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Roger Federer - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SwitzerlandR Federer76---
United KingdomA Murray62---

Live Comments

  1. - - That was emphatic from Federer in the end, after that sluggish start. Brilliant stuff from the world number two who remains on course for a seventh ATP World Tour Finals title. He will face world number one Novak Djokovic in tomorrow night's final

  2. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 2-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Federer serves out in some style, a forehand that catches the top of the tape from Murray easily sitting up for Fed who races up to the net and drills the forehand down the line to seal the match at the first attempt

  3. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 2-5 - BREAK! A sensational backhand passing shot winner from Federer sees him grab the double break - what a set and a half this has been from Fed since that early break - and he will get the chance to serve for the match after the change of ends

  4. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 2-4 - Boom! Federer races through a anouthe very speedy service hold, Federer winning eight of nine points in this set when he has played a second serve. Murray is barely getting a look in against serve and that is reflected in the score as Fed creeps closer to the win

  5. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 2-3 - Much better from Murray this time around as he goes 40-0 up and this time consolidates that lead by firing an off-forehand winner across court that Fed cannot return over the net

  6. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 1-3 - Another absolutely shocking drop shot from Murray smacks of running out of ideas. This one is a sliced forehand drop shot and doesn't clear the net, in fact it struggles to even reach the net. Federer holds to 15 to consolidate the break and it's a long way back for Murray now

  7. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 1-2 - BREAK! A poor drop shot attempt from Murray at 40-0, which Federer gets up to easily before going on to find a winner, haunts the Brit as he quickly finds himself staring at a break point after a backhand into the net. AND FEDERER DOES BREAK! Another lengthy rally ends with Murray hitting into the net and the world number two finds himself a set and a break down

  8. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 1-1 - A blink-and-you'll-miss-it service hold from Federer sees him quickly level up and sling all the service pressure back over the net at Murray

  9. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) 1-0 - A frustrated game from Murray but in a harnessed way as he dismissively drills a backhand winner across court and on to the line to seal a hold to 15. That was an important hold for Murray

  10. - - MURRAY 6-7(5) - SET! Federer takes the first set! A vicious backhand from Federer is quickly followed by a clenched fist as Murray fails to get the ball back in play and the world number two goes a set up

  11. - - MURRAY 6-6(5-6) - TIE-BREAK! Murray saves the first with a huge forehand across court which Federer, slow to move after his return, cannot get back over the net. The next set point will be on Federer's own serve though ...

  12. - - MURRAY 6-6(4-6) - TIE-BREAK! Murray waits and waits and waits before throwing his whole body-weight at a forehand down the line only to clatter the ball into the net and hand Federer a two set points

  13. - - MURRAY 6-6(3-3) - TIE-BREAK! Murray goes a mini-break up with a series of big-serves and a forehand winner. But Federer bounces straight back with an off-forehand winner across court after a 22-shot rally to level up for the change of ends

  14. - - These two have played five tie-breaks in their previous meetings; Murray won his two in 2008 while Federer won two in 2009 and one in 2010

  15. - - MURRAY 6-6 - A squash-like flicked backhand from Federer goes for a winner down the line, it's an outrageous shot from the world number two. But Murray bosses the rest of the game and does hold to force the breaker

  16. - - MURRAY 5-6 - Federer comparatively comfortable on serve again as he holds with an ace to sneak ahead once more. Can Murray force the tie-break? He will serve to stay in this opening set for a second time after the change of ends

  17. - - MURRAY 5-5 - Federer is all over Murray's second serve now as he batters a return for a winner to take the first point of the game. Murray levels at 15-15 before chucking in a double fault. There's real tension in the arena now. Fed hits long off the backhand wing to allow Murray to level again before a smash winner (albeit at the second attempt) earns him a game point and he goes on to hold when Fed sends a backhand just wide to end a lengthy rally

  18. - - MURRAY 4-5 - A frustrated return of serve from Murray fizzles across court and on to the line, Fed only returning it wide down the line. But it's the only point Murray manages during the game as Fed holds to 15 to sneak ahead for the first time in this match. Murray will now have to serve to stay into this opening set after the change of ends

