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Rogério Dutra Silva - Novak Djokovic Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic666--
BrazilR Dutra Silva212--

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  1. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 6-2 – GAME SET MATCH! Djokovic starts with an ace and moves quickly to three match points. Silva nets and Djokovic advances to the third round. Men's draw

  2. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 5-2 – Great stuff from Silva who holds to 15 to force Djokovic to serve it out.

  3. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 5-1 – Another ace brings three game points and Djokovic moves to within a game of victory as Silva hits long.

  4. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 4-1 – Still a lot of pride at stake for Silva who holds to 15. Good for him.

  5. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 4-0 – Silva nets and hits long as Djokovic holds comfortably to love.

  6. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 3-0 – BREAK! A lovely moment as Djokovic hits a ball just long but Silva doesn’t hear the call and they both play on for a moment, patting the ball back. Confusion all round but both players are all smiles. But Djokovic breaks through at the second time of asking and is surely on his way.

  7. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 2-0 – Battling stuff from Silva who takes Djokovic to deuce but a Djokovic ace and reaction volley at the net takes the game.

  8. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 1-0 – BREAK! A fantastic forehand on the run gets Silva the opening point but he then fires wide. Djokovic nets but forges another break point, which he takes.

  9. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-1 – SET! A lapse in concentration as Djokovic gifts back three break points with some loose shots but fires down some big serves to take the set.

  10. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 5-1 – BREAK! Silva’s service game again goes to deuce but the young Brazilian hits wide as Djokovic breaks through.

  11. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 4-1 – Looks east for Djoko now and he holds to love.

  12. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 3-1 – BREAK! Looks like Silva expended much of his energy with that last hold and Djokovic forces three break points. The Brazilian does well to save the first two but then hits wide as Djokovic breaks.

  13. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-1 – After that last marathon game that lasted 16 minutes, Djokovic races to hold to 15 in no time.

  14. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-1 – Battling rallying from Silva, sporting a US Open cap straight out of the merchandise stand! Djokovic earns two break points but great net play saves the first before Djokovic hits wide. Fearless hitting gets Silva a game point of his own and he saves two further break points before holding on in a mammoth game that sees ten deuces. Gutsy stuff.

  15. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-0 – Djokovic in a spot of bother at 30-30 but he holds with an ace and a forehand winner.

  16. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 – SET! A stunning forehand winner gets Djoko the opening point and Silva twice blazes wide. A backhand winner and big serve cuts the deficit but Silva nets and the set is gone.

  17. - DJOKOVIC 5-2 – Djokovic races to 40-0 and a big serve rounds off a love hold.

  18. - DJOKOVIC 4-2 – A big serve and big groundstrokes get Silva to 40-0 and he holds to love with another big serve.

  19. - DJOKOVIC 4-1 – A stunning backhand pass gets Silva 15-30 up but Djokovic hangs tough and wins the game as Silva hits long.

  20. - DJOKOVIC 3-1 – A fine serve and fearless hitting gets Silva to 40-0. He loops a forehand wide and a brilliant backhand winner gets Djoko back into the game before Silva holds with an ace. That will give him some confidence.

  21. - DJOKOVIC 3-0 – A forehand winner gets Djokovic to 40-0. He nets on the first but Silva hits long and the Serb is racing away already.

  22. - DJOKOVIC 2-0 – BREAK! Djokovic wins a long opening exchange and Silva then nets twice to concede three break points. He hits long and Djokovic has the immediate break.

  23. - DJOKOVIC 1-0 - The Serb wins the opening point but then hooks wide. His first ace puts him ahead but he finds the net for 30-30 before Silva twice hits long.

  24. - Djokovic to serve.

  25. - Next up on Arthur Ashe we have second seed and many people’s tournament favourite Novak Djokovik Rogerio Dutra Silva of Brazil. Looks very one sided on paper.

Rogério Dutra Silva

Nationality BRA
Date of Birth 03/02/1984
Height 1.78 m
Weight 73 kg

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

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  1. If Rafa is fit for 2013 he will take another French­ Open. No question that his only opposition will be­ Novak, Roger has 1 F.O. title by default and Novak can­ take Rafa on clay, but I back Rafa to take it - I miss­ him playing he is a gracious loser always, fed is not­ he is too arrogant, great player but not a very nice­ person, so would like either Andy or Novak to take this­ US.

    From WV, on Sat 1 Sep 17:30
  2. Good points mark. Let's hope Novak can lift that­ trophy at the end.

    From Frank, on Fri 31 Aug 22:39
  3. I have liked fed as he the first I supported before­ djoko came along, he's been awesome player over the­ years. The reason I wanted him to win wimby is to match­ Sampras record of 7. Also break the weeks at no1. He­ been awesome player and deserves it. However, I prefer­ djokovic and before that wimby I was wanting djoko to­ win. Once again I want djoko to win from now on. I hope­ he wins many more majors, he's a class act. They­ both have but for me djoko is more entertaining and­ more humble than fed. :) I admire how djoker managed to­ raise his level from being no3 for a few years to get­ above fed and nadal. Looking at them two how they­ dominated for a few years. However, djoko kept working­ at his game and believed in himself never giving up and­ managed to break their duopoly at the top. Simply­ brilliant. Fair play to Murray too as he been in top 4­ for ages now and now threatening the top 3 more now.

