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Jérémy Chardy - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray666--
FranceJ Chardy412--

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  1. - - So Murray is through to the semi-finals without dropping a set. He has spent just eight hours on court in five matches and he awaits the winner between Roger Federer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who play in about an hour's time

  2. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 6-2 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Chardy hits a tired looking forehand into the net to hand Murray a first match point. And one is all that's need, Chardy mis-hitting a forehand that lands well long.

  3. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 5-2 - A first double from Murray hands Chardy a break back point. And the Frenchman does extend the match, finally getting a read on the Murray serve and sending his return for a winner. The Frenchman will still have to serve to stay in the match, after the change of ends, though

  4. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 5-1 - BREAK! Murray produces a stunning pick-up, flicking her wrist on a backhand with his back to the net after chasing the ball back. He loses the point after a backhand a couple of strokes later goes just wide. But Chardy hits into the net on the next point to hand Murray another break point. And this time he does get it, scampering around the baseline before working into the net and finding the winner. Murray will serve for the match next

  5. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 4-1 - Such are the high standards Murray currently sets for himself, he is even more annoyed when he puts a low forehand into the net. But that is the only point he drops of the game as he eases through another service hold

  6. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 3-1 - Chardy gets a little lucky when his cross court backhand catches the top of the tape and goes for the perfect drop shot. The Frenchman goes on to hold from there when Murray loops a forehand long of the baseline, much to the frustration of the Scot.

  7. - - Murray is very showcasing the very best of his movement around the court as he easily runs down a decent drop shot from Chardy and whips a forehand winner across court to level up at 30-30. And then, two points later, her riffles backhand winner down the line to level up at deuce. Murray ignores the tricky shadow moving across court, doing enough with a forehand across court at full stretch to earn himself another break point...

  8. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 3-0 - Murray races through another service hold to 15. Chardy has been completely unable to read the Murray serve today and is left flailing once again as the Scot fires down an unreturnable to hold

  9. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 2-0 - BREAK! Murray fails to get down low enough to a running backhand and instead puts an awkward looking shot into the bottom of the net. But he is given more help from Chardy, who is not looking good behind serve at all and Murray snatches the early break in this third set

  10. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 1-0 - Murray steps up inside the baseline and drills a backhand winner down the line to seal a very quick hold and get the third set underway

  11. - - MURRAY 6-4 6-1 - SET! Chardy saves the first with a forehand approach shot winner while the second goes begging for Murray when he puts a forehand return of serve long. But a shocking double fault from the Frenchman on the third hands Murray the second set

  12. - - An absolutely brutal forehand return of serve across court and right into the corner from Murray sees him take the first point of the game. And then also the second with an inside-out forehand winner across court - just in case you were wondering if he can do it in both directions. A forehand return down the line that Chardy lobs back long brings up three set points for the Scot...

  13. - - MURRAY 6-4 5-1 - Murray also saves the third before going on to bring up a game point of his own with a fourth ace. He quickly follows it with ace number five (challenged unsuccessfully by Chardy) to hold and the Frenchman will have to serve to stay in this second set

  14. - - Murray continues to be put off by the birds as he hesitates on serve, allowing Chardy to riffle a backhand return winner down the line. The Frenchman quickly goes 0-30 up after a forehand winner down the line. And Murray puts a forehand approach shot into the net to hand Chardy three break back points. The Scot saves the first with a blistering forehand passing shot winner across court while Chardy squanders the second with what should be a routine backhand volley, put into the net...

  15. - - MURRAY 6-4 4-1 - BREAK! Chardy powers into the net to smack a fearsome forehand drive volley for a winner but Murray is looking very commanding as he works the Frenchman around the baseline and draws the error once again. It's a forehand long down the line from Chardy and it hands Murray the double break at the first attempt

  16. - - MURRAY 6-4 3-1 - Murray extends his lead with another solid serve that Chardy can only return long. There are a couple of birds swooping around the court and making things difficult for the players, Murray having to wait in between serves for them to get out of his way!

