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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - Benoît Paire Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceJ Tsonga77---
FranceB Paire65---

Live Comments

  1. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 7-5 - Paire breaks a second racket of the match as Tsonga takes a 15-0 lead, and then bounces his new one off the surface when it becomes 30-0. Tsonga opens up two match points and sticks away the first with a huge serve out wide on the deuce court. He is through to face Baghdatis in the third round as he looks to secure a place at the ATP Finals.

  2. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 6-5 - An extended rally draws some good shots from both men but Paire's volley tempts Tsonga into a backhand down the line that in fact strikes the net. In the next point, Tsonga pulls it back to deuce courtesy of a quite brilliant spinning pick-up volley. Paire then plants one into the net but two lovely volleys pull him level once more. A mammoth game - full of thrills and spills - goes well past 10 minutes before Tsonga triumphs. He will serve for the match.

  3. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 5-5 - A lovely volley from Tsonga to open the game as he cuts a shot to the line. Paire then pings an inside-out forehand wide on Tsonga's forehand side to give him a 40-0 lead. Tsonga gets over excited as he advances on a shot and thumps a forehand beyond the line. Paire then picks up the next point with a cushioned volley but squeezes his next shot wide as we level things up.

  4. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 4-5 - Paire puts all the pressure on Tsonga as he edges a nervy game to hold to 30 and make Tsonga serve to stay in the set. The world number 52 has certainly given a good account of himself so far today.

  5. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 4-4 - Paire looks to pull out a drop shot again but the execution is off and the ball fails to even reach the net to gift Tsonga a 40-0 lead on serve. Tsonga unleashes a couple of big strokes to pin Paire back and then comes to the net to punch a volley down the middle and take the game.

  6. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 3-4 - Paire attempts to beat Tsonga for pace with a fearsome forehand to the corner of the ad court but it is long, and an appeal to video fails. That's 30-0 to Tsonga but the fifth seed then belts a forehand well wide. Poor. Heartened by the error, Paire then dispatches a smash at the net for 30-30 and watches as a Tsonga backhand lands long. He holds with another smash.

  7. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 3-3 - Now Tsonga indulges in a lovely drop shot and Paire's attempted lob lands a good metre past the baseline. There's a fair bit of flair on display today, which is nice to see. Tsonga closes out the game to 15 to grab a hold of the second set.

  8. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 2-3 - A less convincing forehand from Paire brings it back to 30-30 on his serve but Tsonga, strangely listless in the past few games, responds when planting one into the net. Tsonga asks for a let after being distracted but his request is denied, before the fifth seed strikes back for deuce. Tsonga then claims the game following an unforced error from Paire. This up-and-down match continues.

  9. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 1-3 - More fine work from Paire as he draws Tsonga into the net with an angled volley before putting his follow-up away too. Such soft wrists on the less illustrious of the two Frenchmen. Tsonga's brute power puts him 40-30 up but a wonderful double-handed backhand return from Paire catches the line on Tsonga's second serve. Now he executes a lovely forehand slice for a break point and Tsonga, despite an appeal, loses the next point when firing wide.

  10. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 1-2 - Paire really is displaying some excellent form right now and confounds Tsonga with a gorgeous drop shot. What a touch. At 40-15 he bangs down an ace to take the lead in the second set. Very impressive stuff.

  11. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 1-1 - Tsonga misses a volley at the net and then earns admiring whistles from the crowd as his shorts threaten to drop to the floor. The man who has lost the only previous meeting between these two opens up two break points, the first of which evaporates when Paire sends a shot just long, checking on appeal. The second disappears via a smash from Tsonga for deuce. Paire takes advantage with a stunning half-volley and takes the game when Tsonga finds the net.

  12. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) 1-0 - More joy for the fifth seed as he hammers a forehand down the line for a break point on Paire's serve. He converts when another big shot to the corner forces the world number 52 to thump a forehand out of play.

  13. - TSONGA 7-6 (7) - Tsonga's first serve flies wide down the centre but his second draws a poor return from Paire as his forehand soars over the net and wide on the ad court. Tsonga, despite some twists and turns, takes the first set.

  14. - TSONGA 6-6 (8-7) - Paire takes a fifth point in a row to bring up a first set point of his own when Tsonga stretches for a volley on the backhand side but catches the net from a tight angle. Finally Tsonga registers a point to make it 7-7 and then Paire fails with a pick-up volley to give Tsonga his fifth set point of the tie-break.

  15. - TSONGA 6-6 (6-6) - Tsonga has four set points but wastes the first three. The all-important fourth is also surrendered as he pumps a backhand long. What a collapse.

  16. - TSONGA 6-6 (6-2) - Tsonga wins three on the trot to take firm control of the tie-break, including two mini-breaks, and then moves to 6-2 with a firm backhand down the line that Paire has no answer to.

  17. - TSONGA 6-6 (2-2) - A wild return from Paire gives Tsonga the opening point of the tie-break and he gets a mini-break when meeting a backhand smash from Paire with a thumping forehand cross court. Paire pegs him back though.

  18. - TSONGA 6-6 - The all-French affair also heads for a tie-break on Grandstand as Paire holds serve under pressure from Tsonga...

  19. - TSONGA 5-4 - Tsonga edges into a 5-4 lead and now Paire will be forced to serve to stay in the first set on Grandstand.

  20. - TSONGA 3-2 - Tsonga has the chance to open up a 4-1 lead in the first set but is broken back by Paire after wasting a whole host of chances in a mammoth service game.

  21. - TSONGA 2-1 - The battle of the Frenchman is a tense affair so far with Paire fighting hard against his more famous compatriot. Going with serve at present.

  22. - TSONGA 0-0 - Our number five seed is out on court warming up against compatriot Benoit Paire - world number 52.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

Benoît Paire

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 08/05/1989
Height 1.96 m
Weight 80 kg

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