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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova577--
PolandA Radwanska755--

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  1. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 7-5 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Sharapova ends the match with an ace! What were the chances?? She has struggled on serve all day but to end on an ace should help her confidence heading into her final match against alternate Sam Stosur on Friday.

  2. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 6-5 - BREAK! Sharapova is not giving up on this, as usual, as she breaks to finally leave herself with an opportunity to seal this match. Radwanska just faltering at the last, as she looks tired and even her normally indefatigable defence begins to break down

  3. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 5-5 - Sharapova holds firm and this is when she is at her best - with her back against the wall and with no other choice but to hold to keep the match alive. Just FYI, it is now gone 2am in Turkey!

  4. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 4-5 - Radwanska now potentially just one game away as she holds to force Sharapova (and her often dodgy serve) to stay in it. Can she hold firm this time?

  5. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 4-4 - Sharapova battles through another service hold that sees her level up once again. Incredible defence from Radwanska once again though to get everything back time and again to frustrate the Russian

  6. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 3-4 - Finally! A hold of serve! And it goes to Radwanska as Sharapova misses a couple of forehands and the Pole does what she does best of getting everything and anything back in play until the opponent goes for too much or simply cannot get to the ball. Radwanska potentially just two games away from the win now, although the way this match has been going, there is still plenty of time for some more twists and turns!

  7. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 3-3 - BREAK! Running out of words to express my constant surprise at the topsy-turvy nature of this match as Sharapova once again hands momentum back to Radwanska with a poor service game that hands teh Pole the immediate break back. We are back on serve yet again in this final set

  8. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 3-2 - BREAK! Radwanska is starting to flex her heavily strapped right shoulder more and more frequently now. It's been a problem all year for her that right shoulder despite the fact that she eases out to a 40-15 lead in this game. But Sharapova fights back with a couple of forehand winners and an error from Radwanska and the Russian goes on to break with a forehand winner and a ferocious yell of "come ooooonnnnnn"

  9. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 2-2 - Sharapova challenges a call on the baseline but Radwanska is standing right over it and it was clearly out. The Russian still goes on to hold though and level up once again as this match trickles towards it's conclusion. Super slow play from both players now

  10. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 1-2 - Still on serve in this final set although it is proving to be a real struggle for both women now to get any kind of momentum. Which is kind of fair enough when you consider it is nearly 1.30am in Istanbul. Pretty late to be playing tennis, especially when you consider that they reasonably expected to be on court as early as 9pm (Turkish time)

  11. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 1-1 - A lot more positive now from Sharapova as she eases, comparatively, through a service hold without any real drama, finding a first serve (that Radwanska cannot return in court) to seal the game

  12. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 0-1 - A very important hold for Radwanska to begin the third set after what was a frustrating end to the second set for her. She bounces back with a hold but you still get the feeling that this set will be all about Sharapova; if she can harness her shots then she should win it, if not solid, dependable, impressive Radwanska should win

  13. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 7-5 - SET! A brave or foolhardy, depending on which way you look at it, second serve ace from Sharapova helps her on her way to finally serving out the set and enjoying some success in this match. Can she keep it going though?

  14. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 6-5 - BREAK! Much better again from Sharapova, albeit not until late in the game, when she finally comes up with a winner to break yet again. She will have a second chance to serve out this second set and force the third. That's five out of the last six games which have been a break in serve. All being led by Sharapova; she's on top when she can control it, Radwanska is on top when she can't

  15. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 5-5 - BREAK! A seventh double followed by a shocking error is not a great start to the game from Sharapova before another unforced error, a forehand this time, hand Radwanska three break back points ... but only one is needed as a forehand about a foot long leaves the Russian looking close to tears. She seems totally perplexed by her game tonight. We're back on serve again

  16. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 5-4 - BREAK! Radwanska appears to be cruising towards a love service hold that would leave Sharapova serving to stay in the match but the Russian unleashes a fearsome series of points to level at deuce with consecutive winners. A couple of errors allow Radwanska the chance at a game point but one step into the court and a forehand winner from Maria denies Aga. And Sharapova breaks pushed Radwanska around the court and drawing the cross court error. Sharapova will serve for the set

  17. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 4-4 - Wow! After all that hard work to get back on track in this second set, Sharapova nearly undoes it all with another couple of double faults. A drive volley winner earns her a game point from 30-30 but she slaps a retreating forehand into the net to see Radwanska level at deuce. But the Russian does hold on and keep the match alive for at least a few more games

  18. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 3-4 - BREAK! That's more like the Sharapova we know as she quickly earns herself three break back points with a booming forehand return of serve winner down the line. It helped that Radwanska missed a couple of first serves but that was much much better from Sharapova who had no choice but to just attack the ball

  19. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 2-4 - BREAK! The Russian's first double fault for a while could hardly have come at a worse time as it allows Radwanska to level at deuce. She recovers in time to get her first serve in on the next point only to send a cross court backhand wide with her second shot. Sharapova recovers again with a great touch volley only to hand Radwanska a break point with another error before also missing a forehand to hand her opponent the break

  20. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 2-3 - Radwanska posts another straight forward service hold in this comparatively underwhelming match. Radwanska is her typical business-like self, Sharapova is frustrated and the crowd seem subdued after the drama of the Azarenka-Kerber match earlier this evening

  21. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 2-2 - An unespected change of pace from Sharapova goes for a forehand winner to hold and stop the rot of two consecutive breaks of serve. It also sees her ease some of the frustration that has built up in the last four games and sees her level in this second set

