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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationD Tursunov66656
United KingdomD Evans47474

Live Comments

  1. 4-6 - GAME, SET AND MATCH TURSUNOV! He sees out the match with a love game. Yet another ace from Tursunov is good enough to finish off the business in his favour. He edges through after five sets in what was a titanic struggle. Three hours and 56 minutes of tennis falls in favour of the Russian player.

  2. 4-5 - RUSSIA LEAD 5-4 - A 117 mph serve out wide is good for Evans to lead 40-30. Another big one out wide is the key to Evans picking up another game. A break is needed now otherwise Tursonov wins the match.

  3. 3-5 - RUSSIA LEAD 5-3 - A supreme service game played out by Tursunov almost in silence. Holds to love in a matter of minutes to move within one game of victory. Has Evans anything left in the tank?

  4. 3-4 - RUSSIA LEAD 4-3 - Evans dumps a volley into the net in falling a break point down, but responds with a winning volley to restore the score to deuce. Another superb burst from Evans sees him hit back to trail 4-3 and prevent the double break. Heading for four hours. But Evans requires a break otherwise holding it is to no avail.

  5. 2-4 - RUSSIA LEAD 4-2 - The experience of Tursunov just telling at the wrong moment for Evans as another timely piece of hard-hitting tennis sees him hold to move within two games of claiming a valuable first point for Russia.

  6. 2-3 - RUSSIA BREAK TO LEAD 3-2! A real air of silence among the crowd as Evans tickles a ball into the net on his way to falling behind by the odd game in five. Evans will need to come up with the goods again to break back otherwise this match will fall in favour of Russia.

  7. 2-2 - BREAK EVANS! And Evans comes up with the goods with a series of fine winners to break back in the set. Looked dead a couple of games ago. But is now well and truly alive. We are back on serve late in this absorbing contest.

  8. 1-2 - RUSSIA LEAD 2-1! Evans holds to 15 to get himself on the board in this deciding set. Where there is life, there is hope. 258 spaces in the rankings between these two men, but fair play to Evans for his battling qualities. Match not yet over.

  9. 0-2 - RUSSIA LEAD 2-0 Chance to break back straight away, but Evans slips another ball long during a frenetic rally. He drills a return into the net seconds later. And suddenly Tursunov is on advantage. He cements the break with an ace. The Russian leads 2-0.

  10. 0-1 - BREAK TO RUSSIA FOR A 1-0 LEAD! After the euphoria of that previous game, Evans throws in a loose one to leave himself well and truly behind the eight ball. He is 1-0 down here and a break down. A few of the Russian coaching crew are smiling. How pivotal a moment is that going to prove to be?

  11. 7-6 - BREAK AND SET GB 7-5- Evans continues to hang in there and gets the rewards from 30-30 as he cracks the ball beyond Tursunov during a rally before a superb return of serve sets up Evans to snare the fourth set. We are heading for a deciding set to settle this opening rubber.

  12. 6-5 - GB LEAD 6-5 - Some superb stuff from Evans, who is clearly giving as good as he is getting. Some terrific movement from the back of the court and he is fighting the good fight with real relish. Tursunov looks like he may be tiring here. Or maybe not. Pressure on Tursunov as he prepares to serve to avoid this match heading to a fifth set.

  13. 5-5 - 5-5 - Tursunov cutting a forlorn figure at various points this afternoon. Throws in a horror double fault as the score goes back to deuce before he plays a magical point that he finishes off with a winning volley at the net. The Russian then lifts a forehand miles long from the back of the court. Evans slams a forehand beyond Tursunov to bring up the set point but a blistering backhand saves the day. Two set points elude Evans. And on we go.

  14. 5-4 - GB lead 5-4 - Vital moments as Tursunov recovers from trailing 40-0 before a backhand winner on the run flies beyond Evans to bring up a break. A potent first serve from Evans saves the break point. And a virtual match point. Evans then comes up with another timely first serve to save another break point. Evans keeps fighting as another ace sees him through. Three break points saved by Evans. GB lead 5-3.

  15. 4-4 - 4-4 - All getting very tight now as Tursunov crashes down a few more big hits on serve in drawing level at 4-4 in this fourth set. Both men a couple of games short of where they want to be here.

  16. 4-3 - GB LEAD 4-3 - Now been going for over two hours and 15 minutes. No sign of an outright winner as yet with Evans fighting the good fight to come up with another hold. Another break now would be like money in the bank for him.

  17. 3-3 - 3-3 - Tursunov misses what looked like a routine forehand down the line as he is hauled back to deuce. Areas of his game blowing hot and cold. But an Evans error followed by another ace is good enough to hand the Russian the game. He restores parity at 3-3.

  18. 3-2 - GB LEAD 3-2 - Evans again running into trouble on his serve, but comes to the net to convert a cute little volley. An ace sees Evans heads for advantage before he wins the next point for a 3-2 lead. A timely hold and suddenly there is fresh life in the legs of Evans here.

  19. 2-2 - BREAK GB TO LEVEL AT 2-2 - Evans refusing to slip quietly into the night here as he retrieves the break of serve to level at 2-2. Much, much better from him. Tursunov seems prone to these moments of losing concentration.

