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Li Na - Agnieszka Radwanska Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ChinaN Li76---
PolandA Radwanska53---

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  1. - - That makes it three quarter-finals and three loses for Radwanska at the Australian Open. Li, meanwhile, is through to her third semi-final in Melbourne where she will face the winner between Maria Sharapova and Ekatrina Makarova

  2. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 3-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! A tight game from Li as Radwanska earns herself two break back point. The first goes begging when the Pole puts a backhand just marginally long of the baseline and so does the second when the Chinese hits through the ball much more cleanly. A backhand long down the line from the Pole hands Li a first match point. And one is all it takes, Radwanska sending another backhand long.

  3. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 3-5 - Radwanska wafts her racquet at backhand volley, somehow cajouling it over the net for a winner. And she goes on to hold with a cross court backhand winner that at least forces Li to serve out the match

  4. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 2-5 - Li batters another backhand winner down the line to bring up three game points. She puts her next backhand into the net to hand Radwanska a point but the Chinese does go on to hold with a cross court forehand that the Pole can only hit into the net. Radwanska, who has been broken in each of her last two service games, will have to serve to stay in the match after the change of ends...

  5. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 2-4 - BREAK! This is the best of Li Na now as she produces a forehand winner down the line followed by a forehand drive volley winner across court to bring up three more break points. Too easy for Li as she crunches a backhand return of serve winner down the line to secure the break and take her fourth consecutive game in this set

  6. - - The first set in this match was the first set that Radwanska has dropped in 2013, by the way, the Pole winning both of her titles, in Auckland and in Sydney, without dropping a set. She has also won each of her first four matches in Melbourne without dropping a set.

  7. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 2-3 - Radwanska sends an off-balance forehand just marginally long of the baseline to hand Li a point to hold and go ahead for the first time in this set. And Li takes full advantage, keeping Radwanska pinned deep on the baseline and waiting until the Pole hits a low forehand into the net

  8. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 2-2 - BREAK! Lovely speed up to the net from Li as she rattles off a backhand winner down the line to bring up two break back points. Radwanska concedes on the first though, sending her inside-out cross court forehand long of the baseline

  9. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 2-1 - Better from Li as she makes a couple of trips into the net and comes away with volley winners on both occasions. She is off the mark in this second set, albeit still a break down

  10. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 2-0 - A blistering start to this second set from Radwanska as she brings up three game points with a stunning, angled cross court forehand drop shot winner across court. And she quickly wraps up the hold that cements the break. Li has yet to win a point in this set

  11. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 1-0 - BREAK! Not a great start to the second set from Li as she throws in a series of poor points to hand Radwanska three early break points. But only one is needed by the Pole as she breaks to love when Li sends a forehand long

  12. - - That first set took 66 minutes, which is longer than pretty much any of Maria Sharapova's matches so far in this tournament. Sharapova takes on Ekaterina Makarova later on to decide who faces the winner of this clash.

  13. - - RADWANSKA 5-7 - SET! Absolutely outstanding defence from Radwanska extends the point to another 25-plus stroke rally. But in the end, despite Radwanska guessing the right direction on a Li smash, the Chinese does seal the set when even the Pole's defence finally breaks down with an off-balance backhand into the net

  14. - - Radwanska does just enough with a high backhand volley that Li can only send her cross corut forehand wide into the tramlines. That would have brought up a set point for Li. Still, she doesn't have to wait long, a sliced forehand drop shot from Radwanska being duly punished for a winner down the line. Radwanska saves it with a brilliant point, marching into the net and finding a foehand volley winner. But she puts a backhand volley on the next point to give Li a second chance...

  15. - - RADWANSKA 5-6 - Li produces a magnificent cross court backhand winner on an acute angle to bring up a game point to hold. But Radwanska quickly levels up with an equally good backhand approach shot down the line. But Li steadies the ship to hold and Radwanska, having only served for the set a couple of games ago, will now have to serve to stay in it

  16. - - RADWANSKA 5-5 - BREAK! Much, much better again from Li as she sets up three break back points with a very smooth cross court forehand passing shot winner. And just like Radwanska before her, Li secures the break at the first attempt, landing a great backhand return right on to the baseline

  17. - - RADWANSKA 5-4 - BREAK! Whether or not the sun making an appearance put Li off her service rhythm or not, Radwanska puts in a masterful game and earns herself three more break points with a dipping backhand passing shot that Li can only volley back into the net. Radwanska breaks on the first one though, the longest rally of the match (26 strokes) ending with a forehand into the net from Li after huge pressure from the Pole

  18. - - RADWANSKA 4-4 - A brilliant sliced backhand drop from Radwanska followed by an absolutely sublime backhand lob across court that goes for a winner, helps the Pole on her way to a three game points. But she only needs the one, firing an ace down the centre of the court to seal it

