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Radek Štepánek - David Ferrer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainD Ferrer666--
Czech RepublicR Štepánek344--

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  1. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH FERRER 6-4 - A huge slice of luck for Ferrer as he hammers ball into the top of the net. It drops on the right side of the net for the Spaniard, who has a match point. Ferrer then drills the forehand wide and we move to deuce. Stepanek can't deal with a looping cross court forehand seconds later. Another matchpoint for Ferrer. Stepanek dumps a backhand into the net. And that is the match to Spain. They hold the 1-0 lead in this Davis Cup final after the opening rubber.

  2. - - FERRER 5-4 - Take two then for Ferrer as Stepanek comes up with a timely hold to close to 5-4 behind. Ferrer might win in three straight sets here, but this match has had plenty in it. Ferrer with 45 winners compared to 35 from Stepanek. Home crowd right behind the animated Stepanek.

  3. - - BREAK STEPANEK! FERRER 5-3 - The Czech underdog breaks back to prolong this final. Brilliant battling skills by the world number 37, who has never lost the will to win against a clearly superior opponent. Only two out of six points converted by Stepanek in this match, but that is good enough for a second break.

  4. - - BREAK FERRER 5-2 - And there is the double break. Ferrer crunches a forehand return down the line to bring up the double break. Images of the giant Davis Cup trophy can be spotted at the side of the court. Looks very much like there is going to be a 1-0 lead in this final for Spain after this game. Ferrer set to serve for the match.

  5. - - FERRER 4-2 - Ferrer forced to come up with a stunning backhand winner across court. Stepanek keeps the game alive courtesy of another winning volley at the net. Has came up with a few of those today it must be said. Ferrer forced to face a break point seconds later, but comes up with a blistering winner across court on the forehand side. The world number five applies enough pressure to move 4-2 with Stepanek failing to reach a ball at the net.

  6. - - FERRER 3-2 - A much better service game from Stepanek there as Ferrer comes to the net only to drop a backhand into the rigging from close range. The Czech figure drops only one point in that game which is like money in the bank at this stage of the contest. Ferrer leads by the odd game in five. But perhaps most crucially, is holding this break.

  7. - - FERRER 3-1 - Ferrrer just keeping his nose in front. Just ups the pace when he needs to, and Stepanek finding the range of his opponent's shots just too hot to handle. The Czech camp looking slightly concerned. Two hours and 25 minutes going in this match which is a fair amount of time for two sets of tennis.

  8. - - FERRER 2-1 - Ferrer showing some wonderful recovery skills as he manages to get to a Stepanek volley before sinking a winner across the court to bring up two more break points. Pressure really on Stepanek now. Chance of the double break, but Ferrer pulls the ball wide when a winner looked likelier. Another chance for Ferrer, but he somehow mishits a forehand. Somewhat astonishingly, Stepanek dodges a bullet to remain only one break down here.

  9. - - FERRER 2-0 - The world number five suddenly back to his ball-striking best after a wobble in the second set. Another break here might well kill off the home hope in this contest. Holds that service game to love in around one minute and 30 seconds.

  10. - - BREAK FERRER 1-0 - Ferrer has converted only four out of 22 break points in this match, but he gets a spot of luck in that opening game as the ball tumbles over the net via the net to give him a priceless break at this juncture. A spot of luck, but Ferrer suddenly well on top in this match holding a 2-0 lead and a break in the third set.

  11. - - SET FERRER 6-4! Stepanek has taken a bit of a pasting in this second set, but has never lost the willingness to battle as he comes to the net to convert a winning volley at the net to prevent Ferrer's first set point before winning a rally seconds later. Has his own break point, but can't convert as Ferrer's superior ball-striking skills helps the Spanish player over the line. A 2-0 lead now.

