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Victoria Azarenka - Li Na Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
BelarusV Azarenka76---
ChinaN Li63---

Live Comments

  1. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 6-3 - GAME SET AND MATCH! But not the best match, and Azarenka must improve. She does break back after being broken while serving it out, as Li goes long, but that was poor. Still - she retains the no.1 ranking as a result of that. Phew.

  2. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 5-3 - Azarenka nets twice in succession and takes it out on her racquet. Is she really going to self-destruct right now? Better not, I've already written my report!! She pulls one back with a wicked return, controlling the anger as Li nets. A good return forces Li long now, 30-30... And a match point as Li again hits long. Finally.

  3. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 5-3 - BREAK! Azarenka gifts Li the first couple of points as she returns to her dodgy form of the first set. Come on, surely you won't blow this now? Three break points for Li - which she takes as Azarenka double-faults! Deary me.

  4. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 5-2 - A poor miss from Azarenka to start with. Remember, she has also been a touch poor and has won this match by default. Li shows a touch more fight here as she manages to back up her good points to hold. Her best game in a while. Vicky serving for the match.

  5. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 5-1 - Poor Li. I like her style, her shots, her movement and her face, but she often falls apart and this is one of those. Easy hold for Azarenka, and don't bet against her breaking to win.

  6. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 4-1 - BREAK! Azarenka seems to have upped her level and is now 40-15 up against serve. And she is gifted those break points as Li double-faults. That should be that.

  7. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 3-1 - Probably the first genuinely strong service game of this match as Azarenka blasts her way to a love hold.

  8. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 2-1 - BREAK! A double-fault from Li puts them at 30-30, and some terrible errors gift the break to Azarenka, who didn't really have to do anything.

  9. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 1-1 - BREAK BACK! Nice shot from Li this time to take an early lead, and she dictates the next point from deep as Azarenka nets. Unconvincing from the world no.1, but a superb backhand drop volley just over the net from off the court beats off a frankly superb sliding drop across the net from Li. Great point. But two break-back points are on the board and taken as Azarenka nets!

  10. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) 1-0 - BREAK! Li is having a bit of a moment now as Azarenka just sits tight and capitalises on the errors to move into two break points at the start of the second set. The first is saved with a pass into space, but the second is lost as she misses an easy winner!

  11. - - How frustrating is Li by the way? A fine shot maker, with great power and energy, but so prone to losing her concentration that you just know she'll crack under pressure. Is it the fault of China's high expectations and state/media pressure? Have your say by Tweeting me @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  12. - - AZARENKA 7-6(4) - SET AZARENKA! Another double fault from Li means Azarenka has two serves to win the set. 5-3 it is. But the Belarusian eats net to lose one mini-break, but defends the next as Li pumps it long. Two set points and she takes them as Li again smacks one long. That was Li's chance, but Azarenka holds on.

  13. - - AZARENKA 6-6 (4-2) - Azarenka goes long but challenges anyway and it's 1-1 early in the tb. Then Li makes an error, also going long, and we have a mini-break for Azarenka. Li returns wide but again the umpire overrules. She always gets these right but she got that wrong. 3-1. But a weak second serve is punished by Li and the mini-break is gone. 3-2. And now a double fault from Li restores the mini-break. Oops.

  14. - - AZARENKA 6-6 - A wonderful baseline rally ends as Azarenka goes wide when she looked to be in control. Li takes the next point in spite of a brilliant return, able to slide it wide of the Belarusian, who goes long with her next return. But a double-fault gives Azarenka a sniff but Li closes it out with some super shots from deep. Tie break!

  15. - - AZARENKA 6-5 - First blood to the Azarenka serve, but Li dicates the rally and eventually the to-ranked player goes long. But some fantastic drives followed by a crisp winner out wide puts Vicky back in front, but a wicked return from Li levels. Li can't get enough on the next return though, and Azarenka holds to lead for the first time as the Chinese returns long.

  16. - - AZARENKA 5-5 - BREAK! Fine backhand winner from Li brings it to 15-15, but a double fault gives Azarenka the edge. Her first double. Massive serve though and it's level. The umpire stops the next point as a clearly incorrect call disrupts it - the second time she's had to step in - and a massive return off second serve gives Azarenka a vital break-back point. A horrid first serve goes well wide, and the second too! A rotten double, second in the game, and we're level.

