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Serena Williams - Dominika Cibulková Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams66---
SlovakiaD Cibulková01---

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Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Dominika Cibulková

Nationality SVK
Date of Birth 06/05/1989
Height 1.6 m
Weight 55 kg

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  1. then there is big mama Davenport couldnt move but a­ very good ball striker. Won a few slams herself.

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 16 May 19:44
  2. Mention their idol the 6foot 3 inch transgender ranked­ 2 in the world. is that not a biggie? much bigger then­ Serena but Serena still cuts her down to size.

    From Bad_Girl, on Thu 16 May 19:42
  3. Just to refresh the memories of the haters. Justine­ Henin was (is) small. Yet she managed to win many­ titles. She had talent. She was quick. Monika Seles­ was big. She was a champion too. Tennis is not about­ size. It's about talent, strength and focus.

    From CircemEt, on Thu 16 May 19:29
  4. Tennis, like all other sports, is about talent,­ strength (mental and physical), agility, hard work,­ focus and some luck. Serena has all the above... ­ Haters, anything to add?

    From CircemEt, on Thu 16 May 19:25
  5. Haters, tennis isn't about size, it's about,­ technique, mental toughness, skill, and working your­ butt off. Cibulkova is a very streaky player with­ great potential and a very powerful game, but she lacks­ the mental toughness to take her to the next level. ­ She's had some thrillers against the top ranked­ players on to fall apart closing. Players like­ Henin, Hingis, and Ferrer were and are small in­ comparison to other tennis player but they were and are­ champions because they understand the game and what it­ takes to win along with their talent.

    From Bella, on Thu 16 May 18:09
  6. @Sanini, I think you just come back to life FYI please­ check Wimbledon 12, olympic12 & US open 12 maybe­ that will help your sanity

    From Anne, on Thu 16 May 17:05
  7. Wait until she meets Azerenka.

    From Sanini Salelee, on Thu 16 May 16:51
  8. WSerena crushes Cibulkova 6-0, 6-1

    From martin, on Thu 16 May 16:43
  9. UKHOLE, get a life !!

    From Fat Tony, on Thu 16 May 16:37
  10. the physical make -up of each human must be used to his­ or her best advantage. if your are samll you will have­ an advantage over a bigger taller slower player. one­ must learn to use it. stop the crying and put your mind­ on utlizing your advantages.

    From lennard, on Thu 16 May 16:29
  11. i think the officials needs to start thinking pairing­ players according weight and height, like in boxing. me­ thinks, this is torture for cibukova

    From Tariro, on Thu 16 May 16:05
  12. this is what am talking, same story, Serena, boring­ tennis in women. for as long shes playing, nobody will­ win anything. for Gods sake whats wrong with other­ women to put a stop to this.

    From Tariro, on Thu 16 May 15:59
  13. good luck to the champion and the lovely petite­ dominika.ka.ka!!!!!!

    From SANCHEZ, on Thu 16 May 11:44
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