  12. - - BREAK FERRER 5-4! Ferrer thrashes a backhand across the court to bring up another break point on the Stepanek serve, his 19th of the match. But Stepanek comes up with a winning smash to stave off the threat. Ferrer poses the question again with a winning return seconds later. Glorious chance for Ferrer on the next point, but Stepanek holds firm at the net. Astonishing survival skills, but Ferrer finally gets there with a blistering forehand winner. He will serve for the second set here.

  13. - - 4-4 - Ferrer really having to dig deep to stop the bleeding after dropping three games on the trot. A sea change is evident in this match, but Ferrer hangs in there from trailing 30-15 to win three straight points as Stepanek bundles a couple of forehands into the net from deep. All level now at 4-4. Getting to the business end of this set.

  14. - - STEPANEK 4-3 - From looking like a spent force in this match, the Czech player has somehow rallied. An inspired three games of tennis sees him come from 3-1 down to 4-3 ahead. The home fans loving this. And little wonder with Stepanek hitting the ball with real purpose out there. Ferrer also nudging some balls wide from deep apparently under little or no strain.

  15. - - BREAK STEPANEK! 3-3 - Ferrer making a mistake coming forward to hand Stepanek fresh hope with a poor volley before Stepanek booms a backhand winner down the line and suddenly the Czech player has three break points of his own. But Ferrer saves the first point with a big first serve moments later. Ferrer then crumbles at the net with a volley and this match is level at 3-3.

  16. - - FERRER 3-2 - Some brilliant stuff from Stepanek to save three break points to hold. Stepanek trying to shorten the points as he jabs a little volley into the net from mid-court to fall 0-30 down. Ferrer whips a passing shot across court to bring up another three break points for a double break. Suddenly Stepanek staring down the barrel. Fends off one aided by a probing first serve before Ferrer knocks a ball long seconds later. Comes up with the goods to escape from what appeared a lost game.

  17. - - FERRER 3-1 - The Czech crowd trying to lift the spirits of Stepanek, but can only look only helplessly as their man is pinned back sufficiently for Ferrer to win two points from 30-30 for a 3-1 lead. Halfway home in this set. Huge service game coming up for Stepanek here.

  18. - - FERRER 2-1 - Another tough old game for Stepanek as he somewhow wriggles out of that service game from deuce. This set running for 21 minutes now. Ferrer heads off to regroup for what surely will be a winning surge to a 2-0 lead in this match. Just looks to have too much movement and pace for Stepanek, whose serve-and-volley game is leaving him like a sitting duck at the net every now and again.

  19. - - FERRER 2-0 - Another fine hold by Ferrer. Hitting the ball well and with some relish as he holds to 15 having lost the first point of the game. Stepanek looking a bit jaded and leggy. Relentless stuff from Ferrer showing why he is world number five. Stepanek with 21 unforced errors. Ferrer with 14.

  20. - - BREAK FERRER 1-0! Ferrer all over Stepanek like a rash here. Really must get himself on the front foot if his lifespan is to go beyond three sets in this match. And when he does, he can't miss a volley. Like he does at 15-30 to fall 15-40. The unforced errors starting to come off the racket of the world number 37. Stepanek saves one break point as he thumps a forehand into the net before Ferrer knocks the ball long on the next point. Ferrer finally gets the break he craves in 11 minutes.

  21. - - SET FERRER 6-3 - Ferrer finding all the magic all of a sudden as a wonderful lob loops over the head of Stepanek, who is stranded at the net. Three set points, but Ferrer needs only one as Stepanek knocks a return long. A comfortable first set for Ferrer two minutes under the hour. Plenty of work to be done by Stepanek in this match.

  22. - - BREAK FERRER 5-3 - Stepanek finally wilts in the face of the superior movement of Ferrer as he finally breaks for first time after nine attempts. Ferrer will serve for the first set. Early doors, but the Spaniard already looks to have too much for Stepanek in this contest.

