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Roger Federer - Juan Martín Del Potro Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ArgentinaJ Del Potro746--
SwitzerlandR Federer663--

Live Comments

  1. - Federer 6-7 6-4 2-5 – Federer is fired up after winning his first point on the Del Potro serve for 23 minutes but the Argentine responds with a similar forehand winner to restore parity. Federer screams at himself for netting a backhand. Another ace and netted Federer forehand and Del Potro is a game away.

  2. - Federer 6-7 6-4 2-4 – Federer wins the opening two points but mutters angrily to himself after sending a backhand long. He has another go at himself after shanking a backhand wide. It does the trick and two aces save the day.

  3. - Federer 6-7 6-4 1-4 – Del Potro successfully appeals for an ace and Federer then hits long to go 30-0 down. Del Potro hits a winning pass and a big serve gives him a three game cushion. Crunch time for Federer now.

  4. - Federer 6-7 6-4 1-3 – Federer looks to be a little rattled as he floats a sliced backhand into the net. He follows it with a backhand winner and Del Potro is exasperated to push a ball wide that should have been an easy winner. The Argentine nets and Federer serves an ace to stay in touch.

  5. - Federer 6-7 6-4 0-3 – Del Potro opens his shoulders with a big forehand winner to start the game and another rushes Federer into a mistake. The Swiss twice nets and Del Potro holds to love. Strong favourite now.

  6. - Federer 6-7 6-4 0-2 – BREAK! The second game also opens with a successful challenge against the same line judge and the point is replayed. The same judge follows with two correct ‘out’ calls as Federer wins the opening two points before netting successive forehands. A backhand pass gives De Potro the first break point of the set and he converts as Federer hits a backhand long. Could be decisive!

  7. - Federer 6-7 6-4 0-1 – The deciding set opens with a successful challenge from Federer and a replayed point. The Swiss then twice hits wide and is unable to get enough on two big serves as Del Potro quickly wraps up the game.

  8. - Federer 6-7 6-4 – SET! Federer opens with an ace before Del Potro successfully challenges against another and bludgeons a forehand. Federer responds with a forehand winner of his own but then nets as Del Potro applies pressure at 30-30. A forehand winner gets Federer to set point and he takes it the distance with an ace!

  9. - Federer 6-7 5-4 – A big opening serve hurries Federer into hitting long but the Swiss responds with a glorious forehand winner up the line. A good body serve edges Del Potro ahead again and Federer then nets a makeable backhand. The Argentine forces Federer to serve it out with an ace.

  10. - Federer 6-7 5-3 – Federer swats away a forehand to get up and running but then pushes one long as he steals into the net. Successive Del Potro errors and another forehand winner and Federer is a game away from levelling matters.

  11. - Federer 6-7 4-3 – Del Potro does as Federer in the previous game, racing to 40-0. But Federer gets a point back with an outrageous pushed overhead return and another as he rushes the Argentine into hitting long. He then hits long himself and Del Potro gets back to within a game.

  12. - Federer 6-7 4-2 – Federer opens with a fine second serve and follows it with a forehand winner. A cheeky drop shot and long Del Potro forehand and Federer holds to love.

  13. - Federer 6-7 3-2 – Federer nets and Del Potro puts away a winner before the Swiss catches the line with a whipped forehand. An overhead wins the game after Federer hits long.

  14. - Federer 6-7 3-1 – Federer is unruffled by spectators still taking their seats behind his shoulder and sends down another ace, followed by an unreturnable first serve. He races to 40-0 with a forehand winner before netting a backhand. A blistering forehand winner on the stretch pegs back another point but Del Potro nets to give Federer the game.

  15. - Federer 6-7 2-1 – Del Potro stops the rot with a backhand winner but then nets. Federer does likewise and the Argentine smashes an ace up the tee and passes and advancing Federer to win his first game of the set.

  16. - Federer 6-7 2-0 – Federer races to 40-0 and wins his eighth straight point to take the game.

  17. - Federer 6-7 1-0 – BREAK! Federer opens the second set with a lovely backhand winner and follows with an overhead to apply immediate pressure on the server. A netted backhand give the Swiss three break points and he converts with the first as Del Potro hits long. First break of the match.

  18. - Federer 6-7 (7-3) – SET! Del Potro gets the first mini break as Federer hits long then shanks a forehand out to concede another and the Swiss is reeling at 5-1 in the breaker. Another errant forehand and Federer is staring at five set points. He saves the first with an ace and another with a forehand winner but another backhand goes wide as Del Potro has the set.

  19. - Federer 6-6 – Federer is angry at himself for netting a forehand and Del Potro puts away an easy winner after a huge first serve. Federer twice hits wide and we have a tie break.