  17. - - MURRAY 6-4 2-1 - BREAK! From deep behind the baseline, Murray puts up nearly the perfect lob; the ball sails over Chardy's head and drops a couple of centimetres inside the baseline. It brings up three break points. And again the Scot takes full advantage of the first, Chardy putting an approach shot long to concede

  18. - - MURRAY 6-4 1-1 - A love game for Murray, with a little luck when his backhand volley catches the top of the tape and goes for a perfect drop shot, and he quickly levels up early in this second set

  19. - - MURRAY 6-4 1-0 - Chardy holds to love with an ace; Murray has a long look at it but decides not to challenge. Probably a good choice by the Scot, the ball looked like it caught part of the line

  20. - - MURRAY 6-4 - SET! Murray produces a 207kph serve, that Chardy can only return long, to bring up a first set point. It goes begging when the Frenchman comes into the net and puts Murray's backhand under pressure, drawing the error. The Scot brings up a second with a forehand winner down the line after running around the ball but he can't seal the set until the third attempt, this time firing down an unreturnable serve

  21. - - MURRAY 5-4 - Chardy holds with a big first serve that Murray can only return wide and slightly long off the forehand wing. Murray will still get the chance to serve for the set after the change of ends though

  22. - - MURRAY 5-3 - Murray finds the kicker second serve down the centre of the court for his first ace of the afternoon. It seals a hold to 30 to stops the run of three straight games against and leaves Chardy serving to stay in this opening set

  23. - - MURRAY 4-3 - Chardy has definitely found his range now as he unleashes one of his trademark blistering inside-out forehand winners across court to seal a hold to 15 in double quick time. He is still a break down though

  24. - - MURRAY 4-2 - BREAK! A really sloppy game from Murray as he pulls a forehand wide across court to hand Chardy three break back points. And the Scot gives it away at the first opportunity, slicing a backhand into the net. Ouch.

  25. - - MURRAY 4-1 - Chardy finally gets off the mark with a big first serve that Murray cannot return in play. The Scot looked threatening again in that game, however, racing across the back of the court and rattling a forehand down the line that only just missed

  26. - - MURRAY 4-0 - Much easier this time around for Murray as he holds for the loss of just the one point with an unreturnable serve

  27. - - MURRAY 3-0 - BREAK! Chardy looks completely overawed by the situation right now as he puts another forehand into the net to hand Murray a chance to grab the double break. And Murray only needs the one invitation, just like in the first game, sealing the break on another Chardy error. Murray is totally in control early on.

  28. - - MURRAY 2-0 - Also not a great opening service game from Murray as he slaps a forehand into the net to hand Chardy an immediate break back point. But Murray saves it with a solid serve that the Frenchman can only return wide and then goes on to hold when Chardy hits on off-forehand into the net

  29. - - MURRAY 1-0 - BREAK! Two double faults in the game from Chardy, who had elected to serve first, hand Murray an early break point. And it's one he takes full advantage of, the Frenchman putting a tight backhand volley into the net.

  30. - - So, the players are ready to go and it will be the Frenchman to get the clash underway by serving first

  31. - - Meanwhile, why not get in touch on Twitter with your predictions or questions. Follow on Twitter @pippawdavis.

  32. - - Don't forget you can watch this clash, and every other match during the latter stages of this tournament, live on the Eurosport Player. Just click here to subscribe.

  33. - - These two have met each other five times before with Murray leading the head-to-heads by four wins to one. Murray triumphed in the first four of their meetings before Chardy finally got a tick in the win column when they met at the Cincinnati Masters last year. Only one of their clashes has gone to three sets, that was in their second meeting - also at the Cincinnati Masters back in 2010.

  34. - - Sloane Stephens has knocked out five-times former champion Serena Williams and so Jeremy Chardy and Andy Murray will be out on court in a few minutes time. They are due on court around about 5am UK time

  35. - - It's currently 4-4 in the third between Serena and Stephens, the players having traded a break in the middle of that final set. Murray and Chardy will have to wait some more - at least another 20-30 minutes probably. They won't be on court before 5am UK time.

  36. - - Well, something amazing has happened in the Williams match: Serena, having looked totally in control, has picked up a back injury and is in all sorts of trouble. Stephens has taken the second set and we are now going to a third. Murray comes after this match so it will be about another hour before we see him and Jeremy Chardy take to the court.

  37. - - Unless something amazing happens in the Serena Williams v Sloane Stephens match, Murray and Chardy should be on court in around 30 to 45 minutes time. Currently Serena leads by a set and a break in that match and looks very comfortable

  38. - - Hello and welcome to this men's quarter-final clash between world number three Andy Murray and unseeded Frenchman Jeremy Chardy.

Jérémy Chardy

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 12/02/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 75 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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