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Heather Watson - Agnieszka Radwanska Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
PolandA Radwanska66---
United KingdomH Watson31---

Live Comments

  1. - - So a step too far for Watson today in the form of world number four Agnieszka Radwanska but overall a very good tournament for the 20-year-old Brit who will be comfortably inside the top 50 when the new rankings are released after the Australian Open ends

  2. - - WATSON 3-6 1-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! A stunning forehand down the line on the run from Watson helps her bring up two break back points. Radwanksa saves them both (the first with a huge forehand and the second with a sliced forehand. She also saves a third with an ace before going on to complete the match when Watson's forehand catches the top of tape and fails to go over the net.

  3. - - WATSON 3-6 1-5 - Watson does avoid the bagel set with a very solid hold to 15, dropping that one point on a stretched lob which drifts just long after she had done very well to get up to a cracking drop shot from Radwanska. The Pole will serve for the match next though

  4. - - WATSON 3-6 0-5 - Radwanska races through a quick service hold to leave herself potentially just one game away from the fourth round. Watson will have to serve next to avoid a bagel second set and to keep this match alive

  5. - - WATSON 3-6 0-4 - BREAK! Things are getting away from Watson fast now as Radwanska breaks again for the loss of just the one point, Watson putting a routine forehand into the net to concede the game. Watson is not playing badly as such, as he backhand passing shot winner shows, but she just can't quite deal with Radwanska's pace on a consistent basis today

  6. - - WATSON 3-6 0-3 - Watson bounced her racquet in frustration at the end of that last game but this time she is just left hanging her head in despair after putting a forehand into the net to help Radwanska hold. That comes immediately after a cracking backhand passing shot winner which gave the Brit hope

  7. - - WATSON 3-6 0-2 - BREAK! After a delay so Radwanska can have some attention to her hand which she has scraped during the previous game, the Pole comes up with an oustanding pick-up off a vicious cross court backhand from Watson. The Brit recovers with a huge forehand but Radwanska earns herself two break points with a huge point and a smash winner. And she does break when Watson sends a cross court forehand wide. Having held her first two games, Watson has now been broken the last four times.

  8. - - WATSON 3-6 0-1 - Another fine running forehand pass from Watson ends with a stretching Radwanska hitting into the net and handing the Brit an early break point in this second set. Watson fails to take advantage of it, going for too much on the second serve return and hitting wide. She gets a second chance with a smash winner but Radwanska saves it with an audacious sliced drop shot. And then she goes on to hold with a forehand winner down the line from way out wide

  9. - - WATSON 3-6 - SET! Watson is moving up to the net at every available opportunity but unfortunately for her Radwanska's defence is rock solid and, despite a great first volley from the Brit, she is pushed back for a tricky smash which she can only return into the net. It hands the Pole a first set point and sure enough she takes it, pushing Watson back and drawing a backhand error down the line. Radwanska has the first set

  10. - - WATSON 3-5 - BREAK! A much more agressive return of serve from Watson sets up two break back points to get one of the breaks back. And sure enough the Brit does break back, a backhand return of serve deep being played back into the net by Radwanska. Watson will still have to serve to stay in this opening set though

  11. - - WATSON 2-5 - BREAK! Radwanska is having real success with the forehand down the line as she finds a winner to bring up three more break points (she took both the first two points with passing shot winners). But only the one break point is needed this time as Watson slaps down her second double fault

  12. - - WATSON 2-4 - Watson takes the first point of the game with a running forehand passing shot winner rattled across court but that is it for the Brit as Radwanska goes on to hold and consolidate the break after a forehand wide from Watson

  13. - - WATSON 2-3 - BREAK! Watson quickly finds herself three break points down after a backhand drive volley into the net and two winners from Radwanska. The Brit saves the first with a great forehand volley and inside out smash winner onto the sideline, and then also the second with a big forehand that Radwanska can only return long. But Radwanska takes advantage of the third, riffling a forehand winner down the line to break

