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Serena Williams - Kimiko Date-Krumm Live

Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams66---
JapanK Date-Krumm20---

Live Comments

  1. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 6-0 - BREAK BAGEL AND MATCH SERENA! Finally Serena does it with a fine return off the line. Muted response from the crowd, who want to make a night of it. Next up for the defending champ is Sabine Lisicki. That's the end of tonight's action, we'll be back tomorrow!

  2. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 5-0 - A rush to net yields a volley too powerful for Date-Krumm, but super anticipation from Kimiko sees her volley clear. Serena pounds a wicked return off the line, but a cracking rally is taken by Kimiko with a running drive. Date-Krumm nets a weak forehand but Serena yelps as she mis-hits wide. Deuce. Match point once more though as Kimi nets, but Serena does likewise and it's deuce again.

  3. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 5-0 - A love hold for Serena is rounded off with yet another ace - number eight I make that - and the bagel is on!

  4. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 4-0 - BREAK! Date-Krumm gets the first service point with a smashed volley, and at 30-0 drops one after a lovely rally that sees both women use the full width of the court, the Japanese running out of steam first as Serena applauds the point. And now she's lost her cool, forehanding to net from a solid central position, and the break point is taken as she slices long. Challenged... It was on the line! Replayed but she goes long from deep.

  5. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 3-0 - At this rate we could be done by 25 past, which would make it under an hour. Change of ends and drinks could last longer than some games. Serena coasting.

  6. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-0 - BREAK! Williams breaks to 15 as Date-Krumm struggles to keep with her. Can see this being wrapped up by half past!

  7. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 1-0 - Solid hold for Serena to start off the second set.

  8. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 - BREAK AND SET! The crowd gets excited as Date-Krumm wins her first service point and she moves 40-15 as Serena misjudges the length on her forehand. Fine return now though, backhand into the corner, and now deuce. Set point Serena now as her return sees Kimiko net, and taken after a rally as the Japanese strikes high and long.

  9. - - WILLIAMS 5-2 - BREAK! Excellent fight shown by Date-Krumm to level at 30, a lovely open forehand with Serena stranded. But Serena whips out an ace down the middle, set point, but lost as she nets weakly off a second-serve fally. Kimiko makes few errors but does next as she nets for a second set point... saved with a fine forehand down the line that Serena nets. Now a super return and follow-up volley for break point! Taken as a super return allos Kimiko to dicate the point as Serena hits wide!

  10. - - WILLIAMS 5-1 - BREAK! Cracking dipping backhand off the line for 30-0 and now three break points. Date-Krumm saves the first but not the second as Serena cudgels a monster return off the right tram.

  11. - - WILLIAMS 4-1 - Monster first serve beyond Date-Krumm, and another ace for 30... No love hold as Serena overcooks a backhand across court, and an unforced error as she slices a weak backhand to net. Good hold in the end though as she bliztes one clear of the Japanese for 4-1.

  12. - - WILLIAMS 3-1 - BREAK! The muted response of Centre Court belies the fact Serena has broken nice and early. Expected.

  13. - - WILLIAMS 2-1 - Williams bludgeons a huge first serve down the T to move to 30-30, but Date-Krumm responds with a glorious forehand pass down the line for a break point! Serena saves it with a powerful first serve, before her opponent plants a return into the net.

  14. - - WILLIAMS 1-1 - Serena nonchalantly belts her sixth winner of the match already with a savage cross-court forehand, but Date-Krumm does superbly to take the game to deuce with a fine first serve outwide. She closes out the game with a solid second serve, and Serena goes long.

  15. - - WILLIAMS 1-0 - Two powerful serves down the T give Serena a 40-15 lead, and Date-Krumm slams a wild smash well wide to gift her opponent - the defending champion - a gift to close out the game. Now, the veteran will have to settle quickly on her own serve.

  16. - - Here's an odd Head To Head - despite being seasoned veterans, Serena Williams (31) and Kimiko Date-Krumm (42) have never played each other.

  17. - - CONFIRMED: Serena Williams is on Centre Court, moved from Court One after Ferrer's match went to a fifth. She's up in 10-15. The roof is coming on straight away - no messing about. Good call.

  18. - - With Ferrer-Dolgopolov on Court One going to a fifth set, and Djokovic two sets and a break up against Chardy on Centre, our prediction of Serena's match with Date-Krumm being moved to Centre Court looks like being realised. Talk is it will be played to completion under the roof.

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Kimiko Date-Krumm

Nationality JPN
Date of Birth 28/09/1970
Height 1.63 m
Weight 53 kg