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Marin Cilic - Richard Gasquet Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceR Gasquet76---
CROM Cilic54---

Live Comments

  1. - - GASQUET 7-5 6-4 – GAME SET AND MATCH GASQUET! After all that good work by Cilic to scrap back into this, he lets his guard down and Gasquet now has two match points. The first is saved after an ambitious cross-court winner hits the net. But the Cilic hits a forehand winner down the line that actually beats the line, a loser if you will, and sees the Frenchman through. Fognini next then. Drawsheet

  2. - - GASQUET 7-5 5-4 After holding serve, Cilic now has two break points which if taken would see him serve to force a third set. He loses the first with a weak forehand to net. And now deuce as a stretching Cilic hits wide, and Gasquet ultimately holds to leave Cilic serving to stay in Monte Carlo.

  3. - - GASQUET 7-5 4-3 – This is proving to be a tight game as Gasquet stops the mini-rot with a comfortable hold of serve.

  4. - - GASQUET 7-5 3-3 – Cilic is in better shape all of a sudden as he holds to level at three apiece in this second set.

  5. - - GASQUET 7-5 3-2 – BREAK! Cilic gives himself a chance in this match after breaking back.

  6. - - GASQUET 7-5 3-1 – We eased off our coverage on this match to write up the big news that is Andy Murray's exit. However, little has changed from Gasquet's break as it stays with serve.

  7. - - GASQUET 7-5 – BREAK AND SET GASQUET! Two set points for Gasquet as he hunts Cilic down in this vital game! And he takes them as a swooping backhand into the corner catches Cilic cold, his response low and weak to net.

  8. - - GASQUET 6-5 – Gasquet zips 30-0 and now 40 with a lovely backhand down the line after a super running point. Cilic pulls a few back though as he now finds the angles and precision and a poor backhand from Gasquet brings up deuce. Cilic has somehow brought this game into 50-50 territory but Gasquet gets himself together to hold. Again, Cilic serves to stay in the set.

  9. - - GASQUET 5-5 – Strong service game from Cilic initially, but he loses concentration and is taken to 40-30 before switching back into serve-power mode to hold.

  10. - - GASQUET 5-4 – Gasquet holds to 30 as Cilic mis-directs a sliced backhand wide of the left. Cilic serving to stay in the set.

  11. - - GASQUET 4-4 – Cilic is a break point down but manages to save it as Gasquet nets. And the Croat holds by following a fine forehand into space with a serve that Gasquet can’t get over the net.

  12. - - GASQUET 4-3 – Now they’re just copying each other as Gasquet takes his turn to hold easily.

  13. - - GASQUET 3-3 – WE HAVE A HOLD! We have a HOLD. Cilic finally gets his act together on serve as he delivers the heavy balls we know he can. Gasquet does pull a point back with a decent return but the Croat holds to 15.

  14. - - GASQUET 3-2 – BREAK! Gasquet is utterly incapable of holding serve in this match, as is Cilic to be fair. But it’s another break as the Croatian responds to poor serving with some heavy hitting.

  15. - - GASQUET 3-1 – BREAK! Gasquet scraps and hassles when he wants to and his ability to make pretty much an shot so long as he’s close to the ball pays off. He breaks Cilic to move 3-1, restoring that advantage.

  16. - - GASQUET 2-1 – BREAK! Cilic breaks back as he shows great agility and speed to the net to force some errors from Gasquet.

  17. - - GASQUET 2-0 – BREAK! Gasquet noses ahead with his masterful ground-strokes, Cilic’s serve blunted by the surface.

  18. - - Cilic and Gasquet are also underway with the Frenchman holding to start off.

Marin Cilic

Nationality CRO
Date of Birth 28/09/1988
Height 1.98 m
Weight 82 kg

Richard Gasquet

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 18/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 75 kg

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