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David Ferrer - Juan Martín Del Potro Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainD Ferrer636--
ArgentinaJ Del Potro364--

Live Comments

  1. - - Thanks for joining us tonight, a fantastic day's tennis as always at these season-ending finals. Any comments or questions about today's matches, Tweet me @Reda_Eurosport. I'll be back at the O2 tomorrow for the big one - Murray v Djokovic. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  2. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 6-4 - GAME SET AND MATCH!! Three match points to Ferrer against DelPo's serve then - the first serve is wide. And the second is backhand returned with interest, DelPo's follow-up going well long. Fine and deserved win for Ferrer.

  3. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 5-4 - Ferrer is a touch riled after allowing himself to be broken back and he starts this game with a fine approach drive across court into the right. 0-15. Now 0-30 after a lengthy rally although some moron yelled "out" from the crowd. Surprised DelPo didn't ask for the point to be replayed, that was annoying. Ferrer won it with another drive to deep. And now a stooping backhand from DelPo lands wide and we have three match points!!

  4. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 5-4 - Ferrer is somewhat more clinical when the responsibility falls to him to hold, doign so rather swiftly as he forces DelPo to serve to stay in the match.

  5. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 4-4 - DelPo needs to back up that break-back and he eases 30-0 as Ferrer returns long. But then a wild attempt at a forehand winner from DelPo gives David a sniff. Ferrer's next forehand drive lands wide, and DelPo does indeed hold, to 15, as he scoops a running forehand beyond Ferrer.

  6. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 4-3 - BREAK BACK! Crucial game for Del Potro. Ferrer takes charge of the next service game as he controls his points from deep. All he needs to do now... DelPo pulls one back as a rising backhand sits up nicely for a volley. And DelPo is level now as Ferrer stalls slightly into that next shot, and break point as DelPo whips out a pair of ferocious drives, the second of which sees Ferrer slide into net! Taken as an off-balance Ferrer spins a looping forehand wide! Break back!

  7. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 4-2 - DelPo moves to 40-15 with some tidy serving and baseline play but a lovely Ferrer winner down the line brings one back. ACE. Good hold DelPo.

  8. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 4-1 - Ferrer responds in kind by blistering into a 30-0 lead. And now 40 after a crisp backhand winner off the line, nice. Ferrer fails to match the love hold after a double fault, and he nets a double-handed backhand. Jittery. But he holds after a crowd-pleasing baseline exchange, DelPo cracking with a backhand to net.

  9. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 3-1 - Better from DelPo as he shows his power on serve to move 40-0. Love hold in the end, his easiest so far.

  10. - - Spencer Davis Group and the dulcet tones of Mr Winwood boom out now. Despite my approval, this loud music lark should be kept away from tennis. I can't pick and choose. DelPo, meanwhile, takes his time to dry himself off. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  11. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 3-0 - Cool backhand slice drops just beyond the net - and DelPo - and the crowd are loving Ferrer's skills now. DelPo nets a forehand crosscourter, but Ferrer spins a forehand beyond the baseline and it's 30-15. Great kick serve once more from Ferrer, and an approach shot driven wide of DelPo backs up the break with a decent hold. Ferrer takes the match by the scruff of DelPo's rather wide neck.

  12. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 2-0 - BREAK! DelPo sends a brutal forehand down the line but it's long, 0-30! Ferrer has more than a sniff now, and a cracking forehand return down the line shows three break points! DelPo stunned by that!! His next return loops up nicely for a volley though and DelPo saves the first; Big serve next, Ferrer netting his return, but a lovely bending forehand across the net and beyond DelPo breaks him. Brilliant from Ferrer, just brilliant.

  13. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 1-0 - For a little man Ferrer can't half serve - another ace to bring up 15-15. Then a super point from deep sees Ferrer come out on top and, now we're guaranteed at least half an hour more action, the fans are switching to Ferrer again. He holds with a forehand drive into space.

  14. - - And now it's that pseudo-indie pop track 'Fun'. Make it stop, we want tennis! Who do you reckon takes the decider? Ferrer's grit or Del Potro's momentum? Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  15. - - FERRER 6-3 3-6 - SET! Some fantastic retrieving from both men, who somehow unleash brutal flat forehands to boot, and set point DelPo again as one such effort flies past Ferrer. And what a way to win the set, a lovely drop shot from Del Potro after Ferrer had shown incredible fight to meet all his savage forehand winners. A decider it is!

  16. - - FERRER 6-3 3-5 - First blood to Ferrer as he seeks to break back and avoid a third set, lovely backhand cross to the left corner. 'Vamos' is the cry, but that works for both men. Kick serve from DelPo sees him level, but his next effort eats string and it's 15-30. But the DelPo serve kicks back in and we're level. ACE out wide for set point, but deuce off second serve as DelPo nets the follow-up. And a double fault sees Ferrer hold break point! Saved as Ferrer spins one in the air, deuce.

  17. - - FERRER 6-3 3-5 - As if to vindicate my opinion on music, the PA lets out what can only be described as a break of wind between points. Silence! Giggles from the fans, many of whom appear to have had a few. Ferrer, meanwhile, moves 30-15 with a tasty serve out wide. Ferrer holds with a second-serve ace, delicately placed wide of DelPo, forcing the Argentine to serve for the set.