  20. 2-1 - BREAK RUSSIA TO LEAD 2-1 - Looks like this assignment may be proving just too much for Evans as he falls 0-40 behind. Rallies to make it 15-40, but another double fault is bad news for GB. Tursunov now 2-1 ahead with the break.

  21. 1-1 - 1-1 - A quick response from Tursunov to level at 1-1. The Russian looking the better player the longer this goes. Pressure right back on Solihull puncher Evans.

  22. 1-0 - GB LEAD 1-0 - A solid start for Evans. Vital that he doesn't lose track of his surroundings. He holds serve at the start of the fouth set.

  23. 6-4 - SET RUSSIA 6-4! Chances to break back elude Evans as Tursunov throws out the two break back points to recover from 15-40 down to see out the set on serve. Suddenly, the Russian is back in control of his match. He leads 2-1. Needs one more set to give his country the lead.

  24. 5-4 - RUSSIA LEAD 5-4 - Evans keeps Tursunov honest by holding to 15, but one fears this set has already slipped away. Is going to take a big effort here. GB captain Leon Smith trying to encourage Evans to put it together in this tenth game of the third set. Needs the break.

  25. 5-3 - RUSSIA LEAD 5-3 - Tursunov with little or no support in this crowd in Coventry. But he is refusing to let that phase him as another booming first serve hits the mark in carrying the world number 67 within one game of the third set. Evans must hold to stay in this set.

  26. 4-3 - BREAK RUSSIA TO LEAD 4-3 - A loose service from Evans just when he didn't want it. Was rolling along nicely on serve, but a few untimely shots fly off his racket. And Tursunov is presented with the first break of the third set. He is looking for two more games for a 2-1 lead in the match.

  27. 3-3 - 3-3 - Another love service game from Tursunov. Both men picking up the pace on serve with with neither man being tested so far on their service games so far. Classy stuff from the Russian.

  28. 2-3 - 2-3 - GB LEAD 3-2 - Evan responds by displaying some real gusto on serve. This match turning into a real dogfight in the third set, which is set to become the pivotal set surely in whover is going to emerge victorious from the match.

  29. 2-2 - 2-2 - An easy, easy game for Tursunov. Little or not worries for the powerful Russian. Does not drop a point on serve. His easiest game on serve for some time. Pressure switches back to Evans.

  30. 1-2 - GB LEAD 2-1 - Some solid hitting by Evans! Managing to get some real heat on that serve as he moves 2-1 to the good dropping only one point on the particular service game.

  31. 1-1 - 1-1 - Tursunov back level at 1-1 with a composed service game. Evans belying his current world ranking of 293, but Tursunov keeps him at bay on serve.

  32. 0-1 - GB LEAD 1-0 - Evans continues the good work of the tie-break to move 1-0 clear in the third set by holding serve early on. Impressive stuff this by Evans to ensure Tursunov knows he is well and truly in a match.

  33. 6-7 - SET GB 7-6 - A flying start to this breaker for Evans as he opens up a 3-0 lead. But he drops a backhand into the net in mid-court before Tursonov converts an overhead at the net after forcing Evans to go further and further back. Tursunov provides Evans with a 4-2 lead when he drills a forehand into the net on the run. A big first serve carries Evans 5-2 to the good only for Tursunov to win the next three points. Evans sinks a big first serve for another set point. A backhand winner seals it.

  34. 6-6 - 6-6 TIE-BREAK! Worrying moments for Evans as Tursunov forces the issue to deuce, but a fine response from Evans to come through from deuce with the Russian dumping a forehand into the net as we head on into this second set breaker. Imperative that Evans doesn't lose it.

  35. 6-5 - RUSSIA LEAD 6-5 - Tursunov using all of his experience to claw his way back as he picks up a third straight game to move ahead in the second set. A solid service game sees him closing in a set that seemed to have eluded him. Evans going for the lines. And missing. He must now hold serve to stay in the set.

  36. 5-5 - RUSSIA BREAK BACK 5-5 - No doubt that Evans is better on the front foot. Facing a struggle the deeper he is behind that baseline. Evans scoops the ball long after a crackling return from Tursunov brings up a break point. But Evans saves the day with a heavy first serve. One set point is not snapped up by Evans. He can't scramble over the line as another double fault hands back the break.

  37. 4-5 - GB LEAD 5-4 - Despite his best attempts there is to be no double break for Evans, who must serve out this set to draw level at 1-1. The way this match is going, life in Tursunov's hopes yet.

  38. 3-5 - GB LEAD 5-3 - Brilliant play by Evans to stave off the break back point as he forces Tursunov into a corner before coming to the net to convert a winning volley on the backhand side. Some more fine movement from Evans sees him clamber to advantage. Tursunov slaps a forehand into the net seconds later and this set is going GB's way with Evans 5-3 clear.

  39. 3-4 - GB BREAK TO LEAD 4-3 - Brilliant stuff from Evans to keep the ball in play. Prompts the error from Tursunov as he breaks for the first time in this match. Evans suddenly two games away from levelling this match at 1-1 in sets.

