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Marin Cilic - Kei Nishikori Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
CROM Cilic6666-
JapanK Nishikori3473-

Live Comments

  1. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 6-7 6-3 - GAME, SET AND MATCH! Cilic has done it! He came close in the penultimate game, earning a match point on the Nishikori serve which the Japanese shut down. But in the end he could not be denied, finishing with a hold to love and on a service winner. He showed great temperament to come through after losing the third set, because it just started to look as if the match was slipping from his grasp. Next up for is the winner of Jeremy Chardy's match with Martin Klizan. Draw

  2. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 6-7 5-2 - Both men hold but that just won't do for the Japanese. He takes to his chair knowing that after the best part of three and a half hours on Court 17, only two games in a row will get him back to the chair again, still in the match.

  3. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 6-7 4-1 - BREAK! And Cilic strikes first - breaking Nishikori to race into a 3-1 lead, and backing it up with a hold to love. With the Japanese having refused to budge in this contest, that might just be the decisive move in this match.

  4. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 6-7 2-1 - Cilic has put his disappointment to bed in this one, and the first three games have gone on serve.

  5. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 6-7 - SET! Nishikori buzzes into a 6-2 lead, and he pounces on the second of them! Cilic has clearly been the better player for two and a half sets - but now with a set on the board after just shy of three hours, I'd make Nishikori a serious contender for victory now. How is Cilic's stamina?

  6. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 6-6 - No dramas for Cilic to force the tie-break - this is the last chance for Nishikori.

  7. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 5-6 - A rare hold to love - and one that will come as a huge relief to the Japanese. It's a tie-break at least for Nishikori.

  8. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 5-5 - Every game an epic on Court 17 at present. Chances for both players - including a break and set point for the Japanese. Cilic is hanging on by the skin of his teeth, and while he holds in this game, you sense he really doesn't fancy a fourth set. Nishikori? Perhaps.

  9. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 4-5 - Nothing spectacular, and it's taking plenty of graft, but Nishikori keeps ahead. And it means that for the first time in the match Cilic must serve to stay in the set. Each of the previous three games have yielded break points - will it happen again in this one?

  10. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 4-4 - Nishikori reels off three points in a row to come back from 30-0 to earn break points. Cilic conceding break points for the second time in a row, but after a lengthy rally, the Croat holds Nishikori off.

  11. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 3-4 - Hearts in mouth again as Nishikori slips down to 0-30 - any loss of serve here could be the final one of the match. But he digs in and comes through to hold, keeping his slim hopes alive.

  12. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 3-3 - An agonising game for Nishikori - he has break points for the second game in a row, but lets them slide. Cilic too sees a raft of chances come and go, but the result is that we stay on serve.

  13. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 2-3 - Nishikori backs up the break with a hold of his own - and keeps in the contest. It's a long road back, but it all starts with winning a set, and that's exactly what Court 17's crowd is asking him to do.

  14. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 2-2 - BREAK! Where did that come from? Nishikori makes an immediate response and at a crucial juncture. Two break points come up, and he only needs one of them, ramming a backhand away that Cilic cannot get close to. Back on serve in the third set.

  15. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 2-1 - BREAK! Cilic may have just struck the decisive blow here. He had his chances at 15-40, but a brave shot down the line from the Japanese brought him back to deuce. Eventually, however, the Croat forced his way through. Nishikori yet to break his opponent - and if that doesn't change, the match is gone.

  16. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 1-1 - The noise continues to be for Nishikori - if Croatian fans are on Court 17 they're being pretty quiet. Cilic doesn't appear fazed, however - he's back on terms.

  17. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 0-1 - Nishikori continues gamely on, holding his opening game of set three.

  18. - - CILIC 6-3 6-4 - SET! And no mistakes from Cilic once again. He's had the edge over his Japanese opponent, and 94 minutes into the contest, he's just a set away from the last 16.

  19. - - CILIC 6-3 5-4 - BREAK! And sure enough, the pressure tells. Nishikori down 0-40 before he knew to the groans of the Court 17 crowd, and the end is confirmed when he thwacks a backhand tamely into the net. Now Cilic is just a hold away from a two set lead.

  20. - - CILIC 6-3 4-4 - Routine hold from Cilic. Nishikori started the set the brighter, but as we reach the business end of the set it looks as if the Croat is edging things.

