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David Ferrer - Andy Murray Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray267--
SpainD Ferrer646--

Live Comments

  1. 7-6 - GAME, SET AND MATCH MURRAY! Murray races 4-0 clear in the breaker as Ferrer's resistance is questioned. A big first serve sees Ferrer win his first point to trail 4-1. But Murray continues to push and probe as Ferrer sees a backhand slide wide of the mark. Ferrer with cramp and Murray with a 5-1 advantage. Murray comes up with a big first serve to bring up five match points at 6-1. And he wraps it up in the next point. Superb stuff from Murray. 7-1 in the final set.

  2. 6-6 - 6-6 - TIE-BREAK Ferrer with a forehand winner down the line gives him the lead, but Murray comes roaring back. The crowd make their unhappiness known after a call goes against Ferrer. But Murray is trying to stay in the moment as he wins the next two points. Ferrer claws his way back to deuce Murray misses a volley to hand Ferrer a match point, but Murray saves the day with a forehand that lands on the line. Ferrer is wrong with the challenge. Murray wins the next two point to force the breaker.

  3. 6-5 - FERRER 6-5 - Ferrer is pumping his fists as he drops only one point on serve in that service game to gain the upper hand. Murray comes to net only to dump a volley into the rigging. Very disappointing for Muzza, who looks to be breathing a lot heavier than his opponent. Murray now needs to hold to survive. This is survival of the fittest out there.

  4. 5-5 - BREAK FERRER 5-5 - Just when it looked time to get the bunting out, Ferrer comes roaring back. Little wonder he is called 'The Wall'. Murray looks like he is walking on blisters. Murray was never in control of his serve in that game and pays the price. Back on serve with Ferrer serving.

  5. 4-5 - BREAK MURRAY! 5-4 He has been moving uneasily, but Murray lets his tennis do the talking to break Ferrer deep in this third set. Murray needing one more game to clinch the title. 13 holds in this final and 14 breaks of serve. Murray needs one more hold to see himself through here. Can he do it? A booming forehand and a big return enough to set up this winning position.

  6. 4-4 - 4-4 - Murray cuts loose on serve to drag himself level again at 4-4. This match could go either way here. Wind is getting up, but Murray comes up with a couple of stunning shots to restore parity at the key time. A stunning cross-court backhand winner from the Scot to see that game out.

  7. 4-3 - FERRER 4-3 - Ferrer becomes the first person to hold onto his serve. Murray looking unsettled. Has been a punishing match, and perhaps the little Spanish player is going to edge this. Ferrer calling for the trainer to get a rubdown after claiming that game.

  8. 3-3 - BREAK FERRER! 3-3 - Murray is wrong-footed trying to retrieve a ball on the baseline. Bad news for Muzza it must be said. He cannot seem to hold his serve. Well, neither man can come up with the goods in trying to hold. This is a brutal match in the heat of Miami. Murray does not look to be moving too easily out there amid the noise.

  9. 3-2 - BREAK MURRAY! 3-3 Murray not winning too many cheap points on his serve. But he is also not having too many problems cutting open the Spaniard on his serve. Which helps the situation. A fifth break in five games in this final set. Murray leads 78-77 on points to outline how close this match has been. And remains so.

  10. 2-2 - BREAK FERRER 2-2 - Murray has made a habit of recovering from a set down this week. And it could well be the case again here. Murray facing a tricky situation at 30-40 down, but he comes up with a timely first serve to claw back to deuce. He then sees a backhand spin wide of the mark to hand Ferrer a second break point. Chance for Ferrer, but he pushes the forehand wide when a winner seemed likelier. But the serve of Murray is faltering and he is hauled back to 2-2. Disappointing for Muzza.

  11. 1-2 - BREAK MURRAY 2-1! Ferrer misses the ball down the line after another brutal rally. Serve does not perhaps carry as much meaning on this surface, but Murray would rather have his nose ahead at this stage. The Scottish saltires are flying in the US sunshine. Murray with a second chance to cement the break.

  12. 1-1 - BREAK FERRER 1-1 - Ferrer is not going to slip quietly into the night here. He comes up with several superb shots to retrieve the ball in bringing up two break back points. Murray goes round the ball and looks to plant the forehand winner, but fails. We are level again at 1-1 on serve.

  13. 0-1 - BREAK MURRAY! Murray seems to the stronger figurer here. Three or four unforced errors in that game from Ferrer presents Murray with the chance to break the Spaniard which he is not for turning down. Murray with five wins on hard courts against Ferrer, who has only beaten the British number one on this surface.

  14. 4-6 - SET MURRAY 6-4! We are going the distance in this final as Murray sees out the set on serve. Ferrer with 19 unforced errors in that set compared to only nine from the Scot. The second second ran for 54 minutes, but Murray's fitness stays the distance. Ferrer perhaps getting a bit tight in the key moments.

  15. 4-5 - BREAK MURRAY! Murray holds himself together superbly well to hit back right away from the disappointment of losing his serve in the previous game. He is aided by Ferrer clipping the ball into the net when it looked somewhat easier to convert a winner down the line. Murray is not for hanging around as he puts the game to bed to bring back his one break advantage.

  16. 4-4 - BREAK FERRER 4-4 - Suddenly Murray is being placed under so much strain here as Ferrer prompts the unforced errors to bring this match back on serve at 4-4. Murray could easily have been 5-2 clear, but Ferrer has made a career out of getting the ball back into play. He is now two games short of the title with Murray two games short away from the set. Murray penalised for catching the net with a drop shot.

