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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams66---
BelarusV Azarenka44---

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  1. - WILLIAMS 6-4 6-4 – GAME SET MATCH – Williams cracks a backhand return for a winner to open the game in style and another nervy double puts Azarenka deep in trouble. A fantastic backhand winner up the line gives Williams three match points. She nets on the first but yet another double concedes the match. A disappointing end and Azarenka must wait for her match against Li Na.

  2. - WILLIAMS 6-4 5-4 – A heavy serve gets Williams off and running but a deep forehand from Azarenka restores parity. Azarenka nets a return and Williams is then aggrieved to see a second serve overruled as a fault. She appeals and the umpire is left with egg on his face. A thumping backhand winner gets her two game points but she gets in a tangle to net on the first before an ace rounds off the game. Only one needed now.

  3. - WILLIAMS 6-4 4-4 – Azarenka dictates the play on the opening point and Serena’s lob drifts just long. Williams then just misses with a forehand and a forehand winner from the Azarenka racket brings up 40-0. Williams hits long to give Azarenka a much needed love hold.

  4. - WILLIAMS 6-4 4-3 – Azarenka charges the net off a deep backhand, forcing an error on the opening point and a crunching backhand return gets her to 0-30. Williams responds with successive aces, her ninth and tenth, to restore parity and another solid overhead gives her game point. A fifth double lets Azarenka off the hook but a lovely drop shot and deep second serve wins the game. That’s four in a row and all the momentum now with Williams.

  5. - WILLIAMS 6-4 3-3 – BREAK – Williams forces an error with a deep return to open the game but the Belarusian responds with a deft drop volley. Another good deep return rushes Azarenka into another error and another double fault puts her deep in trouble at 15-40. She nets to concede another break and her 3-0 lead has gone.

  6. - WILLIAMS 6-4 2-3 – Williams opens with yet another ace but then is exasperated to net on the forehand side. A leaping ‘slam-dunk’ style smash takes the American ahead and a seventh and eighth ace give her the game despite another double. Pressure back on Azarenka.

  7. - WILLIAMS 6-4 1-3 – BREAK – Azarenka misses an easy put away following a let cord and Williams blasts a forehand winner to go 0-30 up. She fails to cash in on a makeable return and then hits long but a forehand winner brings up break point and she converts with an amazing get from a sliced drop shot. Amazing speed from the American!

  8. - WILLIAMS 6-4 0-3 – BREAK – Azarenka whips a forehand winner crosscourt to continue her run of points and Williams then nets. The American at last hits a winner but Azarenka’s powerful groundstrokes continue and a forehand earns two more break points. Azarenka twice hits long to spurn the chance of a double break and Serena benefits from a mishit drop shot to get to game point. But she nets a backhand and an Azarenka winner brings a third break chance and she converts.

  9. - WILLIAMS 6-4 0-2 – Williams starting to miss a bit and hits a makeable return long and two good serves takes Azarenka to 40-0. Williams responds with a disdainful backhand winner and Azarenka nets to give the American a sniff. Yet another nervy double fault, her sixth, sees the game go to deuce but Azarenka responds with a forehand winner and Williams then nets.

  10. - WILLIAMS 6-4 0-1 – BREAK – Williams opens with another unreturnable serve and Azarenka then hits wide. Yet another double fault gives Azarenka her first point in the set but she then returns long. A lovely inside out forehand winner pulls her back to 40-30 and it’s Serena’s return to hit long as the game goes to deuce. Williams drags a forehand wide to give Azarenka break point. Williams celebrates with a yelp at saving the first but then nets off a deep return and Azarenka breaks back.

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  12. - WILLIAMS 6-4 – SET – Azarenka starts with yet another double fault and Williams piles on the pressure with a backhand winner up the line. Azarenka hits long to concede three set points and another double fault concedes the set. Awful way to lose it and she smashes her racket on the floor.

  13. - WILLIAMS 5-4 – BREAK - Azarenka hits back. She starts well with a forehand winner into the corner and Williams then inexplicably hits long. A good wide serve gives Williams a foothold but another long backhand gives Azarenka two break back points. A backhand winner after a stunning rally and Azarenka is back in it.

  14. - WILLIAMS 5-3 – BREAK - Williams benefits from a lucky net cord to whip a crosscourt winner to open. A double fault then puts Azarenka in trouble. A deep backhand into the corner pulls a point back but yet another double fault puts Azarenka deep in trouble and Williams breaks with a cracking forehand return. She will serve for the set.

  15. - WILLIAMS 4-3 – Williams opens with another ace and a smash full of aggression takes her 30-0 clear. A fifth ace is followed by a double fault. A big forehand pulls back another point but Williams takes the game with a solid overhead smash. Still no breaks here as we approach the business end of the set.

  16. - WILLIAMS 3-3 – Azarenka fires wide with a backhand and a stunning Williams backhand winner puts the server under pressure. A good wide serve gets Azarenka on the board and a cute angled slice drop shot restores parity. A brilliant forehand winner on the run gives Azarenka game point and a deep backhand brings us level again.

  17. - WILLIAMS 3-2 – BIG HOLD! – Williams flashes a forehand just wide and nets a backhand to put herself in trouble at 0-30. A double fault gifts Azarenka three break points. A backhand drive volley saves the first and a big serve out wide the second. Another huge serve up the tee gets Williams back to deuce and Azarenka nets to give Williams game point. She misses an easy put away but another ace and backhand winner gives her the game.

  18. - WILLIAMS 2-2 – Azarenka scrambles well to hit a miscued drop shot for a winner up the line but then throws in a double fault. A forehand winner restored her lead in the game and Williams blasts another return long. A deep forehand return from Williams takes the game to 30 and another good forehand pulls it back to deuce. Azarenka regains her advantage with a forehand winner and a backhand up the line takes the game. Still on serve.

  19. - WILLIAMS 2-1 – Williams again misses with a backhand but responds with a second ace, finding some rhythm on serve that was missing yesterday. A backhand winner takes her to 30-15 and Azarenka then nets a backhand volley. This time, Azarenka hits a forehand long and we remain on serve.

  20. - WILLIAMS 1-1 – Williams continues the runs of points with a backhand winner and just misses a blazing forehand as Azarenka wins her first point. Williams nets a backhand then twice hits long to give Azarenka the game.

  21. - WILLIAMS 1-0 - Williams opens with a nice crosscourt winning volley to cut off Azarenka’s attempted pass. She follows with a clean forehand winner up the line. Azarenka hits long and Williams rounds off a love game with an ace. Great start.

  22. - Serena Williams has won the toss and elected to serve.

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  24. - Despite her stellar season, Azarenka has a terrible record against Williams, who leads the head-to-head 10-1. But Azarenka can secure the year-end No.1 ranking with victory today. Should she require any further motivation, Li Na won the earlier match, making it a tight affair in the Red Group.

  25. - Williams won her opening two matches against Angelique Kerber and Na Li whilst Azarenka came through in three sets against Kerber yesterday.

  26. - Hello and welcome to the second match in today’s WTA Championship in Istanbul featuring world number one Victoria Azarenka against world number three Serena Williams in the Red Group.

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

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