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N Djokovic67---
SpainR Nadal26---

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  1. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 7-6 (7-1) - Djokovic beats Nadal! Nadal never gets close to the Serb, who steam rolls the Spaniard 7-1 in the tie break. The first time in 47 matches at the Monte Carlo Masters that Nadal has been beaten. The eight-time champions has been dethroned.

  2. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 6-6 - Nadal is unable to prevent Djokovic marching towards three break points, and he clinches the game at the first time of asking with another clean winner of the backhand side. The second set, and perhaps the match, will be decided on a tie break.

  3. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 5-6 - Nadal crashes one into the net, as he starts to look weary under the pressure Djokovic is putting him under. But Nadal gets himself out of jail as Djokovic twice goes wide on his backhand side. Nadal clinches a break, and will serve for the second set.

  4. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 5-5 - Nadal edges towards a hold of serve, but Djokovic unleashes a brilliant winner. But Nadal hangs in there, and forces Djokovic into the net, and keeps the second set alive at 5-5. The crowd getting right behind Nadal, they want another set.

  5. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 5-4 - Djokovic has turned this around in brilliant fashion. Nadal looks demoralised as he smahes a routine overhead into the net. Djokovic will serve for the title.

  6. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 4-4 - Djokovic is producing some sublime tennis at the moment. Nadal has no answers as Djokovic carves out two break points. Nadal's backhand drifts wide, and Djokovic is back in the match.

  7. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 3-4 - Djokovic opens with a scorching backhand, and that sets the tone for the whole game. Nadal cannot get close to Djokovic, who appears angry that he's let Nadal get back into a game the Serb was dominating.

  8. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-4 - Nadal looks in a spot of bother at 30-30, but he gets himself a game point with a trademark forehand winner. Djokovic hits back, but Nadal earns the crucial consolidation and is in control of this second set.

  9. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-3 - For the first time all match Nadal has the better of Djokovic. The Serbian cannot handle his powerful forehands, and Nadal his his first break of the match. That's really lifted the Monte Carlo supporters, who are right behind the Spaniard.

  10. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-2 - Nadal keeps it on serve with by showing his typical combination of guts and quality from the baseline. Djokovic wins only one point in the game, as Nadal secures it with an ace.

  11. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 2-1 - Nadal shows signs that there is life in him yet, battling his way to a double break point. But Nadal, despite having Djokovic pinned back for long periods of two brutal rallies, fails to capitalise. Djokovic hangs in there, and seals the game after Deuce. And that's just what Djokovic does.

  12. - DJOKOVIC 6-2 1-1 - Nadal hits back with a purposeful love service game. That will have done his confidence no harm.

  13. - 6-2 1-0 DJOKOVIC - The Serb looks unstoppable today. He draws Nadal to the net with the most delicate of drop shots, before making a fool of him with a perfectly placed lob to clinch the opening game of the second set. Nadal getting huge cheers of support from the Monte Carlo faithful as he towels off to serve. Their man needs to significantly up his game here.

  14. - 6-2 DJOKOVIC - Nadal comes out on top of an epic rally to make it 30-0, securing it with a storming forehand winner down the line. But Djokovic claws his way back to Deuce and belatedly seals the opening set after a Nadal double fault.

  15. - 5-2 DJOKOVIC - Djokovic crumblesunder the pressure of seeing out the set. Nadal doesn't have to do anything spectacular to win the game, as Djokovic's lead is cut to three games with the Nadal serve to come.

  16. - 5-1 DJOKOVIC - The world number one strolls to a double set point, but Nadal saves both with some gutsy play that forces Djokovic to go long. But Djokovic responds with a stunning cross court backhand that Nadal cannot dig out,but squanders his third break of the Nadal serve - and Djokovic misses an easy backhand moments later to let Nadal back in at 5-1, and the Spaniard avoids the bagel.

  17. - 5-0 DJOKOVIC - The Serb consolidates his second break with an emphatic hold. Djokovic is schooling the claymaster.

  18. - 4-0 DJOKOVIC - Realising that he needs to get on the board, Nadal comes out strongly at the start of his second service game, but Djokovic recovers from 0-30 to earn a break point after Nadal failed to put away a straightforward volley at the net. Djokovic takes his chance, and Nadal is reeling.

  19. - 3-0 DJOKOVIC - Nadal takes Djokovic to Deuce, but the world number unleashes a stunning forehand winner before coming out on top of an epic rally. Nadal is all at sea, and Djokovic is capitalising.

  20. - 2-0 DJOKOVIC - Djokovic opens with a break of the Nadal serve after a long game. Djokovic pegs the Spaniard back to 15-15, 30-30 and then Deuce, but sheer doggedness seems to have got Nadal through. But Nadal goes long with a backhand after a net cord let Djokovic back in, and the Serb wraps up the game to apply some early pressure on the champion.