  19. - - MURRAY 4-4 - BREAK! A great first serve from Murray helps him get off the mark from 0-30 down. And he gets a little lucky when Fed hits into the net to allow him to level at 30-30. But a shocking backhand passing shot attempt from Murray that drifts well long hands Fed a break back point. And Fed does take the chance, pulling Murray wide and drawing the error - a forehand into the net

  20. - - In case you missed it earlier, Novak Djokovic battled back from dropping the first set against Juan Martin Del Potro to reach the final. Read all about it by clicking the link here: Djokovic fights back to beat Del Potro and reach final

  21. - - MURRAY 4-3 - Federer enjoys his easy game yet as he holds to 15 with a delightful backhand cross court volley winner. Murray still a break up, however

  22. - - MURRAY 4-2 - Federer hammers a backhand down the line and draws the forehand error from Murray to level at deuce. A brilliant sliced backhand approach shot from Murray followed by an easy backhand volley brings up game point. And it's point Murray takes full advantage of as he makes another foray into the net and fires away a forehand volley winner for the hold

  23. - - MURRAY 3-2 - Federer is beginning to force his way into this match now as he recovers from 0-30 down on serve to come back hold with a forehand winner. Signs he is finding his rhythm in that last game from Fed

  24. - - Yet more support for Murray in straight sets on Twitter with Cat (@SilentRunningAV) saying "I'll go for Andy in straight sets, missed the US open final would love to see rematch #gomurray". I'm not sure we'll ever see a match of quite the same drama of that US Open final

  25. - - MURRAY 3-1 - A couple of hugely wayward forehands from Murray spoil what would otherwise have been a brilliant game. Nonetheless, he still holds to 30 to keep his side of the scoreboard ticking over comfortably

  26. - - MURRAY 2-1 - The Scot is all over a second serve from Fed and batters it back down the centre of the court, Fed hitting into the net off his reply as he had barely finished his service motion. It sees Murray level at deuce but this time Fed does well to recover and a huge serve and forehand combo sees Murray hit into the net on game point. Fed is off the mark and on the scoreboard

  27. - - MURRAY 2-0 - Murray finds himself 15-30 down as he looks to consolidate the break. A huge first serve that Fed can only return into the net gets him out of that spot of bother before a vicious backhand across court has enough pace to draw the error from Federer. And that's enough to set him on the way to the hold, which he gets when Fed runs around the ball and sends a forehand wide into the tramlines

  28. - - Snowy Alcazar (@HalAPennyo) reckons "I'm going for Andy to win in straight sets. Although if it goes to 3, great. I can't get enough!" Confident. Not a bad start though if that is to be the case!

  29. - - MURRAY 1-0 - BREAK! Great return from Murray on an early break point, a dipping backhand that clears the net by just a fractional amount. Unfortunately for him, Fed is poised to recover, battering a forehand down the line that Murray cannot return. Murray has a second chance though and this time he gets it when Fed hits a forehand into the net

  30. - - Right then, here we go. It will be Federer to serve first to get this clash underway ...

  31. - - Just one more stat for you - these two played each other in the round robin stage of this tournament last year when Federer won in straight sets - 6-4 6-2

  32. - - So what do we reckon? Federer to take this one or Murray. I'm going to go for Murray in three sets. I'm going to be here for the duration of this clash so why not get in touch on Twitter to let me know what you think - @pippawdavis. Follow me on Twitter!

  33. - - Both players came through their group with two wins and one loss to their name although Federer came through as the winner from Group A, ahead of Juan Martin Del Potro on sets, and Murray came through as runner-up of Group B, on account of Djokovic being unbeaten

  34. - - So that's one victory apeice on grass and the hard courts this year. Basically there's nothing in it and it's anyone's guess!

  35. - - These two have faced each other a whopping 18 times before with Murray leading the head-to-heads 10-8. They have split this year’s meetings down the middle though, Federer winning the first two in Dubai and at Wimbledon, and Murray winning the most recent two – at the Olympics in then in Shanghai

  36. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the second of the ATP World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena. Andy Murray takes on Roger Federer for the right to play Novak Djokovic in tomorrow night’s final

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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