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Xavier Malisse - John Isner Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesJ Isner6757-
BelgiumX Malisse3676-

Live Comments

  1. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 6-6 – Malisse holds comfortably to love. TIE BREAK!

  2. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 6-5 – Isner wins the opening two point on serve by putting away mid court winners. A cheeky sliced winner gets Malisse back into the game and a return winner onto the baseline by Isner’s feet piles on the pressure. Sampras-like, Isner finds the ace when he needs it and Malisse nets a forehand on the run. He must serve to stay in it for a second time.

  3. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 4-4 – Isner can’t find his opening return but the second is at the advancing Malisse’s feet and he finds the net. Isner gets to 15-30 after rushing the net and a stunning inside out forehand winner gets him two break points. Malisse saves the first with a big first serve and a cheeky drop shot pulls him back to deuce. Isner finds the net with his return to his dismay and a drop volley gives Malisse the game. Gutsy hold.

  4. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 4-3 – A fantastic run and angled backhand gets Malisse to 15-15 but Isner picks off his attempted pass with a deft angled volley into the empty court. A great get from Isner nets him two game points. Malisse saves the first with a great return but he can’t get the next one back.

  5. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 3-3 – A heavy Isner return forces the early error but his defensive lob and subsequent forehand both drift long. Malisse cracks a backhand winner and Isner hits wide to give the Belgian the game.

  6. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 3-2 – Isner hits out on the opening point but a drive volley restores parity before he hits a big forehand winner and unreturnable serve. Another ace rounds off the game.

  7. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 2-2 – Isner wins the opening point with a big forehand but fires wide. A big serve brings two game points for Malisse and he holds with a forehand winner.

  8. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 1-2 –Isner starts with another ace and crushed a backhand up the line. Malisse nets and another heavy backhand wins a quick game.

  9. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 1-1 – Malisse brings up two game points with a forehand volley put away and a dejected looking Isner nets.

  10. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 1-0 – Isner races through his opening service game to hold to love.

  11. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-7 – SET! Isner nets a mid court forehand to surrender the opening point and he can’t keep his forehand return in play on the second. A missed backhand return gives Malisse three set points and another errant forehand gives the Belgian the set. Will he be happier now?

  12. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-6 – BREAK! A cracking return to the baseline at Isner’s feet wins Malisse the opening point and Isner hits long to put himself in trouble at 0-30. Another long forehand gives Malisse three break points and although Isner saves the first, he surrenders the break with a double fault. Malisse will serve for the set.

  13. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-5 – Malisse wins the opening point but slaps an angry forehand into the net before firing two forehand winners. Another big serve wins the game to level matters in the set.

  14. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 5-4 – Isner opens with his 13th and 14th aces. Malisse is angry with another call that Hawkeye proves was correct and Isner wins the replayed point. He rounds off the game with his 15th ace.

  15. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 4-4 – BREAK! A cracking forehand return gets Isner off and running but Malisse responds with his seventh ace. A lovely approach and drop volley sees the American edge ahead again and he cracks a forehand winner to earn two break back points. Malisse saves the first with a big first serve but he hits long to concede the break back.

  16. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 3-4 – Isner loses the opening point but finds a backhand winner and big forehand before Malisse hooks a forehand wide. A 12th ace wraps up the game.

  17. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 2-4 – Malisse hits long on the opening point and is unhappy with a chair overall that is, embarrassingly for the Belgian, proved correct by Hawkeye after his challenge. A rattled Malisse then nets tamely but just finds the line on a volley and smashes a forehand that Isner can’t direct over the net. Another backhand catches the line to give Malisse game point and an ace wraps up the game. Gutsy hold!

  18. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 2-3 – If anything it is Isner who looks rattled by Malisse’s rant and he shanks a forehand out on the opening point. A forehand winner on the back foot redresses the balance but the American then nets half way up. Another forehand winner pulls Isner back and he gains a game point with his 11th ace before wrapping up an easy put away.

  19. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 1-3 – Malisse races to 30-0 before shovelling an ugly looking double hander long. He hits a big backhand winner and a first serve rounds off an easy game for the Belgian.

  20. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 1-2 – A lovely drop volley opens Isner’s account in the game and he follows with a winning deep forehand onto the baseline. Malisse hooks long and an ace wraps up the game for Isner.

  21. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 0-2 – Malisse breaks a string to go 30-30. He recovers to hit a winning volley before hitting a forehand long. Isner returns the compliment with a long forehand of his own and Malisse consolidates the break with an ace.

  22. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 0-1 – BREAK! Just like John McEnroe, that rant seemed to have fired Malisse up and he wins the first two points on the Isner serve. Isner responds as he does, with two big serves but nets to give Malisse a break chance. A rare Isner double fault gives Malisse the break.

  23. - ISNER 6-3 7-6 – SET! Malisse earns the crucial mini break at 4-3 on the back of the point of the match but hits long to immediately surrender it back again with a double fault. A huge second serve brings up set point for Isner and Malisse hits long to surrender a two set lead. He is not happy at all and is having a real rant about some line calls using some fruity language. He gets a code violation.

