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Victoria Azarenka - Maria Sharapova Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Sharapova626--
BelarusV Azarenka164--

Live Comments

  1. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 6-4 - GAME, SET & MATCH! An off-balance forehand error from Azarenka hands Sharapova THREE MORE MATCH POINTS ... And this time Sharapova does book her place in the final with an ace down the centre of the court.

  2. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-4 - Commendable from Azarenka as she holds to love, Sharapova netting a forehand on the first game point, to put all the pressure back on the Russian. Sharapova will have a second chance to serve out the match after the change of ends.

  3. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-3 - BREAK! Azarenka saves this one with a great cross court backhand that a running, stretching Sharapova can only net in reply. And a double fault, a 10th double from Sharapova, hands Azarenka another break back point ... And a break it is as Sharapova slaps down AN 11TH DOUBLE FAULT. Ouch. Azarenka will still have to serve to stay in this match though.

  4. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-2 Ad-40 - Sharapova saves it with another great serve down the centre of the court and deuce quickly becomes MATCH POINT NUMBER FOUR after a forehand winner from the Russian ...

  5. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-2 40-Ad - Another great backhand return of serve from the Belarusian draws a backhand wide across court this time from Sharapova squanders the match point and this time she goes long with a forehand down the line to hand Azarenka a break back point. Sharapova saves it with a serve down the centre of the court that Azarenka returns wide and long with an off-backhand. But she hands the Belarusian a second break point with a backhand long ...

  6. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-2 Ad-40 - A fantastic backhand return of serve from Azarenka, right at the feet of Sharapova, draws the error (another backhand into the net) that levels things at deuce again. But an ace out wide from Sharapova brings up the THIRD MATCH POINT ...

  7. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-2 Ad-40 - This time Sharapova's backhand down the line ends up in the top of the net to allow Azarenka to level back at deuce. But a backhand goes just marginally wide across court from the Belarusian to hand Sharapova a SECOND MATCH POINT ...

  8. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-2 40-30 - Sharapova levels at 30-30 with a sensational, sliced backhand winner down the line after a great cross court backhand return of serve from Azarenka. A change-of-direction forehand winner down the line from Sharapova brings up a FIRST MATCH POINT...

  9. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 5-2 - BREAK! With an hour and 51 minutes on the clock, Sharapova will serve for a place in the final. She breaks the Azarenka serve for a third time in a row, the Belarusian hitting long down the centre of the court to concede her serve to 15.

  10. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 4-2 - A ninth double fault from Sharapova allows Azarenka to level at 30-30 while a backhand wide across court allows her to level at deuce. But Azarenka can't do anything with that slim chance, hitting long off the forehand wing to hand Sharapova a break point. And the Russian holds to consolidate the break with a service winner.

  11. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 3-2 - BREAK! It's not great stuff from either player at the moment as Azarenka goes long with a fairly routine forehand to gift Sharapova another break point. The Russian paints the very outside of the lines on both sides, first with a cross court forehand and then with an inside-out forehand across court in the opposite direction. Azarenka wants a look at the mark, putting her arm up but she changes her mind when she gets to the ball, Alves having already called "game" anyway.

  12. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 2-2 - BREAK! A backhand across court goes astray for Sharapova as she hands Azarenka a second break point. But again she saves it with a huge second serve and easy forehand winner. Azarenka gets a third chance though when Sharapova goes long down the line with a change-of-direction forehand, after bossing the point from the baseline. And this time, after 10 minutes, Azarenka does break back when Sharapova slaps down a FOURTH double fault for the game. Ouch.

  13. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 2-1 - Having worked so hard to great the break, Sharapova quickly looks in danger of handing it back to Azarenka, slapping down consecutive double faults to allow the Belarusian to go 15-30 up. She levels with a forehand winner before an off-balance backhand is pulled well wide across court to gift Azarenka the break back point. Sharapova saves it ace and brings up game point with another ace before a double fault sees her pegged back to deuce again.

  14. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 2-1 - BREAK! A netted forehand followed by an off-balance forehand long across court from Azarenka sees Sharapova sneak ahead at 0-30. A great backhand down the line from the Belarusian forces a forehand long from Sharapova to get one point back while the Russian hits another forehand well, well long, this time down the line, on the second, 30-30. Another error from the Belarusian hands Sharapova break point and this time she does with a whipped backhand winner cross court.

  15. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 1-1 - Sharapova absolutely batters an inside-out forehand across court for a winner to level at 30-30 and deny Azarenka an early break point in this final set. That quickly becomes a game point with another cross court winner, this time off the backhand wing. And Sharapova holds when Azarenka nets a very low backhand off a great defensive backhand across court from Sharapova.

