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Caroline Wozniacki - Svetlana Kuznetsova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationS Kuznetsova627--
DENC Wozniacki265--

Live Comments

  1. - - Next up for Kuznetsova will be a clash against either world number one and defending champion Victoria Azarenka or fellow Russian Elena Vesnina. Those two are up on Rod Laver next. Full women's drawsheet

  2. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 5-7 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Some huge hitting from the Russian quickly earns her two match points. But just the one will do, a big first serve putting the Dane on the back foot and from there it is an easy put away on the backhand winner down the line from up at the net.

  3. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 5-6 - BREAK! Kuznetsova dinks another deft backhand drop shot over the net, this time off the volley, and it sees her edge ahead 0-30 on the Wozniacki serve. The Russian then unleashes a fearsome inside out cross court forehand winner that lands right on the line (confirmed by a hawkeye challenge from Wozniacki). The first goes begging when she hits a forehand into the net, as does the second. But she does break at the second attempt with a huge second serve return

  4. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 5-5 - A great second serve from Kuznetsova followed by a huge forehand across court and a cute sliced backhand drop shot (from up at the net) rescues Kuznetsova at 15-30 down. She then moves ahead with a huge cross court forehand winner. And it's another forehand that seals the game for the Russian as Wozniacki sends her reply into the net

  5. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 5-4 - Wozniacki saves a first break point with a cracking backhand volley winner across court and then also a second, while Kuznetsova wastes a third with a forehand that whistles long of the baseline down the line. And Wozniacki goes on to hold when Kuznetsova sends consecutive backhands out - one long and one wide. Kuznetsova will have to serve to stay in the match after the change of ends

  6. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 4-4 - Wozniacki appears to be in control of the longest rally of the match so far, 29 shots, only for Kuznetsova to turn defence into attack with a perfect lob and go on to win the point. And from there the Russian holds to level up once again

  7. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 4-3 - Wozniacki holds to sneak out in front once again, a forehand approach shot doing the damage as Kuznetsova fails to land her forehand passing shot. Both of these two players have won 76 points, with Wozniacki just the one game ahead - on serve in the final set

  8. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 3-3 - Wozniacki is left furious when Kuznetsova is handed an outright point after a hawkeye challenge. Her serve was called out but she challenged and the ball was shown to be in. Wozniacki, however, believes that the point should be replayed as she had a racquet to the ball, returning it into the net. It does seem a little harsh on the Dane and she is even more frustrated when Kuznetsova goes on to hold and level up

  9. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 3-2 - Wozniacki recovers her rhythm on serve and holds to 15 to sneak back out in front, albeit it on serve. Kuznetsova has now called for the trainer for the change of ends, to attend some strapping on her left foot

  10. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 2-2 - BREAK! Wozniacki is furious with herself for squandering three break back points and throws her racquet to the ground in disgust. Although to be fair to the Dane, Kuznetsova played brilliantly well on all of the break points. It seems to work though, as Wozniacki immediately earns herself a fourth chance with an angled cross court backhand winner and this time she does break back when Kuznetsova sends a backhand wide down the line

  11. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 1-2 - BREAK! A sublime kicker serve out wide from Wozniacki gets her out of a potential spot of bother at 15-15 but Kuznetsova is quick to apply the pressure again, running around the ball and firing a forehand winner down the line on her way to setting up a break point. And, cool as you like, she takes it, a forehand down the line doing the damage for the Russian as Wozniacki fails to deal with it

  12. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 1-1 - Kuznetsova races through a love service hold to open her third set account and keep things on level terms

  13. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 1-0 - Wozniacki does well to deal with the lengthy delay and hold, despite losing the opening point of the game. She bounces back with a couple of great serves before going on to hold when Kuznetosva sends a forehand long

  14. - - Kuznetsova has taken a lengthy comfort break at the end of that second set, going off to change her dress and she is taking an absolute age to get back on to court for the start of the third set as she has a sit down and a drink of water. And finally she gets a warning for a time violation.

  15. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 6-2 - SET! Anything you can do ... Wozniacki crunches a forehand return of serve winner of her own off a shorter serve from Kuznetsova on her way to bringing up three set points. The first goes begging when she slices a backhand volley just long while Kuznetsova saves the second with a great first serve. But Wozniacki finally seals the set on the third when Kuznetsova puts a defensive backhand into the net

  16. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 5-2 - BREAK! A nervy serve of just 73mph from Wozniacki is duly punished by Kuznetsova, who rattles a forehand winner down the line in response. It brings up three break back points for the Russian but she only needs the one, Wozniacki failing to land her forehand - instead sending it long. Kuznetsova has one of the breaks back