  24. - ISNER 6-3 5-6 – Malisse hits long to give Isner an early foothold but the American twice does the same to hand back the initiative and a drop volley on the stretch gives the Belgian the game.

  25. - ISNER 6-3 5-5 – More heavy serving including another ace moves Isner to 40-0. He nets to concede a rare point against serve this set but Malisse returns the compliment.

  26. - ISNER 6-3 4-5 – These two players are fairly racing through this set as this time Malisse holds to love.

  27. - ISNER 6-3 4-4 – Malisse hoists a lob long before Isner cracks an inside out forehand winner to go 30-0. Malisse twice hits long on the service return as Isner holds to love.

  28. - ISNER 6-3 3-4 – Malisse opens with an ace and races to 40-0 with a forehand winner after a missed Isner passing attempt. He wraps up a love hold as Isner hits long.

  29. - ISNER 6-3 3-3 – Isner blasts a vicious forehand winner on the opening point and follows it up with yet another huge serve. Malisse hits wide before raking a winner past the American but Isner holds.

  30. - ISNER 6-3 2-3 – Isner finds the net on three occasions and hits long as Malisse easily holds to love.

  31. - ISNER 6-3 2-2 – Another ace starts the game for Isner and Malisse barely gats a racket on the second. The Belgian gets the better of a long 16 shot rally but then hoists another smashable lob which the American giant doesn’t miss. A deep forehand wins the game for Isner.

  32. - ISNER 6-3 1-2 – Malisse races to 40-0 and Isner produces a measured pass to get into the game before netting.

  33. - ISNER 6-3 1-1 – Big serving gets Isner to 40-0 in no time and he rounds off the game with yet another ace.

  34. - ISNER 6-3 0-1 – Malisse starts well with a big serve and easy put away and follows with a third double and third ace. An easy put away gets Isner on terms but Malisse benefits from a lucky net cord. Isner shanks a forehand long as Malisse holds.

  35. - ISNER 6-3 – SET! Malisse tamely nets a forehand but Isner pushes a forehand wide. Another big forehand puts Isner ahead at 30-15 and Malisse loops a return long to concede two set points. Malisse saves the first with a backhand winner but a big serve wraps up the set.

  36. - ISNER 5-3 – Malisse opens with an ace and service winner of his own and races to 40-0 with a volley put away. A whipped forehand winner wraps the game in no time.

  37. - ISNER 5-2 – Isner starts with another unreturnable serve out wide but Malisse rips a forehand winner past the American to get on terms at 15-15. Another booming serve edges Isner ahead but an errant forehand lets Malisse in again and a cracking return forces the error and a break point. Isner saves with a big forehand winner to take it to deuce but volleys long to give the Belgian a second chance. A big forehand again saves the day and a 138mph ace up the tee and he finally closes it out.

  38. - ISNER 4-2 – Isner nets after a short rally but Malisse throws in a second double before being bothered by some fan movement. Isner rips a backhand past him at the net and Malisse again hits wide to concede two more break points. An attempted drop volley finds the tape and Malisse saves the second with a good serve. An Isner return drifts long and Malisse wins the game with a forehand winner. He needed that.

  39. - ISNER 4-1 – Isner follows a forehand winner with an unforced error but a massive second serve and huge forehand to the corner comes to his aid. Malisse swats a return that Isner can’t dig out by his feet but the American holds with another ace.

  40. - ISNER 3-1 – Malisse begins with a big serve of his own but throws in a double to cancel it out. A nice inside out drop shot from Isner edges him ahead but Malisse fires back with a big serve and an ace to win his first game.

  41. - ISNER 3-0 – Isner begins with a 130mph serve out wide and follows with a forehand winner and a further ace. Another unreturnable serve gives Isner a love service game and Malisse has won only one point!

  42. - ISNER 2-0 – BREAK! Malisse swats a forehand wide to concede the opening point and then nets to put himself in trouble early on. Isner earns three break points with an easy smash and Malisse hits wide to concede his first service game to love!

  43. - ISNER 1-0 – Malisse nets after a long opening rally. Two more big serves bring game points and he follows a double with an ace to wrap up the opening game.

  44. - John Isner to serve first.

  45. - Next up on Arthur Ashe is the player carrying home hopes of success, John Isner, against a re-vitalised Xavier Malisse who has re-discovered some of his form of old. This will be the pair’s fourth meeting and it is the 32-year-old Malisse who is 2-1 up in their three meetings. Isner won last time out in two tie-break sets on the clay of Nice earlier this year but Malisse won on the hard courts of Washington in three sets in 2010. It should be an intriguing encounter.

Xavier Malisse

Nationality BEL
Date of Birth 19/07/1980
Height 1.85 m
Weight 77 kg

John Isner

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/04/1985
Height 2.08 m
Weight 111 kg

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