  17. 3-4 - MURRAY 4-3 Ferrer battling for his life to stay alive as he wins a rally that runs to 20 shots. Astonishing stuff. Murray misses a couple of routine smashes to claim a second break. Some rousing applause. And the momentum swings enough in Ferrer's favour for him to escape from an extremely tight spot in closing to 4-3 behind. Murray remains this vital break ahead.

  18. 2-4 - MURRAY 4-2 - Murray facing two break points, but he comes up with a stunning forehand winner from deep in the court to stave off Ferrer before coming to the net to crack away a brilliant winner at the net. Back to deuce. Murray comes up with two telling serves to see off the danger. He is within two games of levelling this final. And is right up for this now it would seem.

  19. 2-3 - MURRAY 3-2 - Ferrer looking slightly flustered, but he steadies himself well to close to 3-2 behind. More like his service game of the first set. Plenty of sunshine, Spanish, Scottish and British flags. Murray with this one break. Which is like gold against a man such as Ferrer.

  20. 1-3 - MURRAY 3-1 - Ferrer suddenly bleeding errors as Murray strolls through that game on serve to cement the break. Ferrer looking a bit grumpy for some reason. That doesn't help his cause as he loses his third straight game.

  21. 1-2 - BREAK MURRAY 2-1 - Finally Murray earns his reward as he gets ahead in this second set with a crucial break. Misses a forehand long after drawing Ferrer into the net. But Ferrer knocks a forehand wide seconds later. Ferrer helps him out when he knocks a forehand wide going for the line. Murray on the move.

  22. 1-1 - 1-1 - Better from Murray as he gets ahead early in his service game, but this time doesn't let the lead slip. Working Ferrer all around the court. And it pays dividends as he grabs the lead. Story of the match is Murray wasting chances. Has to find his trademark fire soon surely.

  23. 1-0 - FERRER 1-0 Murray brings up a break point, but is inches wide with a blistering forehand after a brutal rally in which no man was going to give up on the ball. Murry then slips a backhand into the net as the disappointment of the previous point appears to take its toll. Ferrer fails to return a forehand on the run but Murray dinks a return into the net to give Ferrer a game point. Murray then knocks the ball long. He fails to break.

  24. 6-2 - SET FERRER 6-2 - Murray dumps a forehand into the net attempting a winner down the line. Poor stuff from Murray. Ferrer just getting the ball back into play. And is rewarded with three set points. Murray throws down a third double fault. Murray with 19 unforced errors compared to only eight from Ferrer in that set. He leads 1-0.

  25. 5-2 - BREAK MURRAY! FERRER 5-2 - Murray quick to seize on moments of Ferrer hesistancy as he cracks a forehand down the line to cement the break for the first time in the match. Ferrer's game tailing off at the wrong moment. Life in this set yet.

  26. 5-1 - FERRER 5-1 - Not exactly a major achievement, but at least Murray has a game on the board. A low way back from here. But a fairly dominant service game will at least give the Scot some much-needed hope.

  27. 5-0 - FERRER 5-0 - Murray just failing to cope with the movement of the Spaniard, who has come racing out of the blocks to establish a strong advantage. Murray not timing the ball well. And can't apply any pressure as Ferrer claims another two service points from deuce. One game away from the first set now.

  28. 4-0 - BREAK FERRER 4-0 Better from Murray early in the game courtesy of some controlled agression. Hitting the mark more often than not to lead 40-0. Murray throws in a couple of loose points before challenging a call on the baseline that is clealy in. The heat is on at deuce. Ferrer just misses a forehand as Murray brings up advantage. But he misses a backhand to go back to deuce before a second serve gives Ferrer break point. And Ferrer outlasts Murray in the rally to break for a second time.

  29. 3-0 - FERRER 3-0 - Some ferocious hiting by Ferrer to ease 40-0 clear. Murray comes up with a superb winner to close to 40-15, but he cannot stop the bleeding. Ferrer drops only one point on serve and suddenly the Spanish player is halfway to this first set. Murray needs to start motoring here.

  30. 2-0 - BREAK FERRER 2-0 Murray coming to the net to convert a couple of superb volleys to move 40-30 clear, but he clips a forehand long as the score reaches deuce. Murray not exactly looking settled as a few more untimely errors sees the scoreline reach deuce before Ferrer earns his own break point. Murray then dumps a backhand into the net on the run as he is broken for the first time in this match.

  31. 1-0 - FERRER 1-0 - Couple of decent early serves by Ferrer, but Murray comes up a brilliant shot on the run to send the ball down the line that his opponent can't deal with. Murray misses a return on break point before another Murray error hands Ferrer game point. Wind getting up, but Ferrer maintains his composure to hold serve.

  32. 0-0 - Ferrer to serve in the opening game of the match.

  33. 16:30 - A 6-5 lead for Murray in the career meetings. Murray won their last meeting at Wimbledon in the quarter-finals last year.

  34. 16:25 - Players on their way out. Glorious conditions for this tennis final. Murray chasing a second title in Miami. Murray's last win in a Masters event came in Shanghai 18 months ago when he overcame Ferrer.

  35. 16:20 - Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of Andy Murray against David Ferrer in the final of the Miami Masters. A win for Murray will see the British player move up to second in the world rankings ahead of Roger Federer, and behind Novak Djokovic.

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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