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Heather Watson - Madison Keys Live

Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesM Keys67---
United KingdomH Watson35---

Live Comments

  1. - - WATSON 3-6 5-7 - GAME, SET & MATCH! A backhand error from Watson hands Keys three match points. But she only needs the one. The American gets a little bit of luck as her forehand catches the top of the tape and bounces just over for the perfect drop shot to seal the win. But that was a very confident, very professional display from the 18-year-old American, who is through to the second round to face either Monica Nisulescu or Mona Barthel.

  2. - - WATSON 3-6 5-6 - A forehand wide across court from Watson helps Keys hold another very quick service game for the loss of just the one point. The Brit will have to serve to stay in this match for a second time after the change of ends, while Keys has ensured at worst she will end the set on a tie-break.

  3. - - WATSON 3-6 5-5 - Fantastic from Watson as she defies the pressure of serving to stay in the match and holds to love with a blistering backhand winner down the line.

  4. - - WATSON 3-6 4-5 - Watson challenges a Keys forehand on the right sideline. That ball was called in and it will give Keys the hold (to 30) that leaves the Brit serving to stay in this match after the change of ends. Despite the challenge, Watson doesn't look in any way confident as she walks back to the chair and sure enough the ball did catch the line. Keys holds and Watson will serve to keep this match alive, next.

  5. - - WATSON 3-6 4-4 - BREAK! An ace down the centre of the court gets Watson off the mark after a couple of loose points from the Brit. But Keys fashions two more break points immediately after and does get things back on level terms with a cross court backhand that Watson simply cannot deal with. Back on serve in this second set.

  6. - - WATSON 3-6 4-3 - Back-to-back unforced foerhand errors from Watson help Keys on her way to three game points to keep the pressure on. And she only needs the one, the American thumping down another ace, her fifth, to seal the game.

  7. - - WATSON 3-6 4-2 - A gutsy backhand winner from Watson sees her save a break point and then go on to hold, when Keys nets a forehand off a deep approach shot from Watson, and retain her advantage in this second set.

  8. - - WATSON 3-6 3-2 - Normal service is resumed from Keys on serve as she races through a love service hold, sealing the game with a booming forehand winner to put remain just the one breka down and keep the pressure firmly on Watson.

  9. - - WATSON 3-6 3-1 - An ace from Watson brings up two game points but she only needs the one as Keys fails to find the court with a forehand and that consolidates the break for the Brit this time around.

  10. - - WATSON 3-6 2-1 - BREAK! Great from Watson as she pushes Keys wide with a sliced backhand drop shot before doing well with the American's low returning and slicing her forehand stop volley just over the net in the opposite direction for a winner. That re-establishes the break for the Brit in this second set.

  11. - - WATSON 3-6 1-1 - BREAK! Watson bounces her racquet off the ground in frustration after handing Keys the immediate break back with a backhand into the net after being pushed wide by the American.

  12. - - WATSON 3-6 1-0 - BREAK! A first break point goes begging for Watson when she nets a forehand off a great serve from Keys. But the Brit does break at the second attempt with a trip into the net and forces Keys into the error up at the net.

  13. - - WATSON 3-6 - SET! Keys earns herself two set points when Watson slaps down a double fault. The first goes begging when Keys puts a backhand wide across court But the American does seal the set at the second time of asking when Watson nets a forehand.

  14. - - WATSON 3-5 - Watson pushes Keys to deuce but she can't quite get the break back and the American holds, without facing a break point, when Watson goes wide across court with an inside out forehand. The Brit will have to serve to stay in this opening set next.

  15. - - WATSON 3-4 - Watson dumps a forehand into the net to allow Keys to level at deuce but she does well to come through the hold, earning herself another game point before a deep backhand across court is returned into the very bottom of the net by Keys.

  16. - - WATSON 2-4 - A service winner brings up two more game points for Keys in double quick time. And another huge serve is enough to seal the game as Watson can only put her lunging forehand return into the net.

  17. - - WATSON 2-3 - Much, much better from Watson as she holds to love with a big serve down the centre of the corut and then a low forehand across court that Keys can only return into the net on the stretch.

  18. - - WATSON 1-3 - Keys races through a service hold for the loss of just the one point, Watson's point coming on a Keys backhand error. That consolidates the early break for the American is she is looking very confident.

  19. - - WATSON 1-2 - BREAK! Ouch. After a positive opening game from Watson, she throws in a poor second service game, gifting Keys three break points with a backhand error. And just to compoud the Brit's misery, Keys seals the break at the first attempt with a backhand winner.

  20. - - WATSON 1-1 - Keys slams a forehand down the line to take control of her opening service game, and she manages to level very comfortably to also get on the board at the start of this match.

  21. - - WATSON 1-0 - It's a bright start from Watson as she holds to 15, and Keys can only flash a forehand down the line in a fleeting resistance. Watson is getting a brilliant support from a very well populated court two.

  22. - - The 21-year-old Watson reached the third round last year at SW19, and she faces a tough opponent in the talented Keys as court two fills up nicely. British number one Laura Robson is also in action later on against 10th seed Maria Kirilenko of Russia.

  23. - - Britain's Heather Watson is in action straight up against Madison Keys of the USA in the first match on court two, and it will be a very tough opening match for her.

Heather Watson

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 19/05/1992
Height 1.7 m
Weight 63 kg

Madison Keys

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 17/02/1995
Height 1.78 m
Weight 66 kg