  18. - - FERRER 6-3 2-5 - Ferrer is serving to stay in the second set, while a second break will see DelPo force a decider. Better music this time, the Boss 'Dancing in the Dark'. Like. Serious question - should they play loud pop music? I say nay. Too divisive. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  19. - - FERRER 6-3 2-5 - First blood Ferrer as DelPo's forehand again lets him down. Great serve to follow though, and the next rally sees Ferrer fling one wide. And the next sees the Spaniard net, with DelPo's power seeing him hold to 15. Hang on, a late call says he went long with that booming forehand - challenged, but it was out. 40-30. DelPo responds with an ACE.

  20. - - FERRER 6-3 2-4 - Ferrer's turn to boss his opponent on serve, bringing up 40-0 as DelPo flicks one into the net. And he now holds to love with a crisp serve down the middle, DelPo pumping his forehand well long.

  21. - - Change of ends and, as is the fashion at the O2, some dreadful pop music fills the gaps. 'Drive By' is the song, I hate that tune, and the middle-aged men in plunging-necked t-shirts who sing it.

  22. - - FERRER 6-3 1-4 - Del Potro is a confidence player of sorts and that break boosts him to a dominant love hold, four mega serves and one fantastic approach shot at the net seeing off Ferrer. The crowd are getting behind the younger man - they want their money's worth!

  23. - - FERRER 6-3 1-3 - BREAK! Ferrer misses an identical forehand down the line to that which saw him lose game point, and now it's break point for DelPo! And he takes it as Ferrer pumps his follow-up long!

  24. - - FERRER 6-3 1-2 - Fine smash from DelPo as he hustles in to bully the deep-lying Ferrer. 15-15 on the Spaniard's serve. "Come on Delboy" screams a confused local. DelPo pings one wide as both men looked for big winners, now Ferrer's time to hit one long though he challenges... just long. 30-30. But game point Ferrer with a backhand flipped down the line, brought back to deuce by more DelPo hustling. And Ferrer holds with a cool forehand winner off the line, no! Out! No challenge? No, deuce.

  25. - - FERRER 6-3 1-2 - I make this the fourth break point of the game as DelPo double faults. Poor. Saved though after a baseline rally of some quality, DelPo on the run but finding incredible width and power with one bullet. And now Ferrer nets a weak backhand, with Del Potro holding from the brink thanks to a long forehand from Ferrer. Phew. That was a good 10-minute game, felt like it anyway.

  26. - - FERRER 6-3 1-1 - Another howler of a serve from DelPo and he DF's break point to Ferrer! He makes up for it by saving with an ace. However, off second serve, Ferrer sniffs out and takes a chance by pinging it across DelPo into the left, and we have break point once more. Saved with a forehand drive to the left. And break point again as DelPo weakly forehands to net, the first-set disease. Saved with a brutal serve, Ferrer spinning the return short. Epic game this!!

  27. - - FERRER 6-3 1-1 - Ferrer unable to return the first serve and is dominated by the width and power of the second. But DelPo is caught on the run next point, Ferrer smashing away, and we have 30-30 as DelPo goes long. Obviously he challenges but it was well long. Ferrer loops his next return long, game point, only for the Spaniard to bring up deuce with a fine opening of his forehand down the right. Great shot. But DelPo matches that with a killer forehand of his own, only to double fault. Deuce

  28. - - FERRER 6-3 1-1 - Ferrer challenges the call that his drive to the baseline was out and rightly so - it got about a cm of the line! 30-15, but he nets with a weak forehand. A DelPo mis-hit brings up a smash that almost maims a ball-child, and Ferrer holds as his serve down the middle catches the Argentine off balance - but a challenge shows it was out! Good spot, Juan Martin. Second serve - but he holds off it after a super rally, DelPo's underhit drop shot allowing a crisp crosscourter.

  29. - - @Majid_Karami: "Federer is the clear favorite, but Murray and Djokovic and also Juan Martin pose real threats.. "; @mburnham10: "roger is my favourite"; @yugo44: "Allez Roger!" - your views appear pretty unanimous then. Federer for glory! FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  30. - - FERRER 6-3 0-1 - DelPo serving to start the set once more, and an initial error is overhauled by two fantastic deliveries that Ferrer can't match. Two contrasting volleys - a power smash and a deft drop - bring up game point, but a forehand winner across the net lands wide. 40-30. Big serve into the body though and DelPo holds.

  31. - - Impressive display by Ferrer so far, having had only two days off since winning the Paris Masters. Too many errors by DelPo though, finding the net with some weak backhands. Is Ferrer looking good for a semi at least? Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  32. - - FERRER 6-3 - SET! DelPo is eager to break back and force this set but an ambitious backhand goes across court and just wide. Then he nets under minimal pressure and a fantastic Ferrer forehand brings up three set points. But a savage forehand down the line saves one, great shot by DelPo. It's not enough though as, with Ferrer on the run, DelPo nets a weak forehand again.