  17. - - AZARENKA 4-5 - BREAK! But hello, Li moves 30-0 up against Azarenka's serve as she whips in a few powerful, clean groundtstrokes, Azarenka netting. But a fierce serve out wide is returned long - only for Azarenka to serve up a double-fault, no.4 already, and two break points! She overcooked the ball toss there. And a cracking winner out wide after a testing rally gives Li the break, and she serves for the set!

  18. - - AZARENKA 4-4 - BREAK BACK! Break point Azarenka now as Li unleashes a loose drive that goes long. This to level... But Azarenka nets her next return, off a solid first serve. And another break point as Li again slaps one long. Azarenka is improving but Li has lost concentration, as you'd expect at least once in a match. Second break point for the world no.1, can she take it? Yes, as a great pass down the line is met by Li, who thwacks her cross well wide.

  19. - - AZARENKA 3-4 - Azarenka shades the opening rally, but Li levels at 30-30 with a super double-handed pass down the line after her opponent got lucky off the net. But Azarenka holds as Li puts long what could and should have been a crisp winner.

  20. - - AZARENKA 2-4 - A fine ace from Li down the middle puts her 40-15 up, bang on the line, and Azarenka returns long for another solid hold by the Chinese.

  21. - - AZARENKA 2-3 - Li returns long, and Azarenka holds from two break points down with a wicked serve out wide that the Chinese whacks long.

  22. - - AZARENKA 1-3 - A double fault from Azarenka, her second today, is worrying for her coach and Li is 30-15 ahead. She then seems to blame her ball toss, before having another go and delivering well enough - but then she drags a forehand long and we have two more break points. One is saved as, despite some great movement, Li can only drag a sliced shot wide with Azarenka prone. Then an ambitious winner is just long, and we are on deuce.

  23. - - AZARENKA 1-3 - Li is controlling her points on serve, gliding around the baseline before picking her moment to rush and unleash a winner. 40-0, her first serve is called out, overruled, Azarenka challenges, but it was in. First serve. ACE out wide. Hold to love. Well, Li is really showcasing her A-game now, but can she maintain? She struggles to maintain.

  24. - - AZARENKA 1-2 - Great start for Li then, who has grown into this tournament after a rotten start against Serena. Breaking and defending it while saving a break point. Azarenka does hold though, despite a double fault at 40-0.

  25. - - AZARENKA 0-2 - Li spins a forehand wide when Azarenka was stranded. The Belarusian then smacked a wicked return to deep but Li somehow responded with interest, Azarenka netting. 30-30. But Li spins a follow-up wide, after another meaty return, and we have break-back point... Wasted as Azarenka misses what should have been a crosscourt winner. Deary me. A superb baseline rally is edged by Li, the no1 netting a sliding backhand, and the Chinese holds as Vicky goes long.

  26. - - AZARENKA 0-1 BREAK! The last match was all about delicate drop shots and slices, but this is more of a powerplay as Azarenka takes the first point. She is serving. But not too well as Li exploits some loose shots, and uses her own big shots to break at the first time of asking.

  27. 20:35 - Good news for fans of their evenings - these two were warming up long in advance of the end of that last match, so they're pretty much good to go a touch ahead of schedule. It's 10.30pm in Istanbul. As ever, any chat, find me on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  28. 20:30 - HEAD-TO-HEAD: The stats suggest an even encounter, a 4-4 so far. But Azarenka's star has risen while Li's has fallen somewhat, the Belarusian world number one winning their last three matches including a group stage clash at the WTA Champs last year and two this time out.

  29. 20:25 - Okay, after that magnum epic between Radwanska and Errani, we have another shoot-out for a place in the WTA Championships semis as world number one Victoria Azarenka meets China's La Na. Winner takes all, and it's LIVE on Eurosport. Sign up for the Player here!

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

Na Li

Nationality CHN
Date of Birth 26/02/1982
Height 1.72 m
Weight 65 kg

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