  23. - - FERRER 4-3 - Brilliant effort from Ferrer to recover after losing the first point in that game. Could easily have lost focus after the exacting nature of that previous service game, but brilliant stuff from the world number five to pick up the next four points for a 4-3 lead in this first set. Pressure swings back to Stepanek.

  24. - - 3-3 - Over 20 minutes for that game. 11 deuces and Ferrer with seven break points, but can't convert any of them. Stepanek fighting the good fight so far. Runs into a spot of bother with a couple of errors seeing the home man fall 40-0 down. A lovely piece of volleying at the net enables him to prolong the game. Stepanek successfully appeals a decision with replays showing the ball to be in. Stepanek clings on by winning the next rally. Somehow Stepanek escapes.

  25. - - FERRER 3-2 - Ferrer shows his ability to produce some elusive stuff from deep in the court as that trademark forehand flicks a winner down the line for a 30-15 lead. Ferrer then misses a backhand volley at the net that he really should have made. The home crowd suddenly sense a break of serve chance at 30-30. But Stepanek is long with a backhand from the baseline. Stepanek then misfires with another backhand that is dumped into the net.

  26. - - 2-2 - Ferrer comes roaring back with a superb return and another brilliant winner from 0-30 down after he races to the net to convert a volley. Pressure on the home man Stepanek, but he responds well before throwing down a thumping serve to see out the final point in the game to level at 2-2 in the opening set.

  27. - - FERRER 2-1 - A mishit by Ferrer from deep in the court enables Stepanek to bring up an early sniff of a chance at 30-30. But Ferrer shows his class by coming to the net to punch away a winning volley at the net. Stepanek dumps a backhand into the net seconds later, and that is that for that game. Games on serve. A 2-1 lead for Ferrer.

  28. - - 1-1 - A brilliant response from Stepanek. No hanging about as he levels at 1-1 with a love game. Rousing stuff from the home hope in Praha. Setting the right tone early on for the Czech Republic. Finished that game with an ace down the tee.

  29. - - FERRER 1-0 - This court supposed to help the home side, but Ferrer showing no signs of buckling early on as he throws in an ace - or a service winner as it is called - and a couple of speedy winners on his way to holding to 30 in the opening match of the final.

  30. - - 0-0 - Ferrer serves in the opening game of the day.

  31. 15:03 - Players out on court warming up as we speak. Ferrer looking very sharp bouncing around on the baseline in his red shirt. Stepanek wearing a fairly horrid shirt that has diamonds scattered across it. Looks like someone has been using it for painting.

  32. 15.00 - Ferrer with a 6-3 lead over Stepanek in the head-to-heads of these two men as the players emerge for the introductions alongside their respective team-mates. Stepanek's last win over Ferrer was in five sets at Wimbledon in 2009. Ferrer has won the last three including a 6-2 7-6 win over the Czech player in Tokyo last year. Here come the national anthems. Almost ready to go.

  33. 14.55 - “The final in Barcelona, we were in completely a different position and all that was against us. [It's] now going to be on our side,” says Tomas Berdych. “It’s still on us players to go there and fight for the three points. We will do everything we possibly can to get those three points.”

  34. 14.50 - Spain thumped the Czechs 5-0 to win the Davis Cup in 2009 on clay, but this final - the 100th staging of the tournament - is being held on indoor hard. Ferrer overcame Stepanek in five sets three years ago. “It was a very emotional match,” said Ferrer. “It was a really close match. I won in five sets. That was my second Davis Cup [title] and first one at home in Spain, and one of the best moments of my career.”

  35. 14:29 - Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of the final of the Davis Cup between the Czech Republic and Spain from Prague. Play is due to begin at 3pm with the first match seeing David Ferrer take on Radek Stepanek. Tomas Berdych meets Nicolas Almagro in the second match of the day, but that one is not due until before 6pm. Should be a noisy and notable few hours of tennis.

Radek Štepánek

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 27/11/1978
Height 1.85 m
Weight 76 kg

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

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