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United StatesS Williams66---
PolandU Radwanska03---

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Urszula Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 07/12/1990
Height 1.77 m
Weight 57 kg

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

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  1. Serena's matches always drawn a big crowd and a lot­ of comments... she simply the best...

    From Nelson, on Fri 15 Feb 15:26
  2. I don't know why yahoo is letting it happen. Now­ they won't even allow report abuse. Calling Serena­ and Venus men and animals just because the very good­ black players is just not acceptable but yahoo is­ letting it happen.

    From Candice, on Thu 14 Feb 22:36
  3. God, so much hate against Serena from some people and­ so much racism that it is shocking and also at the same­ time quite sad to know people can still be so­ ridiculously horrible and damn right pathetic. Not­ everyone needs to like Serena, she has her faults, like­ everyone else has. But no one can argue, she is one of­ the greatest tennis players there has ever been and­ currently she is the greatest female active tennis­ player and she is still going, I believe that if she­ remains healthy, she will win a few more slams and it­ seems to me now that she herself has the intent on­ reaching 18 slams at least so she can tie for second­ most singles slams won. Yes she doesn't match­ Steffi Graf when it comes to just singles slams, but­ she passes Steffi for total slams won. She now stands­ at 30 slams won. Let's not forget she is still­ playing, there is still time for her to add to her­ tally of slams in singles! Time will tell.

    From Jose, on Thu 14 Feb 19:00
  4. Mhmmmmmmmm the Queen of tennis! Well done Serena

    From Candice, on Thu 14 Feb 18:54
  5. Come on serena

    From Mag, on Thu 14 Feb 18:53
  6. Nice one at least Urzula did better than sharapova did­ against Serena at the Olympics

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 14 Feb 18:40
  7. Come on Urszula you can do better than sharapova !!

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 14 Feb 18:37
  8. Ignore that sam prickhead parikh he follows Serena­ articules around like a lap dog. His issue is not with­ Serena its his mother he has issues with but come on­ here and projects his isses on to Serena. What an­ idiot. Says the same thing every year and before­ every slam. just a waste of space.

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 14 Feb 18:17
  9. Some people do not like the truth serena is the best­ player having seen serena i can tell you she is all­ women wow

    From Jim, on Thu 14 Feb 18:09
  10. Sam what is your actual problem with serena? Is it that­ she is more successful with you?!

    From Gary Mc shane, on Thu 14 Feb 14:35
  11. serena should be tested often.....he is noway­ clean....and he hates to lose so he would do anything­ to still stay in the conversation.. now mr­ are again dreaming....she is not the best player in the­ world...its VICA VICA who will destroy the beast at­ every slam they play this year...i guarantee that much!­ the beast got lucky at the aus open she lost to­ stephens....but at the french she will not escape VICA­ VICA and remember numbers dont lie! steffi graf has­ more singles slam than the williams combined! so shut­ ur mouth!

    From Sam parikh, on Thu 14 Feb 14:13
  12. Some people talk a load of old #$%$ serena has won­ wimbledon 5 times all 4 grand slames been number one­ and will be again serena has won more titles then any­ one else who is still playing today so if you do not­ loke serena then keep your comments to your selfwe do­ not want to read your racist #$%$ serena is the best­ player around to day.

    From Jim, on Thu 14 Feb 8:36
  13. Odd because you are the only one watching

    From Candice, on Thu 14 Feb 6:32
  14. End of the line. Just like her sister, cant handle the­ bigger players....

    From John, on Thu 14 Feb 1:06
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