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Kevin Anderson - Tomáš Berdych Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Czech RepublicT Berdych166--
RSAK Anderson634--

Live Comments

  1. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 5-4 - Anderson, serving to stay in this, buries one at the net and is 40-15 up, as another tasty serve sets up an easy winner. Berdych serving for the match though.

  2. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 5-3 - Berdych served like a world number 600 in the first set but he's got it spot-on now as he brings up 40-0. A killer crosscourt return keeps Anderson alive, but he goes long at a baseline exchange and he must serve to stay in the match.

  3. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 4-3 - BREAK! Berdych comes out for this game all-guns blazing, but a fantastic winner down the line from well behind the baseline sees Anderson level at 30-30 when the Czech looked en route to a break point. But a mis-hit backhand from deep by Anderson does give Berdych break point - which he takes with an incredible return-winner combination, the break completed with a booming forehand drive off the line.

  4. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 3-3 - Better from Berdych as he holds relatively comfortably as he finds more first serves as the match progresses.

  5. - - A nail-biter this is promising to be. Which way will it swing? Let me know your prediciton on @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  6. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 2-3 - A fine forehand cross from Berdych sends Anderson on the run and sets up a smash for 30-15. But a fine serve is followed by a backhand to net from the Czech, and Anderson holds with a swinging forehand across court, a pounding shot off the line.

  7. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 2-2 - Again Berdych has to scrap a bit to hold, but he does so after dropping a few points. A single break will solve this.

  8. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 1-2 - While Berdych is being forced to fight a bit for his holds, Anderson's are understandably more straightforward as he serves to 15. Berdych is showing great fight though.

  9. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 1-1 - Berdych cannot assume that he has completed a comeback as Anderson moves 30-15, but a fine backhand volley at the net levels for the Czech, who holds off deuce with a brilliant ace down the middle.

  10. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 0-1 - Berdych lets out a yelp of frustration as a lucky net clip lands Anderson's way as the Czech was set to get a break point. And the South African holds with a 215kph ace.

  11. - - Right, so ahead of this deciding set, let's get talking about this match, Andy Murray's upcoming clash with unheralded Jerzy Janowicz, while DelPo, Ferrer and Tsonga are also up. Good afternoon of tennis, in spite of Nole's absence. Tweet me @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  12. - - BERDYCH 1-6 6-3 - SET BERDYCH! Berdych is in the position of being able to serve to take this match to a decider and he has two set points after some more composed deliveries - taking them with an ace. Excellent fightback from the superior all-round player.

  13. - - BERDYCH 1-6 5-3 - BREAK! Now we're on deuce as Berdych goes long on a rally. You have to take his side on this, it was a terrible error to call his shot out, and Anderson clearly played it in good time. But a double-fault now as Berdych has another break point... TAKEN IN STYLE! Justice - a fantastic curling crosscourt dipper into the corner. Anderson challenges but that was on the line.

  14. - - BERDYCH 1-6 4-3 - Berdych finally has some joy on the Anderson serve and he has break point now! Two indeed. And he seems to have taken it as a challenge shows Berdych's winner was in, but they have to replay the point as the umpire decides the call was too early in the point. And Berdych loses his temper! He's furious with the umpire. And rightly so as the call came after Anderson made contact, which was on the half-volley as it bounced right on him. Poor. And an ace brings it to 30-40.

  15. - - BERDYCH 1-6 4-3 - Anything Anderson can do, Berdych can suddenly do better as he finally dominates a service game to love, his first such hold.

  16. - - BERDYCH 1-6 3-3 - Anderson, at 30-0, plays his first genuinely poor shot of the day as he swings a forehand well long under little pressure. But a brutal serve into Berdych's body gives him two game points, taken with another one of those giant deliveries.

  17. - - BERDYCH 1-6 3-2 - It's certainly still tougher fo Berdych to hold, as he is again forced on to deuce, although he challenges the call that the ball went long - and rightly so, it was clearly on the line. He looks annoyed as that was the game winner. Boom, great serve and the hold is his.