  21. - 1-0 DJOKOVIC - Djokovic holds his opening service game with a couple of stonking winners. Nadal pegs him back to 30-15, but the opening game was never in doubt.

  22. 13.55 - Rafael Nadal gets a huge cheer as he prepares to receive in the first game...

  23. 13.50 - We will be underway in a few minutes. The wait is almost over.

  24. 13.45 - It looks like we could be closer to seeing some tennis. The clouds have broken and both players have emerged from the locker rooms to knock up for the second time.

  25. 13.25 - Annabel Croft, under an umbrella in Monte Carlo, suggests we could be heading towards a Monday final: "There is low cloud, constant drizzle and it's freezing cold here. It's looking pretty grim."

  26. 13.15 - Unfortunately the covers are on and the rain is falling consistently in Monte Carlo at the moment. It looks like it could be some time before the final is underway.

  27. 13:05 - Nadal is gunning for a remarkable ninth title in Monte Carlo - but in Novak Djokovic he faces potentially the toughest possible opponent as he looks to continue his streak.

  28. 13:00 - Hello and welcome to live text commentary from the Monte Carlo Masters final between Novak Djokovic and Rafa Nadal.

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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  1. Djokovic is fooling everybody about injuries nobody­ plays like that there is something very sneaky going on­ in his camp, he needs to come clean.

    From RICHARD, on Mon 22 Apr 10:08
  2. Rafa is a quick learner & will come back strong ...­ he had achived evry thing on clay ,,nothing to prove­ ... nole only has to prove he is no.1 ranked player..­ rafa will win FO for sure ..vamous..

    From ma, on Mon 22 Apr 7:35
  3. #$%$ u SAM

    From Joy, on Sun 21 Apr 18:10
  4. What is the excuse Rafa fans?

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 21 Apr 16:01
  5. Score is a bit deceiving, since it was an easy ride for­ Nole. Rafa is on the solid level, but still not quite­ where he was before the injury and will need couple of­ more weeks to up his game. Nole played fine­ throughout the last couple of rounds, it wasn't any­ kind of brilliant performance, but it was still very­ high class from Numero Uno and he was a deserving­ winner. It was important for Nole to win this­ Masters since now only Cinci misses from his collection­ and, hopefully, The Collection will be completed this­ year. Anyway, very proud to listen to our national­ anthem at the moment!!

    From Sivi, on Sun 21 Apr 15:58
  6. I am truly disappointed with the way Novak played! He­ didn't cause the pain the way I expected he­ didn't play we'll although he does have an­ ankle problem! But Novak will be fit at the French! And­ he will cause the pain that he caused Rafa and his­ fanatic fans at the French I do guarantee that much!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 21 Apr 15:58
  7. Thank You kings! Great game and better win.

    From Avicena, on Sun 21 Apr 15:53
  8. well all of you who had any doubts you just got your­ answer who and why Nole is No.1 Great victory­ congratulations for both of them

    From ElenaM, on Sun 21 Apr 15:52
  9. Go on haters, lemme hear u now.. U can hate novak as­ much as u want, but he proved to all of u mofos, once­ again, whos the no1 in the world.. Defeating rafa on­ monte carlo clay, nuff said

    From RALE, on Sun 21 Apr 15:50
  10. I told you all this is the era of djokovic now.­ He's going to dethrone nadal and everyone else.­ He's the man! What a champion! :) what a­ celebration! He's a joy to watch and by far the no1­ :)

    From Mark, on Sun 21 Apr 15:49

    From mira, on Sun 21 Apr 15:48
  12. ridiculous

    From Sam, on Sun 21 Apr 15:47
  13. How empty and pointless should your life be to be a fan­ of "joke ovic"? He is just gross...

    From keivan, on Sun 21 Apr 15:42
  14. What another break game from djoker! C'mon Novak­ finish him in this tiebreak :)

    From Mark, on Sun 21 Apr 15:42
  15. Dan go through the post and you will find I have been­ here all the time. Why would I hide with Rafa playing?­ Win or lose anytime I am still a fan. You are still a­ Fed fan aren't you?

    From Dan, on Sun 21 Apr 15:41
  16. Shut up u mental Breda!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 21 Apr 15:40
  17. Dan welcome my friend where were u hiding? Let the­ torture begin! Novak will again cause the same pain to­ Rafa and his fanatic fans like he did at the aus open­ and I am going to be lovin it!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 21 Apr 15:39
  18. rafa breaks and serves for the 2nd set,but with noles­ returns he has his work cut out

    From Breda, on Sun 21 Apr 15:37
  19. Mark::: u were right Novak needs to cause the pain he­ caused Rafa at the aus open! So let the torture begin­ in the third!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 21 Apr 15:37
  20. @Sam a.k.a Krishna welcome back. There is no hiding­ from your true character!

    From Dan, on Sun 21 Apr 15:36
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