  16. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 0-1 - Sharapova very nearly falls on the baseline, her stumble giving Azarenka time to find a cross court forehand drive volley winner to level at 30-30. Sharapova nets a forehand return on the next point before levelling at deuce when Azarenka sends an inside-out backhand wide across court. The Belarusian then has to save a break point, which she does when Sharapova goes wide with a forehand return, and she goes on to hold when Sharapova nets another forehand return.

  17. 15:58 - We are just about ready to get this clash back underway. It will be Azarenka to serve first, with Sharapova having dropped serve to concede the second set, just before the delay.

  18. 15:53 - The players are heading back out on court now. There will be a warm-up with the players having been off court for for nearly 30 minutes.

  19. 15:49 - The covers are coming off although there is no sign of the players just yet. Play should be able to resume soon though.

  20. 15:27 - That's it - play is now officially suspended. We don't know how long for at this stage although the covers are being pulled on by the groundstaff at the moment.

  21. 15:26 - The rain is getting very heavy now. Sharapova has gone off for a comfort break at the change of ends at the end off this second set but there is not going to be an immediate resumption of play, certainly. Azarenka is temporarily still out there though, waiting to see if there is a resumption.

  22. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-6 - SET! Sharapova makes a very late challenge to a lack of a call on an Azarenka forehand she believes is out. Umpire Alves comes down from the chair to check the mark and decides the mark is touching the line. Sharapova is furious and it brings up two set points for Azarenka. The Russian saves the first with a big first serve but slaps down an ace o the second before trudging back to the chair in a furious fashion, the rain getting a little heavier all the time.

  23. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-5 15-0 - It's raining. Lightly. But the drops themselves are pretty big. The advice to the players from umpire Mariana Alves is that it will stop and that they should keep playing. There is a slight pause when the players have a discussion with the umpire but then the decision is taken that play will continue. There is a thunderstorm forecast for later on today but it hasn't arrived just yet.

  24. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-5 - Great touch at the net from Azarenka on a sliced backhand drop shot to recover from 0-30 down. From there the Belarusian goes on to hold with a great serve that Sharapova cannot return in play. Sharapova will have to serve to stay in this second set, next.

  25. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-4 - BREAK! Azarenka has to back up a long way in order to loop a defensive forehand into the court, and it pays off as her next shot is a curling inside-out forehand winner across court that catches the sideline and brings up a break point. It's a break point the Belarusian takes full advantage of as well as she climbs all over the Sharapova serve and forces the error, a forehand into the net, with a blistering return of serve.

  26. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-3 - At the beginning of the first set, Sharapova's level dropped just marginally but Azarenka has definitely lifted hers and she throws in another ace on her way to a comfortable service hold that sees her nudge in front once again.

  27. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 2-2 - Sharapova holds to love when Azarenka sends a forehand long of the baseline, going for the down the line winner.

  28. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 1-2 - Azarenka works her way up the court before plucking a forehand drive volley out of the air and rattling it across court to bring up a game point from 30-30. Sharapova drives a return back at her on the next point though to level up at deuce before Azarenka goes on to hold with an ace out wide.

  29. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 1-1 - Sharapova dumps a forehand into the net to allow Azarenka to level at 30-30. But she quickly recovers with a great serve out wide and a backhand winner across the court in the opposite direction. From there she goes on to hold and level up.

  30. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 0-1 - Much better from Azarenka as she finds a number of first serves that stop Sharapova from getting into the point early. The Belarusian seals the game when she races up the net and rattles a forehand drive volley winner down the line.

  31. - - SHARAPOVA 6-1 - SET! Emphatic from Sharapova as she serves out the set with an ace. Just 28 minutes on the clock and Sharapova has reeled off six straight games to take that set.

  32. - - SHARAPOVA 5-1 - BREAK! Sharapova slides out-wide to a backhand and uses all her strength to somehow get the ball back down the line to bring up three more break points. The Russian breaks to love for a second consecutive time by once again over-powering Azarenka from the baseline. She will serve for the set after just 26 minutes.

  33. - - SHARAPOVA 4-1 - A big first serve and forehand winner follow-up from Sharapova brings up two game points to consolidate the break. She only needs the one though, another forehand winner following a second serve. After that very nervy opener from Sharapova, she has stormed back with four straight games and is totally in control of this clash.