  21. - - CILIC 6-3 3-4 - Closer - Nishikori pegged to deuce despite the sort of running and covering which would have Rafa Nadal nodding in approval. It's the Japanese who brings up the game points, but the rallies are getting longer and the Croat is dictating most of them. With two narrow errors, however, he gives up the game and Nishikori nudges back in front.

  22. - - CILIC 6-3 3-3 - The Croat grateful for a hold to love. Could the second set be destined for a tie-break? Both men beginning to dominate behind their own serve.

  23. - - CILIC 6-3 2-3 - Another confident hold from Nishikori, sealing the game to 15 with some punishing groundstrokes taken at the top of the bounce, with Cilic the one whose power seems to be lacking.

  24. - - CILIC 6-3 2-2 - Scrambling defence from Nishikori pays off as Cilic, asked to hit one more shot, drills a forehand wide. Nishikori gets the game back to deuce, only for Cilic to close it out once again when the Japanese drills a forehand long.

  25. - - CILIC 6-3 1-2 - Worrying moments for Nishikori after slipping 0-30 down. The crowd try to rouse him, and they succeed, with two big serves leading to winners. Buoyed, Nishikori comes through as we reach the hour mark in this match.

  26. - - CILIC 6-3 1-1 - No mistakes from Marin behind his serve. Level in a trice.

  27. - - CILIC 6-3 0-1 - Grafting hold from Nishikori, but a hold nonetheless. Cilic making him work hard for everything he gets, but the Japanese nudges in front in set two with a vicious forehand from the middle of the court to the Cilic backhand, which he can only stab into the net.

  28. - - CILIC 6-3 - SET! Nicely done. Nishikori tries a challenge at 30-15 down with a shot down the line that doesn't go his way, but it's not to be. Cilic just too strong, even if he only landed 48% of his first serves. Awaiting the winner today is the winner of Chardy v Klizan. Draw

  29. - - CILIC 5-3 - Nishikori keeps up his end of the deal - serving to stay in the set, he holds to 15, with Cilic struggling to make any impact on return and get points going. But it will all come down to whether the Croat can get through his service game now.

  30. - - CILIC 5-2 - A familiar narrative beginning to emerge - Nishikori pushing hard, Cilic comeing through at the crucial times. From deuce, the 12th seed sees it out - and if he can repeat the trick once more he'll be a set to the good.

  31. - - CILIC 4-2 - Nishikori certainly has some support from the crowd here, and a dynamic driving forehand to set up game point from 30-30 gets plenty of cheers. The Japanese follows it up with a hold.

  32. - - CILIC 4-1 - Another tricky serve game for Cilic as Nishikori comes at him - but once again the Croat shades the key points. Booming winner takes him to game point, and a return wide from Nishikori seals the hold.

  33. - - CILIC 3-1 - No-nonsense hold of serve from Nishikori to get on the board, and that will come as some relief. He's only a break of serve down on Cilic, an dlooks like he's beginning to find his feet on the return.

  34. - - CILIC 3-0 - Nishikori is a tricky runner, and he's not letting a single point go away easily, but at the moment he's just a fraction behind Cilic, who comes through from deuce to hold. 15 minutes played, and already halfway towards the set.

  35. - - CILIC 2-0 - BREAK! Nishikori has played six sets and won six sets in New York this week - and has been almost untouchable throughout. Cilic already proving a different proposition. He is thundering the ball around, and reaching 0-40 on the Japanese serve has won the first seven points of the match. Nishikori digs himself out of trouble, saving all three break points, and then a fourth from deuce. But as he whips a forehand into the tramlines, he cannot rescue the fifth.

  36. - - CILIC 1-0 - Four points, and one hold. Cilic has a height advantage over Nishikori, and a powerful serve when it clicks. Good start from the Croat.

  37. - - And also underway 12th seed Marin Cilic meets 17th seed Kei Nishikori. Cilic has some form at the US Open in tournaments gone by, but Nishikori has had seamless progress in New York so far. Could be a very interesting clash.

Marin Cilic

Nationality CRO
Date of Birth 28/09/1988
Height 1.98 m
Weight 82 kg

Kei Nishikori

Nationality JPN
Date of Birth 29/12/1989
Height 1.78 m
Weight 74 kg

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