  17. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 5-1 - BREAK! Kuznetsova ends a building rally with a backhand into the net to hand Wozniacki two more break points. But she only needs the one, the Russian sending another backhand long of the baseline to concede her serve for a second time. Wozniacki will now have a chance to serve out this second set

  18. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 4-1 - Wozniacki comes under a bit more pressure on serve than she has so far this set but she comes through it with a hold to 30, completing the game with an ace - her first of the match - straight down the centre of the court

  19. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 3-1 - A love service hold from Kuznetsova to get things back on track. She's still the break down though in this set then

  20. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 3-0 - Much, much better from Wozniacki on serve as she eases through a hold to 15, Kuznetsova putting her forehand return into the net to end the game, and consolidate the break in favour of the Dane

  21. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 2-0 - BREAK! Kuznetsova appears to have lost her focus slightly in this game as she mis-times a regulartion forehand approach shot into the net to hand to hand Wozniacki a break point. And another forehand into the net, this time from out wide rather than from the centre of the court, and the Dane has the breakthrough early in this second set

  22. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 1-0 - In contrast to the forehand, Wozniacki's backhand can keep her in this match, the Dane getting herself out of a potential spot of bother with a backhand winner down the line. It brings up a game point and from there she goes on to secure an important hold

  23. - - WOZNIACKI 2-6 - SET! Wozniacki has nothing on the forehand wing that can hurt Kuznetsova, the power just isn't there compared with the Russian's. It is another quick and easy service hold for Kuznetsova to seal the set, another trip into the net doing the business as she dinks a deft forehand volley winner just over the net finishing things off

  24. - - WOZNIACKI 2-5 - BREAK! The Dane is clearly getting a little frustrated now as an 82mph second serve is swatted away by Kuznetsova for a cross court forehand winner. Things only go from bad to worse from there as the Russian is quick to earn herself another break point. It's a break point she quickly takes advantage of, Wozniacki sending a cross court forehand wide to concede her serve for a second time. Kuznetsova has the double break and will serve for the set after the change of ends

  25. - - WOZNIACKI 2-4 - Kuznetsova shows off the best of her doubles skills in the first point of the game as she races into the net and buries a technically perfect backhand volley in the open court. In fact, the only blip in the game, is a double fault. But it comes when she is 40-0 up and she quickly recovers to hold with a big serve that Wozniacki can not get back into play

  26. - - WOZNIACKI 2-3 - Kuznetsova is all over the Wozniacki second serve and she quickly earns herself two more break points. But what a difference a first serve makes, the Dane saving them both behind first serves that Kuznetsova cannot return in play. And another first serve sees the 10th seed hold, when Kuznetsova again pulls her return wide across court

  27. - - WOZNIACKI 1-3 - But once again she fails to take advantage, dropping her backhand short and allowing Kuznetsova the room to power back a winner. And the Russian goes on to hold with a foray into the net, which ends with a backhand volley winner

  28. - - Wozniacki does all the hard work to force her way into the net only to fail in balancing herself before playing the backhand volley, a mistake which results in the ball dropping long. It's a massive let-off for Kuznetsova, who was 0-30 down, and she follows it with an ace to level up. A forehand long offers the Dane an immediate chance to get back on level terms. She squanders it with a backand wide but a backhand approach shot winner earns her a second chance...

  29. - - WOZNIACKI 1-2 - BREAK! And this time Kuznetsova break, ghosting into the net behind a low sliced backhand down the centre of the court, and easily putting away with the resulting forehand volley

  30. - - Kuznetsova steps inside the court and dismissively slaps a fearsome backhand down the line for a winner, off a decent cross court backhand from Wozniacki. And she repeats hte same trick off the forehand wing on the next point. A rattled Wozniacki then slaps down a double fault to hand the Russian an early break point. The Dane save it after a 21 shot rally but after four deuces she sends a forehand long to hand Kuznetsova another chance...

  31. - - WOZNIACKI 1-1 - Kuznetsova has been on great form since the start of the year, she missed almost six months of 2012 with injury, and she has also started in a confident manner today. She drops just the one point in her opening service hold of the match, firing an ace down the centre of the court to seal the game

  32. - - WOZNIACKI 1-0 - A confident opening start from Wozniacki as she holds to love, working her way into the net and producing a slightly lucky forehand volley winner to seal the game. She actually framed that last ball into the open court, and apologises after winning the point, but she already had Kuznetsova on the run and it was an easy put-away for the Dane

  33. - - Play is ready to go on Rod Laver with Caroline Wozniacki having won the toss and opted to serve first ...

Caroline Wozniacki

Nationality DEN
Date of Birth 11/07/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 63 kg

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 27/06/1985
Height 1.74 m
Weight 73 kg

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