  34. - - SHARAPOVA 3-1 - BREAK! An absolutely huge forehand return of serve from Sharapova across court is too much for Azarenka to get back in play. That sets the Russian on her way to three more break points, but she only needs the one, Azarenka going for the big second serve only to hit her follow-up backhand wide down the line.

  35. 14:33 - This match, by the way, in addition to being a battle for a place in the French Open final, is also a battle for the world number two spot. Sharapova currently holds that position and if she wins she will retain it. But, if Azarenka wins, the Belarusian will depose her.

  36. - - SHARAPOVA 2-1 - Still not great from Sharapova as she sends a forehand long of the line to allow Azarenka to level at 30-30. But the defending champion recovers to hold without too much further trouble and she will be happier with that after her very slow start in the first game.

  37. - - SHARAPOVA 1-1 - BREAK! Azarenka also finds herself triple break point down before she can find her rhythm. She recovers to level at deuce, though, the highlight of which sees her race up the court and produce a forehand winner off a shorter ball. But a mis-timed forehand long sees her hand Sharapova a fourth chance and this time the Russian does break back with a forehand right on to the line that Azarenka cannot return in play.

  38. 14:20 - Eurosport commentator, and former French Open semi-finalist, Jo Durie is going for Azarenka in three today. What you do reckon? Why not come say hi on Twitter @pippawdavis.

  39. - - SHARAPOVA 0-1 - BREAK! Azarenka makes a great start to the match with good control on a stretched forehand volley after Sharapova has gone across court with her drop shot reply. A double fault doesn't help Sharapova's cause as she quickly finds herself triple break point down. But Azarenka only needs the one as Sharapova slaps down a second double fault. Nervy start from the Russian.

  40. 14:17 - Here we go then, the players are just about ready to go with world number two and defending champion Maria Sharapova to get the match underway by serving first...

  41. 14:16 - It's a warm day today in Paris, about 25 degrees currently with the forecast predicting highs of 27. There's a bit of breeze but nowhere near as much as there has been in the past few days.

  42. 14:15 - Azarenka has also dropped just the one set, in the third round, against Alize Cornet. Apart from that she has beaten Elena Vesnina, Annika Beck, Francesca Schiavone and Maria Kirilenko in straight set.

  43. 14:13 - That bagel set against Jankovic was actually Sharapova's first dropped set of the tournament, despite even her coach Thomas Hogstedt saying that he has not been too impressed with her play. The Russian defending champion has come past Hsieh Su-Wei, Eugenie Bouchard, Zheng Jie and Sloane Stephens all in straight sets before her comeback win over Jankovic.

  44. 14:10 - Neither of these two players have totally been at their best in recent months but while Azarenka has got consistently better during the rounds, Sharapova has continued to struggle somewhat, dropping that first set against Jankovic yesterday without even picking up a game. Mind you, her battling spirit is second to none.

  45. 14:07 - When you take it down to just their clay court meetings, however, Sharapova leads by two wins to zero. The Russian also won their most recent meeting, back at the WTA Championships in Istanbul.

  46. 14:06 - These two players have met each other 12 times before with Azarenka actually leading the head-to-heads by seven wins to five.

  47. 14:03 - Don't forget you can watch all the action LIVE in HD on British Eurosport. Or, alternatively, you can watch all the matches LIVE on the Player.

  48. 14:00 - "We have played each other so many times there are really no secrets between each other in terms of our game styles and what we do well and not," Sharapova, who trails Azarenka 5-7 in their meetings, said looking ahead to the semi-final. Azarenka, who employs the same bish-bash baseline tactics as Sharapova, concurred: "We are kind of similar and kind of different in the same way. It's going to be definitely a battle."

  49. 13:55 - The last time they met on clay, in Stuttgart just over a year ago, the players bumped shoulders during a changeover and neither woman attempted to apologise for the collision. To make matters worse, at the end of that match Sharapova also had a dig at Azarenka's habit of taking medical timeouts when the going gets tough - an act that blew up in the Belarussian's face during this year's Australian Open.

  50. 13:50 - While a clash between tennis' two loudest wailers is likely to increase sales of earplugs around the Bois de Boulogne area over the next few hours, the 13th match-up between the two will also be under close scrutiny for reasons other than the noise level it produces.

  51. 13:45 - The women's semi-finals take centre stage at Roland Garros with Victoria Azarenka taking on defending champion Maria Sharapova and favourite Serena Williams facing Italy's Sara Errani.

Victoria Azarenka

Nationality BLR
Date of Birth 31/07/1989
Height 1.83 m
Weight 66 kg

Maria Sharapova

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 19/04/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 59 kg

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