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Lleyton Hewitt - Grigor Dimitrov Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
AustraliaL Hewitt66---
BULG Dimitrov43---

Live Comments

  1. - - DIMITROV 4-6 3-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Great defence from Hewitt brings up three match points for the Aussie, Dimitrov hitting long once again. And Hewitt only needs the one, breaking to love to seal the match when another Dimitrov forehand sails long. One hour and seven minutes was all Hewitt needed to get through to the third round where he will face American Sam Querrey.

  2. - - DIMITROV 4-6 3-5 - Hewitt catches the very outside of the sideline with a forehand (confirmed by hawkeye) to take the opening point of the game before going on to hold for the loss of just the one point when Dimitrov goes well long with a forehand return down the line. The Bulgarian will have to serve to stay in the match next.

  3. - - DIMITROV 4-6 3-4 - Hewitt is gifted another break point when Dimitrov slaps a forehand well long of the baseline. The chance goes begging this time for the usually compact Hewitt as he sends a forehand long and Dimitrov goes on to hold when Hewitt nets a forehand return.

  4. - - DIMITROV 4-6 2-4 - Dimitrov finds himself in the most promising position so far against the Hewitt serve at 0-30 up. But the Aussie levels with a Dimitrov forehand into the net followed by a service winner from Hewitt. A forehand well long down the line hands Hewitt the hold without the loss of another point. Still no break point chances for Dimitrov.

  5. - - DIMITROV 4-6 2-3 - Ace number three for Dimitrov brings up two game points. But he only needs the one, another big serve sealing the game as Hewitt can only get the frame of his racquet to the ball.

  6. - - DIMITROV 4-6 1-3 - Dimitrov is still yet to see a break point against the Hewitt serve as the Aussie fires a solid enough first serve down the T, a serve the Bulgarian failed to read and can only return long down the centre of the court after lunging at the ball with his backhand.

  7. - - DIMITROV 4-6 1-2 - A love service hold from Dimitrov gets him on the scoreboard in this second set, his big serve out wide skidding off the damp court and causing Hewitt enough trouble that he cannot get his return back into play.

  8. - - DIMITROV 4-6 0-2 - Hewitt races through a very quick and easy service hold to consolidate the break when another Dimitrov backhand goes astray. The Bulgarian really isn't having any success off that wing today.

  9. - - DIMITROV 4-6 0-1 - BREAK! Hewitt peppers the Dimitrov backhand before rattling a change-of-direction backhand down the line to break for the opening game of the second set. The shoulders slumped a little on the way back to the chair for the change of ends there from Dimitrov as he dropped his serve to 30.

  10. - - DIMITROV 4-6 - SET! Hewitt has little trouble in serving out the set, the Aussie producing another huge serve that Dimitrov cannot return in play to take it.

  11. - - DIMITROV 4-5 - Dimitrov holds once again to force Hewitt to serve out the set. Apart from the game in which he was broken, the Bulgarian has looked pretty solid on serve so far today. Hewitt will serve for the opening set after the change of ends.

  12. - - DIMITROV 3-5 - A tougher service game this time around for Hewitt as Dimitrov pushes him to deuce before the Aussie can hold with a huge first serve out wide that Dimitrov is unable to deal with. The Bulgarian will have to serve to stay in this opening set next.

  13. - - DIMITROV 3-4 - Dimitrov keeps himself within touching distance on the scoreboard as he holds once again without any trouble, a big serve out wide being returned wide across court from Hewitt.

  14. - - DIMITROV 2-4 - A brilliant lob from Hewitt, off a drop shot, from Dimitrov, lands right on the baseline to bring up three more game points. And he seals the first love game of the match with a tricky enough lob that Dimitrov can only smash wide.

  15. - - DIMITROV 2-3 - Dimitrov races through a comfortable service hold, sealing the game with an ace. Still trails by a break though, remember.

  16. - - DIMITROV 1-3 - Hewitt opens the game with a double fault but he quickly storms back to hold without any further trouble, flicking a change-of-direction backhand winner across court and right on to the sideline. That consolidates the early break for the Aussie veteran, who looks totally at home on this grass court.

  17. - - DIMITROV 1-2 - BREAK! The first break point goes the way of Hewitt as he pegs Dimitrov back from a 40-15 lead before gaining the advantage when the Bulgarian goes just long with a forehand. Dimitrov then goes long with a backhand across court, the wind just catching the ball slightly and helping the overhit shot drift long. Hewitt has the early advantage.

  18. - - DIMITROV 1-1 - Super footwork from Hewitt on the baseline (would you expect anything else?) as he whips a backhand passing shot down the line for a winner. The Aussie then also goes on to hold to 15 with an ace out wide. Confident start from both players.

  19. - - DIMITROV 1-0 - A great first serve down the centre of the court that a lunging Hewitt can only return into the net, brings up two game points for Dimitrov. He only needs the one though as he produces a solid ground-stroke display, Hewitt netting a backhand to end a lengthy rally.

Lleyton Hewitt

Nationality AUS
Date of Birth 24/02/1981
Height 1.8 m
Weight 77 kg

Grigor Dimitrov

Nationality BUL
Date of Birth 16/05/1991
Height 1.88 m
Weight 77 kg

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