  22. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 1-2 - A first ace for Radwanska, the ball catching the line, followed by a forehand approach shot down the line and smash winner earns the Pole two game points. But again only one is needed as Sharapova again goes for broke on the return, sending her forehand long down the line and handing Aga the lead

  23. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 1-1 - BREAK! The serve is working less and less well for Sharapova as she throws in another two double faults to help Radwanska (who also wrong-footed Sharapova on the baseline) to two break back points. Only one is needed though as Sharapova concentrates so hard on getting the second serve in that she messes up the shot after, sending an easy backhand out. Back on serve in this second set and Sharapova looks totally confused

  24. - - Fantastic, and telling, stat from the first set: 21 winners from Sharapova compared to just four from Radwanska. But 24 errors to the Russian's name, also compared to just four from Radwanska. The Pole just gets everything solidly back and draws her opponent into the errors

  25. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 1-0 - BREAK! An angry Sharapova comes out hitting the ball as hard as she possibly can and the Russian earns herself two early break points (her first break points in this match). The first goes begging when Sharapova hits long while Radwanska saves the second by absorbing all the pressure before dinking a neat drop volley over the net. Sharapova also gets, and squaders, a third. But eventually, on the fifth, attempt Sharapova breaks!

  26. - - Sharapova and her coach having a terse chat during the sitdown between sets. Dubious bit of advice from Thomas Hogstedt as he tells Maria Radwanska "is running around a lot, she will get tired". Not sure about that, Radwanska is pretty much the fittest woman on Tour

  27. - - SHARAPOVA 5-7 - SET! Another double fault followed by a couple of first serve faults leaves Sharapova getting a little irritated with herself as Radwanska levels at deuce, potentially just two points away from the second set. And make that one as Radwanska's defence again comes to the fore, Sharapova eventually hitting an off-balance forehand into the net. Another first serve doesn't help and the a forehand error from Sharapova gifts Radwanska the first set!

  28. - - SHARAPOVA 5-6 - Whoa! Sharapova runs round a first serve from Radwansnka and wallops a forehand return only to send it wide down the line. And she does the same on another return, this time overcooking it long down the centre of the court. If those had gone in, Radwanska would have been in trouble but as it is she holds to leave Sharapova serving to stay in the set for a second time

  29. - - SHARAPOVA 5-5 - Radwanska is left completely puzzled after challenging a ball that she was right next too. She was sure it was out but no, it caught the line. A double fault from Sharapova goes some way to make up for it for Radwanska but the Russian follows it with an ace before going on to hold to 30

  30. - - SHARAPOVA 4-5 - Sharapova makes a very early decision to run around the ball as she belts a forehand winner before again going 15-30 up with a brutal return that Radwanska can only return long. But the Pole holds on with some solid play that forces the error, before a first serve is returned wide by the Russian, and a forehand winner. Impressive defence (as ever) from Radwanska

  31. - - SHARAPOVA 4-4 - Sharapova looking better and better as she posts a second very comfortable service hold after battling through the opening two. This next game is going to be a test for Radwanska as Sharapova is clearly looking for the breakthrough

  32. - - SHARAPOVA 3-4 - Definitely signs that Sharapova is hitting top form now as she belts her 12th winner (yep, already) to go 15-30 up against the Radwanska serve. But the Pole is a batller and an error from her opponent, followed by a little bit of luck (which she apologises for) sees Aga hold and stay ahead

  33. - - SHARAPOVA 3-3 - A stunning first serve from Sharapova can only be popped back up into the air from Radwanska, who decides not to move for the return as the Russian slams down a forehand drive volley winner across court. Still on serve and signs now that Sharapova is finding her feet.

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  35. - - Remember, you can watch this on Eurosport, both on TV and online via the Player. Sign up for Player here!

  36. - - SHARAPOVA 2-3 - Radwanska lets out a little squeal of anguish as she pushes Sharapova all round the court only to send what should be a pretty straight forward backhand volley just wide as the Russian takes the point. Sharapova not the best mover but the enthusiasm she puts into chasing everything down, outfoxes Aga there. But nevertheless the Pole still goes on to hold

  37. - - SHARAPOVA 2-2 - The Russian still struggling to get into this match as she sends a regulation forehand into the middle of the net, to hand Radwanska another window of opportunity (albeit not a break point yet). But Sharapova is quicker to recover this time as she holds and sticks with Aga in these early stages

  38. - - SHARAPOVA 1-2 - Radwanska had a bit of a non-match with Petra Kvitova yesterday before the defending champion pulled out of the tournament with illness. But she is moving very well and will be pleased with her form so far as she eases through another quick service hold to keep Sharapova under the early pressure

  39. - - SHARAPOVA 1-1 - The Russian, who needs to in the tournament and for Azarenka not to win another match if she is to take the world number one ranking for the end of the year, is forced to save an early break point. But save it she does, and in some style with a blistering forehand winner, before she goes on to hold and get her side of the scoreboard ticking over

  40. - - SHARAPOVA 0-1 - Radwanska opens the match in typically solid fashion, holding without too much drama as Sharapova comes out swinging but sending most of her groundstrokes sailing long as she struggles to find her range

  41. - - Okay, a quick turn around after that epic previous match between Azarenka and Kerber, and these two are ready to go. It will be Radwanska to kick things off after winning the toss and opting to serve first

  42. - - These two have played each other nine times before with Sharapova enjoying an overwhelming 7-2 win-loss record over Radwanska. But the Pole did win their only other meeting so far this year, in straight sets in Miami.

  43. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the final match of today at the WTA Championships in Istanbul. It's Maria Sharapova against Agnieszka Radwanska and it will be getting underway very shortly

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.73 m
Weight 56 kg

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