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United StatesS Williams366--
J Jankovic602--

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Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Jelena Jankovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 28/02/1985
Height 1.77 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. Bagels are good with lox and cream cheese.

    From Eddie, on Mon 8 Apr 13:54
  2. Serena you are truly the best. Keep it up. Black is­ beautiful. Love Ya. All haters stay quiet.

    From IT, on Mon 8 Apr 4:20
  3. IF, IF, IF, If she did this, if she did that,­ Jankovic wasn't able to this didn't she,­ otherwise she would have won. Jankovic lost, deal with­ it, if it was Serena you would think the same thing

    From FROMHOLLAND, on Mon 8 Apr 3:55
  4. Bravo(champion) ! S. Williams. ''­ Bravo'' Jelena. ( Sikiracijo)... From Stojan­ Tokovic, on Sun 7 Apr 20:18 ==================== ­ as an avid Fan of Serena -- and neither american nor­ serbian -- I am VERY impressed with Serbian fans in­ general. VERY impressed -- because while they­ passionately support their players , such as Nole (one­ of my favorites) and the others, when the serbian­ players DO lose -- the serbian fans, in my observation­ over the years, are almost always very Gracious towards­ the opponents of the serbian players . my­ observation much more so and more often than the fans­ of most other other countries. You do yourselves­ and your country Proud. ..and it shows in a fair­ battle, WHY Nole Is the gentleman that he is, win or­ lose.

    From tedi ., on Mon 8 Apr 0:57
  5. i'm just glad jankovic is back at maybe 85% her­ best, if she sustained her play for maybe a break in­ the second i think serena would have been beaten

    From Stevie, on Sun 7 Apr 22:22
  6. one has to be appreciated for a job well-done. From a­ set down to grab the trophy, one has to be a lion and­ the lioness is Serena. Well done World´s No. 1

    From love, on Sun 7 Apr 20:33
  7. Serena the absolute BEST.

    From Stephen, on Sun 7 Apr 20:27
  8. Jelena did well for a set.....but Serena isn't the­ No. 1 for nothing!! I take it the haters have returned­ to under the rocks from whence they came.....we can­ hope! Anyway the fact that Serena has shown her class­ and supremacy is a bitter, bitter pill to swallow for­ those opposed to her - open wide!! Yay!!!!!!

    From Rodian, on Sun 7 Apr 20:25
  9. Who are these people who are obsessed with bagels? They­ must scoff, scoff, scoff, them day and night and their­ brains or completely saturated and can't think­ about anything else. Sorry Jelena you are one of my­ favourite girls but you came against number one in the­ world.

    From , on Sun 7 Apr 20:25
  10. babe girl ur hot nice one, s .w , african queen

    From C,J, on Sun 7 Apr 20:19
  11. where are all the haters?

    From Kofi, on Sun 7 Apr 20:18
  12. Bravo(champion) ! S. Williams. ''­ Bravo'' Jelena. ( Sikiracijo)...

    From Stojan Tokovic, on Sun 7 Apr 20:18
  13. Well done my girl Serena. That's why you­ world's Number 1. I am very proud of you my dear­ girl. Once again well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Ws, on Sun 7 Apr 20:17
  14. BRAVO JECO!!!

    From mira, on Sun 7 Apr 20:11
  15. Come on Serena lets do this..........a bagel for Jelena­ (well it couldnt just be Maria now could it!!) Get­ your Charleston Trophy girl.....#$%$ #$%$....

    From Saru-Lee, on Sun 7 Apr 19:51

    From mira, on Sun 7 Apr 19:43
  17. jelena was in total control of this match until serena­ being the unsportsman like person she is, wrongly said­ to jelena to wait for her, even though the server­ dictates pace between points! I really hope Jelena­ pulls this out in the last set, she deserves it after­ the first set!

    From Stevie, on Sun 7 Apr 19:31
  18. Ajde, Jeeleeena ! Idemo !

    From Stojan Tokovic, on Sun 7 Apr 19:00
  19. C'mon Jelena ;-)

    From Zvonimir, on Sun 7 Apr 18:53
  20. Double bagel for Serena

    From Jola, on Sun 7 Apr 17:04
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