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Lleyton Hewitt - Janko Tipsarevic Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
J Tipsarevic776--
AustraliaL Hewitt653--

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  1. - - Hewitt has certainly played some fine tennis tonight for a home crowd, but will be disappointed to lose a match that he had the potential to win in his current form. Tipsarevic meanwhile, has secured his place in the second round. The eighth seed is yet to survive the first week at Melbourne Park so his focus will be on keeping the consistency up in the next rounds.

  2. - - TIPSAREVIC - 7-6, 7-5, 6-3 - GAME, SET & MATCH: Tipsarevic is starting to grunt, a possible sign of fatigue, but Hewitt is still making unforced errors here and there that aren’t allowing him to take advantage. Cross-court play is run of the mill in this match and Tipsarevic is proving a master, running down a seemingly unhittable ball and sending it full of top spin back to the right almost in line with the net.

  3. - - TIPSAREVIC - 7-6, 7-4, 5-3 - An extremely dull point that could be mistaken for a practice hit is followed by magic from Hewitt, who utilises a forehand across court to put Tipsarevic off balance before switching targets and putting a fine drive deep in back left pocket. He attempts the same move again but Tipsarevic is there this time, sending is straight down just inside the tramlines.

  4. - - HEWITT - 6-7, 5-6, 3-3 - Controversy! Hewitt fires up after Tipsarevic challenges a line call. He tells the referee: "He'd already missed the shot! He looked at his team before he looked to you, mate." The score goes to deuce, and Hewitt converts the advantage.

  5. - - HEWITT 6-7, 5-7, 2-3 - BREAK! In the first point Tipsarevic challenges a sideline shot that was called out, and clearly was. He has two challenges remaining. Hewitt is up 40-15, but he can’t get to a brilliant Tipsarevic left-corner drive early enough to do anything more than lob it high for his opponent to smash to the other side. It’s a moot point anyway (mind the pun), because Hewitt follows it with a deep left forehand that has hit the back wall before Tipsarevic is even there.

  6. - - HEWITT - 6-7, 5-7, 1-3 - Hewitt holds serve but he's on back foot after Tipsarevic broke his serve. Can he do it in five sets?

  7. - - TIPSAREVIC - 7-6, 7-5, 1-0 - Hewitt is in trouble here and the 'Comeback King' needs to turn the scoreboard around. Despite Tipsarevic’s world ranking of nine to his 81, Hewitt has been successful three out of the four times the pair have faced each other. On the back of his Kooyong Classic win he would have been confident entering this match.

  8. - - TIPSAREVIC 7-6, 7-5 - Hewitt is in the delicate situation of producing first faults when serving to stay in a set, and having to rely on a weaker second serve. Hewitt gets the advantage and scientific in the manner he is placing the ball to make Tipsarevic run. But Tipsarevic fires a winner down the left line to secure the deuce advantage. A similarly brilliant ball to the right line is enough to clinch the game, and set. This is unbelievably good tennis, quarter-final material.

  9. - - TIPSAREVIC - 7-6, 6-5 - Tipsarevic holds serve without a problem. It’s tough to call this match.

  10. - - Hewitt challenges a baseline call in the next point, but the replay shows the shot doesn’t even touch the line, and Tipsarevic claims the games off advantage.

  11. - - TIPSAREVIC - 7-6, 5-5 - Tipsarevic gets his slice out again, Hewitt chopping them back as the pair both stay in the baseline safe zone. Hewitt breaks the stalemate, sending a backhand just wide, before coming back to deuce with a fine backhand that lands on Tipsarevic’s left-hand line. Tipsarevic places a shot so low it barely scrapes over the net, and nearly out of reach of Hewitt, who amazingly stretches to it, only to see it fly into to the net.

  12. - - TIPSAREVIC - 7-6, 4-5 - And the Serbian player does just that, securing his service game to love but still leaving himself with the disconcerting challenge of breaking Hewitt.

  13. - - HEWITT - 6-7, 5-3 - Back on Rod Laver Arena, Tipsarevic has clawed back into the second set, but Hewitt is making him, pushing him beyond the baseline and calmly putting his lobs over the net where he can't get them. Tipsarevic needs to hold serve now or it's set to Hewitt.

  14. - TIPSAREVIC 7-6, 1-3 - BREAK! The last three games must have galvanised Tipsarevic, who comes out blazing to go up 40-0 on Hewitt's serve. But it's not for long, as Hewitt drop volleys a shot that Tipsarevic can't get too, before his Serbian counterpart gives Hewitt the deuce with a long unforced error. He pulls back again to take the advantage, and starts to get his slice out, against Hewitt's top spin. He finishes with a deep shot to the back back and the break is Tipsarevic's.