  20. - Federer 6-5 – Federer hits long but restores parity with a third ace. He puts away a backhand volley to edge ahead and follows it with a fourth ace and unreturnable serve out wide to force Del Potro to serve to stay in the set.

  21. - Federer 5-5 – Del Potro opens with a fourth ace but great rallying gets Federer on level terms. Big hitting edges the Argentine ahead again and another Federer unforced error and Del Potro backhand winner levels matters once again.

  22. - Federer 5-4 – Federer gets the better of a long opening rally but fails to pull off an outrageous between the legs ‘hotdog’ from a Del Potro lob. A failed Del Potro challenge puts Fed further ahead and he then wins the rally of the match after returning a successful between the legs shot from the Argentine. Del Potro smashes a poor lob to apply some pressure and a big backhand pulls him to deuce. He undoes the good work by netting a simple backhand and Federer wins the game with an ace.

  23. - Federer 4-4 – Federer successfully challenges a first serve but then hits long. Del Potro follows suit by twice hitting long to hand the Swiss the initiative and an overhead put away gives the world number two double break point. An ace saves the first and a superb forehand onto the baseline rushes Federer into an error. Del Potro hits wide to hand Fed another break point but again he fails to capitalise, hitting long. Again Federer hits long then wide and Del Potro holds.

  24. - Federer 4-3 – Del Potro’s turn to net after a baseline exchange and Federer follows it up with an ace. A lovely clean forehand winner gets Federer three game points. The Swiss hits wide but Del Potro nets and we’re still on serve.

  25. - Federer 3-3 – Del Potro opens with a big serve up the middle and follows it up with a second ace. Federer twice nets and the Argentine holds to love.

  26. - Federer 3-2 – Federer races to the game with four big serves, none of which Del Potro can get back in court. Quick hold.

  27. - Federer 2-2 – Del Potro thunders down two big first serves to race to 30-0 but Federer chips and charges successfully to reduce the arrears. A big forehand winner and netted Federer forehand and we’re level again.

  28. - Federer 2-1 – Good pressure from Del Potro and Federer nets a backhand after a long baseline exchange. The Argentine challenges a forehand called out and it is just wide, giving Federer the second point. Federer nets a forehand to put himself under pressure but follows up a lovely kick serve with a forehand winner. A big first serve and Del Potro forehand error gets Federer back ahead again.

  29. - Federer 1-1 – Federer applies good early pressure with a nice backhand return but then nets a cheeky attempted backhand slice drop shot. Federer challenges a backhand pass after a chip charge but Hawkeye saw it clip the line. A big Del Potro forehand gives him two game points and the Argentine hits long before securing the game with a first ace.

  30. - Federer 1-0 – Fed hits a forehand wide after a long opening baseline exchange but gets on par with a good first serve. Two more good first serves and Federer gets two game points. He misses a very makeable smash by his standards but a wrong footing forehand gives him the opening game.

  31. - Federer to serve.

  32. 14.10 - Del Potro has won the toss and chose to receive.

  33. 14.05 - The players are walking out to the usual funky music at the 02 Arena. Not long to go now and in a couple of hours or so we’ll know the semi finals line-up

  34. 13.55 - Play is due to start shortly and with Del Potro almost certainly needing victory to progress, we should be in for an absolute treat here. Send me your thoughts on the match on twitter @fmasefield.

  35. 13.50 - Federer goes into today’s match as the strong favourite. He has a 13-3 winning record against Del Potro but Del Potro won their last meeting in the final of the Swiss indoors in Basel. He also won in their only other meeting in the ATP World Tour Finals in London in 2009, shortly after he beat Federer to claim the US Open title.

  36. 13.45 - If Del Potro loses but wins one set he could still progress if Ferrer loses the evening match in straight sets. But if Ferrer also loses in three sets, he and Del Potro would be tied on wins and losses and sets for and against. It would then go down to games won to determine who progresses.

  37. 13.40 - Should Federer win, he will face Andy Murray, who finished second in Group A behind Novak Djokovic. Del Potro could still possibly win the group if he beats Federer in straight sets and have a better winning sets ratio than Federer. If that happens, he will play Andy Murray in the semi final.

  38. 13.35 - Federer has already qualified for the semi finals after beating David Ferrer on Thursday but Del Potro must beat Federer and hope that Janko Tipsarevic beats Ferrer in the evening match to progress.

  39. 13.30 - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the Group B match between Roder Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro from London’s O2 Arena.

Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Juan Martín Del Potro

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 23/09/1988
Height 1.98 m
Weight 97 kg

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