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Denis Istomin - David Ferrer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainD Ferrer76---
UZBD Istomin52---

Live Comments

  1. - - FERRFER 7-5 6-2 - GAME, SET & MATCH! That was an impressive peformance from the world number four as he serves out to love, sealing it with an ace to book his place in the third round where he will face Tommy Haas in what could be a stunning match. Madrid Masters drawsheet

  2. - - FERRER 7-5 5-2 - Istomin does well not to succumb to the pressure of serving to stay in the match, the Uzbek's serve being far from reliable so far today. He holds but Ferrer will have the chance to serve it out after the change of ends

  3. - - FERRER 7-5 5-1 - Istomin will have to serve to stay in this match next as Ferrer again has little trouble behind his serve and holds to leave himself potentially just one game away

  4. - - FERRER 7-4 4-1 - Istomin is off the mark in this second set and will at least avoid the ignominy of the bagel set. It would take something spectacular for Ferrer to clappse in this match now though

  5. - - FERRER 7-5 4-0 - Ferrer races through another 15, getting things back on track behind his serve and consolidates the double break. Istomin is staring at a bagel second set if he's not careful

  6. - - FERRER 7-5 3-0 - BREAK! Ferrer takes a nasty tumble on the baseline, only just managing to stop himself from falling over backwards as he tries to change direction and chase down a break point. He is fine though and makes amends on the very next point when he does break for a second straight time in this set.

  7. - - FERRER 7-5 2-0 - A tougher service game for the Spaniard as he is pushed to deuce by Istomin but he quicly recovers to hold and consolidate the early break.

  8. - - FERRER 7-5 1-0 - BREAK! Ferrer is running away with this clash now as he breaks for the opening game of the second set when Istomin nets a forehand

  9. - - FERRER 7-5 - SET! Brilliant stuff from the Spaniard as he serves out the set to love, racing up to the net to meet a shorter, defensive ball from Istomin and easily putting his forehand away for a winner down the line.

  10. - - FERRER 6-5 - BREAK! Ferrer pushes Istomin deep behind the baseline before racing up to the net on break point and battering an emphatic inside out cross court forehand away for the winner. He will serve for the opening set after the change of ends

  11. - - FERRER 5-5 - Ferrer makes a trip into the net to seal a hold without too much drama to put himself back on level terms again.

  12. - - FERRER 4-5 - Another quick and easy service hold from Ferrer before Istomin is forced to save a break point with a blistering forehand winner across court before holding to force Ferrer to serve to stay in the set.

  13. - - FERRER 3-4 - The perfect drop volley from Istomin sees even the speedy Ferrer beaten for pace as he cannot quite get up to the ball. The Spaniard is left sliding into the net in vain as he attempts to get up to the ball

  14. - - FERRER 3-3 - Istomin moves up the court to a shorter ball and whips it away for a forehand winner to bring up a game point. It quickly disappears, however, as Ferrer levels at deuce with a lengthy backhand that Istomin simply cannot deal with. The Uzbek cannot capitalise on his next two game points either but eventually holds at the fourth attempt before Ferrer races through a service hold that slings all the pressure back over the net at Istomin.

  15. - - FERRER 2-2 - A tougher service hold for Ferrer this time around as he is pushed to deuce before managing to hold with a forehand winner

  16. - - FERRER 1-2 - Istomin has started the match brightly, holding his opening two service games. Ferrer has also held for his opening service game and only trails on serve.

  17. - - Our next featured match, coming up in about 15 minutes time, will be world number four David Ferrer against Uzbekistan's Denis Istomin.

Denis Istomin

Nationality UZB
Date of Birth 07/09/1986
Height 1.88 m
Weight 88 kg

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

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