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Sabine Lisicki - Marion Bartoli Live

Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
FranceM Bartoli66---
GERS Lisicki14---

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  1. - - BARTOLI 6-1 6-4 - Bartoli is again serving for the championship and she takes first blood after a gruelling rally. And a fine serve is followed by a massive winner and it's three match points - TAKEN WITH AN ACE! MARION BARTOLI WINS WIMBLEDON!

  2. - - BARTOLI 6-1 5-4 - Lisicki rouses the crowd by dominating the first point as she serves to stay in the match, having broken to do so. But a poor toss allows Bartoli to flash a return close to feet and it's level. Cracking forehand cross from Lisicki now and she goes on to hold with a pumping forehand into space.

  3. - - BARTOLI 6-1 5-3 - BREAK! Wonderful play by Lisicki to get the opening point as Bartoli serves for the match, a fine volley after super build-up play. But a flashing winner from Bartoli deceives the German. We're at 30-30 now but break point as Bartoli nets.... and taken as she goes long! Really? Could the comeback be on?

  4. - - BARTOLI 6-1 5-2 - Lisicki roars out a 'come on' after saving a third match point and holding with an ace. Delaying the inevitable surely?

  5. - - BARTOLI 6-1 5-1 - Super return Bartoli. And another decent one, which Lisicki meets with a wild effort wide. The next return is wide and greeted like a break by the Centre Court mob, who will feel short-changed by this. Now two match points as Lisicki again smacks a terrible groundstroke off court, but she saves one with a serve-volley. She fights back to deuce, but another mis-hit brings up Championship point - which is saved as Bartoli nets a backhand.

  6. - - BARTOLI 6-1 5-1 - Straightforward hold for Bartoli as this ultimately disappointing match comes to its conclusion. Short of a miracle this will be the title for the journeywoman pro.

  7. - - BARTOLI 6-1 4-1 - BREAK! This is a full-on implosion from Lisicki, who dribbles a weak forehand to net, another error, and it's a double-break for Bartoli.

  8. - - BARTOLI 6-1 3-1 - Lisicki manages to pull out a trusty ace to move 40-30 but she double faults to deuce. A vicious winner follows, but back to deuce after a brutal Bartoli return out wide. And a double fault for break point. Lisicki is crying!! Bartoli returns to net for deuce as Lisicki wipes away the tears.... Advantage Lisicki as Bartoli nets but Lisicki responds by overhitting a forehand. And break point again after yet another shank off the side of the racquet!

  9. - - BARTOLI 6-1 3-1 - Lisicki fights back in the next game but a super Bartoli volley returns a passing shot with interest for advantage, which she takes to defend that break.

  10. - - BARTOLI 6-1 2-1 - BREAK! A wonderful point to start this game is won by Bartoli with a brilliant pass off the line. Looked almost wide but there was a touch of chalk. Now Lisicki pumps one wide and three break points are brought up! The first is saved by an ace, but the second is taken with a volley at the net after a failed Lisicki drop shot.

  11. - - BARTOLI 6-1 1-1 - Bartoli saves another break point, this time with a superbly angled backhand into the corner. Lisicki's next return is long, and Bartoli has saved five or six break points in a 10minute game as she holds following a testing rally. Scrappy but effective.

  12. - - BARTOLI 6-1 0-1 - A fourth double fault from Bartoli gives Lisicki another break point... but another poor unforced error from behind the baseline brings back deuce. She again caught it with the edge of her racquet. Lisicki has another chance as a powerful backhand catches Bartoli out... Better from Bartoli on the next point as she rushes to net to power a backhand away. Deuce again.

  13. - - BARTOLI 6-1 0-1 - Bartoli challenges without avail as her first serve is correctly called long. Double fault, but Lisicki then strikes a backhand pass well wide and it's 15-15. Her next return lands long, but she scraps back to deuce as a fine Lisicki return catches Bartoli cold. And now break point as Lisicki uses the full width of the court to give Bartoli the runaround... but a shanked forehand - not for the first time - brings it back to deuce.

  14. - - BARTOLI 6-1 0-1 - Better from Lisicki after her toilet break as she shows the form we saw in earlier rounds to cruise to 40-0. The German doesn't manage a love hold as a poor lob is smacked away by Bartoli, but encouraging nonetheless as she aces to hold.

  15. - - BARTOLI 6-1 - SET! Lisicki looks a frustrated figure as she spoons a forehand well off court. Now two set points as Lisicki spanks a terrible double-hander into the net, and Bartoli completes the first set rout as Lisicki again nets under no pressure.

  16. - - BARTOLI 5-1 - BREAK! A double fault gives Bartoli a second break point in this game. Lisicki is getting the jitters it seems... And she pumps a forehand long for the break! Challenged by the German, looked an inch long to me - and it was! Bartoli serving for the first set!

  17. - - BARTOLI 4-1 - Advantage Lisicki now as Bartoli returns to net, but an enthralling rally follows as both women show great determination until Lisicki nets. Another super exchange follows as drop shots are exhanged, Lisicki's second a beaut to gain advantage, which she loses after a sweet return. Epic - and crucial - game, as another break leaves Bartoli serving for the set!

