych forced to come up with a stunning stretch volley on his way to clawing back from 0-30 behind. Score moves to deuce, but Berdych does what is required to get himself over the line to keep his toe in the set. Hanging on out there, but has the advantage - if you like - of the wind behind him. Murray will serve for the set.

  23. - - MURRAY 5-1 - The Scot cements the break. Keeps pushing forward here from trailing 0-30 to claim the game for a 5-1 lead as another ball clips the back line before speeding beyond Berdych. Murray seeminly in the zone here in the wind of New York. Would dearly love to break again so he can serve at the start of the third set.

  24. - - BREAK MURRAY! A Berdych forehand clips the top of the net before dropping out. Murray with the second break in this set. Surely looking good to level this match with the insurance policy in the bag. Berdych making errors at the wrong time here. Has lost that intensity of the first set.

  25. - - MURRAY 3-1 - Brilliant hold again by Murray before new balls are introduced. Murray throws down one howitzer that comes in at 88mph. Another forehand winner finds its intended destination. It hits the line and that completes a vital hold. Halfway to levelling the match.

  26. - - MURRAY 2-1 - A decent hold by Berdych when he needs it most. Able to swing at the ball freely in the wind, and comes up with the hold to 30 to register his first game of this set.

  27. - - MURRAY 2-0 - Superb hold by Murray as he wallops a forehand drive beyond his opponent to hold to love. Murray in control of the second set early on Berydch starting to moving a little bit slower in that game. Real hope for Murray that he can claw himself back into this match.

  28. - - BREAK MURRAY 1-0 - Berdych misses volley at the net before throwing in a double fault to fall 0-30 down. Chances for Murray and he brings up the three break points with a wonderful lob and stunning volley at the net. Three break points for Muzza. He wins the game on the second point as Berdych knocks the ball long from deep. Brilliant opening to this set by Muzza.

  29. - - SET BERDYCH 7-5 - Murray misfiring at the wrong time as a couple of loose shots hands Berdych two break points. He saves the first with a big forehand that Berdych can only whack into the net on the forehand side, but Berdych comes up with a crunching forehand winner seconds later to pocket a tough opening set. He leads 1-0 after one hour and 19 minutes.

  30. - - BERDYCH 6-5 - Not really tennis for the purists in this wind, but Berdych is being repaid for being the aggressor with a narrow lead in the death throes of the first set. 67 minutes gone and we are no nearer to finding a winner of this set. Berdych limiting the mistakes and being rewarded for his mindfulness.

  31. - - 5-5 - Murray comes roaring back from 0-30 to hold serve. A huge hold for Muzza against a man who is walloping the ball with real relish out there. All the pace coming off that Berdych racket, but the Scot is defending manfully. Terrific hold for Murray. Tense times, but we remain on serve heading for what could be a breaker to settle this opening set.

  32. - - BERDYCH 5-4 - Berdych commits to the overhead before crashing the ball beyond Muzza to move within one game of the set. Murray must serve to remain alive in a first set that has already been running for one hour here. Berdych has made 16 unforced errors to eight by Muzza, but the Czech player is somehow ahead in this first set.

  33. - - 4-4 - Muzza picks out a throbbing ace at 30-30 to move 40-30 clear. Coach Ivan Lendl looks on impassively. Excellent stuff from Muzza. Even a bit of sun around, but he is forced onto the back foot again by the drop shot that fails to come off. Deuce in this game., but Murray comes through aided by a lovely volley at the net. Murray controlling the wind well at the key moments. We are level at 4-4 in this absorbing first set battle.

  34. - - BERDYCH 4-3 - Murray missing a real chance at 30-30 as he fails to convert the two-hander from the backhand side. Berdych goes long with a forehand seconds later. Reaches deuce before Berdych drills an ace down the tee to leave Murray with no chance. Berdych empties a forehand into the net with the court gaping at the net. But Murray knocks the ball long before he clips the net as Berdych escapes with his serve. He punches the air. Important hold.

  35. - - 3-3 - Berdych seems to be playing with a little more purpose since that break in the previous service game. That clubbing forehand and backhand working to some effect in the wind as the scores reach deuce. Murray wins the next point drilling the ball at the Berych forehand to move to advantage. A stinging forehand of his own seals the deal with the wind behind him. All level.

  36. - - BERDYCH 3-2 - Not so much drama in that game as the Czech player comes up with a love game on serve to move clear by the odd game in five. Murray seems to be a bit annoyed by losing that previous game, but he must get that out of his mind. Murray looks the likelier player early on in the wind. Berdych has a word in Murray's ear as he passes him at the sit-down. A bit of needle in this match already.