  40. 3-3 - 3-3 - Fine response by Evans to recover from the disappointment of failing to convert the break points in that previous game. We remain on serve at 3-3. Evans battling hard to remain in the running in this second set.

  41. 3-2 - RUSSIA LEAD 3-2 - Tursunov bleeding errors at the wrong moment. Tursunov sees a forehand drop wide of its intended target as Evans is handed a break point. But a big first serve saves the day before a timely overhead carries Tursunov to advantage. Another solid serve from the Russian sees him escape a dangerous spot. We remain on serve with Tursunov leading 3-2.

  42. 2-2 - 2-2 - Plenty of horns blaring among the home fans as Tursunov sees the ball drop long with Evans pushing and probing to some effect. The Russian hammers a forehand just wide of the target and Evans is level on serve at 2-2 in this second set. Can he apply some pressure to Tursunov's serve? Easier said than done.

  43. 2-1 - RUSSIA LEAD 2-1 - Another game drifts by, another hold for the Russian. Evans getting plenty of encouragement from the crowd, but has not really troubled his opponent's serve since the opening game of the match.

  44. 1-1 - 1-1 - Evens restores parity in the second game by holding serve. Some smart play by the British player. All level in the second set. Games on serve.

  45. 1-0 - RUSSIA LEAD 1-0! Real struggle out there for Evans. Is knocking the ball wide amid a whole host of errors. Tursunov seems to have his number as he holds to 15 in the opening game of the second set. Vital that Evans comes up with a hold otherwise this match could quickly run away from him.

  46. 6-4 - SET RUSSIA 6-4! Evans pressed back in falling two set points down. Comes to the net to save the first one, but he knocks a forehand wide from deep and the Russians lead by one set to love. Get the feeling Evans is really punching outside his class bracket here.

  47. 5-4 - GB BREAK TO TRAIL 5-4 - Evans breaks back when he was under severe pressure. And the home fans are loving that. Some really positive play by the British player, who will serve to level up the opening set at 5-5. Some great hitting by Evans both in terms of consistency and in the length of his hitting.

  48. 5-3 - RUSSIA LEAD 5-3 - Evans hits back to 5-3 behind. Decent piece of serving from the underdog under pressure, but he is going to need a break here otherwise Russia will trouser this opening set.

  49. 5-2 - RUSSIA LEAD 5-2 - Tursunov cements the break with minimal fuss and the forehand is working to some effect. All a bit quiet among the home fans in Coventry. Danger signs for Evans, who is on the cusp of losing this opening set here.

  50. 4-2 - RUSSIA BREAK TO LEAD 4-2! Tursunov reaps the benefits from an aggressive approach as his heavier groundstrokes provide the platform for the break of serve to love and suddenly the momentum of this match is with the former world number 20.

  51. 3-2 - RUSSIA LEAD 3-2 - Tursunov comes up with an ace down the middle to move 40-30 clear before he comes to the net to convert a winning volley to move ahead by the odd game in five. We remain on serve in this contest. Evans yet to find the winning formula to break the Russian's serve. But vital that he holds.

  52. 2-2 - 2-2- Brilliant ace by Evans to move 30-0 clear before Tursunov sticks a forehand wide on the run. Three game points for Evans, but he needs only one of them as the Russian drops a return long from deep. We are all level at 2-2.

  53. 2-1 - RUSSIA LEAD 2-1! Another decent hold from Tursunov. Fewer problems on his serve there and he is given a bit of a pat on the back by the visiting camp. The visitors expecting to win this match. But Evans is holding up well so far three games into this contest.

  54. 1-1 - 1-1 - Some brilliant skill by Tursunov as he comes to the net to convert a little drop volley to close to 30-15 behind. A double fault from Evans sees the score move to 30-30 before a backhand return by the Russian sails well wide. Tursunov then thumps a backhand that misses up the line. Wide of the mark. We are level at 1-1.

  55. 1-0 - GAME RUSSIA 1-0! A couple of big opening serves by Tursunov before Evans reels off three straight points to bring up a break aided by a smart play in coming to net. Evans misses with a forehand seconds later before Evans is long during a rally. The GB player then knocks a ball into the net and Russia move 1-0 clear.

  56. 0-0 - We are off and running. Tursunov to serve in the opening game of the match.

  57. 14:09 - Players out on the court warming up at the moment. Umipire is Richard Haigh. He has called three minutes of warm-up practice left. The winner earns a place in the world group play-off.

  58. 14:00 - Almost ready to go with this opening match. An enthusiastic audience in Coventry. Not quite a full house. Almost like a mini version of Last Night at the Proms. Plenty of GB flags being waved in the house.

  59. 13:55 - Good afternoon and welcome to LIVE coverage of Dan Evans against Dmitry Tursunov in the opening match of the Davis Cup tie from Coventry. This is a Euro/Africa Zone Group 1 match with GB without their number one player Andy Murray for this tie. Two singles today followed by doubles and reverse singles on Sunday. Best of five matches over the three days claims victory.

Daniel Evans

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 23/05/1990
Height 1.75 m
Weight 75 kg

Dmitry Tursunov

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 12/12/1982
Height 1.85 m
Weight 82 kg

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