  18. - - BARTOLI 4-1 - Decent start from Lisicki as she strikes a powerful shot through Bartoli, but a failed drop shot nets for 15-15. The German then powers away a two-handed backhand after a desperate return from Bartoli, but fails to hold after the net slows a winner down the line, allowing Bartoli to claw it back to 40-30. And Lisicki suddenly implodes on her serve, break point Bartoli! Saved with an ace down the middle!

  19. - - BARTOLI 4-1 - Bartoli cruises to a comfortable love hold as, despite lacking power, her well-directed serves do not allow Lisicki to build any points, the German's last two returns landing well wide.

  20. - - BARTOLI 3-1 - BREAK! Bartoli again showcases her remarkable returns to move 30-0 but an ace pulls one back. And two break points as Bartoli flicks a two-handed volley diagonally across Lisicki! First serve is out... and the second yields a weak return to net. And the game goes to Bartoli as she takes the second break point!

  21. - - BARTOLI 2-1 - Bartoli has such an unorthodox style, opening up very wide with the serve. She has a chance to move 30-0 but fluffs her volley off a weak drop shot by Lisicki. Now a fine return makes it 15-30 but it's level as Lisicki overhits a forehand drive. A long return gives Bartoli game point, and we have the first hold after a second-serve ace from Bartoli! Collector's item!

  22. - - BARTOLI 1-1 - BREAK! Well she may not be a good server but Bartoli has two break points now as she showcases one of her strengths, some fantastic double-handed returns! The first is saved with an ace, but a dreadful toss from Lisicki results in a double fault and an immediate break-back!!

  23. - - BARTOLI 0-1 - BREAK! A double fault by Bartoli brings up break point... Her next first serve nets, and the third does too! Back-to-back doubles and Bartoli is broken! That is her 29th double fault this tournament, and 248th this year. Not a great server.

  24. - - BARTOLI 0-0 - The Frenchwoman is on serve to start with as Lisicki spanks a super forehand to level at 15. And a forehand wicked return off the line for 15-30, before a double-handed backhand gives the German two break points! Can she take one? Such power from Bartoli to claw one back, Lisicki eventually netting, and it's deuce after the Frenchwoman hussles Lisicki to net before drilling one past her.

  25. 14:05 - Both girls are all smiles as they pose for pre-match photos. They'll hit for a few minutes on a sunny Centre Court before proceedings lose the friendly element. In the meantime, check out the draw to see both of their routes to the final.

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  27. - - If you want to get in touch during this match, Tweet away on @Reda_Eurosport. Give me your predictions! My money is on Lisicki, who has beaten the likes of Serena Williams, Sam Stosur and Agnieszka Radwanska on her way.

  28. 14:00 - HEAD TO HEAD: Lisicki and Bartoli have played each other four times, with the German winning three, the last victory for Lisicki coming at Wimbledon in 2011 (quarter-finals).

  29. 13:55 - Here's a bit more on Bartoli's massive brain.

  30. 13:50 - Bartoli is known as a laid-back character off the court, with a strangely high IQ (around 175, according to reports) and a very lazy demeanour when not training or playing...

  31. 13:50 - And what of Marion Bartoli? Aged 28, she is no stranger to the Wimbledon final, having lost to Venus Williams six years ago. Her career didn't exactly take off after that though, as she stabilised as a player on the fringes of the top 10. She is now ranked 15th, after her career-high last year of seven. Stylistically she is unusual, using both hands on many of her shots, which are heavier than most. She is a very aggressive returner of serve, and plays with lots of passion and verve.

  32. 13:45 - More triumph in the face of adversity for Lisicki - she had to learn to walk again after a career-threatening ankle injury rendered her invalid. Tough cookie.

  33. 13:45 - Amusing Lisicki fact - she is allergic to grass, despite it being her favoured surface. Unlike fellow grass-allergy sufferer Mario Balotelli, she can put on a t-shirt unaided.

  34. 13:40 - Lisicki is 23, from Germany and is currently ranked outside the top 20. That does not tell the full story though - she was ranked as high as no.12 before injuries stalled her progress, and she is a grass-court specialist, having reached a semi-final and two quarter-finals at Wimbledon before this year. She is a powerful, attacking baseliner who gets great speed and topspin on her strokes. She is equally comfortable with her backhand and forehand, serves very well and moves superbly.

  35. 13:35 - So, who are Sabine Lisicki and Marion Bartoli? Tennis fans will be well acquainted with the powerful duo but the casual Wimbledon observer may not have even heard of them before this week...

  36. 13:30 - Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of the women's final at Wimbledon, which starts at 2pm UK time and boasts outsiders Marion Bartoli and Sabine Lisicki.

Sabine Lisicki

Nationality GER
Date of Birth 22/09/1989
Height 1.78 m
Weight 70 kg

Marion Bartoli

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 02/10/1984
Height 1.7 m
Weight 63 kg