  19. - - RADWANSKA 3-4 - Much better from Li as she holds for the first time since the opening game of the match. The Chinese sixth seed has four forehand winners to her name compared with none from Radwanska and it is again a forehand that makes the difference in that game, a winner down the line (after she had run round the ball) bringing up the game point for Li

  20. - - RADWANSKA 3-3 - BREAK! Two more uncharacteristic errors from Radwanska allow Li to level at 30-30 and she quickly (in so much as anything is quick in this match) converts that to a break back point with a forehand winner off a shorter ball. And once again she does break, another cross court forehand winner doing the trick. It's back on serve again

  21. - - RADWANSKA 3-2 - BREAK! The Pole has had a break point in every Li service game so far. But Radwanska is beginning to get frustrated as she struggles to take advantage of them, Li saving yet another one with a backhand winner across court. But a forehand into the net from the Chinese hands Radwanska and this time she does re-establish her break advantage as Li sends a backhand just marginally wide down the line

  22. - - RADWANKSA 2-2 - BREAK! A couple of better points from Li as she finds better depth with her forehand to go 0-15 up and then riffles a backhand passing shot winner down the line to go 0-30 up. A double fault from the Pole hands Li three immediate break back points. But she only needs the one as Radwanska sends another ball into the net to concede her early lead

  23. - RADWANSKA 2-1 - BREAK! Li is taking an absolute age between points but Radwanska is refusing to let it yet to here and then frustrating her in the rallies by keeping them long. The Pole earns herself another break point, Li sending a forehand long down the line. She slaps a backhand into the net to squander it but quickly gets a second chance. And this time Radwanska does break, Li hitting into the net yet again. Too many errors from Li so far.

  24. - - RADWANSKA 1-1 - A quicker service hold for Radwanska (quicker, but hardly quick at six minutes) as the Pole holds from 30-30 with a slightly better drop shot. At least this time she gets the drop shot over the net, although it sits up for Li. The Chinese really should have done better than to hit into the net, but Radwanska had already guessed where the ball was going and was on the move, which may have distracted Li

  25. - - We've already got a bit of disagreement on Twitter with Glenn Jennings (@GlennJennings) thinking Radwanska will win because of the form she is in - unbeaten in 13 matches this year with two titles already to her name. CJ Martin (@MachismoSport), meanwhile, believes that Li will come through as victor because of the huge amount of support she has in Melbourne.

  26. - - That first game took 12 minutes. 12! Settle in for a lengthy one folks, a lengthy one with plenty of long, long rallies!

  27. - - RADWANSKA 0-1 - Radwanska gets a second chance though, Li sending a backhand long, but again she cannot take advantage of it - the Pole slicing a poor backhand drop shot into the net despite having Li completely on the run. And eventually Li goes on to hold with a forehand volley.

  28. - - Li makes a confident start to the match and puts away a cross court backhand winner to go 30-0 up. But Radwanska levels up first at 30-30 and then also deuce with lengthy rallies that both end in her favour. Both players struggling to win two points in a row as Aga earns herself an early break point after another long rally. She just can't quite take advantage though, doing well to guess the right side of Li's smash but not quite getting it back over the net...

  29. - - The players are just about ready to go and it will be Li Na to kick things off after she won the toss and elected to serve first...

  30. - - It's a little overcast in Melbourne today while the temperature is currently around the 20 degrees mark. It is set to get a fair bit hotter later on but for now it is perfect tennis weather.

  31. - - Radwanska and Li are waiting for the time to walk out on to Rod Laver, stretching in the tunnels under the stadium and having a bit of a chat. They both look incredibly relaxed and are even sharing a joke or two!

  32. - - Any predictions? Any questions? Why not get in touch on Twitter. I'll be here not only for this match but also for the whole of the day session on day nine of the Australian Open. Follow on Twitter @pippawdavis

  33. - - Don't forget that this match, like every other single's match left in the tournament, is available to watch in full on the Eurosport Player. Just click here to subscribe.

  34. - - Their most recent meeting, however, came just over a week ago in the Sydney semi-finals when Radwanska, unbeaten so far in 2013, triumphed in two comprehensive sets. That result went 6-3 6-4 in favour of the Pole for her first hard-court victory over the Chinese player

  35. - - These two have met each other nine times in the past four years with Li leading the head-to-heads by five wins to four. Li won four three of their four meetings in 2012, with Radwanska's only victory coming on the clay in Stuttgart

  36. - - Hello and welcome to the first of the women's quarter-finals between world number four Agnieszka Radwanska and sixth seed Li Na

Na Li

Nationality CHN
Date of Birth 26/02/1982
Height 1.72 m
Weight 65 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.73 m
Weight 56 kg

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