  14. - - WATSON 2-2 - Watson gets a little lucky with a net cord on her forehand drop volley but she follows it up with a cracking cross court forehand passing shot to earn herself two break points. But Radwanska saves them both - the first with a huge serve out wide and the second with a cross court forehand deep into the corner - and then goes on to hold and deny Watson

  15. - - WATSON 2-1 - Much more confident on serve from Watson as she posts a love service hold of her own, Radwanska taking an age to challenge Watson's serve on the final point only for hawkeye to show the ball caught the back of the line

  16. - - WATSON 1-1 - Radwanska races through a love service game to open her account, Watson going for a few of her shots too soon and ending up paying the right - an ill-advised backhand drop shot which ends up in the net, and a forehand wide off the shorter ball

  17. - - WATSON 1-0 - Radwanska moves Watson around the court from the very first game, pushing her wide for the forehand, drawing her up to the net with the drop shot and then sending her tracking back with a lob volley winner. But Watson battles back from 0-30 down before holding with a beautiful backhand passing shot winner, delicately played across court.

  18. - - But Watson has been making note of that in her pre-match interviews, saying she didn't go into that match with the right game-plan and that is she is going to go into this match planning to play with more control and with more patience. She has also been saying she is more confident in her game.

  19. - - It's a big ask for Watson today taking on world number four Radwanska. They have met once before, at Wimbledon last year, when Aga triumphed 6-2 6-0 in a very quick and easy no fuss match

Heather Watson

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 19/05/1992
Height 1.7 m
Weight 63 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.73 m
Weight 56 kg

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  1. HA HA HA . watson showed us what she is S@ITE . you­ poms suck at tennis but i suppose that you will be­ giving watson a cbe for getting this far . not many­ poms writing in today , sore losers i suppose .­ hypocrites i say . stop wasting money on these lesbians­ . they will never win a grand slam .

    From pod, on Fri 18 Jan 13:36
  2. Clinical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Krzysztof, on Fri 18 Jan 9:59
  3. A very poor performance by Watson. It should have been­ better. An excellent perform by Radwanska. Better luck­ next time.

    From Apoel, on Fri 18 Jan 6:46
  4. To good Bad luck Heather !!!!!!!!! While I was watching­ the match and listening to the commenst by the­ commentators about British tennis. They say that LTA­ are getting more is involved in producing Juniors.­ Well I am sorry to say that is well but what happens­ after Junior. The LTA is a money making business and­ its difficult to recieve help from LTA unless you are­ at the top 5 National. Well I am sorry to say that­ there are players out there who are talented and can­ make it with other countries if they recieved­ help,advice and funding. I could go on forever and­ explain how LTA are getting it so wrong. I know because­ I have been helping my son for eight years and he is­ now 16 and has started doing International tournaments­ and can you imagine how expensive that is. But I feel­ if I dont give him a chance than no one else will. I­ work 12 hours a day to keep him in Tennis. Well good­ luck to British Tennis cause they need it.

    From MARK, on Fri 18 Jan 1:52
  5. What about: Good luck Heather and Aga. Hope the match­ will be exciting. Plus congratulations for Robson, of­ course.

    From bogdanintheuk, on Thu 17 Jan 22:30
  6. Come on Aga. Heather is good, it's true.but your­ better. show her you best. good luck!

    From Paulina, on Thu 17 Jan 21:16
  7. Good luck Aga!

    From Maria, on Thu 17 Jan 18:36
  8. Good luck Heather!!

    From Dee G, on Thu 17 Jan 16:29
  9. Agree, in a great run of form Aga but so is Watson so­ tough match. Looking at the last 11 results, to be­ honest the only win worth noting was La Ni - apart form­ that she hasnt played anyone worth mentioning.... 11­ victories on the bounce is good though I agree....

    From John, on Thu 17 Jan 16:16
  10. Congrats for last match! Now will be tough match­ against Watson :) C'mon Agnieszka you can do it!­ You in the form 11matches without losing a set! Show­ her school tennis!

    From Krzysztof, on Thu 17 Jan 11:22
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