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Serena Williams - Ayumi Morita Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams66---
JapanA Morita13---

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  1. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 6-3 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Serena squanders a first match point with a routine forehand long but she makes no such mistake on the second, sending a brutal backhand return of serve over the net with added power than the serve. Next up for Serena will be that clash with Maria Kirilenko.

  2. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 5-3 - Serena races through a love service hold when Morita fails to land a single return and that leaves the Japanese player serving to stay in the match

  3. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 4-3 - BREAK! A first break point goes begging for Serena when she hits a cross court forehand into the net, while she also squanders a second with a huge backhand return wide down the line but she gets herself a third chance when Morita's cross court forehand goes wide. And this time she does break, forcing Morita to hit a backhand wide across court after a lengthy rally

  4. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 3-3 - Much better from Serena again on serve as she holds to love, throwing in an ace in the process, to fully get things back on track

  5. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 2-3 - BREAK! A forehand just long of the baseline from Morita (could have been worth a challenge that one but the Japanese doesn't make one) brings up three break back points for Serena. And only one is needed as Morita goes for a backhand winner down the line only to send the ball well wide

  6. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 1-3 - Serena is left exasperated when another of her forehands ends up in the net. And on the next point she looks far from solid at the net. But she does eventually get it done with a forehand volley to seal the hold

  7. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 0-3 - Despite a stunning cross court backhand winner from Serena, Morita holds to cement the early break in this second set. Serena is still struggling to control her ground-strokes and sends a backhand sailing long down the line on Morita's first game point

  8. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 0-2 - BREAK! Wow, Serena could barely find the court in that game for some reason, sending a forehand wide down the line to hand Morita a break point before then hitting long to concede her serve

  9. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 0-1 - The is a general cheer go up around the Rod Laver Arena as Morita stops the rot to hold with a great forehand winner.

  10. - - WILLIAMS 6-1 - SET! Serena batters down a 207kph (128mph) ace down the centre of the court to bring up three set points. She promptly follows it with a double fault to gift Morita a point but it's only a temporary blip and Serena wraps up the set at the second attempt with a forehand that Morita can only return into the net

  11. - - WILLIAMS 5-1 - BREAK! The return was just coming back at Morita too fast in that last game as Serena battered a couple of forehands and the Japanese player hit long to hand Williams another couple of break points. But again only one is needed as Morita hits into the net to concede her serve

  12. - - WILLIAMS 4-1 - Williams is beginning to look very comfortable now as she holds with ease to consolidate the break, Morita getting a little unlucky on the first game point when her forehand catches the top of the tape and bounces wide

  13. - - WILLIAMS 3-1 - BREAK! That battling hold seems to have woken Serena up as she cranks it up a notch and immediately earns herself three break points. Only one is needed though and Serena does break with a forehand winner

  14. - - WILLIAMS - 2-1 Morita displays some pretty nifty movement to easily get up to a shorter ball from Serena and then also some good hands to dink a backhand half volley passing shot winner over the net. A forehand into the net from Serena and then also a backhand long and a double hand Morita an early break point. Serena saves it with an ace and also a second with a forehand winner before going on to hold with a backhand half-volley winner

  15. - - WILLIAMS 1-1 - Morita comes through a confidence-building opening service hold from deuce with a huge forehand that Serena can only return wide

  16. - - WILLIAMS 1-0 - Getting underway on Rod Laver now, Serena has eased through a comfortable opening service hold (after winning the toss). She worked her way into the net on the first of her two game points and did enough to threaten the Japanese world number 72, who promptly put a forehand into the net

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Ayumi Morita

Nationality JPN
Date of Birth 11/03/1990
Height 1.64 m
Weight 54 kg

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  1. Chas poor you and your tennis assessment knowledge...

    From Pedro, on Sat 19 Jan 6:39
  2. Serena is not play well is win .she got gift. From got

    From Mag, on Sat 19 Jan 3:55
  3. chas lindstrom get a life why dont you

    From Charles, on Sat 19 Jan 3:54
  4. MORITA is packing.

    From CircemEt, on Sat 19 Jan 3:53
  5. @Chas. Who is moving whom?

    From CircemEt, on Sat 19 Jan 3:52
  6. Serena 6-0 6-0

    From Din, on Sat 19 Jan 2:43
  7. this is like david going up against goliath. but who­ knows? maybe the much smaller morita will be a giant­ slayer. azarenka was beaten by hampton in the second­ set. anything can happen in tennis.

    From emerita, on Sat 19 Jan 2:42
  8. Whoever does not love does not know GOD,bcause GOD is­ love 1Jonh 4 vs 8.Love your neighbor as yourself Mark­ 12 vs 31 not hate.

    From Patience, on Fri 18 Jan 23:41
  9. i think morita will loss

    From Johnpaul, on Fri 18 Jan 22:25
  10. I think Serena will beat her. That's for sure

    From IveH, on Fri 18 Jan 13:10
  11. easy win for serena! congrats to her in advance! she­ has to atleast make it to the semifinals!

    From Sam parikh, on Fri 18 Jan 10:47
  12. Funny but true Mate like it!!!!!!!!!

    From Dave, on Fri 18 Jan 7:10
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