    From Mark, on Fri 31 Aug 22:15
  4. Cheers frank, and yh I think French open will be open­ for a few players next year. I agree del boy the only­ threat to Nole reaching the final. However, like you­ say he not at his best form, still not got back to his­ 2009 us open level. Therefore hopefully if they meet I­ think djoker will beat him in 4 sets. As for Murray -­ fed must likely to be the semis. Yh its hard to call,­ agree its 50-50 some reason I got a feeling Murray­ might edge it after winning that Olympics he'll get­ that extra self belief that he can do it in the big­ occasions. Yh so far so good and fingers crossed it­ continues :) the thing I really like about Novak is his­ positive attitude he always has. He always joking­ always gives his opponents praise and always­ entertaining the crowd. Plus when he let that young kid­ play on the court when he was practicing. Djoko is a­ fantastic role model for the sport. Fed and nadal are­ too but they don't take defeat as well and­ aren't as entertaining. Fed especially is an­ ungracious when he loses although he been a legend of a­ player. Murray is good to watch too but at times he­ gets wound to easy at times. Go Novak! :)

    From Mark, on Fri 31 Aug 21:58
  5. I like your bet on French open by the way. Nadal may­ not be the same now, so Roland Garros could be wide­ open next year!

    From Frank, on Fri 31 Aug 21:27
  6. Cheers Mark. Yeah Fed and Murray will be big threats.­ Im watching del Potro here now against harrison- del­ boy looks a wee bit off the pace- he will win match but­ he does not look his best. For me that's novaks­ only possible stumbling block to final. I expect Murray­ and fed to be in the semis as you say- for me that­ match is now 50-50. Murray now mentally believes he can­ beat federer after Olympics. Murray always had the­ game to beat him, but just not the right mentality.­ That for me could change, but I believe federer will­ perform better against Murray than Olympics so it's­ a coin toss for me who wins. Fingers crossed on Novak­ as you say- we can't take anything for granted but­ it's looking good so far as u say!

    From Frank, on Fri 31 Aug 21:26
  7. Totally agree with your analysis there frank :) your­ right about cincy it was a freak result, djoker just­ never got going as like you say he was mentally tired­ as he'd played too many games. Your right about the­ courts. Yh on grass fed can use that backhand slice to­ great effect as the ball doesn't bounce as high­ which disrupts djoko heavy groundstroke hitting.­ However, on hard courts your right the ball bounces­ higher so it's more difficult for fed and longer­ rallies happen and then djoker gains the advantage as­ he comes out on top against fed more often than not on­ long rallies. Great frank, and fingers crossed you win­ your bet. I want djoker to win it anyway and now also­ for you to win money hehe :) should be fun and­ hopefully we are both happy come next Sunday, we can­ never discount Murray, fed or del boy but if djoko­ keeps playing his amazing best, I'm pretty­ confident he'll be lifting that trophy :) I'm­ gonna put a bet on djoko to win the 2013 french open­ due to nadal being out injured lately, Novak will be­ fired up to go one better than this year and win his­ first plus he better than fed and Murray on clay and he­ realistically could beat nadal if they meet :)

    From Mark, on Fri 31 Aug 21:16
  8. Yeah djokovic loves the hard courts. Cinci for me was a­ freak result. He was mentally drained from so much­ constant tennis and by the time he woke up in the­ second set it was too late. Novak loves the consistent­ bounce of the hard courts. On grass it is easier for­ federer to upset novaks rythem as fed can throw in the­ low slice which stops Novak from hitting his hard flat­ shots (especially novaks backhand side). On hard courts­ that backhan slice of Feds is not neary as effective as­ the ball will sit up much higher- therefore fed has To­ get into a hitting contest with Novak on hard courts­ which suits Novak perfectly as he is a machine. I have­ put 10 quid each way on Novak at start of tournament-­ 6/4 odds. My best is lookin good so far!

    From Frank, on Fri 31 Aug 21:01
  9. Exactly right frank, if djoko keeps up this high level­ he is unbeatable for me. Even if Murray or fed play at­ their best level it won't be enough to stop the­ djoko charge to glory. Djoko is clearly the king of­ hard courts :) last year in 2011 them matches against­ fed and nadal djoko played was out of this world. He is­ simply a joy the watch and he has no weaknesses, djoko­ is playing as well as that again.

    From Mark, on Fri 31 Aug 20:55
  10. Agreed Mark. If Novak produces his best hard court­ tennis, then he will be the man to beat!

    From Frank, on Fri 31 Aug 20:45
  11. Johnny D I wouldn't get too confident about fed­ lol. The djoker is showing why he is the defending­ champ and looking in devastating form. Novak's top­ game in my view is too good for anyone at the moment,­ simply awesome start to his defence :)

    From Mark, on Fri 31 Aug 20:40
  12. So Johnny your saying federer is going to win US open?

    From Frank, on Fri 31 Aug 20:26
  13. Where is Frank!? I need you, I beseech you, I implore­ you to tell me again Frank: how will Djokovic destroy­ Federer on grass, and evan on this american hard court,­ taking for exempleee..... Cincinnati, why­ don'tcha!? : o

    From Johnny D, on Fri 31 Aug 19:32
  14. Another easy match for Djoko in 3 short sets.

    From EDDIE, on Fri 31 Aug 18:58
  15. Another in the bag match for Djoko!

    From EDDIE, on Fri 31 Aug 8:07
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