  37. - - BREAK BERDYCH 2-2 - A break back seconds later. Murray finding life a bit tougher at the other end of the court. Wind continues to play a role in the exchanges. Murray drops a ball short, but this time Berdych clips the back line to bring up the break point. Murray given a harsh deal as he executes a drop shot winner only for his tennis cap to come off. Berdych wins the next point after replaying the point to break back after Murray sees a lob go just too long.

  38. - - BREAK MURRAY 2-1 - 12 minutes and Murray finally comes through that game on his third break point as Berdych clips a forehand wide. The wind is blowing hard out there. Berdych forced to confront a break point after Murray drops a ball short only for the Czech player to bury a forehand into the net. Murray again asking the question of Murray with a booming forehand on the run, but Berdych gets his knee bent to convert the winning half volley at the net. Berdych works hard, but Murray too good.

  39. - - 1-1 - The conditions far from ideal, but Murray should relish the wind if he is truly Scottish. Failing to find the first serves early on. Murray leads 40-30 before a little game of cat-and-mouse ends with Murray coming to the net to convert a backhand winner at the net. The wind blowing, but we are level here in the opening set.

  40. - - MURRAY 0-1 - With Ivan Lendl looking fed up - but then, he always does so - Murray goes down in the first game with Berdych hitting a lovely backhand winner to the far corner to seal it. The wind means that serving is not necessarily an advantage, with the ball pulled away from the Czech as he looks to strike it.

  41. - - Off we go - Berdych to serve first.

  42. - - People are filing into the stands, but they are largely empty for now as fans pour in through the main doors at Flushing Meadows late due to the inclement weather.

  43. - - Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych have appeared on court and immediately you can tell the wind is swirling around this arena. It is ferocious, and that will certainly come into play today. Time for both men to start knocking up.

  44. - - Right, here we go. Play is now due to start at 5.30pm. The Arthur Ashe Stadium is beginning to fill up with spectators and Murray and Berdych will be finalising their preparations behind the scenes. The men's semi-finals should be fine but awful weather is forecast for later, so the women's final may yet be delayed into tomorrow.

  45. - - Arthur Ashe stadium now looks positively resplendent. You could hardly even tell there has been a torrential downpour. It can't be long now until we see some action (fingers crossed).

  46. - - An official update from the organisers, not more than five minutes ago: "The weather is subsiding; we will begin to dry the courts and match play will commence."

  47. - - We have some action on court! There are some members of staff driving big machines around that are drying the surface of the court. The sun is out and this looks rather promising.

  48. - - An update: there will now be no play until 5.15pm at the very earliest. Tornado warnings have been issued for the Queens district of New York and flash flood warnings are in place until 5.45pm, according to the New York Times.

  49. - - So we will have no play before 5pm, unless things drastically clear up. There is a possibility that one of the matches will be moved across to the Louis Armstrong court and that the two semi-finals will run simultaneously, though that's not confirmed by any means.

  50. - - This is the latest from the organisers: "The current forecast indicates severe weather and rain in the area until noon (5pm BST). At that time, the current forecast calls for clearing; we will then dry the courts and begin play."

  51. - - Still no official word regarding a start time in New York and a BBC commentator has just tweeted that he has been evacuated from his commentary box due to a tornado warning. That gives you an idea of just how bad it is at the moment.

  52. - - Well, it is still raining at Flushing Meadows and the court looks a bit like a lake. There won't be any play in the next few minutes, that is for sure. Updates as and when we get them.

  53. - - We are hearing reports that the start of this match has been delayed due to what has been described as 'apocalyptic' rain at Flushing Meadows. We will have an update for you as soon as possible, but don't expect play imminently.

  54. - - In terms of the head-to-head battle, Berdych leads Murray 4-2 and 3-1 on hard court surfaces. The last time they met was in Monte Carlo this year with Berdych winning in three sets.

  55. - - Berdych, the US Open sixth seed, meanwhile sprung a big surprise by toppling Roger Federer in four sets in his quarter-final. The Czech has only dropped two sets so far at Flushing Meadows and is currently ranked seventh in the world.

  56. - - It has been pouring with rain in New York but we are scheduled to start here at 4pm. Murray, the Olympic champion of course, is the world number four and our number three seed. He is the favourite and saw off Marin Cilic in four sets in the quarter-finals, but only after a terrible start that had everyone very concerned.

  57. - - Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the US Open semi-final between Andy Murray and the man who knocked out Roger Federer, Tomas Berdych. David Ferrer or Novak Djokovic await in the final.

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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