  33. - - FERRER 5-3 - Del Potro, seving to stay in the set, starts off by netting after his second serve is dominated by Ferrer. Better second serve next time though, zipping into Ferrer's body. And a very lucky one off the net for DelPo, whose forehand looked to be going wide but bounces just over the net. Another big serve is spun long by Ferrer, but DelPo strikes one long next. Challenge... Nope. 40-30. But he holds with a blistering serve out wide. Ferrer serving for the set.

  34. - - FERRER 5-2 - Rally no.1 sees DelPo strike it long, and a cool dipping forehand pass brings up 30-0 for Ferrer. But his first real error today sees him net from a decent spot, but DelPo responds likewise and it's game pointx2. Taken by Ferrer as DelPo nets another big hit from deep. DelPo serving to stay in the set.

  35. - - FERRER 4-2 - But break point Ferrer as DelPo nets after getting the luck of the cord earlier in that rally, 30-40. Saved as DelPo gets a smash in with Ferrer up and down the baseline. Deuce. But another break point as DelPo makes an error, weak into the net. And after a glorious rally that saw Ferrer miraculously respond to all manner of drives, DelPo saves the break point with a nice pass. A cute backhand volley on the turn, and then Ferrer going long and losing a challenge, and DelPo holds.

  36. - - FERRER 4-1 - Del Potro kicks off this service game with a double fault, before mis-hitting one from deep to allow Ferrer a simple smash. 0-30. Almost a spectacular diving winner from Ferrer as he spins it wide down the line after DelPo had his number, but it was wide. A over-shouted "fault" cheers everyone up on the next serve, DelPo challenges and correctly - twas in! Back to first serve though. He wins the resultant rally with a smash, wiping out that mini-injustice. 30-30.

  37. - - FERRER 4-1 - Fantastic serving from Ferrer as DelPo fails to make use of the first two deliveries of this game. And while he stays alive in the next point by rushing a Ferrer drop-shot, his slice is easy for the Spaniard to volley away. ACE! Hold to love Ferrer!

  38. - - FERRER 3-1 - BREAK! A lazily overhit backhand from DelPo lands long on his second service game. ACE. First of this match, 126mph on that. But a Ferrer special from deep sees DelPo crack, netting for 15-30, and now two break points as the terrier-like Spaniard shows great variety, length and direction on his groundstrokes before firing a winner past DelPo, who volleys wide at the next point for the opening break.

  39. - - FERRER 2-1 - Ferrer finds the lines brilliantly from deep, eventually pinging it beyond DelPo for game point, and he holds with a fantastic volley after DelPo met his drop shot with interest. Dropped just short of the baseline, dipping for an age. Great hold.

  40. - - FERRER 1-1 - Both men are serving crisply enough, but as DelPo gets a good return in he can level to 15 with a powerful groundstroke that Ferrer can only put long. Ferrer then does well to stay in a fierce baseline rally but eventually he cracks and DelPo edges ahead. Good stuff from Ferrer off second serve as he pushes DelPo deeper and deeper until he goes long. But then an unforced error from the Spaniard as he goes wide - break point, but DelPo's weak return off second serve brings up deuce.

  41. - - FERRER 1-1 - Ferrer returns a strong second serve from DelPo well long. The Argentine responds with another bullet that Ferrer nets, but the next point is a rally that Ferrer takes as DelPo overhits a forehand. And a fine winner on the run after a super Ferrer drive sees DelPo pass the Spaniard beautifully. A second serve of decent length is returned out, and the sixth seed holds.

  42. - - FERRER 1-0 - Del Potro returns long and immediately challenges. Waste of a call. He goes long once more on the next point but thinks better of challenging this time. Fierce return pulls one back, but Ferrer holds as a fine strong forehand from deep has too much width for DelPo.

  43. 20:05 - Del Potro wins the toss and elects to receive. Let the combat begin.

  44. 19:45 - The last doubles match has finished, so expect an 8.05pm start between two very different players, both of whom honed their skills on clay but have contrasting styles and strengths.

  45. 19:40 - HEAD TO HEAD: Ferrer, now 30, leads this 5-2 over the younger man. Del Potro, 24, beat Ferrer back-to-back in 2008 and 2009, but he had a horrendous run with injuries and has lost the last three. They are 2-2 on hard courts though, and Del Potro is very much back in the big time after rediscovering his fitness and form following back and wrist problems.

  46. 19:35 - Earlier today, Roger Federer eased to a 6-3 6-1 win over Janko Tipsarevic of Serbia. Looks very much like Roger will be the man to beat at these Finals, as he just loves playing indoors. Del Potro did beat him here in 2009 though, and Ferrer is in fine form after winning in Paris. Who's your favourite? Let me know on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport! FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

  47. 19:30 - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of David Ferrer's clash with Juan Martin Del Potro in Group B of the World Tour Finals at the O2 Arena in North Greenwich, London. I'm Reda Maher, I'll be your commentator and you can contact me on Twitter @Reda_Eurosport. This match will start at around 7.45pm, although it could be delayed if the doubles clash overruns. FOLLOW ON TWITTER!

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Juan Martín Del Potro

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 23/09/1988
Height 1.98 m
Weight 97 kg

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