  15. - - HEWITT 6-7, 3-0 - BREAK! Hewitt holds serve comfortably in the second game, and it's up to Tipsarevic to not to let another break slip through his fingers. He lets the score gets to deuce, and practically gifts Hewitt another point for the advantage, before the Aussie takes another successful shot at the net. The home crowd goes, for want of a better word, wild.

  16. - HEWITT - 6-7, 1-0 - What a rally! Hewitt pounds to the baseline, Tipsarevic counters with blistering forehands. Back and forth, back and forth, until Tipsarevic looks like he's obliterated Hewitt with a deadly low backhand across the court. But Hewitt's reaction is swift and he's across the court and there to pop over a perfectly placed ball on the back right-hand line. First break of the match.

  17. - TIPSAREVIC – 7-6 (7-4) – SET! Hewitt finds his form again for a couple of points, but the serve goes back to Tipsarevic and he takes out the set.

  18. - - TIPSAREVIC - 6-3 - Hewitt’s starting to lose it here. By lose it I mean lose his rhythm, and his nerve. His opponent is powering the ball into the back court and the Aussie is only managing to lob them back over for Tipsarevic to smash. Hewitt challenges another line call of out which on replay was well in.

  19. - - TIPSAREVIC 4-2 - Tipsarevic is dominating the tie-break, leading 4-0, until Hewitt gets lucky on a second-service shot that hits the net and is lucky to pop over.

  20. - - TIPSAREVIC 6-6 - The pressure is on Tipsarevic to hold serve now, and he seems to be cracking down 0-30. But doesn't stay there for long, and after equalling the scores, Hewitt hits too far on the left-hand line. He challenges yet again but it's not to be, and Tipsarevic puts his next shot away down Hewitt's left court. Tie-break time!

  21. - - HEWITT 6-5 - Tipsarevic has the advantage after a fine baseline shot. Hewitt serves another ace that is called out, but challanges and it is upheld. This puts a spring in his step, and he grabs the advantage again before gracefully coming in to put the ball across the court where Tipsarevic has no chance.

  22. - - TIPSAREVIC 5-5 - Hewitt creeps into the net for a rare serve-volley moment, but Tipsarevic unloads a backhand that nips the net and shoots straight past him. Hewitt to serve.

  23. - - HEWITT 5-4 – A break here would secure a crucial first set for Hewitt. If Tipsarevic hold out, this match could easily go to five sets.

  24. - - HEWITT 4-3 - Hewitt is down 0-30 again but pulls it back as the pair have each other running all over the court. It’s always one of those skills in tennis of picking which way to go at the baseline, and Tipsarevic gets it wrong when a Hewitt shot lands in the left-hand corner. Tipsarevic challenges Hewitt’s ace but is overruled. Hewitt takes the game.

  25. - - TIPSAREVIC 3-3 - Tipsarevic seals the game with an ace. He will want to break Hewitt soon, who is in fine form and more consistent than we have seen him in a while.

  26. - - HEWITT 3-2 - You can feel the crowd behind Hewitt as the pair scrap this game out neck-and-neck. Hewitt finally secures the game via a deadly forehand smash that bounces straight over teh Serb's head.

  27. - - TIPSAREVIC 2-2 - Tipsarevic is missing quite a few of his first serves, but the ones that are going in are hitting the court in the corner pocket and Hewitt is on the back foot trying to return.

  28. - - HEWITT 2-1 - Hewitt looks close to giving Tipsarevic the first break, but pulls back off 0-30 with a deep cross-court shot into the back corner that Tipsarevic just can’t quite get to, and takes the game back without his Serbian opponent a point.

  29. - - 1-1 - Tipsarevic is pushing Hewitt to the baseline and producing some fine shots, which Hewitt is grinding away and at and returning. But attempts to hit too deep aren't paying off so far for the Aussie and he keeps smashing them out.

  30. - - HEWITT 1-0 - And we're off! Hewitt wraps up the first set on service! He corrected an unforced error into the net in the first point with a strong backhand down the line in the second. And a marvellous drop volley took him to 40-30, before he sealed the game of advantage.

  31. - - Two-time Grand Slam champion Lleyton Hewitt is on Rod Laver Arena for his 17th consecutive Australian Open against world No.9 Tipsarevic. Hewitt is in Melbourne after his Kooyong Classic success last week, having defeated the likes of Martin Del Potro, Tomas Berdych and Milos Raonic.

Lleyton Hewitt

Nationality AUS
Date of Birth 24/02/1981
Height 1.8 m
Weight 77 kg

Janko Tipsarevic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/06/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 83 kg

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