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Gilles Simon - Kevin Anderson Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
RSAK Anderson616--
FranceG Simon364--

Live Comments

  1. - - Next for Kevin Anderson is one of Tomas Berdych or Richard Gasquet. David Ferrer's exit has given an outsider a route to the semis. Tennis - Indian Wells Masters Men - P1 - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

  2. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 4-6: GAME SET AND MATCH! Anderson gets himself together to level with a powerful cross into the corner. A rally ensues, with Anderson mixing up the flap and dipping before driving a disguised forehand pass down the line. Super shot and match point! Another rally on this one, which Anderson then controls before Simon weakly strikes to net. Anderson is in the quarter-finals.

  3. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 4-5: Anderson is serving for the match and he kicks off with an ace that Simon challenges, right on the line too. But the South African pumps his next follow-up long after Simon’s return bounces up high... And a fantastic return sees Anderson flounder into his volley. Could this be a mini-upset in this set?

  4. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 4-5: Simon hands on in there despite dropping a few points, holding to 30, but Anderson is serving for the match, and serving is his main attribute.

  5. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 3-5: Having collapsed in the second, Anderson is now giving Simon the runaround. 40-0 and in a flash he has held to love as Simon puts a forehand wide and long. Simon serving to stay in the tournament.

  6. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 3-4: Another break would be disastrous for Simon but he holds with a touch of nerves about him, Anderson with an unforced error after Simon changes the pace of his forehand.

  7. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 2-4: A wonderfully deft backhand down the line gives Anderson three game points on serve. And he holds with another super follow-up, holds to love.

  8. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 2-3: A roar of ‘allez’ from Simon as he pulls it back to 30-30 after starting his next service game poorly. Anderson then backhand lobs long and Simon holds with a superb volleyed follow-up that Anderson can’t handle.

  9. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 1-3: Anderson with a massive forehand cross that leaves Simon floundering. He needed that from 15-15. Simon challenges that his drive off the left baseline was long, and he is correct – it was good and they replay the point at first serve. Annoying for Simon as Anderson had missed his follow-up. He does miss the next forehand though after a powerful Simon return. 30-30. Anderson turns on his serve though and holds.

  10. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 1-2: Simon with an unsuccessful challenge to drop the first point, but Anderson returns long for 15-15. Simon then wins a superb rally, both men covering the full range of the court, but the Frenchman spoons one long. He does hold though, and the rot is stopped for now.

  11. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 0-2: Simon is back to the errors of his first set, while Anderson has his serve back in check as he defends the break with comfort.

  12. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1 0-1: BREAK! Anderson appeared to have given up on that last set, but he has not given up on the match, blasting his way to 40-0. He then hits long, challenging, but it was long. He takes the next point though as Simon misses on, and the South African starts this decider in some style.

  13. - - SIMON 3-6 6-1: SET! Anderson has fallen apart on his usually trusty serve, sliding to 0-40 and three set points. He now has to make do with a second serve, but Simon whacks a low return to net. 15-40. But Simon takes the second of his set points as Anderson pounds a forehand well wide with the Frenchman stranded. Dreadful shot.

  14. - - SIMON 3-6 5-1: Simon holds to 15 as he continues to draw Anderson into a baseline war. This will go one way now, and it’s not looking good for the South African.

  15. - - SIMON 3-6 4-1: BREAK! Simon is now making Anderson work on serve, and he has two break points as successive weak strikes to net see the South African weigh in with the errors now. Anderson then double-faults the game away, and this looks like it’s going all the way.

  16. - - SIMON 3-6 3-1: Simon shows his superb movement as he scuttles up and down the line to bully Anderson in that hold to 15. The South African suddenly has a baseline warrior on his hands.

  17. - - SIMON 3-6 2-1: BREAK! A rare error from Anderson gives break point to the Frenchman... he thinks he’s taken it as he pumps a winner wide, challenging that Anderson was in – however he WAS in, so they replay the point. Still break point Simon, which he luckily takes as a poor forehand hits the net and rolls over.

  18. - - SIMON 3-6 1-1: Beautiful backhand flashing away by Anderson, who is a fine technical player in addition to a serve volleyer. But a superb exchange at the net sees Simon come out on top with a brilliant show of reflexes off a cracking Anderson volley, the Frenchman’s response flicked across the net and wide. Now Anderson challenges a first serve call, waste of an ask to be honest, but he’s let off as Simon returns long.

  19. - - SIMON 3-6 1-1: Simon races 30-0 up before giving Anderson a sniff by, off second serve, going long with a forehand from deep. And a failed challenge sees Simon drop another, he’d gone wide. Anderson’s next return is netted though, and Simon holds to 30 as the South African backhands his next return – an attempted pass – into the net.

  20. - - SIMON 3-6 0-1: A very good start to the second for Anderson, as he fires some monstrous serves in to move 40-0. Second serve for the deciding point, which is given up by Simon’s backhand again, low into net. Love hold.

  21. - - SIMON 3-6: SET! Simon falls 0-30 as he serves to stay in the set, Simon’s increasingly flaky backhand fluffed to net. And another crummy backhand puts Anderson 40-0 up, three set points! Simon is furious with himself, but has a point back as Anderson pumps one a few inches long. And another pulled back with a smash into space with Anderson pulled wide by some clever groundstrokes, but Simon faults the set away with a weak smash into the net at an identical scenario!

  22. - - SIMON 3-5: Fantastic angled double-handed backhand from Simon that deceives Anderson, who was a point from the game. A fantastic second serve is somehow returned in by Simon, and a cagey rally ensues. Simon cracks first with an unforced error as he backhands into the net, Anderson’s toughest hold yet.

  23. - - SIMON 3-4: The stats show Simon is only really winning his shots from behind the baseline, while Anderson is mixing it up a bit more. That is as much down to Simon failing to touch Anderson’s serve as anything. Meanwhile Simon holds under pressure as Anderson nets a forehand.

  24. - - SIMON 2-4: Anderson is finding serving all too easy as he races 40-0 again, holding to love as his fierce crosscourt drive forces Simon wide.

  25. - - SIMON 2-3: Another break point for Anderson as an inventive curling backhand down the line from Simon lands a touch long! His next pass is inch-perfect though and we’re on deuce. Simon does hold in the end, a big one as Anderson was threatening to run away with the opening set.

  26. - - SIMON 1-3: Flashing backhand across court from Anderson, who does have some subtlety to his power game. 30-15, an ace down the middle follows, and the big man holds off second serve as Simon backhands wide.

  27. - - SIMON 1-2: BREAK! Another challenging service game for Simon as Anderson gets some heavy groundstrokes in before dragging the Frenchman wide with a brutal forehand cross, finishing him off with a pass down the line for deuce. And now break point Anderson as Simon nets following some more brutal hits from deep – and it’s taken as Simon puts a dipping backhand long!

  28. - - SIMON 1-1: Anderson’s strength is in his serve – he is 6’8” – and he blasts his way to 40-0, holding to love as his savage delivery out wide is backhanded to net by Simon.

  29. - - SIMON 1-0: The match is underway with Simon serving but Anderson pegs him back to deuce. A lengthy baseline rally then drops the way of Simon, who holds as the South African hits long.

  30. 18:10 - H2H: This is the first time this pair have faced off, believe it or not. They've been on the tour together for six years now, with Simon two years older at 28 and a veteran of 11 years.

Gilles Simon

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 27/12/1984
Height 1.8 m
Weight 69 kg

Kevin Anderson

Nationality RSA
Date of Birth 18/05/1986
Height 2 m
Weight 88 kg

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