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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams66---
PolandA Radwanska21---

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Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.73 m
Weight 56 kg

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  1. very poor radwanzka---- she can beat those others but­ the giant...hahahaha ! u have a long way to beat the­ real champion of the tennis world ( serena) .

    From Athletic, on Sun 28 Oct 10:43
  2. Honestly serena is the best with her age now she's­ fantastic and dominating all games. Do you think some­ of these women tennis players will still be active like­ serena in their age of 30's and winning major­ tournaments like serena always do. For me the different­ is too much. So Serena please keep it on and continue­ moving with your game carrier......

    From Dos, on Sun 28 Oct 7:15
  3. I found Serena a very humble person,although she is a­ big star she never look down on her opponents f:) Bless­ you Serena ,you are good example to follow .

    From Al, on Sun 28 Oct 7:10
  4. During discussions or presentations, the ability to­ provoke the audiance's participation in a topic­ counts alot and naturally leads to lively debates,­ questions, generation of new knowledge and further­ research...Serena definitely possesses such an ability­ on her followers. Haters and lovers alike will­ rigourously debate about Serena...Oh Serena...the great­ Serena Williams!!

    From ann patricia, on Sat 27 Oct 21:31

    From mo, on Sat 27 Oct 20:53

    From Jim, on Sat 27 Oct 18:30
  7. Why were these matches on earlier than they have been­ all week? I didnt even know :( I missed the serena­ match and joined azarenka v sharapova half way through.

    From paul, on Sat 27 Oct 16:40
  8. why I can't see the live comments ?

    From december love, on Sat 27 Oct 15:42
  9. Well done Ms Serena, a demolition job.....fierce! ­ Although in defence Radwanska did look tired or it­ could be shell shock! When in determined mood Serena­ can make the game look terribly ordinary....pure­ talent!

    From Rodian, on Sat 27 Oct 15:36
  10. @Post # 19, Sam said "Serena has won two slams in­ two­ years....well to me that is nothing but­ average!". Well for your information the #1 player­ in the world Azarenka, turned Professional in 2003 and­ has 1 Major in 9 years. If winning 2 majors in 2 years­ is average, then was is one major in a nine year­ career? Exactly. Get real Samatha, then get a life. I­ feel sorry for you as you seem to live to hate. ­ Vamos Serena!

    From Great Eddie, on Sat 27 Oct 15:21
  11. Serena is the best in the World. Even number 1 ranked­ Azarenka knows that. Serena holds an 11-1 record­ against Azarenka. Nothing more needs to be said. ­ Serena's focus this year has been her best ever. If­ she had this focus since she started her career, she­ would have won 30 Majors by now.

    From Great Eddie, on Sat 27 Oct 15:17
  12. Well, some regular haters, if you not ashamed of­ yourself, I felt ashamed for your parents who has­ provided you with education & years of lessons, and­ yet your brain just below average below par... Shame on­ you the pariaParikh the trans gayy & hater gang.

    From love, on Sat 27 Oct 15:08
  13. The p****head sam is at it again! I thought he had­ choked in his hatred. Well sam p**k's predictions­ are hollow anyway. The rantings of a lunatic.

    From CircemEt, on Sat 27 Oct 15:00
  14. Was the match went on finished too fast to have live­ commentary ?

    From december love, on Sat 27 Oct 14:59
  15. Sigh....Aga would have put up more of a fight if it­ wasn't for her last 2 three set matches :/

    From timothyL, on Sat 27 Oct 14:51
  16. My Queen did it again ))

    From Micheal, on Sat 27 Oct 14:50
  17. Radwanska, the thinker! One must laugh. What was she­ thinking? Playing the baby-doll girls? To the­ Krzysztofs of this world. Radwanska isn't that­ good, much as they would will her to be. She can play­ her antics against the likes of Wozniacki and Errani,­ but against Serena.

    From CircemEt, on Sat 27 Oct 14:49
  18. STINE147::::: serena has won two slams in two­ years....well to me that is nothing but average! and­ next year ur hero serena will be crushed in every slam!­ she simply got lucky at the us open...vica lost that­ match ur hero didnt win it...and u and srena know that­ very well...and always remember the greatest ever is­ steffi graf with 23 singles grand slam titles! doubles­ dont count as doubles is a tem effort! serena will­ always be behind martina chris evert and steffi­ graf...and by the way...vica will win more slams than­ serena! so no....vica will stay number one...and will­ win atleast 3 slams next year and sharapova one­ slam....serena wins 0 slams next year!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 27 Oct 14:46
  19. The scoreline says it all. Just wondering how­ Radwanska got here.

    From CircemEt, on Sat 27 Oct 14:40
  20. serena is just the best out there at the moment

    From emu, on Sat 27 Oct 14:34
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