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Jerzy Janowicz - Janko Tipsarevic Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandJ Janowicz364--
J Tipsarevic611A-

Live Comments

  1. - - The French crowd is booing. Tipsarevic has retired trailing 4-1 in the third set. Tipsarevic applauds the play of Janowicz. Could not live with the Polish player, who produced some stunning play in the second and third sets. Hit 33 winners to only 11 by his opponent. Astonishing play really. Janowicz through to meet Gilles Simon in the last four.

  2. - - Tipsarevic complaining that he is feeling dizzy. This match could be abandoned. Looks like it has slipped away from the Serbian whether or not he plays on. The medics on to attend to the world number nine.

  3. - - BREAK JANOWICZ 4-1 - The double break arrives on cue. This match is surely all over. Janowicz has gone through the Serbian's serve like it does not exist. Tipsarevic not being allowed an easy game on serve since the first serve as he is pushed to deuce again with another double fault proving so troublesome at the wrong time. Janowicz spinning his racket in the air as he tries to break for a second time in the second time in the set which he gets. This match looks all over.

  4. - - JANOWICZ 3-1 - Not sure how Tipsarevic can recover in this match unless the levels of Janowicz somehow drop. No sign of that happening any time soon as the Polish player comes up with another love game. Some searing heat off those serves.

  5. - - BREAK JANOWICZ 2-1 - And there is the break for the Polish qualifier as Tipsarevic cracks under the strain by throwing in a double fault. Obviously feeling a fair degree of pressure under the relentess and unpredictable play of his opponent, who dropped only one point in that previous game. Tipsarevic looks like going the same way as Murray here.

  6. - - 1-1 - Janowicz continues to throw in some stunning shots that the world number nine simply cannot cope with. Difficult to believe Janowicz is the world number 69. Mixing up those drop shots with some brutal forehands. Level again in the match. Huge pressure on the shoulders of Tipsarevic here.

  7. - - TIPSAREVIC 1-0 - Vital that Tipsarevic stems the bleeding after being blown off the court in that second set. Does just that with a timely hold. How he is going to apply pressure to this Janowicz service game is another matter.

  8. - - SET JANOWICZ 6-1! A hold to love. What a set of tennis by the qualifier. Is right back in this match. And you would have to make him a warm favourite in the third set if he maintains this level of billiance.

  9. - - BREAK JANOWICZ! The double break now for a 5-1 lead. Tipsarevic prevents the double break with an ace down the middle on a second serve. Fine serve before Janowicz knocks a ball long seconds later. Janowicz really starting to motor as he comes up with a winner down the line to claw back to deuce. Should convert the double break seconds later, but somehow misses a volley in the middle of the court. Seeing the ball like a football at the moment. Nothing Tipsarevic can do about this.

  10. - - JANOWICZ 4-1 - Janowicz a concoction of aces and double faults at the moment, but comes up with a jabbed winner down the line to carry himself to advantage. Misses another attempt at a drop shot a couple of seconds later., but Janowicz continues to be the likelier figure as he escapes from the game with another precious hold. Only two games away from forcing this match to a third set.

  11. - - BREAK JANOWICZ 3-1 - A break to love by the Polish player, who thumps somes brutal hits beyond a stunned Tipsarevic. Janowicz suddenly appearing energised as he dances around the court with some relish. Just like his win over Murray yesterday, no shortage of energy out there. First time Tipsarevic has been broken in this match.

  12. - - JANOWICZ 2-1 - A fabulous return on a second serve by Tipsarevic to the ankles of Janowicz leaves the Polish player scrambling helplessly at his own feet. The score reaches deuce, but the young qualifier pulls himself of a tight hole in winning the next two points. Looks suitably impressed by those powers of resolve as he punches the air in some animation.

  13. - - 1-1 - Another game drifts by with another comfortable hold for Tipsarevic. Janowicz continues to lament his misfortune in some moments of this match. Looking slightly jaded yet the odd powerful groundstroke brings him to life. A smart service game by Tipsarevic.

  14. - - JANOWICZ 1-0 - Tipsarevic does unbelievably well to get a high kicking serve back down the line for a winner trailing 40-0, but the Polish rookie wallops an ace out wide on the very next point to hold at the outset of this second set. Janowicz continues to use that drop shot to some effect from deep.

  15. - - SET TIPSAREVIC 6-3 - Door opened slightly for Janowicz at 30-30, but he fails to convert the winner from deep with a backhand as Tipsarevic found himself perched on the net. The Polish player continues to probe, but slipping a backhand wide from deep proves to be the last passage of play in the first set. An air of professionalism governed Tipsarevic's game in that set and his reward is a 1-0 lead in the match.

  16. - - TIPSAREVIC 5-3 - At least Janowicz is up to speed in the match as he thunders down a few more brutal big serves to close to 5-3 behind with a love game. Keeping his opponent honest. Tipsarevic will serve for the first set.

  17. - - TIPSAREVIC 5-2 - Would have to call this a professional job so far by the Serbian player, who is mixing up his tactics nicely to prevent the Polish player from landing blows with those clubbing forehands. Nice variation in coming to the net. One game away from the first set.

  18. - - TIPSAREVIC 4-2 - Janowicz always has a puncher's chance due to the pace with which he slams down those serves. Comes up with one right on the money to finish off that game after being forced to deuce. Tipsarevic proving he can handle the pace of the serve when the ball is drilled straight at him.

  19. - - TIPSAREVIC 4-1 - Janowicz looking a bit more animated, but not enough to wound the gait of Tipsarevic, who clambers out of a potentially sticky spot at 30-30 having missed a gaping forehand from the middle of the court. Vital that Janowicz does not drop serve for a second time otherwise it is curtains in this opening set for the youngster.

  20. - - TIPSAREVIC 3-1 - Much more like it from Janowicz. Much, much sharper on his service game as he drops only one point in putting his first game of the match on the board. Played one lovely point there with a drop shot from deep that left Tipsarevic utterly bamboozled deep in the court. Soft hands for such a towering figure.

  21. - - TIPSAREVIC 3-0 - Not much to report so far because not much is coming back at the world number nine Tipsarevic, who seems to be winning points simply by keeping the ball in play. Worrying moments for Janowicz as he empties another ball into the net from deep. A hold to love for Tipsarevic. Halfway to winning the first set in under 10 minutes.

  22. - - BREAK TIPSAREVIC 2-0 - A sluggish start to the match by the Polish player, who is all over the place as he drops serve picking up only one point with one of those trademark aces. Will really need to find some of the magic from yesterday otherwise this occasion could run away from him.

  23. - - TIPSAREVIC 1-0 - A confident strutting start to the match by the Serbian as he holds to love against the Polish qualifier. Doesn't want to give this youngster any encouragement after his dramatic victory over Andy Murray, whose collapse had to be seen to be believed yesterday.

  24. 0-0 - Tipsarevic to serve in the opening game of the match.

  25. 15:25 - First meeting then between these two men. Tipsarevic is among the favourites for this tournament after Berdych's loss to Gilles Simon in the opening quarter-final of this Paris Masters. Can the Polish youngster come up with the goods a day after ousting Andy Murray from the tournament?

Jerzy Janowicz

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 13/11/1990
Height 2.03 m
Weight 91 kg

Janko Tipsarevic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/06/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 83 kg

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