  18. - - BERDYCH 1-6 2-2 - Anderson responds with another good service game. He's very consistent with his deliveries, and I can see this going to a TB.

  19. - - BERDYCH 1-6 2-1 - Much better from Berdych as he holds moves 40-0, but a weak second serve allows Anderson into the next point, and he fires a crisp pass away from the stranded Czech to stay alive. Berdych holds though, staying alive more than anything.

  20. - - BERDYCH 1-6 1-1 Anderson betters that with an easier hold, booming those big serves in with little response from the Czech.

  21. - - BERDYCH 1-6 1-0 An early break point for Anderson at the start of this second set, Berdych really struggling to deliver a first serve... But a very narrow second serve does the trick, forcing Anderson to lunge into a low forehand into net. Deuce. And Berdych holds as he finally finds his serve. Phew.

  22. - - BERDYCH 1-6 - SET ANDERSON! Two set points for Anderson as Berdych can only control one point off his second serve. Taken with an ace out wide. His serve is just too good and, if you're own first serves are landing long, you have no chance.

  23. - - BERDYCH 1-5 - Finally Berdych gets on the board with a very straightforward service game as he puts his first serves wide and true, mostly. Anderson serving for the set.

  24. - - BERDYCH 0-5 - Another unreturnable Anderson serve, not quite an ace, and he has saved a handful of break points now. The hold is complete as a frustrated Berdych mis-hits a forehand wide.

  25. - - BERDYCH 0-4 - Berdych has a far better short game than Anderson, so it's bizarre he's barely used it until now, as he volleys and smashes his way to 30-0. Anderson responds as Anderson does, with his serve, but two break points now... The first is saved with a serve-volley, and the second as Anderson now comes to net, Berdych spinning one wide. Deuce. But Berdych scraps his way back into break point - saved with a savage ace.

  26. - - BERDYCH 0-4 - BREAK! Deary me. Should have been the hold for Berdych, who had game point with a fine first serve but overhit a crosscourt winner to bring back deuce. And another break point as Anderson exploits a very cautious (read 'weak') second serve... and on second serve again Anderson rips in a super return that Berdych can only fling long! Break deux!

  27. - - BERDYCH 0-3 - Berdych is forced to deuce as Anderson attacks his second serve before crushing a diagonal forehand too wide of the Czech, who flicks it long. Game point after a good first serve finally, but Anderson again shows surprisingly good movement and some lovely flat winners to slide to break point in no time. That is saved as Berdych cleverly pulls him wide with his first serve, passing the backhand away. Big game this.

  28. - - After that point-interrupting burst of sound, the umpire is speaking to technical staff to see if it was human error or a fault with the PA. Anyway, play resumes.

  29. - - BERDYCH 0-3 - Berdych can't beak back off deuce as, predictably, Anderson blasts some powerful serves away from the Czech, and the South African defends his break.

  30. - - BERDYCH 0-2 - The Czech knows he has a fight on his hands early on so moves to the net as he tries to attack and break back. It seems to be working, Anderson not the most mobile... At 30-30 Berdych gets a fine return in but a noise comes from somewhere and the umpire interrupts the point! Some kind of feedback from the PA! And Anderson wins the next point off a good first serve and Berdych is angry as it's hard enough to get anything back. He does so next point though, deuce.

  31. - - BERDYCH 0-2 - BREAK! Berdych was 30-15 up on his first serve game but an aggressive move from Anderson to net, followed by a fine pass down the line, and the South African has the firs break!

  32. - - BERDYCH 0-1 - Comfortable hold to 15 for the big-serving South African, who is 6'8" and very difficult to break if somewhat limited with his ground game.

  33. 09:35 - HEAD-TO-HEAD: Czech Berdych leads South African Anderson 3-0, with all their meetings coming this season, oddly for two men in their mid-late 20s. Anderson took a set of Berdych at Roland Garros, but that is it for him.

Kevin Anderson

Nationality RSA
Date of Birth 18/05/1986
Height 2.03 m
Weight 88 kg

Tomáš Berdych

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 17/09/1985
Height 1.96 m
Weight 91 kg

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